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Josh Pacheco

29 July 2019

Nadine is awesome! Not just because of her beautiful form, but her beautiful message and outlook!


kari cantrall

9 July 2019

Now heres one i DO NOT remember going too.hmmmmm.


Vangie Oquinn

29 January 2019

No nonsense common sense. And no bugs of any kind


Michael Seward

31 October 2018

I have consulted with Nadine a number of times over the past 8 years, and she has always given me great advice and had true insight to help me. Whether its relationships, my emotional state, career, everything I came to her about was solved, and quite quickly, when I applied the teachings! I am truly happy in my life More...


Ken Hesss

1 October 2018

Much needed


GypsyLynn Iyata

29 May 2016

I would absolutely recommend Nadine. In life’s trials or our goals, anything that we go through or want to do, Naked Life Coaching and Nadine’s help can be an extremely instrumental guide into overcoming or achieving these things.


L Smoothone

29 May 2016

As part of a coaching program that began in late Dec. 2015 with Nadine she had me prepare a list of what I was looking for in a significant other. A list of requirements, needs, and likes to have elements. I did this and set a goal of meeting that person within a year. It is now April 2016 and out of the blue I met someone that meets at least 95% of that list and I was not even consciously looking. That is really exciting stuff! Gary More...


Salina Garcia

29 May 2016

Absolutely brilliant! An amazing woman indeed, in which you will learn a lot from. Your time will be well spent and have no regrets. You'll walk out with a completely new perspective on life, and a very optimistic experience or out look towards the world!!!!!! More...

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