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Hammersmith, Greater London, London

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Hammersmith, Greater London, London

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


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7 December 2018

We chose The Office Dog based on the look and feel of the website which is excellently put together. Added to which the online booking process is wonderfully straightforward and easy to organise. We had no idea who would turn up and were quite apprehensive so it was an extremely pleasant surprise to greet Sharon into our home. A lovely friendly woman, full of excellent advice, who we could honestly share our insecurities with over our new little terror of a Parson Terrier. Sharon’s can do attitude has given us the confidence boost we needed. More...

30 November 2018

Great training - we really enjoyed it and Sunny has come on leaps and bounds in just a couple of days.

1 October 2018

Really great training. Couldn't recommend enough!

28 September 2018

A wonderful trainer who has an exceptional educational background in dog training and behavior. So much thought and care put into everything she does.

19 September 2018

Awesome and unique service for the Londoner who would like a dog to keep them company at work!

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I love that moment when I can see that something's just clicked for the first time with a dog, and they understand what you're asking them to do. You can almost hear it!

And then they do the thing, and then their owners have this look of amazement that they've been able to successfully communicate with their pup. It'll never get old, however many dogs I work with.

The idea for The Office Dog was born in 2016 when CEO, Sharon Jennings, was training to become a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer, and while working her old job in a London office, realised how chaotic and unsafe a poorly planned ‘Bring your dog to work day’ could be…

After qualifying, and starting to work with clients, she realised there was a bigger issue than just offices – we expect our dogs to ‘behave’ in many different environments and scenarios, especially when living in London and other major cities; cafes, pubs, parks, markets, buses, trains.

The Office Dog is about helping our dogs to thrive in the modern city lifestyle that we have thrown them into, through fun and non-judgemental games, training and conversations.

Unfortunately dog training, and a lot of other pet care services, is not a regulated industry. There are a lot of charlatans out there, people who don't know what they're doing, and can cause more harm than good. Unlike a lot of dog trainers and other so-called professionals, I have studied with the world's best dog trainers at The Victoria Stilwell Academy, and graduated with distinction. I am a paid-up member of the PPG, and am fully insured. I also have training in canine first aid. Which other dog trainers that you're looking at can say the same?



Our Puppy and Me Training Packages come in three tiers, ranging from 4 weeks upwards, dependent on you and your puppy’s needs. They are suitable for all young pups, whether they plan to be office dogs, pub dogs or stay at home dogs – the foundations are all the same.

We speak to a lot of stressed-out, new puppy owners who are worried that they’re not doing right by their new pup. Or that the puppy is doing something ‘weird’. One of our Puppy Trainers will come to your home for an hour and talk you through any issues that you’re having with your pup – depending on what the problems are that you’re having, there may also be some hands-on training.

We don’t expect dogs to work like robots on walks, but every owner should be able to walk their pup without risk of injury! Whether your dog is intent on charging ahead, or needs coaxing to keep up, we can help…

Having a dog that comes when called is essential. Even if you only let your pup run free in enclosed dog parks, how would you manage if they ever bolted from the front door or car, or slipped their lead on a walk?

Sometimes we seem to forget that the walk is for the dog. Dogs need and deserve more than just a quick march round the block each day. A good Sniff Walk not only allows them the chance to have a leisurely sniff, but is also one of their only opportunities to make choices. Let’s give walks back to the dog…

Your puppy’s first walk is a big milestone, but we often overlook the importance of it. his is the first time your pup will be stepping foot out in the big, wide world, and that can be scary. It’s vital to make everything they experience positive and fun.

If you’re worried about the implications of getting a new pup, or you just want some advice on a couple of aspects, book a phone call with us. We offer free, 15-minute calls to help ease your mind ahead of your big decision.

Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a puppy into your lifestyle, you need to get your home and life prepared. You won’t believe how much will change! A qualified dog trainer will come to your house and go through an array of topics including puppy-proofing and how to get through your first night.