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Thomas Budge, StartLiving?!

Centurion, South Africa

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Thomas Budge, StartLiving?!

Centurion, South Africa



Award-winning, credible and compassionate.

Holistic disentanglement, regularly recommended by friends.

Professional Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching.

Thomas Budge, one of the best in the business.

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Maria Venter

29 May 2016

I view Thomas as a guru("an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader in the art of living in its fullest meaning.I have learnt so much about myself and about beings from him and hope to still learn a lot more.If you are serious about life and the enrichment of your life, spending some time with Thomas is a must.Thank you for touching my life in so many ways. You are a real mentor ("a wise and trusted counselor or teacher") More...


Thomas stands in awe of the potential locked up in each one of us and how, with a little help and direction, all of us can unlock unlimited possibilities that lead to lives well worth living.

Having always had a compassion for helping others find their true value, Thomas put his computer programming skills to good use in 'debugging' and reprogramming the mind - the most sophisticated computer known to exist. Using preprogramming tools like Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching, he is passionate about what he does, the way he works and the results he obtains.

Thomas has studied, practised and taught hypnotherapy. He obtained his hypnotherapy certification in 2004 and, when his teacher and friend, Malcolm fell ill, he took over all teaching duties and set about revising and expanding the curriculum.

Thomas taught many of South Africa’s hypnotherapists.

In 2008, Hospice in Harare invited him to teach hypnosis to eighteen prominent medical practitioners across several disciplines. This was around the time Zimbabwe had its traumatic 2008 elections. The country’s infrastructure lay in tatters and without enough medical supplies to offer proper healthcare to its impoverished population, doctors needed an effective, cost sensitive alternative and hypnosis neatly filled that gap, providing relief to many sufferers in that highly constrained environment.

In 2010, he hosted regular breakfast meetings with some of the most influential hypnotherapists in southern Africa. These gatherings became exceedingly popular and many others asked for invitations to join. Restaurants quickly became unsuitable venues for these meetings and in March 2011, the group formalised as the Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa, which holds its meetings in Johannesburg/Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Harare.



Clinical Hypnosis is by far the most profound tool for reaching our subconscious mind where we can learn about and remedy the thinking that holds us back from achieving our best. Our obstacles to inner freedom are usually formed during childhood. As children we know how we feel about things, and we seldom hesitate to make our feelings known. But pressure from family and friends leads us to adopt the more narrow views and patterns that conform to what people expect. When our natural ideas and feelings are discouraged, we grow out of touch with our senses, and the flow of communication between our bodies and minds is inhibited; we no longer know what we truly feel. As the patterns of suppression grow stronger and more fixed, our opportunities for self-expression diminish. We become so used to conforming, that as we grow older we let these patterns rule our lives; we become strangers to ourselves. — Thartang Tulku, Skillful Means: Gentle Ways to Successful Work. (1978).

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or NLP for short), is a derivative of hypnosis. Its founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder were acquainted with one of hypnosis's beloved thinkers, Milton Erickson. NLP is a mind recalibration tool of exceptional power and usefulness both in one's private and corporate lives. NLP gives one tools to be more confident and persuasive in working with others and as such, is essential for anyone in sales or in managing other personally difficult relationships.

The purpose of Therapy is to fix; Consulting's purpose is to advise; the purpose of Training is to teach; Mentoring is there to polish but Lifestyle Coaching embraces all of these facets in an incredibly powerful way. Just as a Personal Trainer guides one's physical exercise to gain the highest benefit, Lifestyle Coaching helps one manage and structure one's daily activities to gain the most from life itself. This may touch on self-worth, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, health and nutrition, sexual expression, finding mastery and balance, overcoming hurdles and so much more.