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The Magic of Eddy Wade

Mount Holly, North Carolina, Gaston County

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
The Magic of Eddy Wade logo

The Magic of Eddy Wade

Mount Holly, North Carolina, Gaston County

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


First, if you're looking for the cheapest magic act in town, I'm not the "Uncle Bob" you're looking for. If the Best entertainment possible for your function or event isn't your priority, I'm not your guy. You see I believe that long after folks leave an event, party, business function the One thing they remember most is the entertainment.


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Charles Mays

4 February 2019

Excellent maglc shop Mr, Wade is a great demonstrator.


Arthur Wentz

27 June 2018

Constant professional every time I have had the pleasure to be at an event he is hosting.

Thank you for the nice review. I appreciate you taking the time to post.


Tony Palomba

25 June 2018

I have know Eddy for almost 30 years now (WOW!). I have seen him perform on many occasions. For private parties, conventions, comedy clubs, and corporate functions alike. He is by far one of the best entertainers that I have seen. His material is specifically tailored for the audience that he is performing for. He is creative, funny, and captivating. I highly recommend Eddy for any event you may be planning. More...

Hey Tony- Thank you so much for the nice compliments. I hope you’re doing well and still traveling all over the country. I can only imagine The stories you can tell. We’ll have to get together sometime.


Roger Way

25 June 2018

Eddy Wade is one of the finest "User-Friendly" magicians I know. Reliable, Professional, Richly Experienced and Incredibly Entertaining are just a few of the words that come promptly to mind when I hear his name. Young and old, large events or small, he handles them all! I can cheerfully recommend his programs with absolute confidence. More...

Thank you for the kind comments, Roger!


Joe Hindman

24 March 2017

Eddy Wade is carrying on the tradition of excellence and personalized service that has kept me happy with Magic Methods for decades! The catalog has some unique items that you aren't going to find anyplace else and the service backing them up is top-notch! Thank You! More...


Steven W. Turner

24 February 2017

Very professional order experience all around. The book was competitively priced, shipping costs more than fair, and arrived promptly in pristine new condition.


Aaron Acosta

20 December 2016

I ordered Eddy's mommy pack. After I made the order he followed up with an email and my product arrived quickly. Awesome product and awesome service.


Ted Schulman

5 March 2016

I ordered somethings from Magic Methods and they arrived quickly, carefully packed, and in great shape! Eddy also provided some great guidance over the phone. I would definitely order from Eddy again. More...

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Eddy Wade began his interest in the art of magic at the age of seven and has been a devoted student ever since. He has been recognized as "Charlotte's Premiere Magician" by several local television and radio media and voted "Best of Charlotte" for five consecutive years. Eddy has performed for three United States Presidents and has appeared in more than twenty-five television shows and two major motion pictures. Eddy donates his time and talent as the local representative for David Copperfield's Project Magic, which combines the art of magic with physical therapy to aid rehabilitation for children and adults. His work has taken him coast to coast, to Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Aruba, US Virgin Island and the Caribbean. Performing at trade shows, on cruise ships, theaters, corporate sales meetings and banquets, colleges, conferences, and conventions. Eddy has served as President of the local International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring and local Society of American Magicians Assembly. He has been awarded the "Markie Award" for excellence in marketing communications, has earned the designation of CPM - Certified Professional Magician and the distinction of "Order of Merlin with Shield" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

I offer multiple types of Shows & Performance options. It's best for the customer to talk to me so I can discuss all the options that will fit their budget, venue, and audience.
All audiences, performing conditions and venues are different, the routines that I perform for say a 5-year-olds Birthday celebration is totally different than what I perform for a corporate holiday event, an industrial trade show or a private social event in someones home. Many performers only do the same routines no matter the group, I try to customize my performance's where possible, to offer the best entertainment value for the customers budget.

Entertaining audiences with amazing magic and bringing a little wonder back into their lives.

My Dad fooled me with a trick he learned in the Navy when I was five years old. He wouldn't reveal the secret and encouraged me to research the how it was done secret methods for myself. And as a result I discovered many books on the Art of Magic, a new passion was formed. Then I received a complete magic set as a gift when I was six years old and discovered entertaining friends with my new knowledge was fun and lead to great friendships. Going professional at age 14 lead to many adventures...and the story continues today.

Over 40 years of entertaining every type of audience imaginable has prepared me to handle most any situation that can arise at a LIVE performance. Many awards, Television and radio appearances later my main focus are to make sure the audience is having as much fun watching the Show as I am performing it for them.
I offer unique performances as a Magical Artist/ Entertainer that combine many elements of show business and my Karate & martial arts training. My shows generally contain Amazing Magic routines, Music, Clean Humor, Mind reading, situational comedy, lots of audience interaction and participation where no one is embarrassed to help the magician succeed in my quest to make you forget that for just a little while the Magic may be real.



Eddy Wade offers his special Designer Balloon Sculptors for many types of events. Eddy makes over 300+ types of Balloon Sculptors. Sure he makes the usual, Poodles, Hats, Dogs, Giraffes, Rabbits, Turtles, Flowers, Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my goodness yes... But Oh so much more. Now it depends on the venue and event needs as to what Eddy makes for your guest, in addition, it also depends on how many attendees you're having. You see you can't just hire someone for one hour and expect them to make elaborate multi-balloon creations if your attendance is 250 people. No one can make that many balloons in an hour without making some balloons in advance to hand out. Sure If you're having other entertainment and just want whatever can be made in the allotted time, but these are all details we must discuss before a quote can be proposed. Eddy can also do Balloon Arches, Columns, and other elaborate designs to decorate an event venue. Call to discuss all the options.

Many Magic Shows options are available, please inquire and we'll send you a no obligation list or quote depending. on the details you provide. If you looking for a Great fun, Interactive and Amazing Show, that will fit your budget, contact Eddy to discuss all the options. The more details you can provide the easier it will be to provide exactly what you need. You can even make an appointment to stop by Eddy's Studio in Mount Holly to discuss your special event in person. Eddy offers 8 different Birthday Celebration Packages; age & gender specific, with and without animals, with and without Balloon twisting, Packages with Goodie bags, Pinate and Party favors. Packages with a Magic Workshop and more. Eddy offers Adult Celebration packages to with Magic, Mindreading, Escapes, and even Casino Tables for 'mock" gambling (No Real Bets allowed-Play Money only) Need a Bigger Magic Show, no problem, Eddy maintains a warehouse of magical illusions, big boxes, fashly props, set pieces, curtained backdrops, stage lights, theatrical foggers, pyrotechniques, other related equipment and props to handle, most any size venue or audience size.

Eddy can also provide professional style Casino Tables for a fun and interactive gaming event. We provide a turn-key service with dealers, tables. set-up/tear-down and all equipment needed. You provide the prizes. NO Real Betting is Allowed, Ever! Tables are provided for Amusement and entertainment purposes only and only "Fake Play Money" is used. If you need something special for your event that's FUN and Different than the usual DJ, Band, Comedian, dancer, then call and discuss a Casino Night event with Eddy.

We offer a select group of carnival games for special events. Many times these are used before an event, during the cocktail hour to amuse your guest while they mingle waiting to be seated for dinner. Other times our games are used to decorate a Magical Theme Event, where everything in the venue is decorated and relates to a Magical theme! From Stage decorations, table centerpieces, backdrop, entryway, etc. Call to discuss options.

This is the style of magic where the guest is entertained a few at a time as the Magician roves or strolls from group to group as the guest mingle, say at a cocktail hour and Eddy performs a few routines with props he carries in his pockets. Amazing tricks with playing cards, balls, unique props, borrowed objects like money, jewelry, cell phones or contact mind reading are but a few of the many effects Eddy will perform to amaze and amuse your guest. This style of Magic performance is perfect at parties, wedding receptions, social gatherings, corporate meetings, trade shows, restaurants, etc. Just as a side note: Did you know that at the most recent talks with North Korea, Kim brought a magician to be the "Icebreaker" at the beginning of the meeting. Google the topic, interesting! It just shows the power of The Art of Magic!

Yes, of course, we teach The Art of Magic! Eddy gets asked this question all the time, "can he teach me or my child some Magic they can do". Your place or ours? You see, Eddy also owns a Magic Shop, called Magic Methods, where he publishes books and manufactures props for other magicians that he sells all over the world. Eddy even lectures at magician gatherings and conventions. If you purchase a trick, he'll teach you how to perform it. Eddy offers solo individual instruction or group workshops and camps. If you know a school or location that offers Sumer Camps, give them Eddy's contact info. Maybe your child's school or church would like an hour or so workshop with all the props provided, pass the word or book Eddy as a gift. Eddy gets quite a few teaching gigs during the week after Christmas to teach a young child the contents of a Magic Kit they received as a present.