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The T.C.E.C. Group

London Fields, London

The T.C.E.C. Group  logo

The T.C.E.C. Group

London Fields, London



The T.C.E.C. Group with headquarters based in London, United Kingdom Is Facilitated From The Ground Up As
Two Businesses In One Both Called - T.C.E.C - (Pronounced: Tea-Sec ) purely for your household's utmost benefit . . .
and they are .


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Babs Adejuwon Ekine-Ogunlana

23 August 2018

This learning centre has definitely given us complete peace of mind as it relates to our children's learning over the years in terms of their committment,consistency and the content provided.We highly recommend parents with children who experience learning concerns,homework problems,catch-up issues,forgetfulness issues, or what have you,etc give them a call.Honestly, not only do they do what they do with a passion,I believe they are London's leading learning centre for now. More...

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Realising rich results for my clients both young (6 - 16 yr olds) and old ( 16 - 60+ yr olds).Helping them achieve goals that initially seemed farfetched and almost impossible. The ability to use my vast experience exposure & expertise to help others by way of contribution.The fulfillment this give me is next to nothing else I can imagine. The one word I can use to coin this is "FRUITFULNESS!". And everybody loves one fruit or another.

I wanted to take the freedom I already had to the next level. By way of controlling and owning my own time; and time-freedom. I felt strongly that there was a better way than just running the cold routines of holding down a job that I didn't like or love. Plus as I used to fly for a living to lots of exotic locations across all over the world rubbing shoulders with the likes of Prince William, Pierce Brosnan, Henry Kissinger,etc I got to thinking if they can do it then I can most certainly do it as well. And by that I mean live life by design on my terms. And Thank GOD Today I Can Truly Say, "Dreams Really Can Come True" - in the words of that great song by - Gabrielle. Here's the link to the song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5QPirQITZI . And if you really want your dreams to come true and become a reality just like mine have give me call to see how I can be of help.

Without boasting or bragging. I am a one in a million type of guy. There is no two of me on the planet. My background growing up on two continents before I was 10; travelling the whole globe by 25; I have literally seen it all and done it all; and got the T-shirt. So you see I am what you might call a full-time home business entrepreneur, deep in the trenches of running my business - The TCEC Group - out of the four walls of my humble home. This puts bread and butter on the table for me and my family and it pays all the bills as well not to mention the last time I ever had a salary as an employee was december 2004. That's right! I have been through the worst and I have come out the other end victorious. I have made all the mistakes you don't need to make with my help.This is why you should choose me. And for my business expertise, experience & exposure.
I Am Involved With A Network of Varied Business Interests Which Cut Across A Host of Commercial Activities In Home Business, Human Development, Finance, Real Estate, Education, Aviation And Consultancy Related Services. And All of Which is Now Directly Available For Your Immense Benefit & Profit. So whatever your specific field of endeavour I know I can help (10X) your results just like I did mine.The only condition is you must be COACHABLE, COMMITTED & CONSISTENT. If you agree, then call me and let's get cranking ... Talk soon!



This is something that Babs NEVER really does regularly. It's been strictly reserved for inner-circle only up till now. However in the wake of all the uncertainty, and the global economic changes happening right before us all, I am sure you'll agree, the world has really changed, and in today’s day and age, we no longer have jobs for life, and job security has pretty much gone out of the window. In fact, it’s a definite fact that your current employment (..if you have one;that is..) could be here today and gone tomorrow. No joking! And that’s why Babs firmly believes that it's very important for everyone now to have, valid and viable, home business income streams.Ones that actually pay the bills, and also at the same time, give you leftovers to spare and save at the end of the month.This is the reason why for a very limited time only, Babs is stepping up to help and serve as many as don't know how to go about it for themselves, or even for that matter where to get started generating alternative income streams right out of their very own four walls.Babs has and still is, doing it today for himself and his loved ones; in the trenches still, each and everyday,been-there-done-that,got-the-T-shirt, knows all the ups-and-down feelings and now he would love to 'hands-on' help you too.Like No One Else Out There! I'll Let BABS Speak For Himself From Hereon . . . This is DIFFERENT. This is SERIOUS . And I mean BUSINESS. ***TIME WASTERS STAND CLEAR*** This Is Going To Make You Accountable. You Will Have Specific Actions To Take, Things To Do From Our Specific Coaching And Mentoring Plans - Tailored To YOU and YOUR G.O.A.L.S. So Please Take This APPLICATION Very Seriously... And I Will GUARANTEE YOU R.E.S.U.LT.S. Or YOUR FULL MONEY BACK -100% PERIOD!!! Babs Adejuwon a Home Business Entrepreneur to the core not only knows how to make money from home online, offline and in between... but he also knows how to coach and mentor successful students, change mindsets,reach goals faster... and ultimately change lives...it's time for you to rise and shine in your respective ranks...why?...The WORLD needs whats in YOU!!! Are YOU Ready? Then, let's begin ... Act Now... kindly complete the form below and then hit the submit button to apply to work with Babs; our TCEC Group Founder & Chairman, directly in person (while the opportunity still lasts- and please note-this rare offer to help mentor you to doubling or tripling your income privately without affecting whatever it is you do right now will certainly be withdrawn once Babs, 'giving-back' quotas are met, so don't delay act now) and your next 12 months could well end up being better than your last 12 years all put together.