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Hi there! I'm glad you've stopped by. My name is Noah Rangel, founder of The Wellness SOULution (TWS).

If you're here today, then chances are you're ready for a personal change or at the very least you are contemplating a new direction in life.


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Arash N.

13 February 2019

After 19 years of back pain, countless massages, multiple physical therapists, stretching/not stretching, being active/resting, doctors visits, injections, daily ibuprofen... (you get the idea), I finally found someone who got to the root of my problem and helped me fix it. Noah is an extremely talented, passionate, and wise personal trainer. He analyzed my movement, imbalances, strengths/weaknesses and then proceeded to help me improve all of these things with well thought out training regimens. As a lifelong athlete, I wanted to continue doing the "big" things that made me feel strong and athletic. Noah made me realize that breaking things down to the basics and building up from there is often what is necessary to move better and alleviate my back pain. Within six months, I was without pain and within one year I was in the best physical shape of my life and playing basketball again. Noah's emphasis on mind, body, and spirit challenged me to not only become better physically, but also to be a better father, husband, doctor, and human being. Noah has truly changed the trajectory of my life and cannot recommend him more highly. More...


I teach my clients the science of self mastery so they can achieve ANY goal, not just fitness related.

Our tools are:
- Functional movement training - to keep your physical body in peak shape.

- Mindfulness and meditation training - to help you master the inner game of wellness.

- Recovery optimization - to ensure your hard work does not go to waste.

- Nutrition guidance - to accelerate the building of your temple from the inside out.

- action oriented goal setting sessions - to enhance accountability and celebrate your progress!

sessions are the vehicle to affect change on the level of your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - the place from which your truest most authentic self radiates. It is also the place where you hold your beliefs about life which are either supporting or hindering your growth.

Ready to live your best life? Reach out now.
(310) 809-9160

If you're trying to achieve your dream body, chances are this isn't your first attempt. Why is it that so many people try and fail?

It's because their INTERNAL belief system isn't aligned with what they say they want!

To achieve your dream body (or any goal for that matter) you MUST attune your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to support every thought, every feeling, every action you have.

Simply put, if deep in your heart you have doubts or don't believe you can achieve the goal or that you deserve to have it - you wont ever get there!

Training with me isn't just a tune up for your body - it's a tune up for your mind and soul.

Master this process and results are guaranteed!


Ready to live with purpose and passion? Reach out now.

(310) 809-9160

I love sharing in the joy clients experience when they realize, maybe for the first time in their lives, that they are actually FEELING better on a day to day basis.

Knowing that I was able to help someone achieve the same radical transformation that I have experienced is truly worthwhile.

When I see this kind of change in my clients I know it is not only their lives that improve. They become better partners, spouses, employees, bosses, parents, friends, and leaders to everyone in their circle.

THEY become the change agent in their world.


Ready to change the world? Reach out now.

(310) 809-9160

Frankly, I was trapped in a cycle of depression, anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, shame, and blame. I was living inside of my own self-created victim mindset.

Eventually I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and made a radical change in my life.

I quit my corporate 9-5, gave myself permission to pursue my passions, and then devoted all of my energy to becoming my best self.

Now that I have overcome my personal obstacles, I am living each day full of joy, abundance, and passion. I am blessed to teach my knowledge to anyone who truly wants to become their best self.


Ready to be the embodiment of joy? Reach out now.

(310) 809-9160

Work with me if:

- You desire a coach who truly cares about you and your results
- You expect a coach who "walks the walk"
- You want to work with an expert in the field health and human performance
- You expect a coach who is engaged and focused on you the entire session - not just a "rep counter"
- You desire to learn and grow so you can apply the knowledge on your own
- You are ready to experience your highest potential


Ready to live your best life? Reach out now.

(310) 809-9160


I finished my competitive athletic career as a collegiate rugby player at the University of Notre Dame. At some point in my life, I've competed in almost every sport - baseball, soccer, track & field, football, golf, tennis, rugby, and triathlon to name a few. Recreationally I've also developed a passion for skiing, snowboarding, skating and distance running. What all of these sports have in common is... the human body! As a movement coach, I've made it my MISSION to become an EXPERT in human physiology and biomechanics on the most fundamental levels and then apply that knowledge to sport specific coaching. I will teach you to become so in tune with your body and so aligned in your movement patterns that your ability will skyrocket with out necessarily needing to hire a "swing coach" or other specialty coach.

Sound guided meditations serve two important functions: 1) They are a tool for optimizing your recovery. Most people don't understand that recovery is actually more important than your actual training! There is no such thing as over training, just under recovery. Every time you are under recovered you are sabotaging all the hard work you put in. Sound guided meditations allow you to easily access the Theta brainwave state or Parasympathetic CNS tone. All this means is that your fight or flight system shuts off and your mind and body can experience profound recovery and healing from the inside out. 2) Sound guided meditation is also a powerful way to access the subconscious mind. You may have heard of professional athletes having "mindset coaches" before. This is one level deeper. Guided meditations allow you to bypass the conscious mind and imprint your new vision of the life you desire to unfold onto your subconscious - thereby accelerating its arrival into your life!

Nutrition coaching is as much of a mindset game as it is about what goes into your body. No two humans are alike which means no two nutrition solutions are alike either! Nutrition coaching helps you identify what works best for YOU, so that you are always feeling fueled up and ready to perform at the top of your game.

Ok, so you KNOW what to do but now how do you actually implement? There's a huge difference between understanding a airplane can take your from LA to New York and actually piloting one. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. Goal setting and action step coaching keeps you on track and accountable throughout the process so you can practice making and keeping commitments to YOURSELF.