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The Drain Whisperer

Runnymede Poultry Colony (historical), California


The Drain Whisperer

Runnymede Poultry Colony (historical), California


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Dominic A.

29 July 2019

No exaggeration the best plumber I've ever met/worked with! Mike not only came over last minute (on a weekend) but also took the time to carefully inspect the issue I was having that no other plumber could figure out. I like to think of myself as a handy guy but will never touch a plumbing project again without his help. Punctual, polite, great with my kids and wonderful with dogs. He went above and beyond expectations while carefully explaining every step. As the old saying goes "if you're going to take the time to do something do it right or you'll do it twice", The Drain Whisperer does it right. Highly recommended!! More...


Mauricio Cifuentes

11 August 2018

DRAIN WHISPERER, simply the best!
Great, friendly, and reliable service 7 days a week.
Skillful plumbing professionals and great prices.
Extremely recommended. Just call, and the DRAIN WHISPERER will be here to help.


Chris Howard

11 August 2018

Have a recovery home and the guys always back up the pipes. Whenever we're in a bind we call up the drain whisper and he takes care of business in a timely manner. Go with them if you want the job done right!!! More...


David Valdez

11 August 2018

If you have any plumbing issues you want resolved, you should definitely call The Drain Whisperer!! I recommend this company, Mike, the owner of The Drain Whisperer, is very knowledgeable, and will fix the problem. He came and took care of my issue quickly, and also gave me a tip or two on how to not have issues come up. Thanks again Mike!! More...


Yvette A.

13 July 2018

Hands down, the best. I almost don't wanna tell the world how I've fortunately found a true, skilled and professional plumber. He is pleasant, maintains a very clean workspace, and again "knows his shit". Feel free to message me if you're looking... I went through 3 other companies that left me with plumbing done wrong! I think the Drain Whisperer needs to start teaching some classes on modern plumbing . More...


Rom M.

14 May 2018

Mike is the absolute BEST plumber in Los Angeles! He knows exactly what he is doing, can solve ANY plumbing problem, and will actually explain to you how to prevent the problem from happening in the future, too, to help you save on cost. Speaking of costs, he is also extremely fair in his fees unlike most other plumbers.  His work really speaks for itself and he really is the best. We would not ever use any other plumber and I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone!!!! More...


Lynn R.

24 March 2018

Mike is professional, to the point and efficient. He assessed my needs for before and after plumbing work to complete a kitchen remod project.  Scheduling was easy and he responds quickly.  His work is excellent and clean.  He is the plumber you're looking for! Thank you, Mike! More...


Missy W.

25 November 2017

I HIGHLY recommend Mike and his company, The Drain Whisperer, for your plumbing needs. He is extremely knowledgeable having grown up in multi-generations of plumbers. He fixed my shower that was originally an improper choice to begin with, but knowing I could not currently do a complete refurbish he helped me with my current situation. It was amazing as no one before could fix it - not the plumber who did my entire sewage line re-plumb nor a very experienced handyman. He also had the parts and the knowledge about what parts would work with those darned Home Depot brand units that never have replacement parts after a year :( I have had many men in my life that could fix home repairs and they work diligently to get it done. It was the same with Mike who would not give up until issue resolved to satisfaction. He said he does major re-plumb issues and all types so that's good to know. Thanks to Mike I can shower again without being scalded! More...


Margot S.

17 November 2017

Can't say enough good things about Mike and his team. He went above and beyond to help me communicate with my neighbor by using the Google Translate app and sort our common plumbing issue. Very glad I was referred to him.


Sarah H.

9 August 2017

We were lucky to find Michael by word of mouth in the Los Feliz area and have called on him for numerous small projects (drains, faucets etc) in the past.  He recently took on the larger job of redoing the piping in our back rental house.  He did an incredible job.  He works in a timely manner and is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with.  He definitely knows his stuff!!!  I highly recommend calling him with any of your plumbing needs.  If his voicemail is full try texting him at the same number.  That's how we fracked him down. More...


Rachel E.

8 August 2017

My elderly mother had a clogged toilet. We were unable to clear it ourself. I called a few people off YELP and pretty much everyone quoted the same price. I called Michael and he was able to come and do the job within 2 hours. He was very professional yet very nice and personable. He was able to unclog the toilet in minutes. We are very happy with his work and most definitely will call him in the future. I saved his number to my contacts. Thank you again. More...


Marion K.

21 July 2017

I am beyond happy with The Drain Whisperer.  I had a pipe leak underground and it was flooding my front yard.  Mike spent all day figuring out the source of the leak..he was careful, polite, and really worked hard to assess the situation. He figured out that it was a crack in the pipe and he stayed at my house until it was completely fixed. It was LATE TOO! I told him to go home but he wouldn't leave until it was fixed.  I couldn't believe how professional and friendly Mike is!  I will refer him to anyone! More...


Jax V.

12 April 2017

We purchased our first home and knew we were going to have some plumbing issues. Mike was referred to us by a friend and boy - did we strike gold with Mike. When I first spoke to him I explained what I'd learned from two other plumbers that had inspected our property. He didn't buy it and chose to come out later that night and inspect everything for himself - free of charge. First he needed to replace the main line from the house out to the street in order to see how bad the problem was. He did that - and after his inspection let us know it was the worst case scenario. We needed to replace the entire sewer system out to the street. We're talking Dump Trucks, Baco Tractors, Permits, a whole crew and blocking off part of the street for three days. Not surprising for a house built in 1905 - and he even pulled the original plans showing the sewer was installed in 1895. After giving us the news he cut his rate in half on the work he'd already done and set to work setting up the sewer repair. He took care of EVERYTHING - all I had to do was pay the bill. Between finding the issue and repairing everything - it only took 3 days. After the work was completed he inspected the rest of the plumbing under the house and fixed everything (ran 20 feet of new PVC piping under the house) for a VERY reasonable price. He also took care of a few other things at no charge (leak under the sink and increasing water pressure in the kitchen). Everything was permitted and copies were provided at the end of the job. Another thing about Mike - he's super communicative and easy to get a hold of - he also explains everything going on. This man know's plumbing. If you've come to the Drain Whisperer - consider yourself lucky to have found him and don't bother calling another plumber. More...



4 December 2016

When a plumber exceeds your expectations, you've found a keeper. They arrived early; the cost wound up being less than the estimate; while waiting for the office to provide the price, the guy did some small items for which he didn't charge and did a thorough inspection. I'll be calling them again when I have a plumbing problem. More...


Lola B.

4 November 2016

Mike is the best in the west!He came over for an emergency water heater situation, when i had called late one Friday. He really saved me! Made all repairs, cleaned up, and was fair in pricing. Definitely don't hesitate to call him! More...


Kendra K.

27 August 2016

Mike and his team (especially Danny!) are the ONLY plumbers that I use for ANYTHING plumbing related. We have two commercial properties and one residential. They are knowledgeable in everything from diagnostics to ordering the correct appliances and hardware. Often in a pinch he's able to help fix simple issues over the phone which is so helpful when you have a restaurant full of people wanting to use the restroom! Some of the projects we've completed with them include:-an amazing water filtration system for our home. We can drink fresh, clean, delicious water out of any faucet in our house!-installation of new bathroom appliances (some of them European and NOT an easy task but Mike did it with quality and ease) -clearing out and replacing a main drain in our yard that was filled with roots and flooding out driveway during our brief El Niño this year. It would have caused my husbands recording studio to be flooded and they really saved the day on the that one-FAST!-finding us the best quality commercial parts at the best prices for our restaurant. Everything from hoses to sinks to faucets and more. The list goes on...There is not project too big or small that Mike and his team cannot handle with professionalism and deliver the highest quality finish.Mike is a superhero. And I will never use anyone else. More...


Emily B.

6 August 2016

I was out of town and had a horrible plumbing emergency - Mike was on it!! He came over, diagnosed the problem, went to Home Depot and fixed the issue all in less than five hours AND came in LESS than the estimate!! He is friendly, reliable, and professional and I can't thank him enough for helping me!! More...


Yvonne T.

26 June 2016

Look no further if you need a plumber who is reliable, extremely knowledgeable, thorough,  respectful, well-mannered, clean and neat and actually seems to enjoy doing "everything plumbing", call Michael.  He snaked and cleared the clog/backup in the downstairs shower and toilet and identified the "root" of the problem with his high-tech scanning equipment.  Our main sewer pipe to the City's sewer had to be replaced (yes, tree roots).  He took care of every detail ... city permits, arranging a crew with big trucks, bobcats, steel plates, etc. (BTW, he brought the crew who worked on the 11'deep excavation those 2 hot days, an ice chest of water, Gatorade, soda and bananas!  Who does that?  Someone with heart!)  We also asked him to replace a toilet and he only charged for the toilet and not for installation probably because he "sympathized" us as the cost of replacing the sewer pipe took a big hit on our senior citizen's budget.  Thank you Michael!  His attention to detail is remarkable, i.e. the lid of the new toilet was slightly messed up which I did not notice but he did and took care of having it replaced, even though it meant another trip.  And, if you have any plumbing related questions, ask Michael.  He explained to us about "thermal expansion" and "hammering" of pipes so we can stop worrying about the strange noises inside the wall when the timer on the hot water circulation pump comes on at 5 am in the morning.  Thank you Michael, again and again. More...


Daniel G.

2 June 2016

Mike is the real deal ' he arrived on the scene & fixed the plumbing problem I had ' Like a Pro he was very polite & well mannered  & with Skill fixed the problem  ,By far  The Best Plumbing service I've ever used '  True Integrity & Service' If you are in need of a Plummer "The Drain Whisperer is your Man " More...


zack b.

9 February 2016

I was having a plumbing issue that had been plaguing me for months. I called Mike, and get this, he told me how to diagnose the issue OVER THE DANG PHONE and then in the same conversation, TAUGHT ME HOW TO FIX IT.  My total bill for having this issue fixed came out to zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Bubkiss.  He was like a good friend who saved me a bunch of dough and asked for absolutely nothing in return. Awesome. Use these guys. If you don't have any plumbing issue right now, go smash something just so they can come fix it. Or, I don't know, become a vegan so you can plug up your toilet and then have them come snake it. Whatever. The Drain Whisperer is an example of what all businesses should try to be like. They're just good guys.People like this deserve your business. More...


Chris F.

18 January 2016

Had issues with our toilets. We were a bit discouraged after they missed the first two scheduled appointments. The third time was the charm, though. Mike came out on a Sunday, diagnosed the problem within minutes, clearly articulated the issue, fixed one toilet immediately, drove to Lowe's to get another part, fixed the second toilet, wished us a Merry Christmas, and took off insisting that we owed him nothing. Class act as far as we're concerned! More...


Sarah L.

16 November 2015

Erik came out next day to stop a leak in our front bathroom sink, and restore water flow to our back bathroom sink. He explained everything to me and gave suggestions about what I could do myself to keep water flowing in the back sink. He was quick, and even with having to go out and get parts for the sink, the price was reasonable. Definitely would call again. ETA: I did call again, and this time Mike came out, in the evening no less. He fixed everything and explained everything. What a great experience- I'm so glad I found this company! More...


Clarke F.

11 September 2015

Mike is great!  He is friendly, personable, and honest.  My landlady has sworn by him for years...and obviously he has done great work in the past because I only had to meet him this week after living here for a while (and it was elective work, my landlady decided to install all new toilets).  Again he is very easy to work with, down to earth, professional, and refreshingly honest. More...


Tim N.

6 August 2015

Mike came within 10 minutes of us calling because he was in the area. He gave an honest assessment of what we needed, which was a simple unclogging! We got 2 quotes before him that wanted to charge us $7k-$10 to replace my pipes.If you need plumbing issues resolved, hit up The Drain Whisperer. More...


Marshall D.

3 June 2015

Mike was great.  I have an old 1920s toilet that wasn't working.  Other plumbers said it had to be ripped out and replaced, or that it would be expensive and they couldn't guarantee fixing such an old fixture.  Mike came over, fixed it fast and only charged me for the part, which was $40.  Are you kidding me?!  I would definitely have him back and would easily recommend. More...


Rachael R.

18 May 2015

I'm very impressed with Mike, the Drain Whisperer!  I had a leaky bathtub faucet.  He asked for a picture of the faucet, got the needed part and installed it.  Not only that, but he followed up a couple days later to make sure everything was working properly.  Mike will now be my go-to plumber.  Thanks Mike! More...


Paula S.

22 April 2015

Michael, who owns the Drain Whisperer plumbing service is well worth writing about. He just fixed my mothers old galvanized pipes. Not an easy job. He is easy going, reliable and follows through with what he says.  You can ask him 100 questions and he will cheerfully answer each and every one. He and his guys had to replace all the sprinklers (very old ...) and really gave us a great deal.  It's rare to find someone as honest as Michael !  I highly recommend him for any or all of your plumbing needs! More...


Susan L.

30 March 2015

The absolute BEST PLUMBER EVER !!!!!Do not even think to ever call anyone elseMike is honest , reliable, trustworthy and very knowledgable ....it is a family owned business and Mike is 3rd generation If you don't call him you'll be wasting your money...it happened to me More...


Art E.

4 March 2015

What can I say about Mike that hasnt already been said.  He is a great guy and knows his craft very well!!  I had another company come out to look at my root problem and they couldnt get it done and still charged me.  I told them to leave and I would get a real plumber out here.  I got Mike's number from a good friend of mine and she said he was the best!  I called him up and scheduled me in a day to come out.  He was on time and was very professional giving me many options and paths I could take with my issue.  He worked diligently until the issue was resolved!  This is going to be my plumber from now on, I encourage you guys to give him a call if you need any plumbing work done! if they had 6 stars he would get all 6. Thanks for the great service!! More...


Jasmine D.

3 February 2015

Look no further guys! If you want an honest, reliable, and reasonable price for plumbing services.... call the drain whisperer LOL! (I don't know why every time I say drain whisperer it makes me crack up!)Mike is very knowledgeable at what he does. Good friendly guy and funny as well. He came did service at my house changed my water pressure valve, and did sewer inspection included with DVD. The price is fair and reasonable unlike other plumber service that will charge you ridiculous prices. He def my go to plumber. I highly recommend The Drain Whisperer...LOL Thank MIKE! I'll def call you soon for some of minor fixtures we spoke about. More...


Arvin H.

21 January 2015

If you are looking for honest and trustworthy plumber, look no further than The Drain Whisperer.  I am so impressed by the friendliness and professionalism offered by Mike.  I had an issue with the kitchen faucet sink.  Mike came when he said he would be and was up front with everything.  I will definitely use the Drain Whisperer for future plumbing services. More...


Gail H.

20 December 2014

Mike is great. Always accommodating with time and emergencies. Honest and seems to absolutely love his job.


Colin S.

6 November 2014

Super fast, friendly and a reasonable price.I'll always use Mike and his brother Lee.


Olivia R.

25 October 2014

Mike is a great guy and a terrific plumber. Came into fix our sewers at work on a Saturday and had it figured out in around 2 hours even with having to remove a toilet to access the system. He is professional and friendly and I would highly recommend him! More...


Arrel G.

26 September 2014

Mike was great. He came in to fix a couple faucets and ended up also wiring up our garbage disposal and fixing a leaky pipe in just a few minutes. And he's pretty funny. Highly recommend! More...


Jeffy C.

21 September 2014

Best plumber I've ever met. Mike is a pro. He spent multiple hours fixing a root incursion, when any other plumber would've given up. He really is a "Drain Whisperer." He's friendly, determined, and does quality work.  Highly recommend. More...


Kevin K.

21 September 2014

This guy is a professional and so friendly. A third generation plumber, this guy knows the ins and outs of plumbing. He was understanding of our plumbing issue and worked relentlessly to resolve our issue--not just patch work but actually put in the extra hours to fix what was going on. He explained what he was doing in a way that could be easily understood. I trust Mike. This guy will take care of what you need and makes sure the job is done right the first time. More...


Tom H.

18 September 2014

Mike is great, called him for a bathtub drain replacement and earthquake gas shutoff valve, he gave me price quote on the phone (if all goes well), came out on a Sunday to do work, after Mike investigated bathtub leak, determined didnt need the whole drain replaced, just a washer, and charged  just a fraction if the drain replacement cost, on a Sunday!  My house us from the mid 20's so everything always has to be custom made, the EQ  valve was not a straight forward install, but not a challenge for Mike.If your in need of a plumber, you can stop searching and call Mike. More...


Shawn S.

8 September 2014

Mike at The Drain Whisperer was great. He's friendly and professional. Very fair prices and most of all he's honest. He tells you exactly what needs to be done, how much it cost and he does excellent work. I had two jobs done and both times when he left you couldn't even tell a plumber was there except that my drains and faucets actually work now. I would highly recommend The Drain Whisperer to anyone else. More...


Angelica S.

31 August 2014

Mike blew me away in every conceivable way. I have been searching for a plumber who could not only get the job done, but be someone I could trust to do it right and not take advantage of my less than stellar knowledge of how all those pipes and whatever else is in my walls and under my house actually function. Naturally, when I finally found Mike here on Yelp, it was an emergency situation. We had installed a new washing machine and we were SO THRILLED because we had been without for a tragically long time. Then, tragedy! Horror! The sink began filling with black sludge. Ten minutes of frantic searching later (did I mention it was a Sunday evening?) and I got Mike on the phone. He was at another job, probably couldn't be there until 8pm, but if that was okay with us, he'd be there.IF THAT WAS OKAY WITH US? He's seriously my hero. He spent almost an hour snaking the drain underneath the house to find the source of the clog. He gave a fair price and took a look at two other issues in the house while he was there, giving a quote for them that he stuck to. A shower hadn't been functioning in a bedroom and Mike purchased the perfect fixture, not only aesthetically but for functionality. And did I mention the price was fair and Mike was a pleasure to have in my home and I trusted the work he was doing I will refer everyone I know to Mike because he's the man!! More...


Wendy H.

24 July 2014

Mike  really knows the business of drain clearance.  We had back to back bathroom sinks clogging up and not draining  properly.  He came and knew exactly what to do and where the problem was coming from.  This kind of knowledge comes from years of experience.  Yet, he is a young, bright , and personable  guy. ( He has been in the family  business for many years. )  I would not hesitate to recommend Mike for your plumbing problems, especially clogged drains.   He is knowledgeable, honest, and experienced.  On top of all those positive traits, he is also reasonable!  Thanks, Mike, for a job well done! More...


Julie M.

13 July 2014

Mike was awesome! He was very professional and knew exactly what to do to solve our problem with our shower drain clog and back up in our main line. After he fixed everything, he took it one extra step and disinfected and cleaned everything! We would highly recommend him and will definitely use him again. More...


Eric K.

27 June 2014

This was my first time calling a plumber, so I was sure to do a bit of research before I picked a service. I was dealing with a backed up kitchen sink and had water flooding out of the air gap coming from my dish washer. Mike was a true pro, friendly, and explained everything that was going on with my kitchen plumbing. He fixed the problem in under an hour and cleared out the air gap tube that goes from the dishwasher to the sink for free. The best part was the price, which was much more reasonable than the larger businesses that I spoke with. Not much of a Yelper, but happy to help Mike out. Can't go wrong with the Drain Whisperer! More...


Michael L.

24 June 2014

Anytime you have a clog in your pipes and nasty smelly water coming up into your sink and it's leaking from the pipes, you tend to freak out. The first time I called Mike, he listened thoroughly and even had me send pics to him so that he could help me navigate the problem. I ended up having Mike come over and he was able to within a few hours and just like magic, he fixed the problem. He also gave me some abs pipes and fittings for me to patch up. He saved me a trip to Home Depot!! I definitely recommend Mike to anyone and everyone. More...


Tommy C.

12 June 2014

Mike is professional, knowledgable, and takes pride in his craft. He arrived at the time he promised he would and expertly resolved the issue with my garbage disposal. I highly recommend him for all of your plumbing needs and would call him again for any future plumbing issues. More...


Sanora B.

27 May 2014

I received a quote of nearly $2000 from Mike Diamond to replace outgoing kitchen pipe under the house - they also recommended against snaking my kitchen sink because it might damage an already leaking pipe. So when they left, I still had a backed up kitchen sink.  When I expressed my dismay to a friend, she gave me Mike Lavoie's number (The Drain Whisperer).  While he is based in the San Fernando Valley, he made time on the same day to come to my place in Glassell Park (90065).He snaked my drain for $50 and went under the house, took pictures of a badly rusted leaking pipe and gave me a quote of $550.  He made an appointment to take care of the issue and since I had to leave town on a job, my husband ended up being here for Mike. Not only did Mike take care of the pipe issue but he fixed our garbage disposal and showed my husband how to do it in the future and then he noted our frequently running toilet and fixed that while he was here for free. In the end, we paid $529.This man is hands-down one of the most pleasant, honest, hard-working tradesmen I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. More...


Oliva G.

22 May 2014

Hands down the best experience I've had with a plumber.  He made time for me the same day, kept me updated on his arrival time, and fixed my plumbing problem very quickly. He is extremely knowledgable and incredibly nice, simply the best of the best! More...


Paula M.

16 May 2014

At least have one thing go right in your crappy plumbing disaster day-call Mike.  I promise he is a winner.  And he won't gouge you.


amara r.

13 April 2014

I rarely leave reviews but I find myself logging on to Yelp to write this review as soon as The Drain Whisperer (Mike) left my house. Mike is deserving of all the 5 star reviews on Yelp. I had a major leak in my kitchen sewer pipe which caused a bad smell all throughout my house. He came out today, on a Sunday, to check out the problem and took pics and videos of the leak, which I really appreciate.  He also took videos of what he did since the piping was under my house. He is an outstanding guy, very knowledgeable, and has a great personality to boot! Thank you Mike! I will be calling him for all my plumbing needs moving forward. More...


I Q.

3 April 2014

Five Stars, because when you've spent $100 renting Home Depot drain cleaning machines, not one, not two, but three different times over 4 weeks, and still can't clear  the roots clogging the main sewer line under your house..., you're VERY happy to see a pro from a local family business come with the right tools and know-how, and solve the whole problem in short order.  Some things are just not DIY, and you just waste money and time, and beat yourself up physically trying it.  Thanks to Mike I can once again take a shower, wash my stacked up dishes, and enjoy a working bathroom again, and that is saying a lot.  Thanks to Mike!   (who also saved me money over those shyster mega plumbing chains that use a low advertised price to get in your door then jack you around with all kinds of added charges.  He even let me know what to do to prevent or minimize the problem again in the future.) More...


Radwa E.

18 February 2014

Mike was awesome and the price was even better! I came across him through yelp and the good reviews he had, I gave him a call and set an appointment. I wanted to install a bidet and the prices others were quoting me was ridiculous, but Mike's price was as good as it gets (he even gave me a discount because I am a student). He was on time (not like the others), took him a few minutes to figure the bidet out and install it, and I have to say he was super fast and even cleaned after himself and made sure i don't have water all over the place. Honestly I would highly recommend him and definitely use him in the future. More...


Julie G.

7 January 2014

I live in an old house from the 20's and have been through a lot of plumbers.  My landlord finally sent Mike over to take a look at my leaky sink that two other plumbers had failed to fix.  He knew right away what the issue was and being that it was a very old fixture, he recommended a replacement.  He did a ton of research to find a sink that matched the style of the first one and the decor of the kitchen without costing a ton of money.  When he installed it, he was quick and thorough and surprisingly cleaned up around the sink afterward.  Mike was knowledgable, efficient and very friendly.  I will definitely call Mike next time I have a plumbing issue.  He's my new favorite plummer! More...


Cameron P.

28 October 2013

Mike is a phenomenal plumber. We have used him twice now, once for our showers and once for our toilet. He fixed both issues with ease and professionalism. He's extremely knowledgable and was able to answer all our questions related to plumbing. He really respected our time. After I described the problem to him over the phone, he asked me to text him a picture of our toilet, so he'd be able to order the correct parts. This way he was able to come in with all the required parts and repair the toilet in one go. He also worked around my work schedule, which I really appreciated.I HIGHLY recommend using Mike for any plumbing needs. He's the man. More...


Ronnie L.

21 September 2013

Great work, professional, and did not charge me an arm and a leg.  I had a leak underneath my kitchen sink and Mike found the issue in less than a minute, WOW! He not only fixed my issue, but helped tighten a couple things up for me so it was nice to have someone not just try to leave right away.  What I liked the most about the service was the way he explained everything, what caused the issue and best of all how to prevent it.  Very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him.  He will be my go to plumber from now on. More...

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