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Andrea LaFleur

26 May 2019

The Hidden Dojo is absolutely fantastic. Family owned, the staff is incredibly helpful, energetic and FUN. They truly make you feel like part of the family. The new Go Ninja obstacle course is incredibly well made and thought out and can be used for both fun and training. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone in the Valley looking for a not only a good training place but a fun one. Truly a place for the entire family. 10/10 More...


Jeff Toms

28 January 2019

Great instruction from great instructors.


Michel Elias Hawi

19 October 2018

Today is a great day for Shorinji Tekken Ryu ( Shaolin Iron Fist ), The true essence of a forgotten art will be revealed to faithful students of the California Hidden Dojo!. Grand Master Ted Petit will present his valuable in-depth concepts and applications of the art along with redefining the History of the art and the Hidden Philosophy behind the teachings of Sijo Kim Chi Wang. I wish you all a great Taikai that will be remembered for years to come!. More...


Jennifer B.

26 September 2018

We love The Hidden Dojo!  The whole atmosphere is very family friendly and the methods in which they teach are gentle, but solid. We tried another dojo out before committing to this one and it was a night and day difference. The environment here is calm and relaxed, and has taught my son so much respect and self awareness. More...


R K.

22 August 2018

Very knowledgeable instructor. All staff is very professional and they connect with you and your child on a personal level. They really motivate your child to do his or her absolute best. Very encouraging, and nothing but positivity  comes from this place. Pricing is great and your child has lots of fun playing games at the end of class.  Highly recommend this Dojo to anyone who want their child to participate in ju jitsu. Out of al the Dojos I've researched this is by far the best one. More...


Rachel Gordon Rickson

11 August 2018

We LOVE The Hidden Dojo! Instructors are amazing with the kids. I love how they incorporate life lessons into each class. Very reasonably priced and no hidden fees like some of the other Dojos in the AV.


Wendy McCallister

7 June 2018

The instructors are highly knowledgeable and friendly. My son quit 4 years ago and recently decided he wanted to start up again and they are as great now as they were 4 years ago.


Trevor J.

27 June 2017

If you're lucky enough to find the hidden dojo you are in for a treat! I started training at The Hidden Dojo in 2011 and it was easily one of the best choices I have made in my life! It is a great place and has classes for everyone and for all ages. They have some of the most approachable and friendly instructors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The general vibe in all of the classes is extremely positive. This place taught me so much about what we are all capable of, and it has given me an new set of principles I still live by today. They have taught my how to Cultivate my Character by Training Daily, which takes a lot of Discipline.Training everyday doesn't always mean you have to be in the Dojo or hitting a bag or practicing techniques every day, It could be as simple as thinking of ways to help improve yourself and/or others either physically, mentally, or  even spiritually. As your skills improve, you have to stay Humble! After awhile people may start to look up to you as a Role Model which will open up great opportunities for you to Contribute, weather it is your fellow students, family or society. Although I am in the Navy now and haven't been back in quite some time, I will most certainly put forward the effort to make a trip out specifically to spend a couple days training here again. With that being said, Thank you to the Hidden Dojo family for all you have given to me throughout the years!! More...


Noelle B.

31 March 2016

Our family absolutely loves The Hidden Dojo! Derek and his staff are amazing with the kids. They are patient, encouraging, and really take the time to make sure the kids are understanding what they are being taught. Derek also takes the time to instill what it means to be a leader and to have good character. My son looks forward to training every week! We would definitely recommend this Dojo to family and friends (and all of you in Yelpville ;) )!! More...


John F.

20 November 2014

Really a great place for all ages, but for the kids even better. Life learning skills, preparation on building better adult citizens for our future. I'm really glad to be a part of this place. Responsible & polite people. Really nice new expansion- check it out More...



9 June 2013

As a student of the martial arts for more than ten years, I can say without hesitation that this school, despite its small number of students, is among the finest I have ever visited. The sensei is a well rounded and versatile teacher, who offers expert level instruction in traditional martial arts, hand to hand combat, the way of the sword, and even the Japanese language. Whatever kind of teaching you are seeking, you can almost certainly find it here.The programs available here include kids classes, adult sessions, basic self defense instruction, physical fitness programs, and more. A well trained and qualified team of instructors is always present, headed by Morris-sensei, a man who holds three separate legitimate black belts. Morris-sensei has been teaching at this current location for over eight years.Whether you are just starting out in your martial arts path or you have been walking it for many years, there will always be more to learn, and you can learn it here from some of the best in the world. Whether you're ready to start training, or if you're simply just curious about what it looks like, I highly recommend that you come and see it for yourself. There truly is nothing like it. More...



13 September 2007

A phenomenal non profit dojo in a modest location. I found 1st rate teachers and students at the Shindenkan Budo school. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a good jujitsu school in the antelope valley. Training with them was a great experience. More...



24 August 2007

I love training at this Dojo. Sensei Morris is awesome! I really love how Shendenkan Budo is all about self-discipline and respecting your power, only using it for self-defense. I love the feeling I have of knowing what my body can do and being able to protect myself, all why training and gaining strength. I highly recommend these classes for all ages and skill levels!The only critique I have for this place is that the location isn't the best, but I got over that in a heartbeat. The people there are exceptional! I know that you will love this Dojo! More...

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