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At The Eledent Clinic, when it comes to looking after you and your family, we are here to bestow confidence. Our clinic is created by family and focuses on family care with provision of a comprehensive range of options and treatments for your needs.


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Zoya Karachorova

16 October 2019

I highly recommend the clinic. Very friendly and caring staff, amazing service and extremely happy with the outcome of my treatment. I am usually scared and hate having dental treatments but this clinic and the staff there absolutely changed my mind I am definitely going back there for any further dental treatments.
The clinic is very clean and it does not smell like the usual dental clinics.
Judging the approach to their job you can definitely tell that the doctors and the nurses are professionals.


Jacques D

23 May 2019

Not only are the staff amazing, but the quality of treatment is better than I've ever had anywhere else. I've had to have extensive work done and all of it has been to the highest standards. I usually experience a lot of pain when at the dentist (and the numbing agents never really worked before) It turns out that I never was resistant to it, but that other dentists before just didn't apply it correctly. After I started attending Eledent I've had virtually no pain at the dentist, and quite literally fell asleep in the middle of a root canal. The work is affordable, but they have budgeting options too where you can take out annual discount plans, or pay off more extensive treatment over time with no interest. All of the staff and all the dentists there aren't only great at what they do, but no matter how grumpy you might be when you enter their offices, you're guaranteed to leave with a smile--and a healthy one too! More...


Victoria Gregoire

15 May 2019

Hands down the best dental surgery I have ever been to. I used to dread going to the dentist for most of my life but since joining The Eledent Clinic, 4 years ago, my teeth have never been better (and part of me actually looks forward to my appointments which is pretty weird )Dr Mahya is my dentist and she is SOO lovely, gentle and thorough in her approach to her job. I regularly recommend her to people I know, who have been delighted and gone on to join the surgery. I have also had two separate and very successful wisdom tooth removals performed by Dr Rob another amazing dentist who instantly puts you at ease. You could not go wrong with any dentist here! More recently I have been attending appointments with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Zainab. Yet another super wonderful lady with exhaustive knowledge in her area of expertise who makes you feel COMPLETELY safe in her hands.To top it off all the dental nurses, receptionists and assistants are utterly first rate!I am beyond glad to have found The Eledent Clinic. A family business at its finest. Do not hesitate if you are someone that has no dentist (or is just plain scared) due to past bad experiences - I assure you that they will totally change your opinion. A HUGE Thank You from me to all of you at The Eledent Clinic! More...


Lisa Dalgleish

29 April 2019

I have recently finished my Invisalign treatment with Dr Mahya Farmani in advance of my wedding and I am so pleased with the results and service I have received. Dr Mahya gave me confidence from the first consultation as she was knowledgeable and thorough, giving me confidence that Eledent was the most experienced clinic to manage my Invisalign treatment. I was impressed with the accuracy of the 3D scanning and my teeth moved week to week as planned to fit each new aligner just as Dr Mahya had advised. The timescale of the treatment was quicker than I anticipated and everything went according to plan. Whenever I wanted to check something with Dr Mahya she made time to see me at short notice, including late evenings which meant I could complete the entire treatment in the evenings after commuting from work in London. If you are considering Invisalign, I highly recommend a consultation with Eledent. More...


lily begum

29 April 2019

I highly recommend the Eledent Clinic. The service provided was of a very high level. I was made to feel at ease and my issue ( wisdom tooth pain) was resolved quickly. At no point did I feel nervous and quite frankly for the first time enjoyed my experience at a Dentist. Big thumbs up More...


Martin Sack

30 March 2019

I have been going here for three years plus and finally I got to meet Maryan, Robert's wife. What a lovely couple. They are both fantastic dentstis, with the patients needs at heart without any sales pitch.Maryan is so gentil I could not believe it. For any family who want the best care with humour and a fun, this is the place. The staff are terrific as well. Clean and modern with all the latests products and treatments. No skimping at this practice.I highly recomment Eledent and and give them 200% out of 100%Happy Chappy! More...


Sarah Denley

28 February 2019

Invisalign treatment Brilliant results! Dr. Mahya has been incredibly patient with me and has guided me through the whole process. I would highly recommend her services and the eledent team, as they have ensured that throughout the whole process I have been happy with the progress. Even after the treatment was over they are as still happy to offer insight and help with regards to any questions I have. More...


P Trivedi

30 December 2018

Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr Mahya for her urgent intervention on a Saturday to get me out of agony. She is professional and explained what she was planning to do very clearly. She did an excellent root canal treatment subsequently. Many thanks. More...


Nadi far

1 September 2018

I booked a consultation for some cosmetic work and honestly was blown away by how knowledgeable Dr Robert was. He has all the latest technology and showed 3D scan of my teeth and so thoroughly explained all the options to me. I wasnt forced into anything just all the information I needed to make a decision. I felt involved and listened to. My favourite part is that when I go there, they talk to me like a friend and really try to get to know me. Brilliant clinic cant recommend highly enough. More...


helena sharifipoure

1 September 2018

Professional and truly a class above the rest. These guys know how to deliver a good, consistent service. I travel alot but still come here for all my dental treatment. Thank you very much Eledent team.


Diana Higgins

2 August 2018

I have not been to the dentist in 12 years, I have a real phobia about the dentist and if my tooth had not broken and put the fear of god up me I would not have gone to the dentist. I asked several people about which dentist they go to and which dentist is good with patients with a phobia? It was actually my hairdresser who mentioned that another client of hers had a fear of dentists recommended Eledent was a good place to start.I am impressed by the care afforded to patients. I first made contact with Eledent via email, I received a lovely reply from Rona the receptionist. She oozed care and compassion and was lovely and reassuring to the point I booked an appt to see Dr Robert. I was so scared when I went into the room and saw the chair, I was encouraged to take my time and he would do things at my pace. He instilled a confidence in me and he proceeded to examine my teeth and gums, took X-rays and photos then he talked through my proposed care plan. He was charming, caring and compassionate (he's my new best friend!). He put me at so much ease that I am going to go ahead with the proposed treatment. Don't get me wrong, I am still petrified of the dentist and it will take a lot longer to get to the point where I am not feeling as though I am going to die but Dr Rob and Rona have instilled a confidence in me to believe they will be just as good as my treatment begins.Thank you both. More...


Surf Brazil2016

9 May 2018

I would highly recommend this clinic/surgery. All the staff/clinicians were professional, but friendly and informative, and no pressure was put on me with regard to the treatments available. Thank you, to one and all!!


Ralfie Waite

19 April 2018

From the pain of a broken tooth to a smile that exudes inner delight.

I am usually scared of dentists, but my first visit to the Eledent Clinic has been a surprise. Dr. Robert explained the extraction procedure in the friendliest, caring, and calmest manner I have ever experienced in a dentist’s chair. Surprisingly, my fears abated. There was no pain and I was not even aware of the extraction. Thankfully, it has been several years now since cowardice gave way to confidence, enabling me to undergo root canal treatment and implants fitted among other dental health features. I continue to appreciate the excellent work of Dr. Robert and his competent and friendly staff. The comfortable environment has also aided a pleasant experience.

Ralph Waithe - April 2018


Roberto Antonioni

3 April 2018

Had 4 wisdom teeth removed and it was a joy. Genuinely found the whole procedure both painless and effortless. Rob and his team explained the process from start to finish which was comforting throughout and I had already booked my next session in immediately afterwards. Highly recommend.


Rachel McGough

13 March 2018

After my first visit I am so happy. I was made to feel at ease, informed and not at all pressured into any treatment I didn't want. I can safely say this was my best dentist visit in years and will no longer put off going to the dentist. All the staff I encountered were welcoming, professional and kind. I recommend to all!! More...


Martin Sack

5 March 2018

Excellent practice. Everyone is really professional.

Robert is a star and has great humour, making one feel really comfortable.

Robert is an expert in his field, so confidence is extremely high from a patients point of view.

Keep doing what you are doing Robert.

To all new comers, expect the best because you get the best.



27 February 2018

Seems a bit drastic to travel all the way from Waterlooville but after being recommended Dr Robert Felkler for my Invisalign treatment I wouldn't go anywhere else. He is excellent. So happy with how things are going, my teeth have never looked better, and worth every mile! More...


Mihaela Toader

20 February 2018

Sometimes going to see the dentist can be nerve racking, but going to see Dr. Robert at Eledent, was the best decision I’ve ever made. Just walking into the clinic to book the appointment, made me feel very welcomed and the receptionist is so genuine, polite and very friendly. I went for my appointment with Dr. Robert and normally I am not very comfortable seeing a doctor and talking about my insecurities ( not having straight teeth and refusing to smile because of that) but Robert made me feel confident and his professional attitude made me feel that I can trust him and I can go forward with my treatment, which I did. I’ve started Invisalign a week ago , and it’s the best decision ever. I can’t wait the final result. I am happy that I can rely on Eledent anytime for any problem or concern I might have . They are definitely the best and I can relax knowing that I’ve chosen the right clinic and the right doctor. More...


Emma Brewer

23 January 2018

The staff are warm and friendly, and the quality of service I received was exceptional. I’m so happy with my teeth! A huge thank you to Mahya and the team! :-D


Colleen Kay

15 January 2018

Super Dentist. I had a dental emergency and came to Eledent following a very traumatic time. I was therefore terribly nervous and apprehensive of any more dental work. Dr Rob is a very well qualified dentist, extremely patient and took time to ensure I was well informed and comfortable. I feel so much happier to have discovered the team at Eledent, they are all lovely. More...


Owen O.

21 December 2017

This has been my best experience at the dentist, very professional talked to me the whole time and maybe me feel at ease. Highly recommended. Top dentist


Chia Ling Blandford-Sun

27 November 2017

I have been coming to do regular treatments with Eledent for several years now. The dentist Dr Robert Felkler and his wife Maryam always makes me feel welcome at the clinic.

Robert is professional and super patient during each treatment. He only recommended the best treatment / result for me with no hidden costs or tricks that you might get from other clinics.



Nick Swan

17 November 2017

I changed from my local "non personality" dentist, and now quite happily travel 30 minutes in my car to visit Rob at Eledent. I have always found him extremely professional and he has a great way of explaining his treatments in a way that can be understood. I also think that the dental nurses and the girls on reception are brilliant too. More...


Edwin Pereira

22 September 2017

I highly recommend The Eledent Clinic.

The services are excellent and the staff are excellent!

I started off with an introductory offer some years ago and found after several appointments (checks, hygiene sessions, filling and polish) that it made much more sense to to be on their membership plan.

It is definitely good value for money.

I love that I get text reminders ahead of appointments and that I can get a booking with fairly short notice.

Before my wife and I married we both had the whitening package. Besides it looking great for our wedding photos I was touched by their genuine wishes and shared excitement.

After considerable thought and a thorough consultation with Robert I decided to have the Invisilign Treatment. It has been five months since I've started and it has made a drastic difference. Pretty much a painless experience and I have a much more confident smile. Also it has not affected my singing or public speaking duties so win win!


Akash Gunjal

20 September 2017

Dr Mahya is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure her patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry she can offer.

She always greets with a friendly smile and takes an interest in your life outside of the office.

She takes her professionalism seriously and will provide you her best recommendations. With any procedure you take on, her goal is to make it as comfortable and painless as possible.

All staff working at Eledent Clinic are excellent.

Thanks for everything.


Kate W

12 September 2017

I would highly recommend the Eledent Clinic. In fact I have moved most of my family over to this clinic. First class treatment and a very friendly welcome. Especially great for anyone who may feel nervous as they make you feel as relaxed as possible. My young daughter loves going to the dentist now. More...



31 August 2017

I was looking for a new dentist as have recently moved. I was welcomed by their friendly receptionist and was instantly impressed with how modern everything looked.

Dr Felkler was the dentist I saw. He was friendly and explained the options for my treatment very clearly. I can't recommend him enough. Excellent - just as he was recommended to me by a friend. I won't be going anywhere else for my dental care.


Andrew Detnon

31 August 2017

I was literally terrified of the dentist until I came here. The staff put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. Standard of work is amazing and my teeth have never felt so good. The quality of work is amazing and the most impressive thing is that when you need treatment it is done to an exceptionally high standard. Thank you More...


Melissa Usher

24 August 2017

I recently visited the clinic as an emergency patient so this was my first visit. Staff were extremely helpful fitting me in and my appointment was made within a couple of days, so much quicker than my previous dentist! The clinic is beautifully presented and calm, which is what I need. My dentist Dr Felkler was fantastic, I don't like any dentist trip but this was the most pain free one I've ever had! I will now be placing my dental car with this firm. Thank you again for your excellent service. More...


Katie Axtell

23 August 2017

I've recently joined this dental practice and have been for 2 appointments so far. The staff are absolutely lovely and create a really calm and positive environment. I have had a filling and a hygienist appointment and throughout the procedure Dr Mahya explained everything - so I really felt calm and involved. I was so impressed that I have moved my son and now my husband over to Eledent I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone. More...


Diane Laing

21 August 2017

I went in for an initial consultation and was blown away with the thorough, in depth assessment and the time taken for patient care. It made all the difference.

I recommended a friend straight after my initial consultation and she made an appointment to see Dr. Robert. She too was impressed and has also decided to follow the dental options from her assessment.

An absolutely lovely dental practice. I instantly felt at home and at ease with very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Robert was patient and listened to my concerns as well as assess my dental needs, taking into account how it was impacting on my lifestyle.

I am very grateful to have found a dentist who is not only highly skilled in his field but has the understanding to put patient care at the forefront of his practice.


Andrea Koeninger Adu

13 July 2017

There staff is very friendly. I neglected cleaning my teeth because I am a bit scared of going to the dentist. Had also problems with my gums and one tooth is a bit lose hopefully they mustn't remove this tooth and hopefully the cleaning helped that my tooth mustn't be removed.


Alex Eneva

23 April 2017

I highly recommend the Eledent Clinic. My husband and I have seen several of the dentists there and they are all very good, professional, tentative and willing to do the best for you. Appointments are usually available at relatively short notice as well. More...


Margarida Brito

24 January 2017

Great dentist, very professional, great results with all treatments. The whole staff is very friendly ad the service is excellent!



12 September 2016

Very professional operation they run here.Robert did my work and is a top bloke,explains everything in layman terms.I needed emergency treatment and they fitted me in immediately..Highly recommend this family run practice. More...

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