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Helping busy successful women and men ditch their anxiety, stress & pain permanently, using highly effective healing techniques

Havening Techniques®️ - the mind healer
Reiki - the powerful transformer
Reflexology - the wellbeing creator

Empowering you to be amazing

The Healing Company Ltd Reviews

The Healing Company Ltd Reviews

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Beth Johnston
5 19/02/2019 Beth Johnston

I had the most amazing experience on Reiki course with Janie.

I have taken all Janie taught us into my day to day life. Home and work, and feeling so much better. I start my day with reiki self treatment and continue to use the protection within my work.

Thank you for the experience I shared with you and the rest of the wonderful ladies in the class. I feel very privileged to have been a part of it all.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Shirley Allford
5 18/02/2019 Shirley Allford

Thankyou Janie for taking me through the level 2 reiki course. It was not only enjoyable in a spiritual sense but also invaluable with the practical advise. I feel I have the tools in place now to begin a wonderful journey in making a positive difference to peoples lives.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Tracy Hunt
5 22/01/2019 Tracy Hunt

I booked a Havening treatment with Janie a few months ago. I didn't quite know who to ask for help or what I needed at the time, but I found her online and felt this was right.
She made me feel very welcome and at ease, and guided me through the session with understanding and tissues when necessary, pin-pointing what needed to be addressed.
She made some recommendations which I've since followed with renewed energy & interest. The session with her helped me to clarify a confused and muddled patch.
Janie is very intuitive and I'm sure this technique helped to shift something.
Highly recommended.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Jason Derbyshire
5 18/11/2018 Jason Derbyshire

Thank you Janie for a wonderful day! I loved it. I suffer from social anxiety and Janie helped me to relax and was very supportive to me the whole day. I couldnt have wished for a better teacher. She was lovely and very knowledgeable.

The attunement was fantastic! I experienced a number of things during it. One of which was seeing strong colours. It felt wonderful. I was doing some self healing before, but Reiki has taken the healing energy I receive up a level for sure.

I definitely recommend Reiki for helping you to feel calmer and to gain more inner peace within yourself. Being able to heal others is wonderful too. I look forward very much to doing Level 2.

Thank you Janie :)

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Nik Dowdeswell
5 31/08/2018 Nik Dowdeswell

Janie is truly gifted. Battled with Anxiety, Depression & Mental health for years. Tried lots of treatments & therapies which has helped but nothing ever really quietened the noise of my chaotic mind, Had a treatment with Janie and it has changed everything, actually living life rather the just existing, no more noise, no more chaos. Have my life back! Xxx

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Veronica Priest
5 Veronica Priest

Thank you Janie for a wonderful couple of days on the Reiki 2 course! Thoroughly enjoyed it and loved your teachings :-) Such a wonderful experience and I have no hesitation in recommending anyone who wants to embark on becoming a Reiki healer. Hopefully see you again :-) x

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Wendy Beresford
5 Wendy Beresford

Janie gave me reflexology just before my due date, it relaxed me, calmed me and made me feel really ready for the birth. Ezra came along two days later and was born at home in three hours. I can't recommend Janie enough, she knew just what to do to help make my birth a wonderful experience free from worries and fears

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Alison Carter
5 Alison Carter

I had a reflexology/reiki combo with Janie before Christmas - what an awesome tonic to give me an extra boost for the festive season! PLUS I managed to do my best run training session so far the following morning - I felt like I could have gone on forever (which is very unlike me!). I will definitely be back...

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Tessa Mills
5 Tessa Mills

A really good 2 day session with Janie doing Reiki II - Naturally more in depth than the first, and at times more challenging, but we were so well supported and instructed by Janie that I left feeling inspired, rejuvenated, positive and full of healing.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Christine Sullivan
5 Christine Sullivan

Had a very well taught,thoroughly enjoyable Reiki Level 1 course with Janie. Every aspect at this level is covered with lots of guided practical experience. Janie encourages the students to share experiences and she explains everything very well and is very welcoming and friendly. I definitely recommend anyone thinking of learning Reiki to book a course with Janie.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Rachel Fisher
5 Rachel Fisher

Wow. Just WOW. I spent an amazing day with Janie, and all my other Reiki Level One students, today and I already feel so transformed and full of such positive energy I didn't even know I could access. This evening I just feel so strongly that I am doing the right thing on my path and at my time I can't even explain. HUGE thanks to all involved today and I can't wait to connect again in a month xxx

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Kirsten O'Neill
5 Kirsten O'Neill

Amazing teaching from Janie yesterday on the Reiki 1 day! She was so welcoming and approachable (which always helps when you're trying something new!) and was very honest with discusssions, the Reiki world and her general attitude with the course was very authentic so the days structure flowed very organically.
Thank you for your time and knowledge Janie!

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Will Davis
5 Will Davis

Having spent quite a long time looking for the right person to help me take the step forward with Reiki I. I am so pleased to say I have found that person in Janie. I have just completed Reiki 1 with Jaine and must say a truly amazing experience. The days session met all my expectations and Jaine was responsive to my own learning needs ensuring I truly understood. We can all do what it says in a book.... But something's can not be just read...they need to be experienced. If you have ever wondered about the power of Reiki but never taken that first step... Then a session with Janie needs to be experienced. Excellent teaching and healing. With thanks. Will.

Update on my review..... I have now completed my Reiki 2 with Jaine and what a life changing experience. If you have ever considered either having a treatment or training you will not be disappointed and can not put into words just how amazing Reiki is and more importantly Janie's ability to share and impart the knowledge and skills to move forward in your own Reiki journey. With thanks and hugs Will

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Tracy Chulk
5 Tracy Chulk

Have done Reiki 1 and 2 with Janie at the Cotswold academy in Cirencester. It was an amazing experience and when you do the course you do not want it to end. Thank you Janie for your gentle and patient teaching methods. I am very keen now to learn more and grow as a healer xx

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Cindy Davis
5 Cindy Davis

I had a Havening season with Janie last week. I decided to work on an old deep issue that I've already released a lot of but was aware was still holding me back.

With Janie's support and her use of Havening, I was able to finally voice feelings I wasn't even consciously aware of. I had a massive energy shift at the end of the session and instantly felt lighter.

Since then I've noticed that my body is more flexible and the lighter feeling has persisted. I've also noticed my intuition coming through stronger than ever.

I can't recommend a Havening session with Janie enough. It was a truly enlightening life changing experience. Thank you so much Janie xxx

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Belinda McNamee
5 Belinda McNamee

Just completed my Level 1 Reiki with Janie and five other lovely ladies. I cannot recommend Janie highly enough, she is a lovely lady with a beautiful soul and her teachings, exquisite, with plenty of 'hands on' and a guided tuition. I enjoyed the day so much, my head full of knowledge, and wonderful uplifted, positive, cleansed feelings and outlook. I am recharged. Thank you Janie x

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Libby Austin Foley
5 Libby Austin Foley

Today I had an intuitive massage with Janie, I used to be a massage therapist myself so I am very fussy and know exactly what I like and don't like. The massage was so relaxing I didn’t want to leave the couch, she worked out the knots I had and knew exactly where I held my tension, can’t wait for my next one! THANK YOU Soooo much!

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Emma Jane Winslade
5 Emma Jane Winslade

I just attended the Reiki 1 course with Janie and I absolutely loved it! Janie is a beautiful person and an inspirational teacher, I felt a true connection with her and the universe! Can't wait to do Reiki 2 in April.....�

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Patricia Camp
5 Patricia Camp

I've been delighted to have been taught Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 by Janie at The Healing Company. The care and support she gives her students is brilliant. She is a Reiki Master / Teacher with great compassion, knowledge and gentle, nurturing skill. It's Love and Light, teaching and self development. Our responsibility and learning as Reiki practioners on our own journeys, has been in very 'good hands'! 🌅💗💗Tish x

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Frankie Morton
5 Frankie Morton

It was a really informative and enjoyable course. Janie is very knowledgable and very friendly and welcoming, bringing atmosphere and tranquillity but still practicality. It was a brilliant experience, the Cotswold Academy is a very comfortable and lovely environment to learn in, and the other students on the course were lovely, what a great group. Inspiring, emotional at times, very connecting and heart centred. Really good atmosphere. Thank you to everyone!

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Thea Richards
5 Thea Richards

I've now done 2 courses with Janie (level 1 and level 2 reiki) and I really can't recommend her enough as both a teacher and a reiki practitioner.

I first met Janie when I was in a very bad emotional state and went to her for a reiki session. Her abilities, professionalism and genuine care were outstanding - this is also reflected in her teaching style. I've felt my self awareness and sense of connectedness develop considerably throughout both courses.

If you're considering The Healing Company for any kind of healing/learning, go for it!

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Kate Ross
5 Kate Ross

I have known that I was harbouring deep-seated feelings of rejection and associated anxiety and depression for years which have not been fully addressed by a couple of periods of counselling. Following a recommendation of Janie's skills and the effects of Havening Techniques, I watched the 20-ish minute video about how Havening works. I was intrigued by the scientific research behind it and contacted Janie for a session. After about two hours (and a lot of tears & tissues!), we covered the painful rejection I had experienced since childhood and I couldn't believe how much lighter I felt immediately after. That evening, as I was thinking about the session and did not feel tearful at all... honestly, I was blown away. In the days that followed, I definitely felt that my mood was increased dramatically, though I knew there was still one more key issue I needed to work through, so I booked a second session. After two more hours, more tears and more tissues, I feel like a clean slate and that my past feelings of rejection, guilt and being "less than" are now just memories. Janie made me feel so safe and not at all self-conscious during the sessions. She is a warm person and clicks with you so quickly, I left feeling like I've known her for ages. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how effective Havening worked for me and I genuinely believe it could help anyone and everyone who has felt that traditional talking therapy or counselling just hasn't been enough to eliminate the dark feelings that may continue to linger. I cannot recommend Janie strongly enough.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Fanny Snaith
5 Fanny Snaith

I booked in for six sessions of Reiki with Janie. I am not sure why - my soul must have been calling for it. I didn't really know what it was even!

After the first session, I was looking forward to the second etc... I don't know how this stuff works - but it does! Janie is so calming and clearly knows exactly what she is doing. All sorts of stuff were stirred up in me - in a good way, and I can honestly say, things have changed big time for me - for the better of course.

I will definitely be going back to Janie when I feel the need for it, but right now (Feb 18) I feel the difference I was looking for to move forward with being just me. Being able to be just me is also helping me with my business.

If you are thinking of doing a bit of self-love - go to Janie. I loved it and I am sure you will too. Thanks, Janie.

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Alice Hoefkens
5 Alice Hoefkens

I spent the day at Cotswold Academy doing a Level One Reiki course with Janie. It was a special day indeed. Our group was encouraging and open, we learned a great deal about Reiki and had the opportunity to practice in the afternoon session. Janie is an excellent tutor, approachable and kind. The day definitely helped me to understand better what Reiki is all about and prompted a desire to know more. Thank you for providing something that turned out to be pretty special on many levels. x

Review of The Healing Company Ltd by Sophia Alexandra
5 Sophia Alexandra

Thank you Janie for guiding me on the Level 1 Reiki course. You were a fabulous teacher, making me feel very comfortable and I am looking forward to progressing to level 2 at some point. I would recommend the reiki level 1 course to anyone and everyone. It’s been nearly a week since I was attuned and I’m still feeling exhausted but I’m also feeling a sense of freedom. The course has helped me let go of some past issues and I generally feel more peaceful. For that I will always be grateful 💜⭐️

The Healing Company Ltd

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The Healing Company Ltd Q&A

The Healing Company Ltd Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Watching the light come back into people's eyes as the stress, tension, pain and negativity falls away

What inspired you to start your own business?

I wanted to work how I want, when I want and make the most of what I have to offer by helping other people.

Why should our clients choose you?

Because I care about you feeling better in whatever way you feel you need to.
I have been helping people for over 23 years and have enough life experience and professional competence to be able to take you from where you are to where you want to be. (And if for any reason I am not the right person for you, I have a great network of brilliant people who I can refer you to.)

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