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Marla T.

20 February 2018

This is the 2nd yr I ordered themed cookies for my grandsons birthday.  Last year was Mickey Cookies and this year Thomas the Train cookies. Sarah's cookies are not only delish.. her artistic decorating talents are amazing.  The cookies were a huge hit !  Delivered by the baker herself with a friendly smile.  Sarah will definitely go above and beyond for her customers.   Definitely recommend The Spunky Baker. More...


Nat C.

26 January 2018

A great baker with a huge heart! She donated an unbelievably gorgeous cake to Confetti Foundation with my help. The hospitalized kiddo had an amazing birthday with her help!


tranay holloway

17 January 2018

This "cake lady" is awesome!!!!


Prasad S.

20 November 2017

Sarah made a beautiful animal theme cake  for my son's first birthday. My wife told her that she need a two tier animal theme cake with cute animals on it. Sara is so creative and her ideas and inputs made that cake spectacular and also made my wife super happy. She told me that cake exceeds her expectations and was so thrilled.The first tier is a vanilla and raspberry filling cake and second tier is a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling..it was delicious.. the kids at the party were all over the cake touching those animal figures and telling my wife that " I need that giraffe' ' I want the lion '!!!  It was really hard for their parents to keep them away till cake cutting ceremony ..Sara also made a dozen cupcakes to go along with the theme. Thank you Sara and we are so happy that we met u.. More...


Hoot M.

29 November 2016

Sara made a special football-shaped cake for my son's birthday when I called her only a day and a half prior to needing it.  I had just flown in to Boston from Arizona.  Although it was my son's birthday, I had had mainly flown in to watch him play football that Saturday.  I realized I could not take a cake with me to the game because I was going directly to the post-game venue afterward (and had no vehicle).  I needed to find someone who could whip up a delicious cake AND deliver it.  Oh boy.  It was already after 5pm that Thursday when I got to my hotel.  What to do?  I got on Yelp and went through reviews.  All the local bakeries were listed, but The Spunky Baker stood out because of its name and because delivery was available.  Maybe my day was saved?!!Sara made a 3-layered chocolate cake in the shape of a football with raspberry cream/raspberry compote filling between each layer and iced it with a delicious light cream frosting.  Everyone loved it, the players, the parents... and Sara also made a couple dozen matching cupcakes.  The leftovers were really appreciated by some lucky students later that night. More...


Louise C.

13 June 2016

Sara made raspberry chocolate brownies for a party I had. They were delicious, completely decadent and they were enjoyed by all at the party. She delivered them personally with a smile. Sara truly goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are happy. More...

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