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I am an accredited human potential development . I specialize in helping people achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal growth. Some of these areas include health and wellness, learning to manage stress, increase energy levels, sleeping better and performing better professionally, athletically or personally.
I coach Men and Women of all ages.

Our studio welcomes those who are ready to become healthier in mind and body, or are struggling with next steps. Our members enjoy private and small group training that includes strength, core, Pilates, Yoga , Barre and much more. We work with each clients needs, lifestyle abilities and conditions. We will support your goals and optimize your wellness results! We offer on site licensed dietitian to assist in all aspects of nutrition . Many categories such as weight loss as well as medical nutrition therapy from digestive issues, restorative nutrition anti inflammatory focused diets. We also offer menu planning, grocery shopping, interpreting food labels and food preparation.

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The Focused Female Reviews

The Focused Female Reviews

Review of The Focused Female by Lisa Sherwin
5 17/04/2018 Lisa Sherwin

I love the classes at the Focused Female! They are personalized based on what your needs are that day. Terri is always fantastic!!

Review of The Focused Female by Jill T.
5 02/03/2018 Jill T.

The Focused Female is transformative! Their personal training is truly tailored to each client and their focus on both body and mind health leads to real - and lasting - results. they help you become your best self. Joining this studio was the best thing I have done for myself in years. I am thankful for Terri and her amazing staff.

Review of The Focused Female by Kim  L
5 27/02/2018 Kim L

The Focused Female is an incredible place. The training is top notch, classes are excellent
It’s a peaceful friendly non judgmental place to focus on fitness, Whole nutrition, well being, stress management and weight loss.

Review of The Focused Female by Shauna
5 27/02/2018 Shauna

Terri and team at The Focused Female are like a second family to me. They care so much about me and my success both in diet and excersize. I am so lucky to have found The Focused Female and Terri. It truly has been a blessing.

Review of The Focused Female by Chris Ferri
5 27/02/2018 Chris Ferri

I have known Terri Foster for a few years through horse related activities. I was looking for a way to improve my eating habits get healthy and ultimately improve my ridings skills. I had admired The Focused Female and what it stands for and the positive culture Terri has created there.. I reached out to Terri last March/April and began working with her with regard to eating habits and exercise. Thus loosing 16lbs and one jean size. Not only that my riding has improved because my core is stronger and I feel better so much better
I am 65 years old and by working with Terri I have totally c hanged my eating habits and improved my core strength through Pilates
I look forward to continuing to work with Terri to achieve both my weight and riding goals
If you are looking for long term sustainable life style I recommend contacting Terri.

Review of The Focused Female by Denise Roy
5 24/01/2018 Denise Roy

I love the Focused Female because I get a good workout, they care about me mentally and physically and they offer other programs now so I get more bang for my buck. We all know the hardest thing about working out is "getting there", so for me, the appointments are key. I will always show up when someone is there expecting me. That piece is crucial for my success.

Review of The Focused Female by Susan Peterson
5 18/01/2018 Susan Peterson

An awesome place to workout!!! The owner and staff are professional, friendly and are always looking out for their clients best interest. I highly recommend The Focus Female.

Review of The Focused Female by Kelsey Kurtz
5 17/01/2018 Kelsey Kurtz

Every day I walk into focused female with a smile, and I leave with an even bigger smile. Everyone is so welcoming and accommodating here. I love FF because each person takes time to get to know each other, the classes are very intimate, and the employees take the time to go that extra mile to make you feel your best! They always have essential oils in the air and nice months quotes on the workout mirror wall. The music playing is perfect for each unique workout!

Review of The Focused Female by Greg Kassapis
5 29/03/2017 Greg Kassapis

I want to give a big thank you to Terri Foster for taking the time to meet with me about some of my own health concerns. I have not known Terri very long, but we did meet for 3 hours and it was like sitting with an old friend. She is very compassionate and cares deeply for the success of her clients. She explained how to make a few simple changes in my diet to see dramatic increases in my health in just a few days. She was right! Terri is knowledgable and has a proven history of success! I highly recommend Terri Foster and her health coaching services! - Greg K.

Review of The Focused Female by Cami Baker
5 Cami Baker

Terri Foster ROCKS! Staff is awesome, atmosphere is clean and empowering. Fab u Lous location too:)

Review of The Focused Female by Shannon Madson
5 Shannon Madson

Because ...why would you wanna be anywhere else! I just love everyone there! A great place to be to get your diet and workout on!

Review of The Focused Female by Kerry Del
5 Kerry Del

Love, love, love this studio! Terri Foster and the other trainers are committed to getting women educated and fit everyday. No other gym compares to The Focused Female.

Review of The Focused Female by Lucas Turner
5 Lucas Turner

I have known Terri for over 30 years and she has always had a strong commitment to fitness and the fitness industry. Her dedication to her clients, friends, and family is unparalleled. I highly recommend her and her team.

Review of The Focused Female by Bethany Pearson Ross
5 Bethany Pearson Ross

Terri is awesome and full of knowledge! Kristen loves to make you burn...i mean laugh during workouts! They both make it fun and interesting. I love the one on one attention. I look forward to the new me in 2017!

Review of The Focused Female by Ginger Munson
5 Ginger Munson

Great staff, great environment, great programs. It's for physical fitness, but also much more... nutritional consults and support (if you want), yoga, special workouts and LOTS of encouragement. I started 2 months ago and I am pleased to find a healthy place where I can start strengthening my body and really caring for myself.

Review of The Focused Female by Minnie Goodrich
5 Minnie Goodrich

The focused female is a wonderful place to put yourself first! The staff is great and very helpful. The best thing is their commitment to making us what we want to become!! I absolutely love it!

Review of The Focused Female by Jill Teeters
5 Jill Teeters

Couldn't be happier with the staff and my experience at The Focused Female. Feeling stronger and more healthy than I have been in years. This has been a life-changer for me. Do yourself a favor and come check it out. Terri and her team are wonderful. You will NOT be disappointed.

Review of The Focused Female by Trayce Rose Gregoire
5 Trayce Rose Gregoire

This place is amazing! I have somewhat of a background in fitness & personal training & have always done just fine training myself - but I have learned so much more here in just a short time and it's a nice change of pace to have someone walk me through my workouts for a change. I highly recommend The Focused Female!

Review of The Focused Female by Debbie Langlois
5 Debbie Langlois

Great place to workout. The trainers are awesome and the victims ..... um I mean clients.... are all great!! I have lost weight and inches and feel great. I believe I am in better shape than I was 20 years ago! When you walk out of the studio you know you worked out! I don't hesitate to go to my workouts whereas before I would always come up with an excuse not to go to the gym. Very happy and would not hesitate to recommend The Focused Female!

Review of The Focused Female by Vera Stanwood
5 Vera Stanwood

I have trained at the Focused Female before while training for a Tough Mudder. They not only helped me meet my goals, I was able to finish TM!! I'm back again to train for TM 2018!! You are the best!!!

Review of The Focused Female by Lori Boyce
5 Lori Boyce

This studio is a sanctuary for women where they can reach their fullest potential. It is a safe place to feel heard, understood, nurtured, coached, mentored and inspired. Whatever her aspirations may be, (fitness, nutrition, health, happiness), The Focused Female provides a safe haven to get her there. We work with women in small supportive groups that encourages each other's success. I have never found any other place that comes close to this type of loving and supportive environment. I really like working here! I teach a variety of classes; Pilates, Strength and Dance. Who do you know that would enjoy having fun while getting a good workout in?

Review of The Focused Female by Belinda King
5 Belinda King

I love The Focused Female! The small group classes are great and everyone is very welcoming. It's a great place to work out with like-minded women.

Review of The Focused Female by Sarah Littlefield
5 Sarah Littlefield

The Focused Female is a safe space where I can concentrate holistically on my well-being, together with like-minded women doing the same for themselves. Terri Foster and her team have created a culture and atmosphere that is overwhelmingly positive and supportive. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen and every day I’m grateful for this studio and all of the women there!

The Focused Female

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The Focused Female Q&A

The Focused Female Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

Proper nutrition starts with education. We believe the scale is only one measure of health, and doesn't always tell the whole story. There is no "one size fits all" prescription the weight loss, or optimal heath and wellness. We believe in Whole Foods, and educate on the science of food and how it affects the body.

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

We take a very individualized approach to both fitness and nutrition, with a focus on purposeful exercise and eating. As corrective exercise specialists, we approach the whole body- and emphasize strength, mobility, flexibility and improved function.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our unique studio gives you the expertise as well as a supportive space to allow you to meet your goals and your potential. We are here 6 days per week- Mon-Frid 5:30 am to 8pm and Sat 7am-12pm
I offer private coaching outside the studio- and have helped many clients to become the best version of themselves.

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