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The Local Juice Bar + Pantry

Calais Outpatient Clinic, Barnstable County


The Local Juice Bar + Pantry

Calais Outpatient Clinic, Barnstable County


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Stephen Reigles

5 October 2019

Great food and service!!!


Marina Rossi

22 August 2019

I love the selection. I had the yellow smoothie and a hot coffee. Coffee is delicious and the smoothie was perfectly balanced. I would definitely refer a friend and go again. More...


Em Spalt

30 May 2019

Really nice concept of store. Veggie burger was really good and love the iced coffee. It’s great to have healthier choices around too.


Audgie Barber

6 May 2019

Just amazing healthy and oh so yummy


Tiffany Helms

5 April 2019

I highly recommend the The Local Juice. Not only are the smoothies absolutely fresh and delicious, the staff are super helpful and knowledgeable! Don’t miss out on this great place! More...


Andi Lunden

6 December 2018



Shawnna Rita

6 September 2018

Alot to choose from and great quality. Very cute inside and gives you alot of positive vibes. The girl working the counter was awesome!


Daniel S

25 August 2018

Excellent, but maybe needs a larger selection of juices and smoothies.


Mary Bagarella

26 June 2018

Super delicious smoothie! Bright and cheery place! Make it a must stop!!


Joe Navas

18 June 2018

this place is such a gem. Everything is so fresh and delicious and original. The atmosphere is lovely and the people who work there and who own it are incredibly kind and welcoming. �


Rebecca Terkelsen

18 June 2018

Loved my smoothie bowl and detox water!! Thank you! �


Nikki Bader

2 May 2018

I have never been in your store until today. Before coming in, I gave the store a call phone, asking far to many questions. The young lady (manager) that answered the phone was very patient, and sweet as pie. She is the reason why I decided to pop in, 30 minuet drive. Thank you for the wonderful customer service, I look forward to being a usual customer and recommending your store to many. More...


Kim Moss

31 January 2018

I LOVE everything about Local Juice. LOVE!!!! Am doing the 3 day clean eating and it is divine!


Sarah Lapsley Martin

1 December 2017

LOVE the Local Juice!! Delicious juice, but they are so much more! Smoothies, sandwiches, grain bowls, soups- just to name a few. Don't miss the almond butter brownies!!! More...


rachael kiley

18 November 2017

I'm in love with this place! It's tucked away style and all that healthiness going on 7 days a week. My favorite "rooted" juice has cayenne,beets,kale,pineapple...& more and always makes me feel better if I'm bit run down. It's always clean, fresh, and friendly.
Go get some local made with love juice!!


Katie Sch

23 July 2017

Awesome products, kind service, and a very cute location. I live just down the street and I plan to come here frequently!


Beth Marcus

12 March 2017

The Local Juice exemplifies everything that a local business should be... making heathy products .. using local sources whenever possible... rehabbing old spaces... making something new and fabulous.. adding new products as they grow.. forward thinking and community oriented! Couldn't be happier to have them in our community.. #buylocal #drinklocal #shoplocal More...


Wendy Denn

12 March 2017

I love The Local Juice! Fresh, healthy & amazing flavors. We are so fortunate to have them on the Cape!


Jane Uhlig Bourette

5 February 2017

love Love LOVE! Doing the 3 day cleanse this week which looks delicious and excited to come back for more off the menu


Julie Stanek Hennessy

2 January 2017

Amazing Local Juice bar with so many healthy food and drink options! Just picked up my three day clean eating kit and so far I'm loving it! �


Susan Fernald

22 December 2016

I just did the 3 day clean kit and couldn't be happier! It was really filling - I never felt hungry. I have always been a fan of the juices and get them regularly. The soups and grain bowls were awesome, the shakes were good...but my favorite was "The Orange"! A nice surprise every day was the "energy burst" (made with juice pulp, almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, mulberries, chia seeds, coconut Chips, maple syrup and dates) that, while not huge, were chewy, delicious and surprisingly filling. Will definitely do this again! Kudos!� More...


Katie Steliga Roy

14 December 2016

Currently in the midst of the 3 day cleanse and I love it! I love the variety of juices/smoothies/soups and grains! One of the best cleanses yet!


Ali Bachand

11 December 2016

Love having healthy local options, and warm smoothies for the winter �


Priscilla Collins

25 November 2016

One of the BEST THINGS that has happened to Hyannis!


Dawn Young

7 November 2016

Just tried the red smoothie, it's delicious!! I'm so glad to have an organic smoothie and juice bar down the street �


Kelly Collopy

14 September 2016

couldn't be happier this place is right on the way to work...i stop by nearly every morning for a grab-and-go juice, smoothie or snowy owl coffee...LOVE!


Love Yoga Festival

26 August 2016

Our favorite spot for healthy + delicious juices + smoothies!!


Emma Childs

22 August 2016

Excellent smoothies and really cute counter girls ;)


Laurin Smith Balfour

16 August 2016

Had a delicious orange smoothie today for my lunch!!!


Kerri Dilk Irwin

26 July 2016

Loved my smoothie!! Charming shop and great deck! We will be back!!


Jason Warren

23 June 2016

Delicious and healthy. What's not to love?!


Pam Wise

23 September 2015

Amazing Juice. I tried my first one from the Chatham Farmers Market yesterday. Love everything about it❤️