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Jasmine Makinmoneyhoney Parks

30 August 2019

I really enjoyed doing business with TVHF team. They were really professional and I learned so much from the class it was well worth the money spent!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do and caring about what you do!!! More...


Aja Trenise White

4 August 2019

I absolutely love my glueless #perucawet it meet all my expectations! The customer service was exceptional. Jane asked for my personal measurements, made sure the lace was tinted to my skin tone, and the strap make this wig lay flat and natural! I’m so pleased!!


Ramonica Plishett

31 July 2019

Listen..I order the Peruca Wet and I am in love! This unit is fab..I wanted to sleep in it the first night. This unit has been put to the test. High bun, low ponytail, side part and of course the middle part baby! I love the packaging and any time I had a question someone from the company responded in a very timely manner. Thanks Jane and the crew.. More...


Tory Horton Cockerham

18 July 2019

I was very afraid of purchasing online. However the more I watched the more assured I became! Jane was amazing! This unit right here...!!!! Is giving me her ALL! Love it and am now a loyal customer! More...


Ivy Perez

7 July 2019

First, I want to mention how amazing the hair quality is. The cap runs a little large so I recommend providing them with your measurements before purchase. I have the Supergirl Peruca with a small cap. The Peruca(wig) is built well and they customize baby hairs, trim the lace, bleach the knots, custom dye it(optional) and style the wig before shipping it out to you. Their shipping is extremely fast & secure. Along with their customer service being amazing. I am a long time supporters & will continue to recommend this brand to anyone with ears. More...


Tamika Jackson

29 June 2019

I have purchased two perucas from TVHF! I have had great experiences with their perucas and it last for years. I personally like for them to cut the lace on my perucas really close to the hairline, because I don’t like that amount of lace in the front. If I call with questions, they always respond in a timely manner. I look forward to owning even more in the future. More...


Carole Titilayo Locoh

2 June 2019

The Virgin Hair Fantasy Peruca Review. I hardly ever write reviews however I had to write this one because their products are so amazing. I had been eyeing their perucas for months prior to my first purchase so I was really excited when I finally made my first order (Peruca Wet). The shipment was very fast, I received it in a couple of days and I was blown away with the quality. Everything was good and ready to wear; styled, pre-plucked and baby hair laid. The best part though was the customer service, Amazing Customer Service. Call them up, ask for Jane, the Wig Maker. #tvhfreview More...


Odun Otaru

31 May 2019

Thanks Jane!, The Peruca Raw Yaki that i bought looked so natural, the texture and the quality of the hair was so great. I really love the hair and will be back again More...


Ashley R. Dickinson

25 May 2019

Hands down your Perucas are amazing. Your care instructions were spot on. My wig came out great cleaning it as suggested. Love the FIT and the LOOK. Just what I was looking for!!!!!! I got the “ Livre 16” Yaaaaasassssss! More...


Terri Dickerson

19 May 2019

Received my Peruca wet this week. it only took 14 business days for my custom unit. The quality of the hair is great. My Peruca was ready to wear out of the box. Lace already cut and baby hairs defined. I recommend this product, this is my 4th Peruca and I will b getting a 5th. More...


Sarealla Glinton

9 May 2019

Most of their perucas come styled already, lace cut and have baby hairs which is a pretty great thing. Customer service is very good they never take more than 48 hours to respond and like a month after I got mine, they called to get my feedback. The hair was soft also. However; although all of the perucas seem to suit the models face, not all hair styles/textures will suit your face. Keep that in mind. So before purchasing I highly recommend that you stick to a texture that you wear frequently or you think would best suit you. I got the peruca bare 22" which is like a body wave texture and does not come parted. I have only worn it once and I didn't like it. There's nothing wrong with it but personally, I just don't think it suits me. Luckily for me, there's #perucaperks so I can upgrade it which I just learned about and plan to do very soon. More...


Elle Mal

8 May 2019

Several months ago, purchased a custom colour Super Girl Peruca from The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF). TVHF has the most outstanding customer service in the industry! I love the custom colour that was achieved and how well it matches my own natural hair colour. I was seriously floored!! This was the biggest concern I had with purchasing a unit - finding a match to my own hair colour. I felt that all of my concerns and needs were addressed along the way and I absolutely love the resulting peruca. The professionalism, craftsmanship and quality of the peruca I received were all top so excellent that I look forward to my next purchase with them! What I also really love about TVHF is that they are always working on something new. Looking for quality, longevity, versatility and exceptional customer service? Look no further! More...


Olliea Nichole Linn

29 April 2019

I am preparing to purchase two more units from this company based off of two factors: Factor 1 - The quality of their hair is amazing. I have two units that I purchased from this company. The last one that I bought was back in 2016 and I still wear it to this day... I kid you not. Factor 2 - You don't have to search too deeply within IG to know that there are thousands of companies that sell hair. I follow some really talented stylists on social media that do beautiful work only to have the nastiest, ugliest attitudes. Seriously, they say the meanest things about their followers and customers. What sets this company apart is their stellar customer service. A unit of the magnitude and quality of The Virgin Hair Fantasy and other companies of their caliber is an investment into yourself, so it isn't necessarily the least expensive thing on the market. What I love about this brand, however, is their gratitude towards their customers. They show so much love, are such sweet people, and value their customers. More...


Leah Kelley

29 April 2019

I recommend them highly, their product is not only beautiful, but of excellent quality.


Gisselle Ubiera

18 April 2019

Im glad I found The Virgin Hair Fantasy! Profesional, quick response, GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT, professional customer service, they have everything To serve like the being doing it with me. This Is my first wig from them and now I’ll be ordering my second one. My experience with The Virgin Hair Fantasy has been AMAZING! #Tvhfreview More...


Chiya Glenn

9 April 2019

I ordered my first peruca a few weeks ago. The Facil is amazing and easy to wear. Jane and her husband were so helpful in assisting me with my purchase. I will be ordering again


Bell Madison

17 March 2019

I have not had pleasant experiences with two wigs I had purchased two years ago. I struggled trying to make them work. I was not interested in glueing, bleaching, or plucking anything. I found Jane on Instagram. She is an absolute Delight! She has tons of videos to help you choose which peruca will better suit your needs. She explains how to measure your head for a custom fit and she provides full disclosure of the construction of each peruca. Time would not permit me to visit her clubhouse for a personal touch. That didn’t prevent Jane from personally connecting with me on IG and assisting me with selecting my champion. the Super Girl! Jane also took the time to provide the perfect suggestion on how to make my peruca perfect for my noggin. Super Girl was delivered in perfect condition, already styled with beautiful curls, and she smells WONDERFUL! She fits great! She’s beautiful and I’m not worried about her lifting or flying with the wind. I’m a client for life! IG amazon_goddess More...


Ramonda Monie Gathing

7 March 2019

Thank you for much for your wonderful customer service. I was very indecisive of what wig I wanted you guys took the time to send me video to help me make a decision. I received my Peruca last week and I love it . More...


Corazon Frio

3 March 2019

I love my peruca, its so pure and natural. I have 3 already and getting ready to purchase my 4th. I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a natural looking peruca. Amo estos productos sus pelucas son las mejores súper naturales excelente calidad aparte siempre están pendientes a cualquier preguntas son los mejores yo ya compré 3 y voy por la numero 4 More...


Roxanna Reid-Johnson

15 February 2019

I love dealing with TVHF. They make great perucas as I am the owner of 3 and working in a 4th and 5th. My blunt wig that I wear everyday doesn’t even shed! I get so many compliments! The absolutely love the fact the it’s a glueless wig! I mean I can take it on and off and that is perfect for me. Her customer service goes above and beyond and they don’t hesitate to assist you. Oh and did I say glueless! Listen.. best thing ever. I am a happy customer. More...


Lachelle Connor

31 January 2019

The Virgin Hair Fantasy Peruca Review- I’m so happy that I decided to order a peruca! The wigs fit very great and feel very secure. They are top quality. I have two wigs so far, and will definitely order more! More...


Sharese Sills-Tisdale

5 January 2019

The Virgin Hair Fantasy Peruca Review I had a great first time experience with TVHF! I have wanted a Peruca for several years and when I saw a custom cut and colored loose wave wig posted on their Instagram for a decent priced I had to order it. Their service was outstanding and the quality of the Peruca was more than I imagined. Thank You! More...


Rhona Edgerton-Harris

4 January 2019

Great Quality & Customer Service, TVHF has it! They are so personable, ready to help and give advice. Shop the TVHF for your wig PERUCA needs.


Trena Martin

30 December 2018



Nicki Vrotsos

22 October 2018

I bought 2 units as protective styles—a rose gold bob and a custom blonde unapologetic livre—and when I tell you I can’t even clock my own lace I�CAN’T�EVEN�CLOCK�MY�OWN�LACE�

Jane was a dream, she sat up and emailed back and forth about my units in the wee hours of the morning and made sure I was aware of how my units were progressing.

I know they are technically glueless but I do prefer to glue my units down and they’ve held up and clean up perfectly every single time. I can’t wait to expand my Peruca family �


Monica Wei

26 September 2018

Nice hair fashion designer


Adalgisa Marte

9 August 2018

Love everything about them! 5 Stars all the way!, Beautiful Perucas of Excellent quality, Very personable and professional service! I had some challenges with one of my perucas and They truly went above and beyond to accommodate me and my purchase! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! More...


Marlin Wei

19 April 2018

Very professional in virgin hair


Joy Zhao

24 March 2018

This is Joy Zhao from Vanoble hair in China,we have own human hair factory,super quality and competitive price can be provided. My virgin hair had given old clients many back customers,and I think that my hair can give more and more back customers to you. If you are interested,please contact me. Whatsapp+8615275223306. More...


Naldine Renee

15 March 2018

This company has GREAT customer service. I was nervous to make a big purchase online but they made the experience wonderful. I call and if no one answers I will receive a call back no later than 10 mins. Everyone is super nice . I CANT WAIT FOR MY ORDER! Everyone was wonderful when speaking to me as well when I had so many questions! More...


Karter Mua

12 March 2018

I love my perucas I have 2 of them. Every time I wear Them I get so many compliments. What I love most of is the customer service. One thing I look for in a company is customer service. They are always there answering questions. They are awesome, I have referred my classmates co-workers everyone I know who wears weave or wigs to the virgin hair fantasy. More...


Gloria Washington Green

9 March 2018

I received my first TVHF peruca earlier this week. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The hair is absolutely beautiful. It's soft and silky and thick. I was hesitant about spending that much but it's with every penny. I will purchase again. Thanks TVHF!!!���� More...


Denise Bryant

9 March 2018

I absolutely love the quality of this hair, I own 3 and I don’t see myself buying from another company... I need to start posting pictures of my hair so other can see I’m not a paid rep or celebrity but trust you won’t be disappointed....


Rhonda Singleterry

7 March 2018

I am in love with the Virgin Hair Fantasy company. I purchased my first Peruca in December and I am very satisfied. The quality of the hair is amazing. I have become obsessed with reviewing their wigs on IG and their Facebook page looking for my next purchase. Great job! More...


Dominique Ratliff

7 March 2018

I love their quality and customer service is impeccable !!!!! I have two so far, will be ordering another soon �


Roxanne Robley-David

7 March 2018

I first saw the virgin fantasy hair on Instagram and I was blown away. I watched videos with Yeye and she took the time to answer my questions and concerns. I placed 2 orders one for a custom Percua which I received and was so happy, I felt beautiful no one knew it was a wig. I await my curly 16 which should be coming soon. I admire the sisters, I haven't met them but feel like part of the family. Great job TVFH.� More...


LaToya Morgan Hood

6 March 2018

I've had my Peruca for over a month and I absolutely love ❤️ it!!!


Toyosi Giwa

6 March 2018

If you are looking for amazing quality lace front, blendable, natural looking lace fronts wigs, look no further than The Virgin Hair Fantasy. The bleach the knots. They offer three sizes in caps. The give your four options of lace color. So whether you are caramel colored or dark chocolates toned, you will get a wig that suits you This is TRUE customization. That way, every wig you get, is just for you. Tell me where else you can go where the CEO herself will respond to your inquiries on IG. Cause getting a hold of some other wig makers can be a pain. Tell me what other Lacefront provider allows you to send your wig in for an upgrade? Jane and her team are wonderful. This isn’t a game to them. This is their business. And they treat it as such. And I can appreciate that. These units are not your Beauty Supplier wig. They are quality. You won’t be disappointed. Ps, make sure to follow The Virgin Haitham Fantasy I’m Twitter for quick videos and photos of their line. You also be so amazed at how natural the wigs look. More...


Kenid Joseph

6 March 2018

I've been following TVHF for a few years now and have always loved how natural and beautiful their wigs looked. I've always wanted to own one of them but the price tag was what always held me back. Finally, after my daughter turned one this year, I decided that I wanted a mom friendly hair style and I purchased the Tododia wig. It's truly one of the best wigs that I own! I love how easy it is to style - I can put it on and go. It's very new mom friendly - which is perfect for me ‍ . One small qualm that I have with the wig is that the band that came with the wig was too long for my head but I was able to get it adjusted and now it fits perfectly! If you are every thinking about ordering from them, just do it! You will not regret ! I've gotten so many compliments. I'm truly happy with my purchase ‍♀️!!! More...


Mimi Brown

5 March 2018

I’ve been shopping with the Virgin Hair Fantasy for a year now. They are professional, polite, and extremely accommodating. They make you feel like family. They get to know you, and learn your style so every order gets easier. Every unit I’ve ordered has come nicely wrapped, styled and ready to wear. The hair is flawless. It’s great quality, no tangles, it’s easy to manage... I love this place. And have you met them They are the definition of fabulous! I’m sold. I’ll never shop anywhere else for my hair. More...


Ke Sun

16 August 2017

very professional.


Tiny Lee

20 April 2017



Renaldine Achille

1 April 2017

Great turn over for my purchase. Everything they offer, they deliver. Product came in great packaging, delivery confirmed. Everything was perfect.


Samantha Washington

31 March 2017

I am coming on my third year with the peruca I received from TVHF that I purchased in April of 2014. Since it was a large investment I really want to make sure it was worth it. I like the construction of my peruca. The hard part is that it stretches after about 8 months. I wore it almost everyday for about 7 months. I swam in it and I worked out in it. When the peruca became 2 years old the stretching of the cap was unbearable so I stopped wearing it. The hair, which is colored, is still very nice. The hair has shrunk slightly but that is expected. The durability of the wefts is a huge plus because I get maybe 7 hairs a day, if that. All in all, I would definitely order from TVHF again. They make really great perucas. The only qualm I might have with the company is the communication. It can be approved. I am very meticulous so i like to be I the know. I cannot speak for everyone on that. More...


Keila Silva

29 March 2017

Muito lindas o meu sonho de consumo , queria muito uma lace dessa.


Anisah Wig

10 January 2017

Hello, we're a hair factory from China, wholesale price with good quality hair, you can contact me if you have interest about Humana hair wig and human hair my WhatsApp: +86 18611199213


Bryan Ye

20 December 2016

Dear,I am the professional hair manufacturer in China.If you need hair products,please contact me.Thank you.


Stella Costa

15 December 2016

I love it it's the most Beautiful lace I have seen woww Is amazing do Create all looks George women's health care about us Linda's be Blessed in JESUS name God Love you Tchau


Lisandra Zamora

17 September 2016

Waaaaaooowww!!!!! Dios mira q hay personas q son angeles,imprecionada me he quedado


Vera Lucia

25 July 2016

Como faço para comprar uma moro em nova Iguaçu, rio de janeiro


Priscila Silva

24 July 2016

Amo cada perucas q vcs posta Todas são show.... Como Fasso pra compra...


Jadha Lysza

15 July 2016

Wowwww just received my peruca and Im soooooo happy thank you so much I think I will order again from you ! I really don't understand all that negatives comments mine is just perfect


Margarida Condeceira

1 July 2016

Por favor precisamos de respostas queremos adquirir uma dessas lances lindas que vcs vende nos ajude por favor Obg desde já


Denise Silva

1 July 2016

Como Fasso pra compra uma sou de Araraquara SP gostaria de compra uma como Fasso e valores


Francisca Silva

21 June 2016

Sou brasileira não consigo comprar esse tipo de lace aqui no Brasil, como faço pra poder comprar com vcs


Elisângela Silva Basto

19 June 2016

Gostaria de adquirir uma,como faço sou do rio de janeiro, essas lece são divinas. Por favor me responde ,e qual o valor


Carmem Onias

16 June 2016

Mas como uma brasileira pode ter acesso a uma perfeita lindaaaaa e maravilhosa, respostaaaaaa


Andrea Bastos

13 June 2016

Gostaria de saber quanto custa e moro em Londres vcs entregam


Elen Ventura Ventura

13 June 2016

Gostaria de comprar sou de juiz de fora...MG..Brasil! Lindas laces,perfeitas!!!


Naiara Regina

10 June 2016

São perucas maravilhosas puro glamour, só gostaria q tivesse aqui no Brasil


Carla Duarte

26 May 2016

Lindas ,maravilhosas. Como faço pra compra uma dessas com vcs. Sou do Brasil e gostaria de maiores informações.


Luciana Faustini Faustini

30 April 2016

Como faço para comprar uma.. moro no Rio de janeiro? Gostaria muito de comprar uma


Shadina Mack

13 April 2016

I order a wig about 4mos ago it's was ok will I buy again yes if the price was right.


Caah Mattos

7 April 2016

Adorei como faço pra ter uma moro no Brasil rio de janeiro E quanto custa


Raf Batista

19 February 2016

Como Fasso para compra passe o valor para mim vivo em salto bjs


Sarah Vogan

19 February 2016

Quero comprar, são perfeitas para o meu trabalho e uso dia a dia. Por favor, me informe como faço para adquirir.


Grazielle Müller

18 February 2016

Ameei, como faço p comprar uma? Elas são perfeitas


Dany Sorriso

18 February 2016



Candice McConnell

10 February 2016

It's too bad that they have such bad reviews. I just love the videos. But that's about it.


Li Jenny

29 January 2016



Marcia Martins

15 January 2016

I'm in love, I have never seen more beautiful wigs that these


Michelle Xi

27 November 2015



Anna Paula Ribeiro

7 October 2015

tudo maravilhoso!!!! as laces mais lindas que ja vi na vida,


BruceBaymax Bai

12 February 2015



Farah U. Joseph

7 November 2014

I haven't purchased yet, but I referred some friends and I love their hair


Arafa Arbab

29 October 2014



Elhadi Mohamed ELhilo

11 September 2014

Black cooler the most wanted


Scholar Ekeson

10 September 2014

Beautiful human hair!!! I ❤ Tvhf hair.


Elizabeth Lilly

6 July 2014

So Lovely


Candie Cherisier

23 June 2014

Love it!!,n the wigs r


Rhonda Braziel

4 May 2014

Just received in the mail today my clips-in. Super excited!!


Annelise Van Zyl Hutama

30 April 2014

Love it!


Daniyel Hunter

26 April 2014

Love 2 buy a few bundles.


Valencia Brookes Meyers

13 March 2014

It looks great....


Sherri Mustiful

4 February 2014

Would love to make it five stars but, I have yet to have the pleasure of using the hair.

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