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Peyton Stanley

23 May 2019

The David Academy unique style of tutoring helped my daughter improve her SAT score tremendously! She is going to UF this fall! I highly recommend them & will use them again for my other 3 kids!! More...


Leigh Halsema

16 May 2019

ACT prep was fantastic! A small investment in coaching paid off and then some through our son earning a scholarship. Thank you!


Grow Your Music Skills & Sound

6 March 2019

Neal David is a brilliant teacher.


Carson Kendrick

6 March 2019

My experience with The David Academy was one that will serve me for a very long time. I am a student, and when I was struggling with keeping up my grades, I had to get some help. A friend of mine referred me to Neal David, and said that he helped him with keeping his grades up. I decided to give Neal David a shot and I enrolled in some life coaching sessions with him. We created a plan to boost my grades and keep my work consistent. Following Neal's coaching, I was able to gain insight on how to become a good student. Little by little, my habits changed, and so did my grades. At the end of the semester, (Neal started working with me in the middle of the semester) my grades were exactly where I wanted them to be. With the techniques that Neal David coached me on, I was able to get my grades where I wanted them with low stress. Neal was very good at teaching me how to create a plan and how to break up my tasks so that they would not be too stressful. My stress went down, and my grades went up. All of the things that Neal taught me have revolutionized my thinking about school. He has showed me that school isn't that hard, but it will be hard if you don't have a plan. I suggest The David Academy for anyone that feels that their school performance needs to be improved. More...


Drew Robison

6 March 2019

The David Academy has done a superb job working with our daughter who attends a private hybrid home school. We hired TDA to augment her literature and required reading. Mr. David is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him and his Company's educational services. More...