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The Works Design Services are a 3D Design, Detail and Draughting service which operates nationwide. All aspects of engineering are covered from special purpose machinery, HVAC, Sheet Metal, Fabrication, plastic moulding, 3D printing, Medical, pharmaceutical, MOD, automation and architectural.


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Learn something new everyday. The ability to get things done. Lets be honest about it - to make money! I have learned more running my own business than working for someone else. I am amazed at the business out there.
One realization was that there is a big gap in the market and a dire shortage of CAD designers. Since working on my own I have realised this to be the case. Many people do say to me - they cannot find cad designers or people with the right cad skills.

My inspiration in starting my own business was to unleash the talent within me and to fill the need. I love CAD design and being innovative. I want a better life.

Reliable, cost effective and efficient. Broad range of skills. Worked in virtually every aspect of engineering from special purpose machinery, HVAC, medical, pharmaceutical, fabrication, sheet metal, plastic moulding, surveying, planning permission, 3D printing to architectural services. Over 30 years experience in engineering. Well versed in CAD design 2D and 3D design. I can come to site and fit in with the customers needs. travelling around to find a cad designer is expensive. Why not have the CAD designer come to you. All set up with own cad design and hardware.