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Kaitlyn Macdonald

30 March 2019



Andrea Owens Piunno

29 January 2019

The food was delicious and extremely flavourful. It's among the best catered dishes we've ever had. Will absolutely order again. Thanks!


Tyler Barnes

30 November 2018

I have ordered meals here for several weeks now and have enjoyed every single meal so far. The variety is awesome, it has been great to try so many new things.


Anthony Caporusso

1 September 2018

Awsome food...it was well organized I would definitely go back here again for another catering family event.


Hollee Mac

1 September 2018

Fresh, favourfull food that I look forward to eating. I love the convinence of already having healthy, balanced meals that I only need to warm up. No more time wasted cooking dinner and the cleanup after work. No more wasted veggies than I had good intentions to prepare and eat but didn’t have time or forgot about. The menu changes every week so the meals stay interesting, and I get to try a lot of food that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to before. Have been eating the meals for a few months now and have not been disappointed. And I’ve lost over 10 pounds!Highly recommend The Rampant Chef! More...


Amy Marchant

29 May 2018

Absolutely LOVE every meal I get from The Rampant Chef. They make it easy to balance eating healthy meals and eating yummy food. Also LOVE how easy it is to order. Would recommend to anyone! More...


robert guy

29 May 2018

Billy, the food is great, my belly is very happy, no reason to eat junk now
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