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Ron Bastos Granado

25 March 2019

great experience, thanks to Dan for helping and explaining everything thoroughly


Bill Hanen

5 March 2019

Had a blast! Challenging, fun, a great experience


Tina Abbatecola

17 November 2018

We escaped the Einstein Room! It was so much fun! I would recommend this escape room to anyone who truly loves brain challenges.


Kathy Molinets

10 August 2018

I've done several room escapes in the area and this one was by far my favorite. We did the Einstein room. The puzzles were challenging and made you think, but not so difficult that we couldn't escape - but it was close, we only had 5 minutes to spare!! The nicest thing about this one is that the room capacity is limited to only 6 people, so you pretty much know who's working on what, and there aren't so many people in the room that you are bumping into each other. And, people aren't working on things on their own or in mini-groups that the rest of the group isn't aware of. Another nice feature was the available hints. This is the first room that I've done that had hints available, and it was nice to know that if you were really stuck, you could get a little help if you needed it. Room decor was well thought out. I can't wait to come back and try the Gallery room. It's definitely a fun time if you like puzzle solving! More...


Becky Quinn Szymkowiak

10 August 2018

This is the first time I've ever done an escape room. It was a lot of fun and very challenging. That hour goes by so fast. Thank you for the experience.


Petal Cathrine DeVries

14 June 2018

best time ever~


Kris Schneider Henning

26 March 2018

Absolutely we will do another room!!! Great idea for a family adventure!!!


Mark Miller

4 March 2018

My family and friends recently did our third room the Who Dun It Room and had a blast. Each of the rooms has been intriguing, sometimes baffling and always make my brain hurt after but we always enjoy ourselves and can't stop talking about it afterwards. I like that it is different from other rooms because it really takes itself seriously about the artistry of working your way through it. Some rooms seem to just throw stuff at you but each thing in these rooms is well thought out and leads you from one thing to the next involving everyone in your group in the fun. It is a highly enjoyable time and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun with family, friends and co-workers. More...


David Curtis

21 August 2017

Great time! This was my 3rd visit to a "room" and this one was challenging and fun! If you've never had this kind if experience before...I recommend it! By the way...we solved the mysteries and escaped! More...


David Cornish

6 June 2017

Did the Who Dun It room last night with a group of colleagues. Fantastic experience, 100% recommended!


Valerie Haygood

24 April 2017

So much fun! Even though we didn't escape we had such a good time. Really had to think but not too difficult to where you will never get it. Definitely going to go again.


Sandy Minea

15 April 2017

Super fun group activity! Would do it again! Just challenging enough :) we escaped!


Susan Snyder

3 April 2017

We were there last night and had a great time. The staff was great and very helpful. We were in the Einstein room. We were only 2 clues short of escaping. Can't wait to come back and try another room! More...


Tom Griffin

2 April 2017

We had a great time! We are going to check out the Gallery Room next!


Mary Elizabeth Kennedy

18 February 2017

Very challenging and so much fun! My group made it out...with less than a minute left!


Koach Deuce

18 February 2017

It was very challenging but I enjoyed it! I strongly suggest doing one of these if any are in your area!


Jeremy Kessenich

12 February 2017

We had a great time, didn't quite solve it, but it was close!


Chris James

16 October 2016

This was a different experience and a lot of fun trying to figure out the escape! Would go back again.


Robin Amber

24 September 2016

Great rooms and great owner(s). I've done all the rooms here, and they're really great! Also, the owner worked with my fiancé to help him propose to me in one of the rooms! It was so incredibly special to us as the first room we did as a couple was The Einstein Room. Thanks again to The Room Lisle! More...


Lisa Hackbart Snyder

3 September 2016

We went as a family and had a great time. We were an almost there. We did the Einstein room.


Jenny Diaz

24 July 2016

It was such a great time. 10 out of 10, would do it again. My brain also loved getting a workout.


Jane Smigiel Festin

16 July 2016

What a great experience! So glad my family booked this to celebrate my 50th birthday. :) We all had a blast and were sooooo close to escaping the Einstein room We'll be back to tackle the gallery one day soon.


Debbie Lynne

19 June 2016

Thank you for a great time... We had 2 rooms booked for a little fun before heading out to celebrate my husbands birthday... We hadn't realized The White Room was a shorter, harder, challenge but they were kind and slid one group to The Einstein room and truly made it an equally fun experience for all...One group escaped, the other didn't, but all had a great time!... It was organized, friendly, very well done, and a great game for all ages... Thanks again, we'll be back! ;) More...


Bill Guest

30 May 2016

This was so fun! Everyone in our group had a blast and loved every pet of he adventure. It was fun working as a team and working on outer escape! We will be coming back for another room soon! More...


Amy Aszman Barma

20 May 2016

We enjoyed our time so much in The Gallery, even though we didn't escape. The staff was wonderful & very helpful if needed. Great for all ages - teamwork is key!!! Would love to go back & try it again, highly recommend The Room for something different to do on a night out. Thank you for making our experience an awesome one! More...


Katelynn Zimmer

4 April 2016

I was recently engaged at The Room - Lisle. The staff there was phenomenal and crucial in making my engagement extra special! Thank you for going above and beyond to make our day what it is was and bending over backwards to make sure it went off flawlessly! They allowed my fiance to adjust the clues in the room to make it personal, and in the end I said yes, so overall it was a phenomenal experience and can't wait to go back! More...


Heidi Sampson Woods

3 April 2016

This was our first time trying an escape room, and we loved trying to escape "The Gallery". We did this with our kids (ages 10, 13, &15) and everyone had such a great time. We did not escape in time, but we can't wait to go back and try another room. The staff was wonderful and helped us out with a few clues when we were headed in the wrong direction. Puzzles were of various levels of challenge, so everyone was able to contribute. We can't wait to return! More...


Joy Yasko

7 February 2016

If you enjoy mystery, puzzles and problem solving, this challenge is sure to delight.


Michelle Kulisek Morris

30 January 2016

Great place. Had so much fun. Can't wait to do it again.


Jodi Semones-Popek

17 January 2016

We had such a blast!! Best adult night out!! Can't wait to come back to try the other room!!


Amy Davidson Maslan

11 January 2016

So much fun! Perfect for a family centered activity.


Alexis Mugge Jacobson

3 January 2016

This was so much fun! Definetely coming and doing the other room!


Stephanie Vackicev-Kurek

14 December 2015

So much fun! We would love to go back and try the Gallery!


Snickers Hope

25 October 2015

It is so much fun. You have to be super quick witted and you have to work as a team. If you find multiple clues, you need to work together because if someone is out of the loop, you won't figure it out. I have been to both the Einstein room and the Gallery and both were super fun! More...


Michael Breath

25 October 2015

It was fun. Definitely worth the money. Now I think I want to try other rooms in the area.


Cindi Quijano

25 September 2015

We had so much fun! It made us think. Another couple of minutes and we would have been able to escape. So much I want to say but can't spoil it for everyone else. Can't wait to see the gallery.


Julianne Rizzo

24 September 2015

We had a fabulous time!!! Great family team building event. Can't wait to go back.


Johannah Simon

19 September 2015

Great experience! Perfect mix of sleuthing and puzzles! Can't wait to go back!!!


Kealy Larson

18 September 2015

This was so much fun! Can't wait to try the new room when it is available :)


Kinga Lucy Kwit

14 September 2015

It was awesome! Although we didn't escape we got close and made us work as a team!


Sherman Lee

13 September 2015

A great team building exercise! It is not scary at all. The goal is to work as a team and not do the steps on your own.


Lisa Krych

10 September 2015

If you are looking for something different to do with friends and family, THIS IS IT!!! We had an absolute blast in the room!! Fantastic job, well done!!!


Xenia Hausser

30 August 2015

What an AWESOME experience. We can't wait for the next Room!!!!!!!!!


Jenny Tank

29 August 2015

This was a ton of fun! Something different than the usual night out. I had never done anything like this before so had no idea what to expect, but it exceeded any expectations or ideas I had. The owners did an amazing job coming up with the clues and challenges. Will definitely go back when the second room is completed. Thank you!!! More...


Shreya Rao-Gollar

27 August 2015

Amazing time!!! Loved every minute. Will be back to complete the room clues and visit the new room.


Jonathan Wolf

27 August 2015

A great challenge and a lot of fun! Puzzles that make you think, and it takes a lot of teamwork. Can't wait til the second room opens!


Kristen Bava Kucharski

18 August 2015

A seriously fun time! Who knew being locked in a room full of teenagers for one hour could be so fun! Highly recommended! Our group had middle schoolers, high schoolers, the 40s somethings, and grandma - EVERYONE had a blast!


Lisa Egan

17 August 2015

This was the best hour! So much fun. Lots of laughs.


Kirstin McGinnis

24 July 2015

Had such an awesome time. Loved the experience, just needed a little more time. Definitely would love to come back. Can't wait for the new room. Thank you!!!!


Cristie Marie

21 July 2015

So fun!!!!! We will definitely be back for the new room!


Kristina McBride

12 July 2015

So much fun in here, and it's very well arranged and organized. Thank you! We can't wait for the new one!


Sandy Liedtke

12 July 2015

This was so much fun, I had no idea how this would be but it was a fantastic experience and great entertainment. Our group kept talking about it all night & um sure that will continue for some time. I can't wait to try the new one when its done! More...


Tracy Kenning

30 June 2015

We had a blast for my hubby's birthday!! We almost escaped, just needed another minute or two. So very close!! We'll be back for the next room!


Yinyang Man

28 June 2015

This was a great experience, I highly recommend it. A bit of advice listen to the room, and listen to the room master. They are there to help you. I can't wait to come back when they get the second room set up. Thank you for the great experience. More...


Carolyn Netherland

13 June 2015

Awesome experience! We didn't escape, but it was still fun. We will be back!


Tiffany Elliott

6 June 2015

This was so much fun!! It was something different and really requires you to use your brain! I highly recommend it and I cannot wait for the next room to be complete!!


Bridgette Davis

22 May 2015

This is a fun time indeed! If you like brain teasers and challenging yourself, this is the place to go. I went with coworkers as a team building activity and we all loved it! The hour will be up before you know it, so we ran out of time! But I am definitely going back, I'm determined to escape! More...


Paul Novak

18 May 2015

Lots of fun. Tried it on Saturday but didn't escape in the 1 hour. We will be back to try again.


Jenny Kasnick

13 May 2015

I had so much fun! I didn't know what to expect walking into the room but they do a fantastic job with all the different clues & making you think! The hour goes by so fast though. We were so close to solving and escaping the room but we ran out of time. We are going back just so we can escape the room and say that we did it! More...


Brian Kasnick

13 May 2015

I love a good puzzle now and again and this one really tested my creativity and cleverness. Top notch, old bean.

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