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The House of X Training & Fitness

Harwood Park, Maryland

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The House of X Training & Fitness

Harwood Park, Maryland


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Teri Nox Chambers

26 September 2018

Natasha is awesome! Customized workouts, meal planning and personal attention for affordable pricing. Highly recommend


Carrie Cho Cold Holz

12 August 2018

Natasha is a great trainer. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and inspiring. She will make you feel completely comfortable right away and she is great at offering modifications to people with past injuries. I love training with her because she motivates me to push myself. I strongly recommend her! More...


Erica Panneton

5 January 2017

Natasha is the best!! She gives me the boost I need to keep pushing myself. She also makes sure that the workouts we do will work for me and alters them to make them more for me. Best decision I made!!


Felicia McDaniel

7 December 2016

Natasha is amazing! I have never felt more comfortable with a trainer; you can really tell she genuinely cares and wants to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Plus she's funny! :) I live about 4 hours from her now so unfortunately I can't get in a weekly schedule but she's always available to help with any questions I have regarding workouts and nutrition. She helps me stay motivated with routines to work on until I can meet with her. She helps me improve my form, shows me some new things, and then I'm off again! I wish I could meet with her more often!! More...


Isavel Lopez Smith

1 March 2016

I had my assessment session with Natasha today! Her consideration for my special needs and attention to form, breath work and diet are impressive! I am so excited about the results that's in gonna see in the next few months!! More...


Marcus Gallagher

4 December 2015

The House of X is a great training choice! Natasha is such a knowledgeable trainer and incredibly focused! She will explain what each move does to what muscle and the proper form to get the maximum effect! I have finally achieved the core I wanted all thanks to her program!!! More...


Dana Gerous

3 November 2015

She will kick your ass good! Make you cuss her name, but totally worth it!


Brittney Greenway-Kobus

27 October 2015

A great workout given by a positive and motivating Trainer! Natasha is amazing! She pushes you to that next level. Last night was week 3 of boot camp and every week I'm excited to go back! My body is doing things I didn't think were possible anymore! More...


Denise Gonzales

19 June 2014

a group of friends and I just had our first bootcamp with Natasha and we loved it...looking forward to a weekly butt kicking! Thanks Natasha!

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