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Saadia Khalid

16 July 2019

Great location and customer service. Staff is friendly and helpful.


Christine L.

19 May 2017

I love the classes here - Mom and Baby program was amazing. I've taken a break from Think and I really notice the (not good) change in my body. That said, I wish there were more MetCon group classes available - either at 5pm/6pm weeknights and/or on Sundays. I find it tricky to match my schedule with theirs (my only complaint). Amazing trainers BTW! More...


Kara L.

14 April 2017

Think Bloor West is where all the personal trainers know your name. It feels like walking into Cheers.But you get pushed to be your best once the greetings are over. And get your ass kicked just that little bit harder than the last time. You do a whole new workout to keep building strength and circle back to certain exercises to see your development. I've really enjoyed all of the trainers I've worked with and felt that they were chosen to complement my specific goals and personality. We've boxed, rowed, climbed, pumped iron, pushed the (damned) sled, balanced, pulled and hauled stuff using every wall, corner and prop possible. I always enjoy myself, laugh a lot and finish feeling great. The staff (led by Andrew) have worked hard to create a warm, personal environment. It's got everything you need  in terms of equipment, but what sets it apart is a unique culture and the belief that the mind needs to be as engaged as the body to train to be your best. More...


Sarah W.

19 January 2016

As a relative new comer to Think and an athlete well versed in the gym scene of Toronto, this is hands down my new favourite place to train. I look forward to each visit and leave feeling accomplished and on top of the world. I am a professional ballet dancer and the team at Think has proven to be beyond qualified to tailor workout programs to my unique needs. I have a history of knee injuries that I'm starting to forget about altogether, now that I've been building strength in the right ways. Not only do they demonstrate a sophisticated repertoire of physical exercises, but the staff at Think consistently creates new and variable additions to the workout that challenge mental agility, which has proven to significantly improve my own craft. The boutique environment encourages focused sessions that are also playful and fun. I've worked with several of the staff members and each one has a 5 star personality and the intelligence to back it up. No exaggeration- I couldn't be happier with Think! More...


Dinah H.

13 August 2014

Smart qualified staff.  This is what I want to spend my money on.  Not too many bells and whistles.  A fitness facility shouldn't be too pretty.  That just means it looks good in photographs.  At Think Fitness they have a boutique studio space with all the equipment needed to give you the workouts you want but more importantly they know how to personalize programs to suit each client's needs and goals.  I have been training here for over 3 years and have never done the same workout twice.  It's always fun and challenging. More...