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Daniel Meyerson

Literally the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.


Stephanie N. Spradlin

Helpful, knowledgeable staff and a beautiful array of delicious treats.


Janani Kumar

Stumbled upon this bakery and I'm in love. Some of the best coconut macaroons I've ever had! Thoroughly enjoying and savoring every bite.


Michie Dressner

Everything from their pies to their scones are fantastic!! Stop by to pick up some treats, and you won't be disappointed!!


Robbie Gross

This place has all the best breads and cakes. Anything you get here will be great. I love their pies the most, I think (but so many choices). They makes great cookies and scones too. Always very friendly too. Highly recommended. More...


Linda Magill Berliner

As the head baker's mother, I am the lucky recipient of Sherry and Kelly's test recipes. They're bakers extraordinaire! I love everything, but my absolute favorites are their amazing fruit pies, made with local seasonal fruit. Oh no, now I'm craving a peach, blackberry streusel with the European butter crust!! More...

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