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Renee A.

20 August 2019

Tony met with us on short notice and took the time to talk about our target areas. Treatment was highly personalized. Very positive vibe and fair pricing!


Tina O.

29 July 2019

Tony is an incredible healer. He intuitively uses his many gifts, skills, and modalities to create an incredibly unique and powerful healing experience. This is much more than "just a massage." Set powerful intentions and the universe will meet you there through Tony. More...


Christina O.

22 June 2019

Outstanding!!Tony and Niko are fabulous!, their techniques are quite different, so each experience addressed my chronic problems by using their own special touches. Tony took the time to meet me before I was lying on the table, so we could talk about my areas of concern. I truly appreciate his kindness, empathy, knowledge, professionalism and extraordinary healing touch. More...


Kim Kern

1 February 2019

A fabulous massage. Great intuitive skills and masterful craft.


Gary Latman

3 January 2019

Tony's massage was more than a physical experience. Using a combination of aroma therapy, reiki, tuning fork vibrations, massaging areas where I store my stress, he made me feel renewed. It was my first visit to him, but before I left, I made another appointment. More...


Alex Cardenas

7 December 2018

What a great experience, as a body worker myself, I found Tony to be very insightful, we had a great conversation. And the massage was seriously out of this world.


Hillary Marzec

14 November 2018

Tony was wonderful -- not only very skilled as a massage therapist, but also simply a warm, kind, welcoming person. I really liked his use of aromatherapy to boost the massage experience. Will definitely be returning and recommending! More...


Kim Schultz

7 November 2018

What a wonderful massage. Deep and intense, approached from many levels. Highly recommend Tony!


Marcy Carlson Christerson

16 October 2018

Tony's passion for the work comes through so powerfully, it's a feel good you can not miss!!


Todd Cheatham

3 September 2018

Tony is a talented therapist with strong awareness of body and soul. His therapeutic realignment of my body and muscles has been helpful in releasing muscle / emotional tension and in brings a positive energy back into my body. My upper back hasn’t felt this great in years. I highly recommend Tony and his very capable hands. Thank you! More...


Niko Brown

21 August 2018

Tony has always been very intuitive and healing for me in my life.


Kelly Terrell

21 August 2018

What an amazing experience! I purchased my session through Groupon. I expected ordinary to good.

Was I in for a treat! Tony must have 4 hands to do what he does! The session was relaxing, peaceful and spiritual! I already scheduled to go back!

Don’t let the exterior fool you. The Love Warrior is a hidden gem!


Marilyn Pagán-Banks

19 July 2018

I had such a wonderful experience at The Love Warrior yesterday. Tony is gifted and this is definitely his calling. He helped to ground my soul while working on the trouble areas in my body. I already booked my next session!


Anna Parks

4 July 2018

Such a powerful experience today at The Love Warrior. I truly believe everyone should experience Reiki massage at least once in their life, and we are so lucky to have Tony in the Chicago area! Not only was it a wonderful massage, but the energy release, powerful messages of self love and awareness, and Tony's compassion made this one of the most uplifting experiences to date. I am thrilled to go back and hope you all will check The Love Warrior out! More...


Dena Jackson

2 July 2018

It was an amazing experience. Can I describe what made it so amazing? Not really. Aside from the great massage from Angie, I feel like Tony is the real deal. His technique is authentic, and genuine. I can simply say that I felt an awakening and a release of old stuff. I will definitely go back for a tune up. More...


Nickeisha Too Bless

21 June 2018

Great experience, very professional. I loved the environment and the the essential oils.� I will definitely be back and recommend this for anyone.


Oksana Kristi

20 June 2018

Very professional and therapeutic.


Amorette Humphreys Arceneaux

19 June 2018

I'm not really sure how to put this profound experience into words. Here goes: I'm in Chicago and decided to get a massage. Tony came highly recommended and what A wonderful healing massage turned spiritual healing/clearing. The massage itself was zen and relaxing (think sage, essential oils, soft music, sacred space). Tony is a very gifted masseuse and healer. What was interesting is that when he was working on certain areas, old emotions of sadness, anger, etc that I didn't even know I was "holding" onto in certain places in my body (like my hip, neck, or shoulders) came up...and he helped me to usher them OUT both through his massage, and guided breathing techniques. OMG INCREDIBLE. It is Not necessarily the most comfortable when old yucky emotions are being excavated, but the freedom and clearing afterward are so beautiful and you feel so light! You must try this...Tony is so gifted, and the spiritual healing is life altering...Thank you Tony! ��� More...


Erica Combs

31 May 2018

My experience was lovely!!! Atmosphere was very calming!! Will definitely return!!


Ardeth Gardiner

26 April 2018

I purchased my session through Groupon a couple of weeks ago. What an experience! I’ve already done another session and booked another. Tony is so attentive and talented. I’m hooked!!! I would highly recommend him! More...


Idania Villarreal

12 April 2018

Tony is super talented. Amazing spiritual massage session. You took so much of my pain away. Thank you so very much! I will be seeing you again.


Stephanie Ragan

26 March 2018

I attended a reika session 1 & 2. It was an open water flow class. Free to ask questions, hands on experiance, and even personal readings. The class was magical of itself the teachers were empowering. I would recommend any class session, hosted by the love warrior. Can't wait till the next class begins ladies and gentlemen hold onto your magic carpets. Where going on an adventure. More...


Ryan Blume

21 March 2018

An artfully crafted massage. Left feeling lighter and loved. Thanks for your healing touch Tony. Highly recommended!


Gretchen Gronau Wooldridge

10 January 2018

It's hard to put into words what the experience was with Tony. It's so much more than a massage. He was so in touch with the work he was doing, with himself as a healer, with me and what I brought, with the collective energy. His comfort and care and the way he saw us (both my husband, and me) with his heart from the time we entered his space was beyond what I would expect from a 'massage' experience and from a first time being with someone. I trusted him. He incorporated so many things, including, but not limited to touch, movement of energies, aroma therapy/essential oils, wonderful music, sound and vibration therapy, massage... The experiences for my husband and me were unique and personal to each of us and what our bodies and energy brought that day. We both look forward to Tony's work with us in the future, as well as having him do work with our two sons. We are grateful and feel so lucky to have found him! More...


Malkati Kershner

9 November 2017

This was hands down the most incredible, spiritual, amazing massage! Tony was extremely welcoming and flexible with my schedule (I booked doubles). I originally purchased two massages for my aunt and I via groupon but immediately booked an additional four massages (3 as a gift and one for myself ). I live in ny and was only in Chicago for a quick week but feel so grateful to have found this establishment. Tony has a natural gift and seems to find immense joy in using it to heal others. I definitely recommend the Love Warrior and I will be coming back every time I'm in Chicago! More...


Kristin Janine Brandt

27 September 2017

This was my first experience with Tony's dynamic approach to massage and healing. He is very gifted in his work and incredibly intuitive by nature. My experience was incredibly positive as I was able to release pain, heavy energy, and set my mind at ease. I will certainly be back again! More...


Stephany Medina

22 August 2017

Recently visited for a massage session, and left feeling completely relaxed and peaceful. Tony strives to understand his client's needs by deeply listening as the client expresses their areas of pain or ailment in the body both physically and energetically. He provides intuitive energy work to help heal these areas during the massage session. He is professional, caring, and present. A rejuvenating healing experience. More...


Ann Petrus Baker

27 April 2017

Tony is a very skilled massage and energy worker. He really listens to what you say you need/sore spots, but also intuitively listens to what your body is telling him it needs. You will come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and lighter! Fabulous experience. More...


Elza Beard

15 April 2017

I have had many by the numbers massages, this was not one of them! My experience was filled with positive energy. Tony moved intuitively around my body and spent as much time as was needed for all those troubled spots! Thank you!


Helen Hazlett

22 March 2017

Deeply intuitive, skillful hands, and open, compassionate heart--Tony brings many talents to the table. In my own work as a hospice chaplain, I hold space for people in deep pain. Tony helped me to release the pain I carry from that work in my body and soul. My time on his table was a revelation. More...


Dina Diab

7 June 2016

Tony is an energetic treat. He weaves ancient tribal energy with the vibe of a modern cool cat. He is an intuitive shamim has the ability to access amazing depths. I have known Tony for several years and had the privilege of working in sessions with him many times over the years. I would recommend a session to anyone that wants to move past energetic barriers and rise above to new heights. More...

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