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The Spanish Academy

King's Lynn, Norfolk


The Spanish Academy

King's Lynn, Norfolk


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Jonny Griffiths

23 September 2019

Fantastic one-on-one tutoring via Skype - Harriet teaches in a very clear and logical way so that you understand everything fully, you learn faster than you could imagine yet there is always plenty of time to clarify any outstanding points you might not understand. Harriet also manages the Skype lessons expertly and as a result there is no difference in how well you learn compared with lessons in person - I would therefore highly recommend the Spanish Academy to anyone regardless of where you are in the world. More...


Marija Njegomir

26 June 2019

I have been having one-to-one Spanish language classes with Harriet for several months and recently attended an intensive Spanish one day course in Ely - a must for anyone planning a trip to Spain. Harriet included all the basics plus much more to make your holiday a more enjoyable and immersive experience. Whether you are new to languages or just want to refresh your knowledge, Harriet and the Spanish Academy is the place for you! More...


Jacky Hutson

25 February 2019

I had my first Spanish lesson today with Harriet & loved it!Looking forward to next week ❤️


Emily Kitchen

13 February 2019

Excellent first lesson with Sarah this evening, very knowledgeable and patient - highly recommend.


Rita Caldicott

14 January 2019

had my first lesson tonight with Harriet. Very relaxed but well structured session with lots of encouragement and interaction. looking forward to next week!


Phillip Seaman

8 January 2019

Harriett is an excellent teacher and is very passionate and patient about teaching Spanish. The class is not a typical teaching environment, but she makes it fun, thus easier to remember


Ruth Spitz-Johnson

3 August 2018

My daughter & I had our first lesson with Harriet this week & we loved it! Wonderful classroom environment with a super friendly, approachable & very knowledgeable teacher. We cannot wait to go back for our next lesson. Thank you Harriet! More...


Charlotte Amy Ferra

18 July 2018

I am working through the beginner's course of 10 private lessons, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Harriet is really lovely- she has helped me and answered any questions I have even after the lesson in her own time. I feel completely at ease and don't mind getting things a little wrong in the lesson. The lessons are flexible which is a perfect for fitting around my work. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn a language. More...


Claire Morgan

26 June 2018

My 9 year old daughter is having one to one Spanish lessons with Hattie and she loves it! I would highly recommend The Spanish Academy to anyone wanting to learn a foreign language. �


Lynne Lemon

1 October 2017

I was pointed in the direction of the Spanish Academy by a couple of friends. I wouldn't have thought to look for Italian lessons here. We started with a taster course of 5 hours and have now signed up for another 20 hours. Fun but effective learning from Michelle, and I feel we are making better progress than with the CD's I have tried as I need to see the written word to help it sink in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others. More...


Zoe Ward

31 May 2017

Fab lessons with Harriett, really looking forward to my next lesson �


Louise Hall

4 May 2017

My daughter attended with 3 other students when her school stopped the Spanish classes she'd been studying and she was forced to do gcse French, this was a language she had never studied. She had a 10 week course of lessons which really did give them a massive boost and helped them all pass the exams with flying colours! The teachers are extremely helpful and understanding, so much so I have now just booked to learn Spanish with them! I really can't recommend this school highly enough! More...


Matthew Bond

14 November 2016

Just starting the second beginners course as I enjoyed the first so much �


Jan Simmons

15 July 2016

I have been studying Spanish with Harriet for 8 months, she is brilliant! I took my two 8 year old children to her yesterday for the first time and they loved it, haven't stopped talking about it and wish I would book them 100 lessons - that says it all!


Judith Bradshaw

1 July 2016

Great to have been learning Spanish once again. Loved the lessons and hope to be back soon :-)


Tracey Field

30 June 2016

I am thoroughly enjoying my Spanish lessons with Harriet. She is very good at explaining things and is very patient. I am looking forward to many more lessons.


Lalage Connolly

23 June 2016

I am about half way through the beginner's course of 10 private lessons, and so far so good :-) Harriet is very friendly and creates a very relaxed atmosphere, in which I feel very comfortable asking any questions that pop up throughout the lesson. The flexibility of being able to book lessons on different days and / or different times if necessary is also great. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. More...


Debbie Edwards

8 September 2015

Now on beginners II course and enjoying it immensely. Have been able to put the Spanish learnt to good use when on holiday in Spain. Harriet is a brilliant teacher and very patient with beginners such as me. I would highly recommend the courses here. More...


Christine Clere

17 March 2015

I'm really enjoying this class -having fun whilst learning, who'd have thought it!