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Featuring homemade gumbos, proper po' boys and Cajun classics

We specialize in family-style catering from corporate meetings & happy hours, to backyard parties, to full-service weddings!

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Chris Smith

1 July 2019

This place is a gem in brooklyn , a must eat , try everything!!!


Walter Curella

27 June 2019

Delicious food...close enough to The New Orleans one...


Stephen Donahue

23 June 2019

What would I recommend? Everything. Okay one ting, the shrimp po boy had jumbo shrimp. Naw, don't do that. Need little brown shrimps. Likely could not get them. Its a great place. More...


Danyele Young

15 June 2019

Tiny inside, but huge flavor in the food. I go to New Orleans frequently and the gumbo is better here than places I've been to I'm N.O. You must try to the Boudin Balls. Fluffy and covered in honey soy sauce..Absolutely delicious. More...


Bill Russell

8 April 2019

The best gumbo in the whole wide world!!


Gordon Schupp

6 April 2019

Delicious Cajun food. Spicy. Friendly people


John Park

14 March 2019

Delicious sandwiches, Gumbo, and sides! You can’t go wrong here! Adam and his crew make the most amazing food!


Kevin Grant

6 March 2019

Delicious homemade gumbo and po boys made with bread from New Orleans. This is the real deal


Caroline Guercio

11 December 2018

Love having a place to get Louisiana cuisine in NYC


Jessica Sanchez

1 December 2018

Nothing like a hot gumbo on a cold night


April Hannibal James

9 November 2018

The po boys was delicious


Charliene Mourning

8 November 2018

The GUMBO is to die for. Add some tobasco sauce and a roast beef po boy sandwich for lunch


Mary Jean Knoepfler

7 November 2018

most authentic new orleans food in new york !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beth Jones

25 September 2018

The fried shrimp! the gumbo!


Hance Gesell

1 August 2018

Want a real taste of New Orleans gumbo then you had better stop here. Great food and great staff.


Dawn Pitts

11 July 2018

I loveeeeeee the crawfish mac & cheese it's to die for and don't get me started on the shrimp Poboy �


Ken Lippmann

24 May 2018

Wow, amazing gumbo !!


Daniele Wheeler

6 April 2018

The cat fish po’boy was awesome! Also the crawfish Mac and cheese was good! The gumbo was ok. Too much celery in it but I highly recommend this place. Great friendly customer service.


Ron Wilkins

7 March 2018

Gumbo Bros has by far the best gumbo and PoBoys I've had since last time I was in Louisiana a year ago! I love the crisp breading on the catfish, and their chicken/andouille sausage gumbo is superb! Their food is routinely shipped in from various Louisiana cities and ports, and the employees are LA natives/transplants. Well worth the visit, and will do so again and again! More...


Houston Street

16 February 2018

This is one of the BEST places in all of NYC. Hands down.


Stacey Marie

20 January 2018

The food was AMAZING!!! The gumbo & the shrimp pot boy was A1.... i will be back again!! The customer service was awesome as well!!! THANK YOU!! ❤️


Mary Elizabeth Fox

2 December 2017

Authentic, delicious food and warm, friendly hospitality... the best gumbo ever!!!


Anthony Mc Donald

11 November 2017

Been wanting to try some Gumbo a while now and just happen to pass by this spot. And the name said it all, looked up the reviews and decided to try it. Definitely not disappointed. Gumbo was great. That roast beef poboy was juicy and the pecan pie just made my lunch. Will come again. More...


Edward Schlenny

9 November 2017

Great Gumbo and Po'Boys. Best I've had outside New Orleans.


Alisa Sonsalla

6 November 2017

All i can say is...catfish po'boy. Go. Now. Eat!!!


Cedric Henderson

26 October 2017

This place was very good customer service was great I would definitely be coming back again


Rodney Rock Guitonez

16 October 2017

Went to this spot in Brooklyn just once, and I had the bowl of Shrimp Gumbo and the Crawfish Mac n Cheese. It was awesome. I'll be back another time to try the other menu items. More...


Chocoliq D Lux

7 October 2017

I will fo sho go back for that #CatfishPoBoy. Dalish!


Geana Kelley Russell

5 October 2017

My husband will never ever want my gumbo again! This gumbo is over the top delish! As are the friend pickles and potato salad! Oh my gosh! Be sure and top it off with a yummy beignet! We traveled here from Texas so we wanted to taste it all, and it didn't disappoint! It was worth the subway ride from Manhattan. "Yes Ma'am. Yes Sir. No exceptions!" More...


Kim RN

4 September 2017

I was very skeptical since I'm from New Orleans. It was delicious. I had a Shrimp PoBoy. So glad they use Leidenheimer French bread. Also had the chicken and sausage gumbo, crawfish Mac and Boudin balls. Loved everything! More...


BerriLuv Yadigg

24 August 2017

The food was great! I had a half of shrimp po'boy and a side of the shrimp and blue crab gumbo.I am looking forward to coming back to try the chicken and sausage gumbo next.


Jean Wimberly Outlaw

23 August 2017

Wonderful menu, attentive service, delicious food and prices very reasonable. You can say DELISH after each and every item because it is all so good. Worth a trip to Brooklyn!


Frankie New

25 July 2017

Very authentic taste, great atmosphere and overall loved it!


Maggie Flowers

30 June 2017

I had the creole gumbo Delish!! Definetly recommend


Maureen Rice

24 June 2017

As close to a New Orleans Po'Boy as you're gonna get..


Russ Agdern

7 June 2017

delicious! wish i worked from home more so i could get more lunch from them!


Regina Griffin

5 June 2017

I actually walked past this place, and my inner foodie yelled, "Go back bioch!" So glad my inner self got that Ike Turner control over me! The food was craaaazy good! The crawfish macaroni and cheese is the best thing I've ever put in my mouth, in my life! Everybody who comes here must try it! And the gumbo, well all i got to say is Dell Smart got some serio-competition! Absolutely fantastic! More...


Andrew Knox

23 May 2017

Best cajun food in NYC! The gumbo is amazing and every po boy I've tried, I've loved.


Connie Von Tobel

28 April 2017

The real deal! Haven't had gumbo this good since I lived in Louisiana! I've worked my way through most of the menu now and can honestly say I can't pick a favorite so I just have to put everything on a rotating schedule! I've been in three times in two weeks and am treated like an old friend every time I've been in! Highly recommend. More...


Tammi Noelle Taylor

12 April 2017

Best Po Boy I ever had in my life! The food is amazing and customer service is CREME de la CREME! Best spot in Brooklyn!


Susanne Marie Danger

31 March 2017

Jafar is one of the best sous chefs in BK. Don't miss out on his beignets.


Eric Klarman

19 March 2017

Enjoyed the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo tonight - will definitely go back.


Joey Despenzero

5 March 2017

I had a shrimp po-boy, it was delicious, can't wait to go back for more, next time a roast beef po-boy. if your in Brooklyn check them out.


Anderson Tay Robinson

4 March 2017

I just love the Surf and Turf Po boy � I' ve had food that was really really good. And, other times the food was not as good. Consistency should be the key across the board. More...


Jorge Arévalo Mateus

2 March 2017

Great food, small Gumbo portions, slow service (but OK). Wish they had more space. But deelish!


Jason Doctorwhodat Dunn

28 February 2017

Abita Root Beer on tap,authentic New Orleans gumbo and one of the best damn roast beef po-boys I've ever had!! I will definitely be eating here again and again!!


Jessica James

19 February 2017

The shrimp po'boy is phenomenal! Beignets are so delicious, too! I WILL be back! ❤


Allyne Smith

16 February 2017

Both the seafood gumbo and shrimp po-boy were excellent!


Sener Are Tee Ecks

30 January 2017

I tried the Chicken & Sausage Gumbo & it was good! Also had the special of the day = Surf & Turf Po'boy which was Roast Beef & Shrimp and OMG!!! It was amazing! Definitely a new fav spot for me!! ^_^ More...


Laura Jane Dyer

11 January 2017

Wow, really impressed with this place! Really cute decor and authentic Louisiana touches on the wall. I tried the seafood gumbo (shrimp was amazing!), chicken and sausage gumbo (excellent!), and the catfish po'boy. Made me miss my Louisiana family. I love the Atlantic tiles at the front door -- just like in the Quarter! Can't wait for them to get their liquor license.. More...


Mark Alvino

10 January 2017

This place was awesome. The staff was amazing. I had the seafood gumbo and catfish poboy and I'm heading back there today.


Nick Carr

9 January 2017

To be in New York to eat gumbo (being that I'm from Texas) was something so amazing. My gumbo was really good and hot just the way I like it w/ a kick of spice to it!


Tarsis Carrion

9 January 2017

Small little gem. Loved the food, service and ambiance. The catfish po' boy was amazing, tasty, light! chicken and sausage gumbo hit the spot on a cold Sunday afternooon. It was perfect and worth the trip from the city to BK. Go, eat, be happy! More...


Scott Lesizza

8 January 2017

Get the catfish PO Boy! Loved the decor and the gumbo was fantastic.


Barbara A Genco

31 December 2016

The best. Felt like home. Great food, 'easy' atmosphere, wonderful staff. Not to be missed!


Lorel Nelgo

29 December 2016

I had the food for the first time yesterday and it was great! So I went back today as well! Mmmmm mmmmm good!


Teshieka K. Curtis-Pugh

24 December 2016

Absolutely amazing! The Poboy was great!! Authentic food and authentic people. We will visit every time we come back to NY!


Imran Khan

23 December 2016

The real deal. The shrimp poboy could be spicier though !


Claudia Aubourg

21 December 2016

Amazing Gumbo outside of Nawlins! � My fist time here today and I could tell it was delicious so I ordered lunch and they didn't fail.


Angela Llamas Butler

21 December 2016

Had the seafood gumbo and shrimp poboy. Very worthy! Telling all my friends (and some strangers, too)


Tom Spencer

14 December 2016

Authentic Cajun Food! Chicken & Sausage Gumbo is absolutely correct. Wonderful experience and super cool vibe. Don't miss this gem!


Dawn Davidson Spencer

14 December 2016

Exactly what we were looking for on a cold day in the city. The Gumbo Bros stayed true to their Louisiana roots with a gumbo recipe to rival the best in the state! From the bright welcoming storefront, to the warm and aromatic interior laced with southern hospitality, The Gumbo Bros will leave you feeling satisfied and looking forward to your next visit. More...


Frances Isabel Vidal

8 December 2016

It was my first visit but the seafood gumbo was good and flavorful! Moderately priced! I'll go back and try the catfish po' boy!


David Freire

5 December 2016

With a full and warm belly after eating here I have to say all of the food at the Gumbo Bros is incredibly good but my favorite was the chicken and sausage gumbo. Plus! You get service with a smile. Can't beat that and so glad to have this gem in Brooklyn. Eat here as soon as possible. You won't regret it. More...


David Roman

4 December 2016

Gumbo was delicious. Chix & Sausage. Catfish and roast beef poboys as well. I will be back.


Jason Gomez

4 December 2016

Go for the Shrimp po'boy, you can't go wrong! This place is a gem!


Kate Roman

4 December 2016

Probably the best chicken/sausage gumbo I've ever had! Great music and laid-back atmosphere. Highly recommend!


Sharon Robbins

8 September 2016

I'm from Louisiana, and when I was visiting NYC I checked The Gumbo Bros out. It is the real thing. Their gumbo is superb!


Martina Schmitt

27 May 2016

hi anybody knows where to find the gumbo brothers this weekend? im leaving nyc on june 1st and i really wanna have their gumbo before i leave!!!txs in advance!!!


Watson Hemrick

14 January 2015

Eating this gumbo is akin to being touched by God. I dream about this gumbo each night I lay my head to rest. It's like a New Orleans second line parading and trumpeting across your tastebuds. A must when you're within a 50 mile radius. More...


Kelli Johnson

4 December 2014

I went to the holiday fair at Columbus Circle yesterday to grab something for dinner, that wasn't from one of my usual haunts. I made my way to The Gumbo Bros booth because they had the biggest portions and I was kind of hungry. More...


Hannah Freiman

3 December 2014

So delicious. Tasted the shrimp and the Cajun chicken, got a cup of the chicken, now I wish I had gone for a bowl. Yum. And so perfect in this weather.


Colby Allsbrook

2 October 2014

Great stuff. Don't miss it!


Isa D'Aniello

16 September 2014

this gumbo is SO damn good that I'm writing this review before my bowl is even finished... the power of the gumbo compels! In all honesty, Nanny's cajun is soothing my soul. Get yourself down to Mad Sq Eats and try it out! More...


Rachel Fox Lathan

2 September 2014



Bryan Allen

2 September 2014

Loved it!

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