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Morris Institute provides behavioral modification of all types for adults. (Having been a schoolteacher for 15 years, I also work with parenting issues with youth over 8 yrs. old and their parents.)
Popular programs include:
Stop Smoking


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Laura Fulton

14 August 2018

Ive been going to see Dr Morris for almost 2 yrs now, and I love this guy. He's got great technics and listens to your concerns. I will continue to work with him as he brings meaning and balance to my life. Go Team Morris!! More...


Early in my life, I realized I had the ability to understand other people's problems and see a path for them to be able to facilitate change. In high school and college I found that many friends, etc. would ask me for advise/my opinion. Now, after many years of education and experience it is an honor to work with people who want to change their lives. Everyone's life is different, each is on our own journey, and everyone deserves the best experience possible.

I was a high school & jr. high school teacher( for 15 years)., During that time, I became aware that many of the students were't realizing the results they should have been getting. Many had IQ's which should have allowed them to get better grades. Some of them needed an "attitude adjustment". (where were they supposed to get it?) Others suffered from poor self esteem, some lacked good concentration, which compromised their memory, others suffered from fear of failure and had test anxiety, and some had behavior problems which kept them from being accepted by classmates. And none of them were getting any help. So I became a behavioral therapist to help people become happier, and more successful. If you want to change your life, you've got to change the way you think. And I've learned many wonderful techniques and tools to help people get what they want out of life.

1. I take a sincere interest in my client's life and situation.
2. My office sets a very high standard of professionalism with clients, where confidentiality and privacy are maintained and honored.
3. I always show respect, and do not judge an individual because of their cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious practices.
4. My intention is to always communicate in a manner which the client can understand and relate.
5. I work with the client so they understand a basic “road map,” approach to achieving the desired outcome for their therapy.