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I am a solution-focussed therapist specialising in treating anxiety disorders such as generalised anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress and the symptoms of depression.
I also offer an extremely successful stop smoking programme and assist with weight loss and eating disorders.

I combine elements of NLP/Hypnotherapy with CBT and Life coaching to ensure that results are achieved rapidly by focussing on solutions.

I provide a free initial assessment so that I can assess how appropriate my approach is for your symptoms and to explain my methods in more detail. I will then provide you with an estimate of the number of sessions required and a quotation.

The Spence Practice Reviews

The Spence Practice Reviews

Review of The Spence Practice by Chris
5 27/10/2016

“I came to see Andrew about 8 years ago, almost out of desperation. I was always pretty worried about seeing the dentist and shortly before I came to see him I had to change my dentist due to a retirement and this increased my anxiety. I was also always against the concept of ‘hypnosis”, in fact only a few years before, I stopped smoking permanently without any help of any kind, so I knew that ‘mind over matter’ worked. Yet I was unable to ‘pluck up courage’ to face the dentist’s chair, and endured days of anxiety as I approached the inevitable day whenever I had to go.

I am a perfectly fit young man I was fed up with this literally taking over my life.

Andrew’s method was surprisingly easy, in fact for some time even after the sessions I wondered what on earth might have changed, seemingly nothing very physical was done or happened. Unlike what we normally perceive as ‘hypnosis’ with dangling crystals and falling under the influence and control of a stranger – we simply discussed some things and over the course of the sessions learned more about myself than anything else. I also listened to some CDs, spoken words and learned some relaxation methods and breathing techniques.

The effects of the sessions grew more and more over time and very subtly yet seem to have had just as much of an effect on many other more general areas of my life and not just dentists' appointments.

I can honestly say that its changed my outlook on life itself and made me more aware of how to deal with many different types of situations that life throws at me. Confidence in myself has grown and dare I say ‘Pandora's box’ has now been opened into the possibilities that are open to me in many aspects of my life where I perhaps previously held back, because of fear.

Not a week goes by without my recalling to how limited I was before I came to see Andrew and how grateful I have become that if I had not felt the perceived fear going to the dentist, I would have not discovered so much about myself and what else life has to offer me, and you”


Review of The Spence Practice by Chris Jones
5 17/10/2016

On August 17th 2005 I had the last drag on my last ever cigarette - which is all down to Andrew and I will be eternally grateful.

Review of The Spence Practice by Kevin Dunks
5 17/10/2016

Andrew of The Spence Practice was recommended to me and I could quickly see why after taking the leap to engage Andrew's coaching expertise.

I decided to work Andrew after a series of business challenges and frustrations with my own performance and lack of assertiveness. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing and working with Andrew changed all of this.

I am a motivated, enthusiastic and assertive when needed. This has led to enjoying going to work and many years of great business success.

Thank you Andrew!

Review of The Spence Practice by Jean Mahoney
5 16/10/2016

Working with Andrew enabled me to overcome my claustrophia and associated panic attcks, I can now cope with the Underground and dark enclosed spaces which I could not contemplate before. I would reccommended the Spence Practice to anyone with anxiety or phobias.

Review of The Spence Practice by Sandy Eldridge
5 15/10/2016

Andrew helped me to stop smoking over 13 years ago. I used to smoke between 40 and 60 a day and he stopped it immediately. I've never had a cigarette since. Well done Andrew

Review of The Spence Practice by Chris Vango
5 15/10/2016

I tried to quit smoking for ages to no avail. One day l I saw the Spence Practice advertised so thought I'd give it a go as the practice was local to me, I haven't smoked now for not far off five years. Andrew's a very nice man and an excellent professional who's extremely good at his job, I highly recommend him I really do.

Review of The Spence Practice by Thomas
5 10/10/2016

Andrew is very professional and considered in his approach. He will listen carefully to you problem with empathy and compassion. I soon began to realise the internal language I was using was causing fifty percent of my problem and preparing me to be feel the same way again and again with my particular problem. Andrew gave me some good basic technics to help break the cycle and put me on a new path. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone trying to help themselves. It's not a lost cause, there are basic technics and skills which when learnt help you recognise and break the cycle.

Review of The Spence Practice by Dave King
5 04/10/2016

I had a rather rough few months for various reasons. Being a businessman, landlord and trying to keep any kind of social life is tact is very draining. One day many years of stress finally took its toll and I suffered a mild panic attack while out with friends for dinner. It became a regular occurrence and along with it came a severe case of 24/7 anxiety. It was very scary at first until I finally knew what it was. I thought there was no way back and this is how I was going to be for life. Unbearable. I found Andrew online and found his videos interesting so went to see him for his assessment and quote.

Looking back at the assessment day, I was a complete mess and it is hard to believe things were that bad. Through Andrews vast experience he knew what to do, there was no rush and we took regular breaks. He then provided me with a quote which I accepted. At first we met on a weekly basis, we discussed my previous week, what had happened, how it had happened and how I had felt. In short, Andrew reprogrammed me through approaching activities in my life in a different way. My anxiety was mostly to blame for my logical thinking being all messed up and everything seemed to be a problem with no solution. One of the turning points in my health was when Andrew changed my way of thinking about problems I would be anxious about and making me think about them as challenges. This was great for me as my life is full of challenges that I have been used to dealing with - running an business, selling, looking after tenants etc. As the weeks went on we spread the visits out more until my last few sessions were a month apart where I was feeling so much better.

I now wake up every day without the fear factor as I know everything in front of my has a solution. I would recommend Andrew to anyone with any of the issues he displays on his website.

Its good to talk....


Review of The Spence Practice by Faye Lindeck
5 01/10/2016

Andrew helped me overcome severe anxiety and generally helped with my motivation for life. Since working with Andrew I have set up my own business and I'm more confident than ever. His approach meant he was very easy to talk to and I didn't feel judged. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to better themselves or their life.

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Google Reviews of The Spence Practice

Google Reviews

Review of The Spence Practice by Max Stevens
1 year ago

I had a public speaking fear. My previous public speaking experiences were very uncomfortable as I would find it hard to stay relaxed and sometimes would feel as if I was losing control and close to having a panic attack. I found help through The Spence Practice. We focused on positive thinking as a solution to help me to becoming more relaxed before and within a presentation. I recently had an important presentation where I applied the techniques that Andrew had taught me. This helped me be more relaxed, hence more confident, and I preformed to my best ability. Since working with Andrew I now do not have a fear of public speaking. Highly recommended!

Max Stevens
Review of The Spence Practice by Paul Fletcher
1 year ago

I got to know Andrew whilst networking in Hove and I remember our first conversation was about the importance of exercise for a healthy mind and body. I had begun cycling on the Downs and running increasingly long distances and the conversation really struck a cord with me, and I knew that we were in tune with each other! Sometime later when I needed some help to deal with some issues in my life, Andrew was the obvious choice. Andrew is incredibly professional, calming and articulate, and there's no doubt that his methods achieve results. Just talking through your woes with Andrew helps you gain perspective, but his positive approach to problem solving is refreshing and a far cry from the old days of dwelling on the past and analysing every little detail. Positivity is key with Andrew, and me, well I positively endorse his services and approach!

Paul Fletcher
Review of The Spence Practice by Matt Dixon
1 year ago

I visited Andrew to overcome my public speaking fears prior to my wedding. I found each session to be relaxing, interesting and I always came away feeling more confident. On the day of the wedding, I still wasn't completely sure how I would 'perform', however, the speech went very well and I felt relaxed throughout. I have no doubt the sessions and exercises with Andrew were responsible for this. Highly recommended for anyone in a similar situation to myself.

Matt Dixon
Review of The Spence Practice by Faye Lindeck
1 year ago

I was suffering the effects of stress and honestly at times felt as though I had completely lost my marbles. Panic attacks, fear of crowded spaces, leaving the house, the list was growing. I found help through The Spence Practice who focused on a solution to my problems rather than delving in to my past which I believe meant the resolution was far quicker than I expected. Within a matter of weeks I began to feel more and more like my old self again. Since working with Andrew at The Spence Practice I am able to tackle stressful situations in a much more positive way. Highly recommended.

Faye Lindeck
Review of The Spence Practice by A Google User
5 years ago

I'm a bit hesitant about "counselling" as such, and wanted to focus on solutions rather than problems. If this is your approach, and you really want to improve your life, I think Andrew is your man. He listens to you, thinks carefully, and then offers you a technique that might help. All of the things he introduced me to were extremely helpful, and I still use them now. He's generous with his own experiences, and I found him extremely likeable as well as professional - altogether an extremely positive experience that I would recommend without hesitation.

A Google User
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The Spence Practice Q&A

The Spence Practice Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to make a positive difference in peoples lives is extremely rewarding.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I wanted to take control of my own life and my destiny and to eliminate the stress of being employed in the corporate world.

Why should our clients choose you?

Because of my knowledge, skills and life experience. 21 years experience of working in the corporate world mostly at supervisory and management level. Over the last 20+ years I have been guiding, motivating and supporting thousands of people to achieve their goals. I am results orientated and work to find solutions rapidly. I will only work with clients who I have assessed before treatment starts to ensure suitability and compatibility. That means that you get to meet me and are able to assess me before you make any financial commitment.

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