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This+That is the graphic design practice of Pearse O'Shea.

From concept to completion the process is simple: find out what you need and then provide design solutions that are as effective as they are beautiful.

With over ten years experience and thousands of successful projects completed, including work for some of the world's most internationally recognised brands, This+That is ready to deliver on all of your project needs.


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For creative work the first step is to find out what the client wants. The second step is to properly research the client's target market and make a visual audit of competitors and substitute brands operating in the same market/industry. When this has been completed I develop creative concepts that act as a 'North Star' or guiding principle for the design process. All creative is created with this concept in mind. A concept can be as simple as 'colliding circles' or reference 'ancient symbols' – if it relates clearly to the brief and product or service and serves to inspire graphic creativity then it's a winner. Working in this way means that original creative is easier to come up with – as opposed to copying existing designs and altering them. I that if someone is paying for creative work then that's what they get - and conceptually driven designs are the best way to produce creative work.

The deadline!: This allows me to plan my time accordingly.

Clear outline of deliverables: I discuss with my clients exactly what they want me to provide.

Budget to invest in design: A graphic designer is often the producer of the final product, knowing your budget is essential so that they can provide the best solution (be it a logo, a brochure, website or otherwise) possible according to your budget.

50% payment of stage cost: Design is, at the end of the day, a very subjective process and thus an initiation fee at the start of each stage of a project is the most professional way to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

I love helping businesses make the most of their products or services. Design is an increasingly important part of any marketing strategy and I love producing industry leading design that surpasses the expectations of my clients and makes them look great.

Design is a mix of commerce and art, being able to combine making a living with my natural desire to be creative is fantastic.

I knew from the start that I would own my own business and I think that's something common to all entrepreneurs. You really have to believe the long hours, the lean days and the insecurity (both monetarily and personally!) are going to be worth it – otherwise why start your own business!

Personally I love dealing directly with the end client and am confident in my ability as a designer to make my own decisions on what I present – these traits can be stifled in salaried agency and corporate positions.

Clients should choose me because I don't settle for mediocre design. I been fortunate enough to receive a great design education and even more fortunate to have over ten years of experience with great people and great brands. I have achieved this by always working to the highest standards of design and professionalism no matter the job. Whatever it is that makes a great designer, I'm fortunate enough to have it and it would be silly to waste it.

Which might make me sound like a very serious person or a stick in the mud! I'm not, I'm very easy to get along with and have a good sense of humour. At the end of the day it's graphic design, not brain science.