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Thinking Free provides psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) throughout North Yorkshire based at clinics in Skipton, Northallerton and Harrogate. I specialise in the treatment of phobias, anxiety and stress, smoking cessation, tinnitus and dyslexia and offer further treatment for a wide range of conditions, including pain relief, depression and unwanted habits.

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Meidi Goodson

17 May 2016

I have had several amazing Skype therapy sessions with John and each time I have felt a significant shift and change for the better. 12 years ago I experienced a traumatic birth of my son and had not slept as well as I used to since. Always feeling on "alert". After BWRT for the issue with John I can now relax more easily and sleep more peacefully. Thank you John your a great therapist. Meidi Goodson More...


Karen Waring

24 April 2016

I said l wouldn't shout from the rooftops untill I'm sure..I'm sure and shouting from the rooftops!!! I had BWRT in January and although I felt as if something had happened,l couldn't know untill now. I have just stood in a neighbours garden while dozens of pigeons were called into their hut. I didn't flinch.l didn't feel anxious.lnfact l didn't feel anything!!! In the past,l have jumped into roads as a bird flew out from under a bridge, l have slammed my brakes on when a moth woke up as l set off in the car...and many more stories I 'freaking out' Sorry for the long speech..but l am so excited..l am cured of a lifelong phobia!!!!! Thankyou John More...

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I love the variety in the job and especially the fact that I am able to help people to improve their lives. It is wonderful to see the transformation possible after just one session.

Friendly, confidential and ethical practice focused on each client and their specific needs.