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Larissa Viel

17 May 2019

I had been looking for a personal trainer in town to try and help me pick up my workouts and specifically get into some weight training. Tony has honestly been the BEST addition to my entire workout routine. He is incredibly accommodating, always so positive and upbeat, and puts so much thought and time into ensuring that the sessions you do are catered to your goals and needs. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing him whether you are just starting your fitness journey or if you have specific goals in mind. More...


Ashley Valdez

7 February 2019

Tony is such a great trainer. The studio is amazing and the prices are unbeatable for a trainer who's as experienced as he is . I would recommend him and his studio to anyone. More...


Clint Radovic

7 February 2019

My trainer Tony is a great motivator and challenges me to always strive to push my personal boundaries to new heights. He tailors workouts to my individual needs. Although the workouts are tough, he makes them fun as well. More...


Naomi Yanai

7 February 2019

I was skeptical at first. I checked the website several times before actually booking a fit test. But I'm glad I did. I was surprised at how nice the studio was. The prices are great and truly something I can afford on an on going basis. I've reached goals that I couldn't do alone. These prices help me ensure that they are permanent too because I can stick with training. I now can actually see muscle groups building. I just need to follow the realistic measures and goals given to me. Tony is always encouraging, and very accommodating. I love it. More...


Carl Earlls

7 February 2019

Super nice studio. I would recommend it to anyone. My muscles and posture look fantastic. My workouts are challenging and full of variety. Personal training is one of the best investments I have ever made because it never stops producing results! Tony's knowledge and way of training is top notch. More...


Greg Vella

9 December 2018

Working out with Tony is absolutely the most fun time I can have while pushing myself. I would recommend Tony to anyone.


Lori Gennings

10 October 2018

First off, let me just say this place is great! Tony is hilarious, fun to work with and extremely knowledgeable. His workouts will kick your butt in the best possible way and leave you excited for your next session. Secondly, the training studio is set up in a very professional manner. Tony has obviously thought about every detail when converting his garage. It’s clean with all of the necessary equipment. You’ll soon forget that you’re in somebody’s home. Finally and most importantly, Tony really seems to care about his clients. He’ll help you out with nutrition, answer all of your questions, and make sure you’re comfortable with and enjoying what you’re doing. He’ll try to accommodate you if your schedule changes or have a sick child and he understands that life happens. In sum, if you’re looking for an excellent trainer to help you reach your goals The Peraonal Training Center is where you want to be. More...


Zarah Schwarz

10 October 2018

I love the personal training center! Prices are great and most importantly you see results. I have lost over 13 pounds since starting with Tony a couple months ago and no longer have any chubby spots when wearing bathing suits or fitted dresses. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking to change their lifestyle and get fit. Call Tony today! You won't regret it More...


Donna Powell

10 October 2018

I’ve been training with Tony for while now and he is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable & committed trainers around. Whether you’re looking to stay fit, train like a hardcore athlete or overcome injury & mobility issues – the Personal Training Centre in Guelph is the place you need to be. The classes are intense for every level athlete, and you will love the diverse workout combinations. Tony is an extremely educated, highly motivated, amazing individual. He has the tools and knowledge you need for all diet and training regimes. More...


Kinh Tran

10 October 2018

I really recommend it here. The first thing you'll probably notice is how much the trainer here wants you to succeed. He is very passionate about health and fitness and encourages you to ask questions whenever you have them even when you're not there. He will help you develop a meal plan and give you tips on how to maintain it to meet your goals and will also create workout plans for you last minute if you are injured. I wholeheartedly recommend! More...

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