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Jennifer Taylor

I bought a sample of almost everything my first visit and all were fantastic!


Joan Sinclair

Amazing bread and fantastic cookies. Thank you for the treats the other day!


David Regnier

Just lovely. They've got the BEST sourdough bread in the city.


Kira Steinhauer

I tried your bread, gingersnap cookie and raspberry puff pastry for the first time today and it was amazing. I will be back soon! Great work!


Susan Rich

Everything is good. Much like homemade, but better. Love the chocolate chip cookies.


Sandra Gessler

This is the 5 star , high quality bakery that Winnipeg has been waiting for. Breads and scones are exceptional.


Erick Stow

Truly unbelievably crafted bread. With the first taste, I understood the meaning of "art" in artisanal bread. Bravo.


Geordie Kriszka

I love stopping by the "Penny Loaf Bakery" ! They have a good variety of breads including baguettes , not to mention croissants and desserts !!


Chantal Bouchard

Had the chocolate walnut GF cookie yesterday and can't stop thinking about it!! I need another one asap!


Laurie Smith

The sausage and mozza bread was amazing with tomato soup and a salad, and their blueberry biscuit is just right for a diabetic: not too sweet, but rich enough to satisfy. Will definitely be making many repeat visits! More...


Carol Ramstead-Eason

Bestest yummies ever! :) I would recommend it highly and the staff is super friendly and well informed. Pleasantness at its best!


Emily Avra

Got a few different things to try and loved all of them. The cheddar and onion biscuits are heavenly. I was really impressed with the pretzel potato chip cookies as well. Very different and very delicious.


Christine Strike

We had our first baguette, donut and bread from Pennyloaf yesterday at the south Osborne farmers market. The baguette was incredible. Delicious. I highly recommend giving Pennyloaf a try! More...


Jenna Priestner

The bread is a 5 star UNREAL. The only reason for my 4 star is that I hurts to pay $7-$7.50 for a load of bread.


Julie Sawchuk

The best bread hands down. Everyone else should just quit now. I have been back multiple times for the loaves of bread, scones, biscuits and cookies. The bakers should be hugged on a regular basis. More...


Audrey Robertson

I've been very fortunate to have sampled some of the Bakery's delicious breads scones and chocolate beet cake!! The breads have been perfect for toast and honey or jam and also just crusty enough for dipping! The scones took me right back to my childhood in Scotland when Moms scones were a highlight,and can you imagine warm Chocolate Beet cake! outrageous!! so super moist and delicious! I can't wait to grab a coffee and try something else.All the very best to you and your new venture More...


Kim Kurylo

Picked up a blue cheese & walnut scone and a morning roll yesterday and have to say they were out of this world delicious!!! Well worth the drive from Transcona! More...


Christie Crowbird

It’s my favourite bakery - everything is wonderful. Morning buns, scones, cookies, cakes, tarts and pastry... I get into all sorts of trouble with my will power as soon as I walk in the door! It’s always worth the trip!


Keira Cassidy

I have nothing but amazing things to say about The Pennyloaf Bakery. Everything I've had from them has not disappointed one bit. You can taste the hard work and love that goes into their baked goods, and they can't be beat! Their brand new confetti scone is... wow. SO good! Everyone needs to go ASAP to try their amazing baked goods and experience their wonderful customer service. 10/10! More...


Christiana Jones

I’ve lived next door for years, but have never tried it. Today, on a whim, I walked in and got a couple things. Let me say, this was the catalyst to the most incredible culinary experience I’ve ever encountered. Their raspberry vanilla cake is hands down the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. I’d sell my soul to have a never ending supply and I fear I’ve made a terrible wallet and waistline destroying mistake by discovering that the gates to heaven lie a one minute jaunt from my home. May the lord grant me the strength to not eat a whole raspberry vanilla cake every day. More...

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