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The Dog's Point of View offers Force Free Positive Reward Based Dog Teaching services in Rotherham, East Sheffield, Worksop & South Doncaster areas. Full details of all services available and prices can be found on the website, the address of which can be found below. All of our programmes are tailor made to suit clients & their dogs specific needs, because when it comes to teaching dogs and their people, no one size fits all.

All of my teaching focuses on building engagement and focus between you and your dog, and strengthening your abilities to communicate effectively with one another, through understanding and compassion. Once this is in place, it makes success with future teaching exercises easier to achieve, whether that be for basic training or to work on a problem behaviour such as reactivity, fearfulness or lack of recall. I can visit you in your home or on a walk local to you, or you can come to me, depending on what we decide is the best situation for your needs.

All clients receive written email follow ups of what is worked on during each session, including step by step training guides & email support for the duration of our time working together.

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The DOG's Point of View Reviews

The DOG's Point of View Reviews

Review of The DOG's Point of View by Karen Birch
5 30/05/2018 Karen Birch

Michelle has been a god send to us. I have a Romanian rescue Bella, who is fear reactive to unknown dogs, unknown people, and anything on wheels! Michelle goes above and beyond, always there to help when I’m struggling! We are starting to see results (which if I’m honest, I thought I’d have the dog that couldn’t be helped). And my confidence is improving daily. Can’t wait to see what we can achieve!

The DOG's Point of View replied:
Thank you Karen ???? You two lovely girls are really doing great, I love watching you grow stronger together, I know its not always easy, but you got this ???? x
Review of The DOG's Point of View by Vanda Kewley
5 29/05/2018 Vanda Kewley

It has been brilliant working with Michelle. She is really supportive and non judgmental. It has been so helpful having someone pointing out the behaviour and body language of my dog that I hadn't really taken into account and explaining how I am impacting on that and how to make changes.

The DOG's Point of View replied:
Thank you Vanda! ???? Both you and Frieda have made so much progress together, it is an absolute pleasure to watch and be a part of, its not always been easy I know x
Review of The DOG's Point of View by Paula wattam
5 29/05/2018 Paula wattam

Michelle really helped me out with my dog Bentley especially when other bevariousist said that my pup was aggressive. She explained that he wasn’t and that he was just anxious. Her methods have enabled me to have a great understanding of my dogs needs and he is now developing in to a great 18 month old dog. I would highly recommend her to anyone with dog issues

The DOG's Point of View replied:
Awww thank you Paula ???? I loved working with you both and you have certainly put in a huge amount of work with Bentley, he is a very lucky boy to have such a dedicated family. I hope to see you both again very soon ???? x
Review of The DOG's Point of View by Cherry Cross
5 10/01/2018 Cherry Cross

Michelle is extremely experienced, helpful and very generous with her time and expertise. She is very approachable and follows up with a very detailed training plan, breaking down all the stages in a very manageable way. I am very impressed and am enjoying working with her and both myself and my Romanian rescue are benefiting enormously. She's definitely the best trainer I've come across . Michelle I'm deeply indebted to you, many thanks.

The DOG's Point of View replied:
Awww thank you Cherry, what an amazing review! xx
Both you and Maizy have been an absolute delight to work with, you are both so willing to learn, and to hear from you how fantastic your progress has been so far is amazing for me. Thank you so much for your support, and well done with everything so far!
Review of The DOG's Point of View by michelle florio
5 09/01/2018 michelle florio

I have been using Michelle's services with my Romanian rescue. The dog has some anxiety agression. I don't live near to Michelle so we have had skype conversations and constant email support. Michelle follows up our conversations with emails of training support and gudiance. Michelle's own experience and knowledge with Romanian rescues is invaluable as they really are like no other wth their own little quirks !! The support is structured and organised. Highly recommended.

The DOG's Point of View replied:
Thank you so much Michelle, what a wonderful review. Anxiety aggression is one of the hardest things to work with as it can be seemingly so unpredictable, add in to that the fact that your little guy is a Rommie Rescue and it exacerbates everything as there can be so many unknown contributing factors in his genetics as well as the behaviours you see on the surface. Your commitment to him is amazing, he is very lucky to have you. Thank you for your support and taking time to leave a review.
Review of The DOG's Point of View by June
5 14/12/2017 June

Very professional and informative doing a great job with my dogs behaviour.

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Review of The DOG's Point of View by Lucy
5 28/11/2017 Lucy

Absolutely loved getting directed and trained by Michelle. My dog took to her immediately and had a real connection and trust from the start. I learnt so much on the first session about my dog and the connection between me and him. He enjoyed the work we did and was wiped out after from the mental stimulation (and from showing off to impress her). I am looking forward to our next session.

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The DOG's Point of View replied:
Awww what a fabulous review Lucy, Thank you! :) You were both an absolute pleasure to work with, and did brilliantly. Thank you for such a great session, I look forward to seeing you both again soon :)
Review of The DOG's Point of View by Anne Griffiths
5 Anne Griffiths

My salvation I think. My story matches several of those below - a beautiful , gentle quiet Romanian - perfect with visitors, being groomed, ate well, house trained, loved cuddles and treats, could chase and retrieve ( on her own) , went crazy at seeing a lead , desperate for walks - and then - after a week of being quiet, barked, growled and sprang at my dogs ( all little dogs, rescue too) until I dared not leave her with them for even the shortest amount of time.It frightened me because she sounded so ferocious. Walking her was hell if we met a another dog. Separating two of them , my daughter was bitten - not intentionally - her arm went out to push one away when they both sprang and both caught her arm. Yes I was ready to send this lovely dog away - but it became apparent no one really wanted a Romanian dog. I was asked why - there are plenty to save in uk. The UK base who transported her would take her back, but immediately reheome her - actually advertised her and planning to reheome her to a place with dogs.
So we said no, she stays and we work to stop her fear, because, thinking rationally, that is what it seemed to stem from.

Two months later we found an article written by Michelle. I wrote to her, spoke to her the next day - and here we are! No more talk of 'lead frustration - try her off lead ' , ' keep her in a separate room away from your other dogs.' So very relieved with all the eminently sensible and appropriate suggestions I have already received from Michelle.

Review of The DOG's Point of View by Diane McDougall
5 Diane McDougall

Michelle is my first port of call when I am unsure. I have rescued a romanian pup and at 4 months old you would think she would not have known or remember the life as a shelter dog, but no, memories run deep. My first two weeks I was like a zombie due to sleepless nights with her constant need for reassurance, a chat with Michelle and guess what? Within a week it was sorted, she now goes outside for her toilet, then goes straight to her bed on her own and sleeps through from 10:30 till 6:00 and some mornings she lays in till later.

I have had Candy 9 weeks now, and little things turn up, last week she met a farmer in overalls, nothing unusual, but not to her, it set her off barking, jumping and showing an otherwise unseen behaviour. Contacted the support group for advise and again, Michelle and others gave me their insights and how to deal with it. Later that week it happened again, but this time I was prepared, I spoke to the man and gave him her treats and asked him if I could get her to interact with him, a few barks from her and calming words and treats from him and she settled. Without the advise I got off the group I would have just dragged her away and avoided all contact with men in overalls where possible.

So if you are unsure or just want some reassurance that you are doing the right thing contact the support group, they have the experience and someone may have had the same problems as you.

Review of The DOG's Point of View by Serina Rouse
5 Serina Rouse

I have 6 dogs,5 are rescues...the last two from Romania. You see the terrible things that happen to them over there, and if you can, you want to help....and so you fall for a face....usually there is little information about the personality of the dog you are taking is generally a leap of faith! I have been incredibly lucky with mine, although the last one in the door had me spooked on day one...she was sweet with me, but after, what I thought was careful intro to my others she attacked my smallest several times...a 5 mth old pup attacking and sounding like she meant it, OMG what have I done :( In hindsight I should have been much more careful and taken more time...She nearly, nearly went back that week...but I had an awful feeling of guilt and I knew it wasn't in the spirit of rescue to throw the towel in ...meanwhile she barked at every single thing she came across...and continued to scare my littlest. I researched 'reactivity' etc and did the best I could with what I read online, she has improved, then several months in, I found Michelles facebook training page...and signed up, as I had nothing to lose and potentially much to gain. Anyway, Michelle responds in great depth and has given me several new insights as to what is likely to be going on with my furry monster, and her training programmes are SO thorough, Michelle feels like a safety net to be is great to be able to ping off a message and get help/interpretation straight away. The bottom line for my girl is that she is we are working on 'counter conditioning' so that she learns to 'feel' differently about the things that scare her, she is making great progress with people, and most other things, 'dogs' are going to take longer methinks. Sorry for the long review, but the thing is, adopting is a massive commitment and you don't actually know what you are taking on until they arrive...and then it can be wonderful, or it can be a bit of a nightmare, or somewhere in between....and we try our best....but having an expert, 'on tap' is a massive advantage, and we can avoid all sorts of disasters by getting professional help asap, Thank you Michelle :)

Review of The DOG's Point of View by Margaret Jefford
5 Margaret Jefford

After owning 2 dogs previously, the first for 11 years who was an easy dream of a dog. Never chewed, easily trained and undemanding. Could be left never barked. The second we never got passed puppy hood, lost him at 10 months after an operation did not work. But those months were hard he was a nutter, chewed everything including us, pulled on the lead, mobbed other dogs. Full on every waking moment and we never got the chance to train him before he got ill. So when we decided to get a rescue dog we wanted to get it right as we have never done it before. So we booked refresher training to help us bond and get to know Wilfy's Capabilities. He has had a hard start in life he is 2 years 4 months. He has some issues but is loving, intelligent, and with Meesha excellent help is settling down very fast. It was the best decision I ever made, as well as the lessons she has been free with helpful advice for daily life in the home. Can't wait for the next class. Thank you xx

Review of The DOG's Point of View by Vanda Kewley
5 Vanda Kewley

Meesh has been helping me with my Spanish rescue Podenco Frieda who is lovely but going through her mad teenager phase and I have only had her three months. She has been amazing just so encouraging and supportive. I love that not only is she great with Frieda but I feel as though she can see me too and what I bring to the relationship good and bad!

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The DOG's Point of View Q&A

The DOG's Point of View Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

The part I love most about my job is seeing the pleasure on guardians faces when things begin to fall into place, and they can really feel that deep connected relationship with their dog, that enables them to communicate easily and achieve the level of training that they know will make their lives together so much more enjoyable together.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started my studies to become a trainer and canine behaviour consultant around 15 years ago, after hiring a behaviourist to help me with a rescue GSD I had that was displaying a lot of fear behaviours, including fearful aggression. I was horrified by what these 'behaviourists' recommend that I do with & to my dog to solve these problems, and asked them to leave. Having lost faith in dog trainers at that point, and as I had always had a passion for both animals & studying, I set about reading as many books as I could, in the hopes I could help my dog myself. I got so totally hooked on canine psychology and understanding how a dog thinks, communicates and why they respond the way they do sometimes, that I ended up studying to become a trainer myself. I also went on to study human psychology and have a life coaching diploma, because the human half of the relationship is equally as important as the canine half.

Why should our clients choose you?

My approach to training is different from most standard dog trainers, I work from the inside out, from both the canine & the human aspects. I help clients to not just 'train' their dogs, but actually understand them, which leads to, not only a much stronger relationship (which all successful training is built on) but also more long term success and the ability to identify and solve problems in the future, because of the understanding they have gained. I don't just 'train' dogs, I teach dogs & their guardians how to understand each other and communicate in such a way they both 'get it'!

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