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The Cupcake Shoppe

Hayward, California


The Cupcake Shoppe

Hayward, California


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Christine R.

1 October 2019

Love their Ube cupcakes. When they post that they have them, I always try and make it to the shop to get one.


Stacy P.

26 September 2019

Saw an Instagram review from BayAreaFoodz and had to try these cupcakes as he said they were the best he's had in awhile. We went in and the girl at the counter was really nice and gave us the rundown on pricing and then gave us a few minutes to make our choices. We chose to get 6 which was actually buy 5 get 1 free for $17.50. Mike thought that was too much but what the heck; you don't eat good cupcakes every day. We got a Banana Cream Pie, Hot Fudge Sundae, Snickers, Black Forest, Berrylicious and an Oreo. Mike started with the Sundae and it was pretty plain and basic. We weren't too impressed. Then we tried the Oreo and OMG!!!! It was moist, rich, flavorful and the texture reminded me of a cake pop. I think there was real Oreo filling mixed in with the cake. It was definitely my favorite out of the ones I tried. I gave the Banana Cream to my aunt who said it was a really good cupcake and would definitely eat another. Mike's mom had the Snickers and she too said it was really good. I tried the Black Forest which was okay and the Berrylicious was almost as good as the Oreo. It reminded me of a berry muffin as it had a spongy muffin like texture. The filling and frosting were delish as well. I like to half my cupcake and put the bottom on the top to make it like a sandwich with the frosting in the middle so I can get a little bit of frosting with each bite.If I was to rate them overall I probably should have given them a 4 because the Sundae/Black Forest were nothing special but the specialty ones were soooooo good that I had to give them a 5. If you are ever in the area check them out. I know I'll be back again one day. More...


Monica O.

22 September 2019

Omg! Are the words closest I can express of not only how good their cupcakes are but also how amazing their cake creativity is!! It was my daughters 1st birthday and out of 3 kids she is my ONLY girl, I've dreamed of having a girl and I wanted to make her birthday super special. Our theme was "Wonder Woman" and her cake blew me away!! She exactly nailed my vision and the cake was DELICIOUS (SNICKERDOODLE CAKE) Stop looking, The Cupcake Shop is the place to go! Oh.. I didn't get a picture of the cupcakes but they were truly amazing! Thank you!!!!! More...


Schmendrick S.

15 September 2019

Sheer deliciousness. Look at these satisfied juvenile customers ready to subject us parents to an onslaught of sugar-induced hyperactivity. Best cupcakes ever, outdone only by their cupcake sundaes. Nice people. Amazing product. Yum. More...


Foofa B.

7 September 2019

Such a cute little place in downtown Hayward.They've cupcakes. They're scrumptious.Nowt more to say!


Ana M.

2 September 2019

The owner- who was running the food truck - helped me order. She suggested the Ube cupcake with Oreo ice cream. It was delicious! What a great idea to pair cupcakes with ice cream... More...


Denice R.

26 August 2019

I've been following The Cupcake Shoppe on Instagram for a while now. Every time I see a post, I promise myself I would stop in when I was in the neighborhood.I finally made good on my promise one Friday afternoon. While the location is small, I was overwhelmed with all the choices in the display case. The super friendly employee informed me they 100 different flavors (that just made it worse), but she helped me narrow down to my eventual 5 choices, which were:LemonTriple ChocolatePeanut ButtercupChocolate BaconCoconut (I got the jumbo)My favorites were the lemon and peanut buttercup. Both were quite tasty, with a great lemon and peanut better flavor respectively. I wanted to love the chocolate bacon (because, I mean, it's topped with bacon), but it was a little too sweet for me. The triple chocolate was decent, while the icing for the coconut was a little too hard.While I was there, they were filling up their food truck. I'm hoping they will eventually make their way to Oakland, because I will definitely try more of their flavors. More...


Mona M.

24 August 2019

All I can say is WOW! Yolanda is an amazing cupcake and sweet artist.  I ordered for my daughters bridal shower cake poppers, bridal cookies, cupcakes and more! Everything was amazing and a hit by all.  I recommend this place highly.  Attention to detail! She did everything I asked for and everything met my expectation. Having a party please please try this place:) More...


Maggie R.

24 August 2019

Can't say enough great things about the Cupcake shoppe! I ordered a large order of cupcakes, cookies, and desserts for my bridal shower. Start to finish they were professional and patient. The attention to detail on all the desserts was amazing. True artists! Everyone at the party raved about how moist and tasty the cakes were. Highly recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking for desserts. Thanks guys!! Oh and i also ordered my up coming wedding cake, looking forward to it! More...


Steph V.

18 August 2019

I have had these cupcakes 3weeks in a row! The recipe of these cupcakes is absolutely Fantastic !! Super moist, fluffy, creative flavors etcI'm pretty sure I have tried All Flavors, and I am not ashamed to admit it....Just try them! You won't regret it!! More...


CiCi X.

11 August 2019

I love the margarita, pink champagne and island love cupcakes. Everything I've tried is good.  It's makes it hard to decide what to try next.


Alena N.

8 August 2019

Came across this gem randomly when I told my boyfriend I was craving cupcakes, he found this little shop on yelp and we got in the car. Such a great find, I crave these cupcakes sometimes and wish I were closer to get them. My absolute favorite flavor is the Lemon Curd. Also these cakes were on Cupcake Wars I believe. My favorite thing about these cupcakes are that they are taller than your average cupcake and they are filled in the middle with goodness. They sell the average joe cupcakes with the typical flavors but then they also have some pretty unique flavors. I've seen ube, frosted flakes, orange creamsicle, among many others. More...


Nicole D.

4 August 2019

The Cupcake Shoppe provided me with custom farm animal style cupcakes for my daughter's birthday, and I could not be happier. They made them exactly how I wanted and matched my theme perfectly. They were adorable, and tasted great. The staff were so helpful and made placing my order effortless. Thank you so much! More...


Natalia T.

29 July 2019

Quality and great tasting cupcakes! Got to try their cupcakes from their food truck at Fremont Street Eats. We had the ube and banana cream cupcakes, turned out delicious. Wish I got to sample more, but will be going back for sure! Would have given 5 stars, but it was a little pricey. More...


Alejandra G.

28 July 2019

This will most likely be a place that I will definetely be coming back to for all my parties. I have heard of this bakery but never really went to it until I needed to buy a cake for my grandfathers birthday and they were amazing not only did the cake look beautiful and exactly like the picture I showed them and it tasted DELICIOUS!!!!  Staff was very helpful as well and very friendly they were nice and explained in detail what flavors did customers get the most and helped me find the perfect filling flavor to combine with the cake More...


Sarah T.

11 July 2019

The cupcakes were really good, but some flavors were a bit more dense/dough-y than others. My favorite cupcake was the butter pecan cupcake.My only concern was that the cupcakes were more on the expensive side. Other than that, this place is great! More...


andrew j.

10 July 2019

Stopped in at the last minute for a dozen cupcakes.   They were each different and delicious.I learned the many different ways to consume cupcakes quickly and deliciously


Jana E.

29 June 2019

Love the cupcake shoppe! Their cupcakes never disappoint. Whenever I go in there they usually have all the cupcakes in stock. Tip is to go in the morning though because they will sell out of their cupcakes. The regular sized cupcakes are $2. The jump are $4.5 I believe. The jumbo are pretty big though. I'd suggest the regular ones. On Monday's they have mini cupcakes! They also bake customized cakes, cupcakes, ice cream cake, and more. You just have to inquire. But I'd highly recommend this place. The only reason I'm deducting a Star is because when I was calling to inquire during open hours no one answered and when I emailed it took them weeks to respond. (Probably super busy)Better off going into the store they're very friendly and helpful in store. More...


Tiffany D.

25 June 2019

How have I not reviewed this place yet?!!! I've been coming to The Cupcake Shoppe for a few years now and what sparked my very first visit about 4 years ago was their Hennessy Red cupcake. Man this was one of the strongest alcohol infused desserts I've ever had in my life, it was like taking a shot of Henny straight up lol but it was good. Ever since then I've been somewhat hooked. The cupcakes here are really good, I've not had a bad cupcake. They are baked fresh, there are many different flavors to choose from and they are always coming up with some unique and out the box flavors. I've had quite a few different ones but my favorites are the Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Cherry Cheesecake. Those three are just amazing! The cupcakes are so moist, decadent and the frostings/fillings are always on point. The customer service is always great and whenever I have questions about several cupcakes and what they are filled with they have no problem helping me out lol and giving their recommendations. I don't get here too often since during the week it's hard to get here by the time they close and they aren't open on Sunday's but they now have a cupcake truck so I can get my fix when they come to Fremont Street Eats or other events. So look out for their truck if you can't come to the bakery. I also like that the prices are contingent with the size of the cupcakes, some places charge $4 for a petite cupcake but they do not do that here! And if you follow their IG they will sometimes post promotions and if you're lucky they just might post that they're open on a Sunday. I definitely would recommend this place, honestly great cupcake shops are very hard to come by especially ones that make a moist cupcake with a great frosting. The Cupcake Shoppe is where it's at! More...


Twinkle P.

18 June 2019

I learned about this place from one of my friends and they have never disappointed. The flavors are all amazing but honey lavender is our favorite. Everyone who tries the honey lavender at our parties cant stop raving about it, i dont think you can find this flavor anywhere in the bay are and definitely not up to the standard of the cupcake shoppe. I also find their prices very reasonable. The only feedback I have is to improve communications for inquiries, sometimes it can take 3-5 days to get a response back and the staff arent very helpful when you call them, but I'm sure thats also a testament to how busy and in demand they are. More...


Angie J.

13 June 2019

Love the goodies at The Cupcake Shoppe. I've never been disappointed in anything here. Today, they announced on Instagram they're testing a new cupcake flavor "chicken & waffle".  I missed the ube testing day (thankfully they decided to add it to the regular menu) so I literally sprinted because I was not going to miss out this time . I love the combination of sweet & savory so this was right up my alley. Before today, my most favorite was the French Toast which had the real bacon pieces on top.  We love this place and everyone that works here is always so nice and helpful.  Can't wait to come back! More...


Izzy C.

7 June 2019

This food truck has the best cupcakes I've ever tasted in my life. The cake was moist and bouncy and didn't fall apart in my hand which I liked and the frosting was delicious and I usually don't like most frostings but this one was soooo good. If you come here I suggest the churro cupcake. Best. Place. Ever. More...


P T.

2 June 2019

Delicious cupcakes! A variety of flavors to try and they're all so tasteful! Not too sweet, it has a perfect balance, which is difficult to find at other places. On Mini Mondays, you can try their small cupcakes for $1 before buying the large ones. The small ones will make you wanting for more! Thank you Team Cupcake Shoppe for serving the community with your goods! More...


Eden T.

23 May 2019

Okay, so I'm not an absolute authority, but I do believe these are some of the best cupcakes in the world. Today I had a day-old orange sherbet. The frosting is a little too sweet, but everything else was absolutely, perfectly devine. Even day old!Next I heard my boyfriend's report about the French toast bacon maple cupcake. Also two thumbs up. Way up.Finally I am trying a lemon stop. I think that's what it's called. it has an awful lot of vodka in it. It's delicious. Perfect for taking the edge off. More...


Julianne H.

2 May 2019

My mom and I randomly stopped into this lovely little place. My mom had been eyeing it but never really went in because it's difficult to tell if they're open. I would had passed it if she hadn't already been curious about it. But the cupcakes. Oh man the cupcakes. I just had an entire jumbo Triple Threat (red velvet, chocolate, vanilla with cream cheese and chocolate frosting) cupcake to myself and there's not a single thing I would change. Great ratio of frosting to cake, moist and airy, sweet and smooth frosting, and beautifully decorated. One of my favorite things about this place was the variety of cupcakes they had. It was difficult to choose just 6 for their buy five get one free deal. The lovely woman who greeted us was kind, personable and made some excellent suggestions to help me pick. She welcomed us the moment we walked in and was very friendly all around!The Sweet Art of Cake is closer to where I live, but I'd happily drive the extra few miles to go get a cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe instead. More...


Dan M.

17 April 2019

The shop is located on Main St, on the same side as Domino's. I'm a frequent patron due to their Fivestars points system; I check in enough to always get either a buy one, get one free cupcake coupon or a free cupcake coupon altogether. I am partial to the Triple Threat. My wife enjoys the lavender (only on Thursdays) and the Red Velvet. I've had several different cupcakes here; all are good and are a good size (not that Hostess mini-cake crap). Cupcakes will run you around $2.50 I think, and there's an extra charge if you use a credit card under a certain dollar threshold. The parking is a little tough if there's none in front; there's free parking in the lot next to Domino's, but it fills up fast. I've also used this vendor for my wedding cake two years ago. It was very good. The only drawback is that if you need to speak to the owner, they're only in at certain times of the week. The staff doesn't always respond to e-mails either, so best to call ahead. I'll always be back here to get my sugar fix. More...


Jini G.

10 April 2019

I ordered cupcakes and a few desserts from the Cupcake Shoppe for my Mom's 70th bday. Bella helped me with the order placement and she was GREAT! I'm not good at baking, just eat them, so Bella explained each item to me thoroughly. I was running late the day of the event so I did not get to meet Bella and/or her crew, but the dessert table looked fantastic when I got there. All the desserts were a HIT, too bad I didn't get to have any of it :(Thank you Bella and the Cupcake Shoppe for making my Mom's bday sweet!!!! More...


Peg L.

31 March 2019

Came here to get 2 cupcakes for my coworkers birthdays, the customer service was great. I came in when they were just opening so I was the first customer of the day. They were super nice and gave really good recommendations. And explained the different type of cupcakes they had. Gave it to my coworkers and they couldn't stop talking abt how good it was. Moist and pretty to look at. Love how many different kinds of cupcakes they have. More...


AnnMarie A.

20 March 2019

Ordered 24 dozen for a corporate party and they were AMAZING!  Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate and getting these done.  Everyone enjoyed them.  Thank you! More...


Lexi L.

13 March 2019

I saw this place on Cupcake Wars and have been wanting to try it ever since. I know it's been forever since that show was on, but plans have changed for me and now I finally have the chance to stop by and try some. They were only one of the few cupcake shops from the bay on that show. I know Kara's cupcakes was on the show, but I feel like their quality went down since that show. This shop didn't. I knew I'd only get one chance to try these. So I bought a ton and shared with my family so I'd get to taste each. I love the diversity of their flavors and how each cupcake lives up to its name. It's always disappointing when a cupcake is just plain bread and frosting and one other thing, like peanut butter frosting. I feel like these cupcakes each have something to it to make them worth eating- fillings, graham cracker crusts, toppings. In fact, I really really like it. I go on Pinterest seeing all these awesome takes on cupcakes and then I go to a bakery and see everything being so plain. So the fact that they do more with their cupcakes is a huge win for me. They don't even need to be super-duper fresh or organic or the most moist cake in the world- just good consistent quality (not dry, not overly sweet, and not gross) and do something more than just your typical cupcake if I'm going to break my diet and wallet for it. It seems there are only a few bakeries in California that do that and they are on of them. That and and no annoying teeth-breaking candy toppers- hooray! Each cupcake was consistent in quality, even the day old cupcakes were still good. I liked how they added the sour sugar from sour patch kids to their sour patch cupcake frosting. I also loved their whipped cream frosting. One of the best I've ever had.Definitely want to take my nieces here. I also saw a beautiful prototype of a cake they decorated to show their decoration skills. They will for sure be my go to for occassions and hopefully they'll still be around years later for my wedding. Keep it up Cupcake Shoppe :)! More...


Alejandra A.

1 March 2019

I can't say enough good things about this place, it's my favorite cupcake shop and bakery in Hayward! Their pastries are always fresh and even the stuff that's one day old is incredibly soft and fluffy. Bonus, the one day old cupcakes are always on sale which is nice if they have a flavor you want.I've never had fruity pebble's rice crispy treat, honestly have never thought to make it. But it was so unique and fresh. Even though the bar was really thick, you took a bite and it was very fluffy and crumbled in your mouth. The amount you get for the price is huge! I had to share my rice crispy treat with someone.The cupcakes are always my favorite here. The thin mint cupcake was very very minty, I could taste the minty freshness in my mouth hours after I ate it. But combined with the chocolate, it was so delicious. There was even a soft chocolate pudding in the middle so you got a gooey surprise with every bite. The brownie bite cupcake was really good and also had a surprise chocolate putting in the middle. They were pieces of brownie on top and although the cupcake itself was vanilla, the chocolate frosting was really rich and everything complemented each other well. More...


Sal M.

28 January 2019

Two words: Sugar RushDefinitely the place for someone with a sweet tooth.


Brenda M.

25 January 2019

Best place to get cakes from, I've got multiple cakes from them and they never disappoint.


Manuel R.

19 January 2019

Definitely my favorite spot to buy cupcakes. They have different flavors to choose from and change them constantly. I believe they have 50+ flavors. My wife loves this place


Alyssa S.

13 January 2019

I really love their Triple threat, snickerdoodle, and Red velvet cupcake. The cakes are super moist and the frosting is buttercream, not whipped cream or anything like that. The frosting and cakes are not too sweet and also the bacon and maple (?) cupcake is really good! There's no place to sit and eat besides a table outside in the front,which i don't mind. Their cupcakes are also really big and are definitely worth the money! More...


Thuy P.

13 December 2018

I absolutely love this place. The cupcakes, cake pops and Macarons are amazing! They are so flavorful and full of amazing. If you have not tried the cupcakes, please do. They are super delicious! The flavors they have here are outstanding. They fresh bake these every day! You could also place an order for a party, event, etc.I started coming to this location due to someone I found on instagram (@Kayscreation), Karen makes these amazingly delicious Macarons! Every Friday she has new flavors delivered, usually 4. I live in Newark, and honestly takes me 20 minutes to come all the way over here for my Macaron fix! Not to mention, the staff here are super nice! I would 10/10 recommend. They open at 11, and honestly I wish it was sooner. :) More...


Marcella C.

9 December 2018

Best cake place ever!!! We buy cupcakes from them all the time!!! We bought a Moana cake last year for my daughter!! We loved it!! I love all the flavors they do!! Red velvet is my fav!!! I look forward to the b st fair just so I have a reason to eat their cupcakes!!!  the have the most amazing cakes during the holidays!!!! The nicest people!! They always have some deal going on!! Like mini Monday's!! I can eat so many that day!! Lmao!! I'm forever going back!! More...


Brandy W.

4 December 2018

Fantastic cupcakes and great variety. I wished I lived closer so I could go more often. Great customer service


Mo3 M.

25 November 2018

Visited the Cupcake Shoppe a few times, to try and get a cake made for my Girlfriend for her birthday which was November 21st. I was told to email the shop owner (Rosie) and let her know thru email what kind of cake I wanted done! They did not disappoint! The cake was exactly what I wanted, and my Girlfriend was impressed and shocked at the same time that I was able to get her the exact color she wanted her cake to be. Rosie, and her staff made me an 8" Red Velvet Cake covered in Teal Blue frosting! Thank you So much, it came out better than expected and taste was amazing! More...


Brianna S.

4 November 2018

I ordered a costume caramel apple cake and let me tell you  it was soooooo sweet , moist & flavorful we got so many compliments we also ordered cupcakes cotton candy , bday cake & churro - i only got to try the churro one and it was Delicious !!!!!!!! (i could taste alll flavors had a filling as well )i have  never  paid that much for a cake i stick to Safeway but it was definitely worth it . I got referred from a friend to other from them , and will defiantly choose them if i host another event ! I got a 10 inch round cake and it was more than enough for 40 people the cake was apple flavor , caramel butter cream plus a caramel layer with drizzle....man oh man was it good thank you More...


Toni Z.

2 November 2018

Such a hidden Gem.  We have had several of the cupcakes. The best flavor.  This is a must


Lori D.

1 October 2018

I ordered a cake and cupcakes.It was made just how I wanted it.Looks beautiful.The taste on the other hand was a little too sweet for me.I will use them again but will tell them not too sweet. More...


Sara H.

24 September 2018

Small hole in the wall with fantastic cupcakes. Not the cheapest but they did not disappoint. I got some minis for a toddlers birthday. Ended up getting some big ones a week later for another birthday. Will definitely go back. Note that if you need to reserve some you'll need to give 48 hours notice. More...


John P.

23 September 2018

I was looking for a bakery to make a Hummingbird Cake for my husband's birthday celebration and after contacting a few bakery's they were the first to respond with "no problem "! The cake was a huge hit and absolutely delicious. Couldn't resist getting a cupcake while we were picking up the cake and the Red Velvet was just as delicious. Thanks ladies and gents. You're our new go to bakery. More...


Stephanie T.

22 September 2018

I came here after a long time, and my husband and I got our usual snickerdoodle, red velvet, maple bacon, and s'mores. We saw some new flavors, but I decided to try the bubble gum one. It was excellent, and I would get it again. The lemon lavender looked really good, will have to try that next time. I hope they can try to make a lavender flavored cupcake and also a rose flavored cupcake. The quality and size of the cupcakes are still amazing. Keep up the great work! More...


Paul A.

6 September 2018

This place makes the world a better place! It's has by far the very best cupcakes I have ever had. From the cake to the frosting, they are yummalicious.. so good!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather S.

3 September 2018

Used The Cupcake Shoppe for my wedding. We had order over 300 cupcakes and a two tiered cake. The flavors we had were the Lemon Cupcake, the Snickerdoodle cupcakes, and the Triple Chocolate cupcake. The cupcakes were a hit (so was the cake), but of course they were a hit because the cupcakes are moist and so yummy. I love that the frosting is not super sweet too! The Cupcake Shoppe was great to work with and their communication from them was great. I was happy to work with them, and I loved the suggestions they gave about our two tiered cake. We saved the top tier to our cake, to eat on our first anniversary, however we plan on going into the shop on our anniversary to enjoy fresh cupcakes too! Only downfall I have, is they did not have cake stands/cupcake stands to rent for the event, but clearly that did not stop me from going with them! More...


E V.

31 August 2018

Delicious...moist...unique flavors....all that you would want in a cupcake!!! This place did not disappoint. My coworker recommended this place and when I first got there it definitely didn't have the typical (outside) look of a cupcake shop but I was greeted by a friendly woman who was more than helpful in suggesting delicious flavors. I brought a half a dozen to my friends house for dinner: Chocolate Cream Pie, Triple Threat, French Toast & Bacon, Strawberry Lemonade, Dole Whip, Butter Pecan.  I only got a chance to try two flavors but just based on those two flavor profiles...sigh...I've been craving them more and more!!!!!! I can't wait to go back and get a half dozen just for myself and NOT to share!!! More...


Courtney O.

29 August 2018

Purchased a cake here from my cousins recommendation (she makes the macs there!). And I was super impressed. The cake was everything I wanted for my fiancé's birthday and it was really good! Normally I'm not a fan of cakes when they have a lot of fondant because of how artificial and sweet it tastes but the tres leche with cream and strawberries was so good!!! Only one star away bc the emailing was a little delayed. I still received great customer service though! More...


Tara P.

29 August 2018

Good cupcakes, so many flavors! My son had a cupcake for every birthday from here our little tradition. The customer service is great, very friendly.


Marisaa R.

9 August 2018

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM ESMERALDA . Very helpful , she made me feel like my business mattered . Very respectful . Very polite . very professional ! If she was my worker i would give her a Raise ! More...


Jenavie T.

30 July 2018

I was recommended to try this place when finding out my sister was not able to make my daughter's 10th birthday cake. I went in to taste a few cupcakes and found that the cupcakes were moist and flavorful. Cupcakes can easily go wrong and figured if they can master such a feat the cakes must be as delicious. They did not disappoint. The cake was beautiful and delicious. All of the guests at my daughter's party, adult and child alike, were in awe and could not stop talking about it. One of the best unicorn cakes they have made to date. 3 layer birthday cake mix with strawberries and bananas in whip cream filling. More...


Ruby C.

25 July 2018

Omg I love this place !! They make the best cakes and cupcakes ever.. I got my sons their cake here and it always amazes me. People love it ! Wouldn't trade this place for anywhere elsethats the cake I had made for my baby's 3rd birthday, was a mexican theme party More...


Alicia D.

24 July 2018

About a month ago I found The Cupcake Shop on yelp. We did a walk-in a little before our wedding date just to see if they can do the cake we wanted and if so, could they accommodate us in such short notice. And they did just that!! I had such a wonderful experience going there for a few reasons. The biggest one was their Staff, they are so friendly and helpful. Most of all we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Max for helping us out from start to finish, he helped with picking out the best flavors, where to get the fresh flowers, and suggestion on how to get the cake to look the best for what we wanted. It came out so good that our guests are still talking about the cake! We are so pleased that we finally found a place that makes GREAT cupcakes and is local! We are so very thankful and appreciative to everyone that works at The Cupcake Shop, this is defiantly a place we will be continually going to. :) More...


Simone C.

12 July 2018

Great variety and flavors. Cupcakes are fresh and huge!!! Their cakes are very detailed and priced great as well!


Coralia M.

12 July 2018

One of the best cupcakes I've ever had. I chose this bakery for my wedding cake and cupcakes. Rosie is wonderful and made my experience stress free. I appreciated Rosie's advice and expertise.Thank you Rosie. More...


Peggy C.

25 June 2018

Absolutely incredible!!! I'd like to say I've tried them all...but I can't. My favorite is the s'mores...it's to die for!!! Like a little camp out with wonderful flavor and marshmallows on the top with a graham bar. Of course it's been charred perfectly. Inside is more incredible marshmallows and too much to describe in a chocolate cupcake with so much frosting that you think you're in heaven!!Join the cupcake club, it's free and you get one for joining!Prices are good and food is better!! More...


Kate N.

27 May 2018

I'm so glad this bakery is so close to me! I was in urgent/last minute need for some customized cupcakes. Luckily, 3 days before, I messaged them on yelp and got a quick response to give them a call to place the order for a couple of days later. I chose red velvet, banana creme pie and cookies n creme. Omg my party was so amazed at how delicious these were! They brought a simple design for a launch party.  I will definitely order from them again. 1 dozen customized cupcakes = $48. You won't regret it!!!! More...


Rachel S.

22 May 2018

I don't even know how to begin. Their cupcakes are just amazingly good! They have but 5 get 1 free so of course I would just get that instead of just having ONE cupcake. I mean, who doesn't want more than one cupcake?! Anyway, it's a very small shop in downtown Hayward and pretty much direct to the point. You come in, choose whatever pastry you like then leave. Parking wouldn't be a problem since itself right by the public parking area. They offer customized cakes, cupcakes and cake pops but so far I always buy their assorted cupcakes. I've tried 10 flavors out of I don't even know how many flavors they have! And OHMYGOODNESS everything is hella good I don't even wanna share! Lol. Prices are fair enough for the taste and quality of what you're getting. There's only one staff there so when there are order pick ups and what not, it could get a little busy. They accept credit cards and give points if you're using five star app. It's hard not to swing by this place if you're ever in the area! More...


Sara C.

10 May 2018

I love love love these cupcakes they're so good. They're moist, they're great on the amount of sweetness and their creative flavors are the best. I love the French toast bacon and the triple threat, they're my fav and they have good deals on cupcakes when buying a half dozen. I love sharing with friends because they love the cupcakes too! You need to try these More...


Crystal G.

5 May 2018

I went to the Cinco Di Mayo downtown event. I purchased 6 cupcakes and the booth was very busy. The flavors I tried were the Margarita, the vanilla on vanilla, the chunky monkey, the Mexican hot chocolate, the Lemon and all of them were Positivity Sinful! The cupcakes were moist and dense and delicious and larger than a typical cupcake  @ $3.50 / cupcake  is a worth it considering the size. More...


Rayshawn M.

19 April 2018

*i rated a 5 when My rate is 0 just to be at top of list *I have been coming here for over 2 years. I even had a 2 tier cake made for my daughters sweet 16 and purchased additional cupcakes. $$ not to mention I've also referred several friends which has generated more business to the owners at no cost for marketing! We all know word of mouth is the way to go. WTBS Yesterday 4/12/18 I want my word to reach everyone that search's up this company. I'm writing this message because of a less then stellar experience I had. I came in to follow up on a call and message i left for manager/Owner to contact me regarding 4 Hennessy red cupcakes that I purchased the following week on a Friday. I came in because I was not contacted in a timely manner after I called and left detailed message regarding the quality & them being dry and not moist as I've had many times before. These are pricy cupcakes because of the alcohol content. To make this right it would have only cost the company $20 & less if we are talking about what it actually cost to make them. For me and maybe you too? Customer service is huge and if your not doing what you can to give your customers an awesome experience every time  it's a issue! I felt like I shouldn't have had to follow up on my call after 1 week. I was told that the recipe changed after i expressed concern of it being different and this change was made because of a previous complaint that the cupcakes was too wet and falling apart and getting the customers LIT! Well duh!!!  why else would you buy a Hennessy Red cupcake That one person/s ruined it for all. Falling apart Use a spoon to eat!! I was not advised that the recipe changed as a heads up so I was expecting the original Hennessy Red! You can't please everyone so how would a complaint/s change your protocol?  2 of the 3 associate was Rude in delivery and not compassionate that I not only live 1 hr away (which is why I couldn't return back over weekend) &  but I also left message that was not returned regarding this issue.Max a feisty male and the other was Carolina spicy young girl! Both very aggressive!  The other employee who took my initial complaint had great customer service so this review Is solely based on the 2 rude/aggressive neck moving employees who must be related to Owner because  they speak in a tone that states clearly they have job security! This is possibly the reason why somesmall businesses stay small -go figure! Upon this visit I was offered 2 replacement Henny Red cupcakes as a resolution to pick up today 4/13 & I returned today and there was not any left nor set aside for me. So now I'm HOT! Another lady (3rd rude employee) with a ponytail bun said they Are first come first serve basis. So I'm just looking at her like are you serious? As If There wasnt a issue just yesterday. Why would you not place 2 aside (Customer service) she then asked me why would I want the same ones if I was Wasn't satisfied... (excuse me? Did she really just ask me that) I told her I intended to add my own damn Hennessy!  Her reply was well we didn't know that... I'm thinking ok why do I need to tell you what I plan to do with my 2 free replacement cupcakes  After I asked why they don't let There customers know it was changed/ alcohol reduced She went on to say they changed There recipe on several cupcake because ingredients became expensive And can't let There customers know about every little change  okay but you greet ppl welcome Upon entering by asking have you been here before And when the customer say " Yes " - then they  say "welcome back"  maybe once they place order you can let them know at that time! It's not rocket science it's a courtesy! This company is LACKING LACKING LACKING customer service and so it's all fine and dandy til a problem arises then it's defensiveness and unprofessionalism at its finest! There are plenty of local Bay Area cupcake companies to support I would advise you to find one that delivers exceptional customer service and does not say "that's fine" when you say I may not return after this experience as a tactic for them to maybe care that they will lose a paying customer ... the reality is it seems they don't care at all ‼ job security/family More...


Sjauna J.

21 March 2018

Hmmm... where do I start lol. I wanted Hennessy cupcakes for my boyfriends birthday so my  co-worker  suggested that  I try this place.  I did my research online and saw they made Hennessy/Red Velvet cupcakes( also its a variety of different cupcakes to choose from). When I called and placed my order the staff were very professional and helpful. I got 2 dozen standard size or were they jumbo? hmm I forgot but I know the price came to $75.  When I picked them up everything was on time and the customer service was great. My boyfriend loved them, you can see the Hennessy dripping out the cupcake. It was very moist, fresh ,  and the Red Velvet is just the perfect mixture.This is my forever go to spot when I want some bomb ass cupcakes... the best shop in the Bay. More...


Joanne P.

17 March 2018

So happy I found this wonderful bakery in Hayward! Thanks to yelp reviewers I found this Bakery for my visit to the Bay Area, while I was still at home in Las Vegas!I called one week ahead to place a special order for one dozen strawberry shortcake cupcakes to celebrate my granddaughter's birthday, and they did not disappoint! More...


J L.

10 March 2018

The Monday mini ($1 a mini) is a great deal so you can sample several flavors. I enjoyed the Oreo and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. We bought 12 and they did not last long. The cake was light and fluffy and you could tell the flavor profiles are well thought out. We were a little disappointed in the churro cupcake as the churro itself was pretty hard ... not sure how you could keep it from drying out on top of a cupcake tho, so I'm not that mad at them!  We will definitely be back. More...


Maila S.

3 March 2018

We have come here two weekends in a row. We love the churro, snickerdoodle, salted caramel, smores etc. They are always helpful and have the best variety. The henessey was strong for me, but everything else is amazing. More...


L D.

23 February 2018

They did my sisters wedding, over 800 peices. Great service. Very repsonsive, was a great pleasure to work with! They were on time with delivery and setup the dessert table to look great! Highly recommend to anyone looking to hire! The experience working with them was easy and a pleasure. Look forward to using them more often! More...


Adelina G.

22 February 2018

The cupcake shoppe was a hit at my wedding this past weekend! Rosie was amazing to work with. She communicated well with me throughout the entire planning process. She delivered the night of my event and gave it her full 100% effort. Everyone raved about our dessert table, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She made this so easy on me, and made sure I was happy with all the items I picked. She exceeded my expectations, I was so happy with the outcome. I want to thank her and her team for making my night unforgettable.I will defiantly recommend The Cupcake Shoppe to everyone for future events . For our special night we ordered - Cake Pops , Cupcakes. Rice Krispies and Cake Shooters. I truly couldn't pick a favorite because they were ALL that good. Not only was the presentation great, but each dessert was mouthwatering. More...


Shante L.

19 February 2018

Yes please!!!! Such a yummy local find thanks to yelp!! This review is based on two great experiences. I thought I would have to drive much further from home to get cupcakes or resort to a grocery store. But yayyyy so happy this place is close to home and right downtown with street parking. I  really like that they have such unique flavors like tres leches, churro, lemon lavender, tiramisu...just to name a few.   My favorite is the birthday cake cupcake. I hate a dry cupcake but not to worry....the cupcakes are always fluffy, fresh, and pretty big. The cupcakes are very reasonably priced...the more you buy the bigger discount you receive. The staff are friendly and it gives me a local vibe. This will continue to be my go to spot. More...


Hanna C.

2 February 2018

I am always on the hunt for the best cupcake. I love them, always have. I like the idea of no corner pieces, no dry cake, or uneven servings depending on whoever is cutting said cake.That said, I have sojourned all over the bay area searching for the best cupcakes our wonderful diverse Bay Area has to offer. I've had Kara's from San Francisco, random small bakeries ( I adore small businesses and Indie Food places), and of course.... Sprinkles. I used to think Sprinkles was the end all be all of the small cake but the last few times has left me frustrated, annoyed and worst of all- hungry. The Cupcake Shoppe is the best cupcake of all time.Yep. Best. Of. All. Time. My mom surprised me with a box of these treats for my birthday because I have been itching to try this place- hoping beyond hope they were the ones I had been searching for and did they ever deliver. First of all, these cupcakes on the THIRD day are way fresher than the S words cupcakes right out the door. The cake is incredibly moist and they have found the perfect cake-frosting ratio. I have eaten 6 in the past month and they have all been delicious so I am thinking that they are incapable of making a bad flavor.The Shirley Temple cupcake is a decadent yet light lemon lime cake with cherry frosting. It melts in your mouth. The frosting nor the cake leave residue on the roof of your mouth like the other mass cupcake joints have begun to leave in mine.So if you are searching for cupcakes, go here. Let the small guy win- because these people deserve it! More...


Heavenly E.

31 January 2018

Today was the second time I was in here. And I wanted to review this while I still had the taste of the churro cupcake sweet in my mouth.    A couple weeks ago, me and my mom and my sister came in to get cupcakes for my sister's birthday. She had been wanting to try this place for a while now. She's been scouring everywhere all over the bay for "her cupcake place." And while my go to destination to get my cake fix is costco, hers is sprinkles. Uuuuuugh.    Let me give you some background on our relationship with sprinkles. They have an alright cupcake. It's horribly overpriced. You pay for the name, basically. And the people there suck. I hate to be that guy but they always seem like, "Why the heck are you even here?" And so whenever my sister wants a cupcake and it's sprinkles time, I shrivel inside.    But we decided to try something new, and surprise her with it. And holy heck in a cupcake wrapper with buttercream frosting!    First off, we came on a Monday, and if you're a firstie, you need to do that. Monday is mini Monday. That means that the two-biter cupcakes are a dollar. So you can get one of all of them and decide which ones you love the most. Which is what we did. Spoiler alert: we all loved them all! The birthday cake has this eggy richness to it that is so wonderful and innovative. The bacon french toast is so well balanced that it's a delicate kiss of bacon maple. Yes, I did have it for breakfast, don't you dare judge me.    Today was a tough day. I had physical therapy and I thought--treat yoself. We got an assortment to see how regular cupcakes compared to the minis. Let me tell you, they're both friggin bomb. I just ate the churro, and it came with a little surprise well of dulce de lece. It was just, wow.    So, this one goes out to Carolina. Thank you for not being like the drones at sprinkles. You guys are amazing. Sprinkles, you've been canceled. More...


Tam S.

25 January 2018

I recently moved to the East Bay and immediately searched for a yummy cupcake shop - I am serious about my cupcakes! After a bit of a search, I found The Cupcake Shoppe - so happy that I found this gem. The cupcakes were moist, flavorful, and had the right amount of buttercream frosting! I will definitely be back for more - I may even share with others the next time :) More...


Renee S.

8 January 2018

YOU GUYS - I was in a post-holiday coma when I realized I forgot to order a birthday cake for my husband. My go-to is the Cupcake Shoppe because delicious so I emailed them my air-headed dilemma. They said they could accommodate my order so I sent in Pinterest photos for a golf themed cake. AND HOLY MOLY DID THEY DELIVER! Got so many oooos and ahhhhs about the cake in addition to its deliciousness. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! More...


Carey H.

4 January 2018

This place is One Of The best but.... They can be a little more professional and theyd get more . Make people want to come back.


Katrina R.

20 December 2017

Try the chocolate raspberry cupcake. Amaze balls! Friendly staff. Alot of great options.


Mandy M.

16 December 2017

I found this place here on Yelp and based on the reviews decided to place an order for my company's holiday party. The ordering process was easy and done over the phone. I paid by credit card and set up a pick-up date for later in the week. The cupcakes were not only beautiful but delicious as well. The designs were Christmas trees, holiday lights, and an awesome glitter! I'm so happy with my first order from The Cupcake Shoppe, and it definitely won't be my last. More...


Jeff C.

6 December 2017

A nice local find!  Looking for sweets for my mom's bday, my wife ran across this place on Yelp and I ran out to pick some up.  They had a nice selection of flavors, even in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, and it was hard to decide because they all looked so good!I ended up getting a New York Cherry Cheesecake, the Churro, French Toast and Bacon, and the Chocolate Strawberry Truffle.  All of the cupcakes were wonderful!  The cheesecake one actually tasted like cheesecake, the French toast and bacon had a nice sweet/salty mix, and I was pleasantly surprised to find actual strawberries inside the truffle cupcake!  Nice fluffy consistency on the cake and sweet (but not too sweet)...  great cupcakes! More...


Brenda R.

29 November 2017

They always have a variety when I go except this past Saturday. They didn't have anyone closing so there was little to no selection of cupcakes which was a bummer. Besides that, it's our go to place for cupcakes for special occasions and holidays! More...


Veronica B.

25 November 2017

These cupcakes are to die for! I have yet to taste one that I didn't LOVE! You do have to come early for the best selection. They only make a certain amount daily, and when they run out... they are gone! Pictured: Tiramisu, Vanilla, Maple Bacon, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Marble and Red Velvet. More...


Monika C.

21 November 2017

The only reason this place was given 4 stars was because at 5pm there wasn't much of a selection, unfortunately. They didn't close until 7pm so I feel bad for anyone coming in later! The cupcakes were great, we purchased 4. I would definitely return, but earlier in the day, for sure. More...


Deborah S.

20 November 2017

Love this fun unique bakery right in my backyard!!! I always look forward to see what new flavors of sweet treats are available


Ines F.

14 November 2017

On several occasions this year I have purchased cakes for huge events (baby showers, birthdays etc.)from the cupcake Shoppe and I loved each and every single one I sent pictures of what I wanted and they cane out exactly how I wanted it and they tasted amazing as well the cakes  are heavy and so beautiful I will continue to order from this bakery not only because of the quality of cakes but because the customer service is superb !!


Shanda C.

19 October 2017

Friendly staff and all the cupcakes were great.  We got 6 different flavors, all delicious and moist even end of day.  I was a little bummed there wasn't more selection when I was there but I was there end of day so I get it.


Bre L.

17 October 2017

The cupcakes here are super moist and delicious. My favorite is the coconut creme and banana creme  cupcakes that I got on the same day once but never again. The menu seems to be different in store than what's on the website so be prepared for some disappointment. The cakes & fillings are great but the frosting takes on a foam like texture which is good for presentation and transportation but not the tastiest. More...


Lisanti C.

9 October 2017

They have the most decadent and delicious cupcakes I've ever purchased. They have a wonderful variety of flavors. I would highly recommend The Cupcake Shoppe to my family and friends.


Mo C.

5 October 2017

Yummy cupcakes and, in my opinion, huge! These are not just regular size cupcakes.  I'm not a huge sweets fan, but definitely see myself grabbing cupcakes here when I have a sweet tooth. 4 cupcakes cost me about $13.  We got strawberry, Shirley Temple, vanilla, and birthday cake and all were good! The cake isn't super sweet which I like.Will be back! Especially when I need cupcakes for a baby shower or photo shoot. More...


Shabnam N.

19 September 2017

This is the best shop for cupcakes!!! First of all the cupcakes are jumbo! The prices are reasonable for the portion of each cupcake also for every 5 you buy you get one free! A dozen is 30! The cupcakes are so moist and delicious! A must try for sure you'll get hooked!!! It's located in downtown Hayward and right by CSUEB. If I knew about this store while I was attending I might go everyday..lol. Also 30 minutes before closing cupcakes are 2 dollars each! More...


S K.

7 September 2017

Loved the cupcakes. I had an expired Groupon and used it. The lady was extremely friendly and suggested the flavors. Everyone loved it. Thanks


Angel T.

6 September 2017

They are really good cupcakes. Bought some last min for my husband's birthday party and they were a hit!


Sandy N.

6 September 2017

My friend bought me Cherry cola chocolate, French toast & candies bacon and one more that I am sure. I am not a cupcake person, but I love these. These cakes are moist and fluffy, the icing are sweet but not over bearing. I will totally visit the shop when I am in the hood. More...


Joseph V.

2 September 2017

These Cupcakes are baked to perfection and have the right amount of frosting to compliment the jumbo size cupcakes. My favorite was the French toast and bacon and snickerdoodle! Both extremely delicious! By far the best cupcake place in the area. I would recommend going earlier in the day cause by the end of the day the best flavors are usually all sold out. More...


Bea Y.

18 August 2017

Tried for the first time today since I was in the area. My boyfriend and I bought two and had them for dessert tonight! Flavorful, light and beautiful to look at. I will go back to try their others. More...


Marie A.

9 August 2017

At first it was hard to even order my cake since the owner was tied up in a family emergency but after getting pricing and knowing what I wanted, it was easy to order and pick up my beautiful cake and cupcakes for my wedding.My cake was exactly how I wanted it and the cupcakes were amazingly beautiful! Not only did it look great, it TASTED GREAT! Everyone was asking us where we got our cake / cupcake and I wasn't more than happy to say The Cupcake Shoppe.Thank you for making our wedding cake / cupcakes look beautiful and taste great! More...


Delresha P.

1 August 2017

I order with them for my baby shower and my son's 1st Birthday., Everything was amazing both times around. I sent in pictures of how I wanted my cakes decorated and they nailed it each time. For my baby shower I order cake pops, cupcakes, cake in the jar and a cake. EVERYONE LOVED EVERYTHING! The red velvet was a hit, they have like a chocolate 3 cake mix in the jar that I wish I would have order more of because everyone wanted one. For my son's birthday I order a cake and a smash cake for my son vanilla and fresh strawberries AGAIN it was a hit. My guest loved the cake and the design of the cake WAS EVERYTHING!! Would truly recommend and be using them again for our events. More...


Nerrisa C.

22 July 2017

I love this place! They have a wide range of flavors from birthday cake to chocolate sundae to french toast and bacon to pb & j! My husband and and I love the cupcakes! I have order cupcakes and speciality cakes from them for parties also. The staff are very nice and always squeeze in my orders. They are also reasonably priced compared to other businesses I've ordered speciality cakes from. And they taste better! More...


Rachel N.

20 July 2017

Oh. My. Gosh. Best cupcakes ever in the history of my life. I'm not even kidding when I say I just ate the best cupcake I've ever had. My husband and I were both blown away. We got a bacon french toast cupcake and a strawberry chocolate truffle cupcake. But the real winner was the Nutella cupcake. So creamy and delicious and moist. And the frosting was fluffy and marshmallowy and perfect. I will definitely be coming back for more. More...


Nikki H.

1 July 2017

Love these guys! They made a cake and cupcakes for my son's 1st birthday party and I loved it!!! It was perfect! And tasted amazing! The cake was all anyone could talk about. I ordered and corresponded via email with Rosie who was so nice and very responsive. When I picked up the cake the day of, I met the bakers, Carolina and Max, and I also met Sarah. They were all great! We will definitely get all our cakes from them! More...


Marsha H.

30 June 2017

They are as good as they really deserved to be on "The Cupcake War" TV show!! I can't decide which one so I always get a dozen of variety each kind.You won't regret


Christina M.

23 June 2017

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a bit picky when it comes to cake and I don't pass out compliments easily. That being said, I was looking for a special dessert to celebrate my 4 year anniversary with my hubby and I came across The Cupcake Shoppe on Yelp. It's close to home and got great reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try. They offer a wide selection of unique flavors, so I bought a half dozen different cupcakes and I have to say that I am VERY IMPRESSED! So far, I've tasted the Chocolate Raspberry, the Nutella and the Oreo Cheesecake. They are all EXCELLENT, but the Oreo Cheesecake is truly outstanding! We still have 3 flavors left to try from our first purchase, but I have very high hopes. We will certainly be back for more!! More...


Cathy G.

10 June 2017

A friend told me about this spot...wow! Went for the first time last week and then back again today. The bakers are friendly and the cupcakes are divine! The flavors change daily...I will be back again! More...


Carol C.

10 June 2017

Date: 6/10/2017  Time: 3:00 PM   68°  SunnyThere used to be The Cupcake Shoppe in Alameda on Park Street. I was walking on Park Street when I noticed their sandwich board advertising the many different flavors of cupcakes. I think it said about 100 flavors. Seeing that aroused my curiosity. I went in to check it out. The owner had a kiosk type set up. So many flavors to choose from and it took me a while to decide...mango mousse cupcake is what I had.Well, The Cupcake Shoppe closed on Park Street. I was disappointed and I missed them. Then a few years back one of my friends (Jacques Garcia) on Facebook mentioned this one on Main Street in Hayward. I have never bookmarked this business to check it out in the future. I kept telling myself that eventually I will stop in to admire the different flavored cupcakes and to buy some. That day was today. After my husband and I had brunch at The Tree House, which is around the corner on B Street, this was my only chance to walk over here and get three cupcakes for his 71st birthday before heading home to Alameda.I asked the gentleman who was helping me if they still had the mango mousse one. Well, I came in on the wrong day. Mango mousse is sold only on Tuesday. Okay, I needed to browse more. Again, I am standing there, eyeing the cupcakes and trying to figure what flavors I wanted to get. Ooh, too many choices and so little time...lol. I finally decided on the three that were somewhat different (except for one) - Hennessey red, French toast & bacon and tiramisu.As tempting as these cupcakes are, I know not to eat a whole one, which might result in a sugar spike in my glucose level. I know to have just 1/4 of the cupcake at a time. Tiramisu has always been one of my favorite desserts. Oh, my! The tiramisu cupcake was absolutely delicious. It had a strong coffee taste (like espresso), a nice subtle balance of bitter and sweet, ever so moist texture, not dense and dry. On the other hand, the icing was a tad sweet; however not overwhelmingly sweet. The icing was the perfect complement to the cupcake. I am eager to try the French toast & bacon one, but that will have to wait. I believe I had enough sweets/sugar for the day. As if, I am not sweet enough...haha...lol.Finally, no telling when I will return to visit The Cupcake Shoppe. I can only hope soon and before September. Cupcakes... yum yum!!! More...


Robert B.

14 May 2017

My daughter-in-law ordered these for my wife for mother's day & asked me to pick them up for her. Just looking at them, they looked like regular cupcakes to me, but were somewhat heavier than I am used to. One bite and everybody in the house couldn't believe how delicious they were. I don't do reviews, but would have felt guilty if I didn't review these cupcakes. We live out of the area, but will definitely be ordering more in the future. More...


Lisa D.

29 April 2017

Once again, this place doesn't disappoint! Ordered a cake for my second daughters 1st bday (just like I had for my first daughter). I gave them an idea of what I wanted for the design and the cake turned out beautiful...completely exceeded my expectations and it was SO delicious! Absolutely recommend! More...


Jennifer B.

23 April 2017

Excellent!  Lavender Honey was amazing!  Frankly, the whole dozen was amazing.  Im so excited to try more.  Parking is easy and it's a friendly shop.  Thank you so much!


Caro S.

10 April 2017

Lemme start off by saying I'm not really into cupcakes. I love sweets but cupcakes have never been my thing. I went to a potluck a few years ago and tried the most amazing Lavender Cupcake. I immediately asked where it was from. Ever since, I have been coming to The Cupcake Shoppe to order cupcakes regular and mini for celebrations.They have such an amazing variety and they are reasonably priced. If you order in advance you can get any of the flavors. What impresses me the most is that the cupcakes look beautiful and actually taste delish.I guess they have true inner beauty, LOL!The owner and her Mom are so sweet and creative, their passion for what they do really shines. I have enjoyed every flavor I have tried but some favorites in my office include: Snickerdoodle, Lemon, Toffee, Oreo, French Toast & Bacon, Thin Mint, Twix, Caramel Apple, and Peanut Buttercup! My personal fav Honey Lavendar!Sidebar: This place was on Cupcake Wars season 9! More...


Crystal W.

6 April 2017

They are awesome! I did a last minute order for my daughters birthday. The price is a bit expensive,  but the craftsmanship is so on point! Great customer service! I will be going back! More...


JaeMath S.

25 March 2017

Love this place they did my baby shower back in August. ...we ordered over a 100 cupcake minis and had about 8 different flavors. ..loved them all...my guest thought they were the best...every loved the French Toast and Bacon cupcake...my mom and I go here for our sugar fix....this place is yummers!!!! More...


Serah P.

16 March 2017

Great selection of flavors and cupcakes are BIG. A little on the pricey side but you get what you pay for, love how moist the actual cakes are!


Shannon L.

11 March 2017

Cupcake Shoppe is nowhere near as fancy as a place like Sprinkles but it has a local, homemade feel that gives it a special quality too. Each cupcake is huge and dense. They have classic flavors but also unique ones like churro, Hennessy red, triple threat, and French toast with bacon. The cake part resembles more of a box cake and the frosting is moderately sweet with a fluffy consistency. I got 18 cupcakes for $46 which means an average cost of $2.55 per cupcake. That's a pretty decent price! I got here right when the shop opened on Saturday and tons of flavors were available. Parking is available on the street. More...


May A.

18 February 2017

First time discovering this gen on Valentine's Day! My eyes instantly lit up as I read ALL the eccentric varieties.. Hennessy Red, Piña Colada (both infused with real alcohol), Bacon French Toast (THE BOMB), Red Velvet Cheesecake, Oreo's Cookie's & Creme... Bought a dozen for only $30 for a friend!!! Came back a second time in the same week to buy more for my office. And discovered they had chocolate covered bacon and chocolate dipped strawberries also infused (chocolate also infused with little bit of the alchy) . This is THE sweetest spot! More...


Auriyon J.

12 February 2017

They have amazing tasting cupcakes!!!! First of all, they are huge jumbo sized! And they are only 3.25 each! Amazing deal! The cupcakes I got where very moist and flavorful! I highly recommend the strawberry lemonade and the tres leeches! They also have so many flavors to choose from! I only wish they had another location closer to me! I'd go there every week!! The staff is also very friendly! I can't wait to go back again! Hopefully soon! More...


Rossel C.

23 January 2017

Offering beautifully decorated cupcakes with fun flavors that switch daily, this tiiiiiiiinyyyy cupcake spot presents huuuuuge promise!I'm not quite sure why they keep changing locations but their current situation is pretty sketch.  A perk is there is a parking lot behind this place buuut if you can find street parking right in front, go for it. (It's a grab-and-go type of establishment anyways).Expect a CLEAN display, fluffy and moist cupcakes (some have fillings, some don't), and perfectly smooth buttercream frosting as well as whipped cream topping.  For $3.25 per cupcake, you really do get the quality you are paying for.  They also have a deal where you buy 5, get 1 free which is about $16. This is a pretty SWEET deal because you can try multiple flavors (definitely a good option for sharing -- plastic forks/knives can be found by the wall on the left).Their most popular flavor is French Toast w/ Bacon and it's clear to see why! The balance between salty and sweet is PERFECT. To me it kind of tastes like a churro with bacon buuuut I ain't complaining hehe.  I also love Tres Leche and they do an amazing job on the execution of their Tres Leche cupcake -- MOIST MOIST MOIST in the middle!!!I'm not giving a 5/5 rating because although a number of their flavors are beyond great, they also have flavors that are "just okay" or leave you feeling like something was missing.  Nonetheless, there are a number of flavors I have yet to try and although their current situation looks a little sketchy, The Cupcake Shoppe does bring some sugary goodness to Hayward. More...


Mariam R.

16 January 2017

My sister in law made me stop here this morning and I'm glad she did! It's a cute little shop with a great selection of mini cupcakes, cake pops, etc. The woman at the register welcomed us and explained the pricing/deals for each day of the week. She was patient as I struggled to decide which flavors I wanted and kind enough to answer all of our questions. Now for the important part-the cupcakes-they were really good! We got red velvet, snickerdoodle, cookies and cream, caramel toffee, Mexican hot chocolate, and birthday cake just to name a few and they were all very tasty. The cake is perfectly baked. Not too try and not too moist-it's just right. The icing is sweet just like I like it. And the overall presentation is perfect. They also provide additional services (I.e. custom cakes) at an affordable price. We will definitely be back if we need our cupcake fix and I encourage you to stop by as well! More...


Crystal T.

10 December 2016

The cake is moist, the frosting is not too sugary-sweet, and there are so many delicious flavors! The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that some of the fruity flavors don't have much of the actual flavor in them! Banana was great, but we couldn't taste the peach in the peach cobbler (same with pumpkin cheesecake and caramel apple). They were tasty but not what you would expect the flavor to be. More...


Jasmine A.

2 December 2016

Got some cupcakes from here for my 15th birthday. Lavender Honey, PB&J, Raspberry Chocolate, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Red Velvet were my favorite flavors. Everything was awesome, the cakes tasted great. :) More...


Esther J.

21 November 2016

This place is freaking awesome , everybody here is friendly , there cupcakes are the bomb.com my favorite is smores and french toast -carolina


Jennifer H.

18 November 2016

Not a fan of sweets but it was the homie's birthday so I rolled with it. The pricing were ridiculously inexpensive (discount on day old pastries) that I had to buy 5. Max was friendly, informative and even allowed us to take a few candles to light the birthday gal's cupcake. It's a cute spot with patient and upbeat employees; what an overall sweet experience. More...


Kristy L.

8 November 2016

BEST CUPCAKES IN HAYWARD (well the whole world) !! I've had a couple of cakes done by them & I've NEVER been disappointed. The staff there is just AWESOME & very helpful. I always recommend this spot to my friends & they love it here as well. Thank you cupcake shoppe for making AWESOME DELICIOUS cupcakes :) you guys are the best :) More...


K H.

31 October 2016

I tried them out, using a Groupon.  The parking out front was easy.  The ordering was painless.  And they were very friendly.  Their cupcakes were phenomenal and decadent.  Love love love the french toast maple bacon cupcake. More...


Irene S.

19 October 2016

O-M-G this place was amazing!!! I had seen this shop many times as I work in the area but never quite stepped in. It wasn't until my sugar craving kicked in that I decided to try it out. I was greeted by Max (he was sooo sweet and helpful GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS!!) and he helped me pick out a cupcake from their HUGE variety of cupcakes. I almost wanted one of each because they looked so good!! I picked out a bday cake pop and a Tres Leches cupcake. The cake pop was for my coworker and she said it was sooo good and she was definitely going to try the place out herself. My cupcake was amazing! It had all the taste of the traditional tres leches cake. It even had the traditional milky layer that tres leches has but yet it did not fall apart. The frosting was good and it was topped with a fresh strawberry and caramel drizzle. I will definitely be gaining a few lbs just going back to this place over and over again. More...


Jen P.

2 October 2016

This cupcakes are divine! A little tiny store in downtown Hayward and worth the trip if you want some delicious cupcakes! I personally like the maple bacon cupcakes! So  good!


Lulu M.

18 September 2016

The best cupcakes ever! I've tried a few of their flavors but their red velvet cupcake is definitely a winner. I always tell myself I'll try something different but the red velvet calls my name. Their cupcakes are always moist and full of flavor, and the frostings are to die for! They also have happy hours super often so do yourself a favor and follow them on instagram. More...


N P.

14 September 2016

Now I'm inlove with these cupcAkes!!!!! Fantastic!! You should try it.... I don't really like cupcakes bcos frosting is so sweet but these cupcakes makes me ate the frosting.... It's moist and super delicious!!!!! More...


Jim T.

31 August 2016

Nice variety of cupcakes in a standard size. They taste great and a good post meal snack.


Steph F.

28 August 2016

What a great shop! I never actually set foot in this place. Saw the great reviews online and called them to order cupcakes, and they actually delivered them for us for a get together next door. What a great business and delicious cupcakes! More...


Miggz C.

27 August 2016

Instead of getting my brother a cake I decided to change it up this year and get him a dozen cupcakes from here and he was not disappointed. They have a lot of options to choose from, you'll find something that intrigues you for sure. More...


Julia F.

19 August 2016

Last night we took a stroll downtown on "B" Street & Main during the Hayward Summer Street Party.  The Cupcake Shoppe was open, the aroma of fresh baked goods inviting my curiosity.  A couple sat at the sidewalk café table and chairs, savoring cupcakes, their faces lighting up with childlike delight with each bite.On a whim I decided to investigate.  I wish I'd taken pictures for you (tho if you check the reviews, many happy customers have shared theirs). Red Velvet.  I love red velvet.  And I have not been able to find red velvet, baked locally, West of the Mississippi!  The red velvet cupcake was smooth, velvety, delicate chocolate flavor complimented by the bright flavor of the cream cheese frosting.  Heaven!Lavender and honey?  I'm still nibbling at this one the morning after.  I want to dive into it, but then it'd be done too soon.  This is a cupcake worthy of the culinary gourmet ghetto breakthroughs for which Berkeley and San Francisco are known.  I'm so proud to find this Bay Area tradition alive at The Cupcake Shoppe in downtown Hayward!French toast and bacon.  O. M. G. My husband said "None for me, I snacked at work."Hahahahaha!  We tried not to eat the entire french toast and bacon cupcake all at once and it almost made it half a block!  How did they do that?  That was the most amazing cinnamon and maple french toast flavor complimented by savory crunchy fresh bacon!  Amazing -- French toast and bacon -- WOW!Thank you "The Cupcake Shoppe" for making downtown Hayward your home.  I'll even open an Instagram account just for you!  * More...


Karla S.

15 August 2016

We strolled into The Cupcake Shoppe on a whim back in March of 2016.  Tried a few of their cupcakes and just fell in love.  The Tres Leches is just wonderful (and I am not a Tres Leches fan usually).  Anyways, my daughter's Quinceanera was coming up and we decided to have The Cupcake Shoppe provide a dessert table.  We had 3 cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, macaroons, and a few other sweets.  They were a hit at the party!!!  As soon as I have pictures, I'll update the review.  But i didn't want to let another day go by without saying Thank you to Rosie and the rest of the staff.  The fact that they delivered and set-up the dessert table helped me out a lot as it was one less thing for me to worry about.  I highly recommend this place!  Everything is delicious and the customer service is exceptional!!! More...


Danielle F.

13 August 2016

I lovvvvvvve the cupcakes at this shop! They are very moist and I haven't tried one flavor yet that I haven't liked. I just tried the Java cup cupcake and it was really good. I enjoy trying the unique cupcakes they put out too! Oh yes and can't forget happy hour, there may not be much of a selection, but $2 cupcakes is a great deal for specialty cupcakes! More...


Ashley B.

7 August 2016

Wow! Absolutely amazing cake and cupcakes! I ordered peppa pig cupcakes in strawberry, lemon, vanilla, and chocolate, as well as a chocolate with fresh strawberry cake for my daughters 2nd birthday. They cake was cute and was delicious. Everyone enjoyed both the cakes and cupcakes and were asking where we got them. My husband said he wants a cake from here for his birthday! More...


Jacqueline C.

2 August 2016

Heart eyes for this place!!! I have been looking for a cute little cupcake/sweet shop like this that is close to home. The staff here is so friendly, knowledgable, and welcoming! Their cupcake flavors are to die for. We ended up getting French toast, choc. birthday cake, and marble. Everything tasted sweet, really fresh, and flavorful!! We will be back here soon to try more flavors & cake pops! Highly recommend! PS they have big cakes, macaroons, cake pops, and more! More...


Sam G.

24 July 2016

I love this bakery hands-down! Yolanda has done many cakes,cupcakes, cookies,and macaroons, all custom for me and people I know. She made me a custom Chanel cake for my 25th birthday that came out fantastic. I had custom cake pops surrounding it and it looked flawless. Everything tasted gourmet. I wanted to make sure everything to look nice and clean, but I wanted everything to taste really good. If you know anything about making a cake you know that that's not the easiest task to accomplish. Making my dream cake, and making it taste amazing. Let me tell you, she delivered. With flying colors. Not to mention that I had called her less than three weeks before I needed a full $500 order and mind you my cake alone, with two tiers, was a $300 cake. It was not a small job for her and her team. I'm 150% satisfied with the quality and service. I recommend this place to my friends and family. I go there on a regular basis to pick up cupcakes, macaroons, and cookies for special events that I'm attending. I always grab business cards and leave there with a smile. I know everyone's going to be asking where I got these amazing goodies from. I'm sure I'll be calling them soon to place another order. They are bomb!!!! Love button! More...


Sara M.

23 July 2016

I came home and my roommate had bought half a dozen cupcakes. I had always heard of this cupcake shop and never had an opportunity to go over and try. The triple threat cupcake was an amazing idea. I've never seen or heard of a cupcake like this. Marble is always available but never 3 mixed in. It was moist and dense! Just the way I love my cake ! I would LOVE to see chocolate chips thrown in ! That would make this my 5 star cupcake. More...


Mauricio G.

22 July 2016

So, I dropped in here at the last minute to grab some cupcakes for my son's 16th birthday family dinner! The young lady behind the counter was so sweet nice helpful made it real easy for a dad to get in and out!! Great recommendation on the maple bacon. I was told it's one of the beat in bay area!! I got a bunch of different cupcakes because our family is one of those who like to try everything interesting!! I have a 14 and 16 yr old sons that I'm proud to say there foodies!! The order from every menu and eat just about everything!!  I asked this young lady if she was the owner? Why... Because of the way she took ownership in her families business!! I think that's great for them .. You have to have good people the will represent your business like I witnessed her here!! Great jobs guys and thank you for making my experience awesome!! Now the cupcakes.... Red velvet was good! Lemon, raspberries, pb&j.. the chocolate on chocolate is my boo!! I said hello there I wanna eat all up there my peace of chocolate Wonder!! They snickerdoodle ect.. It's a must try. You'll love it .. we did!!! Peace be with you all!! More...


Haben G.

16 July 2016

Red velvet cupcakes! Hennessy cupcakes!!Thick yet moist consistency. Can't go wrong if you're driving by and decide to stop for a treat. Great service!!!!!!!!!!!!


Angelia A.

5 June 2016

Where do I even start!! Each time I order or come in to The Cupcake Shoppe the fresh bake smell is exceptional!! I love that everything is freshly baked, walking into this aroma makes you want to try each cupcake! I have been a loyal customer since day one of Company being open.I have been ordering for years....birthday cakes, Holiday Pies, Dipped Strawberries, wedding cakes, cake pops, and yes cupcakes!!  This Shoppe puts in all the details on pre-ordered cakes, the fondant is to the T!I can't say I have a Favorite flavor cupcake (impossible)... BUT I never leave without the family's favs...butter pecan, red velvet, strawberry surprise and the award winning Maple Bacon cupcake!  I follow them FB & IG to be sure I remember the HAPPY HOUR $2.00 Cupcakes! Now I see that this month they are starting to have Ice Cream Sandwiches! YUM!Anyone who tried this Cupcake Shoppe is MISSING OUT! More...


Kezia S.

24 May 2016

They have really good cupcakes! They're very moist and flavorful. A little expensive but it's worth it!


M. M.

23 May 2016

I went into the cupcake shoppe and asked them to make a make a dreamcatcher birthday cake for my boyfriend. I couldn't have imagined how beautiful the cake would have came out, and usually with nice cakes they don't taste very well, but this cake was delicious white cake with raspberry filling.  It wasn't too sweet, and it wasn't too sour, and the white cake was very moist!  Everyone raved about the cake, the design was beautiful. I would go back again. More...


Cynthia C.

20 May 2016

As I always say I'm not picky, I called an hour before they closed and I asked them what did they have left instead of me getting my hopes up for something else. I made my order of a dozen cupcakes including alcohol infused cupcakes (which are AAAAAMMMAZING) and the girls helped get my order, went in, picked up and left quickly. Thanks girls at the Cupcake Shoppe ! More...


Carmen C.

15 May 2016

I always come here when we're hosting a small dinner. They have great selection and you can taste the freshness of the cupcakes...my favorites French toast, snickerdoodles and of course the Hennessy! YES the Hennessy is poured AFTER its baked...YUMMY! More...


Yolie D.

6 May 2016

Wow this place is outstanding!!!Had several flavor options, cupcakes are baked fresh everyday.  Great service plus they do CAKES!!! Gorgeous cakes.  Can't wait to order my daughters Shopkins cake this month.  This is a definite 5 star!!! More...


mona m.

2 May 2016

Thank you Yolanda and Rosie.  They did an excellent job on my Son's Birthday Cake this weekend.  I have used them several times and they continue to do an excellent job.  If your looking for custom cakes or cupcakes The Cupcake Shoppe is the way to go.   They have been on cupcake wars and have over 100 cupcake flavors.  There service is top notch and the quality of the Cake is beyond delish!!!! To add, there customer service is excellent.  Very helpful staff and just happy people.   Thank you again, can't wait for our next creation. More...


Isabella C.

2 May 2016

First off, AMAZING CUPCAKES ! I been coming to the cupcake shoppe ever since its been open . The cupcakes are very moist, with the best fillings, topped with the softest frosting . Anyone can find their favorite cupcake here ! The ladies there are always friendly and welcoming . Any questions or clarifications are always answered . Love that it's a family owned business waiting to strive to the top. The cake designer has great talent, I order a cowboy theme cake with a mixture of both cowboy and cowgirl elements . It came out exactly how I asked; I showed her pictures and picked the colors, all elements were met . I would like to thank the cupcake shoppe for their sweetness! I recommend the cupcake shoppe to all that are looking for not only great cakes or cupcakes but the great taste as well . You'll enjoy every bite . More...


Nicole M.

23 April 2016

Love the cupcake shoppe! I work at another bakery and always feel a little like I'm cheating on them with these CupcakesThis place always has exceptional cakes! The frosting is (yikes) moist and always very fresh feeling .The cakes have great flavor and unique options . I highly suggest the Black Forest and the triple berry it's like a blueberry muffin laced with crack and covers in frosting LIFE CHANGING ! Keep up the good work I will be back many more times More...


Trippinqueen G.

18 April 2016

Rosie really helped me out when my original baker cancelled on me, and I with 2 weeks left felt very nervous. Not only did she bake awesome looking cake , it was so yummy that none left , all my hundred guests ate it every bit. Thanks cupcake shoppe


LaVelle S.

11 April 2016

Hennesey REd velvet was good and my girl's favorite is the Strawberry cream cheese cupcake!!


Ashley C.

2 April 2016

My boyfriend stopped in & got the birthday cake cupcake (for me) and both the Oreo cheesecake & the French toast bacon cupcake for himself. The birthday cake cupcake was amazing! The cake was so moist and absolutely delicious. My boyfriend literally said "this Oreo cheesecake is the best cupcake I've ever eaten." That's saying a lot considering we both have a huge sweet tooth and like to try cupcakes from a bunch of different places. The most surprising part was the actual cake- it was absolutely perfect. The decorations & flavors are unique and the cupcakes are awesome. If you like to indulge every once in a while, you have to try this place! More...


Adriana G.

27 March 2016

I only buy cupcakes from other shops to try and find a better cupcake. Been going to the cupcake shoppe since they were on Santa Clara and have yet to find a cupcake even half as delish as these. I don't eat buttercream but they have the BEST whipped cream. Only negative is that they are closed on Sunday's! More...


Heather G.

22 March 2016

I have a bad sweet tooth and this place fills that need...  I love their variety of cupcakes and the fact that they always have lots to choose from (even day old varieties for cheaper sometimes).  It is sometimes tough to find parking in front and even in back but so worth it... Super fresh ingredients (even in the day old varieties). More...


Shawnae N.

14 March 2016

You will not be disappointed! I tried the birthday cake cake pop and the banana split cupcake. Omg! So good!!! There was not a wait time and the customer service was excellent! Best whole in the wall bakery I've been to! More...


Drew P.

2 March 2016

This place is great. They have a happy hour at the end of the day sometimes. It is $2 per cupcake on happy hour, only thing is they are often out and slim pickings if you wait for happy hour.I have eaten here twice and the cupcakes are great. I do think a place like Karas cupcakes is better but if you compare price then value wise this is a hit.Chek it out, worth a visit. More...


Kayla D.

1 March 2016

My favorite is the french toast and bacon cupcake.  The balance between the sweetness of the frosting and the saltiness of the bacon is just perfect.  They have different flavors daily so check the menu before you go.  There are a few flavors that they do make everyday such as the french toast & bacon, vanilla, chocolate birthday cake, and red velvet.  They usually run out of the french toast  and bacon flavor by the end of each day so you need to go earlier in the day if you want to try that flavor. More...


Marina R.

24 February 2016

I love I can come here on any day and find an array of goodies from cupcakes to cake pops to cookies to cake to macaroons you name it! I also love that some of their items are themed depending on which holiday is coming up next huge plus! The girls there are always helpful and they also offer happy hour cupcakes or in store deals from time to time. I like that they're open late some days also. Thank you for being so good and so close to my home! More...


Lisa T.

21 February 2016

Came here because I had a coupon for 2 free cupcakes. The free cupcakes were a little smaller than their regular ones. The cupcakes are heavy and moist, which I liked. Tried the red velvet and honey lavendar. Red velvet is your standard and the honey lavenda r was an interesting flavor that I never tried before. Both were good. Also have happy hour, where the cupecakes are only $2 each. Would come back to try another flavor. More...


Alex P.

19 February 2016

It was my sister in laws birthday. Me being the scum bag Brother in law. I need to get something fast. I thought what would be better then something sweet. I wanted to get her wicket good cupcakes but that place is WAY overpriced for what you get. So I walked into this place and noticed they have a ton of fresh cupcakes to pick from and they had a buy 5 get 1 free deal for 16.99. That wasn't 1/2 bad as 6 wicket good cupcakes was near $60 shipped. I liked that had a ton of different good looking flavors to pick from.  These cupcakes are huge, they are heavy and loaded with so much good stuff I had to hit the gym for 2 hours to work off 1 of these bad boys. They are fresh and tasty one thing to note they last about 3 days out and on the 3ed day they get a bit dry so eat them when they are fresh. They are really good and if are a Hayward local like me you should check out this small gem on Hayward main St. I know when I'm wanting to TREAT myself  like I always do; I will return. More...


Stephanie R.

11 February 2016

They know what they're doing with these tasty bites of heaven.  Not only are they appealing to the eye but the flavors blanket your taste buds with a perfect medley of light and delicate flavors that truly capture the essence of their namesake. Do yourself a favor and get a few to try. You won't be disappointed. Special place in my calorie count for the Mexican Hot Chocolate. Yum! More...


Sherry Q.

9 February 2016

I ordered shopkins cupcakes for my daughters birthday.  It was well worth it.  My daughter was surprised, but not only that it was good.  I'll be ordering here again.  Thanks for all your reviews it helped out!!!! More...


Katrina R.

9 February 2016

The owner of the business is really sweet and offered me a couple free cupcakes based on my 2 star review. I admit i over reacted and my review was really harsh. I only tasted 1 cupcake and im sure the other 3 were tastey.Ill be back to try the cherry cola cupcake and birthday cake cupcake (not for the free offer, my intention was not to get free product). So 4 stars for the quick and professional response. Ill redo my review when i try the other cupcakes tomorrow! More...


Meliza H.

5 February 2016

These cupcakes are delicious, moist and bigger than your standard sized cupcakes. Love all the fun flavors they offer and change daily!


Linda L.

4 February 2016

I visited this bakery a couple of weeks ago, based on a (sadly, sold-out) Groupon, and the Yelp reviews.After my interaction with the friendly and courteous staff, and tasting the cupcakes, I would definitely agree with most of these reviews. The bakery has a good variety of cupcakes (although I was disappointed to find that the Sour Patch Cupcake, which was listed on their calendar for that day, was not available). The cupcakes are larger than average and worth their $3.25 price (note: there are also day-old cupcake available for half-price, if I remember correctly). The cake itself is soft and flavorful. The frosting is also good, but not quite as good as the cake. Overall, if it were not for its distance from where I live (~1 hour away), I would visit the Cupcake Shoppe often. More...


Quitta T.

15 January 2016

Let me start off by saying they have some yummy cupcakes. I have been here a few times even ordering cupcakes for my birthday.I would have totally giving five stars if I didn't feel rushed when ordering. Another helpful tip they have discounted day ole cupcakes. My favorite is the triple threat, and my daughter likes that sour patch. Although the staff is not that friendly the cupcakes are worth it. More...


Alex S.

9 January 2016

I love coming here for the macaroons. The strawberry suprise cupcake is also very tasteful. Prices are a little high, but worth it.


Vinh H.

31 December 2015

Great cupcakes just the hours aren't always correct. Sometimes open during posted hours and sometimes open later than posted hours. Overal product is delecious without the sugar overload. If you catch this place try it! More...


Kelly N.

30 December 2015

My favorite cupcake is definitely their triple threat! would definitely come back here whenever I'm craving a cupcake... which is all the time! I do try their many unique flavors, but always find myself going back to the triple threat. can't get enough of it! Service is great, also! More...


Jennie T.

28 December 2015

Yummmm, I finally found a decent cupcake spot. I had been looking for a place where I can satisfy my random cupcake fits and stumbled onto this one guess where? Yep thats right, here on Yelp. I had tried a different cupcake spot in San Leandro on my own and was disappointed. So I trusted the ratings on here and so glad I did! Only been twice but I was sold after one trip there is something for everyone! Its kinda like a donut shop where you can walk in and choose except it is filled with several amazing CUPCAKES!!!!  Let me add that it was hard to choose and led me to over indulging, seriously I almost lost it in there. The cupcakes are big and moist with great frostings. Worth it!  Happy hour =$2 cupcakes. If you looove cupcakes try it! My faves so far are Churro, French Toast Bacon, Mexican Hot Chocolate, & Triple Threat. Didn't really care for the Red Velvet but I am a snob about that flavor of cake in general. See I've tried that many in only two trips! (Don't judge me lol)...There is room for improvement on minor things related to the venue but the cupcakes deserve 5 stars, they're great and that is all I needed! More...


Lynnette B.

5 December 2015

Went for the first time today to try it out and oh my goodness it was amazing. I tried the pumpkin cheesecake cupcake and also the lemon cupcake and they were so delicious. I will definitely be going again very soon. More...


Davonda G.

5 December 2015

I love this place!!! I just had their Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcake, and it is to die for. I swear it barely last 30 seconds. It's seasonal so please check it out before the season is over More...


Lacey S.

23 November 2015

Excellent!!!! We ordered 12 dozen mini cupcakes for a baby shower. We ordered a variety of flavors and everyone was a huge hit at the party! People enjoyed tasting new flavors. Thank you! More...


Marcella W.

10 November 2015

My husband got 3 cupcakes. The mint, cookies and cream, and lemon. The mint was good, cookies and cream was very moist. He hasn't tried the lemon yet.I didn't get any, I like pie.


Jasmin G.

1 November 2015

There cupcakes were so good everyone loved them!!!the salted caramel,and lovin'a latte were bomb..I will go here for all my cupcake needs from now on and it was a great deal 4 dozen only $55!


A T.

22 October 2015

Located in Hayward downtown, tiny little place, smells so good and pretty organized with labels, I ordered 5 jumbo cupcakes and the 6th cupcake was free, redvelvet, chunky monkey, rocky road and then ordered 6 small cupcakes, (birthday cupcake, Oreo and redvelvet) on my way to a birthday dinner. Who don't like good quality cupcakes. Jumbo cupcakes are huge, everyone shared. Will def def go here again, moist and fresh. More...


Brenda M.

15 October 2015

YUMMY! These cupcakes are absolutely delicious! We always order from them for office birthdays and I just grabbed some cake-pops for my son's birthday (for school). They were a hit! They even have alcohol infused cup-cakes for special "adult" events! More...


Katie S.

9 October 2015

I had the honey lavender cupcake today and it was amazing. Last week I went there and got a few cupcakes for a girls day. All were so great. Go there if you want fluffy delightful cupcakes. More...


Dawne L.

8 October 2015

Ok -- I'm a believer... These cupcakes are legit! Moist, fluffy and utterly delicious! My fave flavors:- French toast and bacon!!!- Red velvet - Peanut butterActually, I'm going to stop right here because they are all my favorites! Honey lavender, snicker doodle, salted caramel, toffee crunch -- gaaaah!Only thing is that they don't have seating to enjoy your treats, but most people just drop in to get their cupcakes and go. Other than that, these are definitely the best cupcakes in the area! More...


Maria H.

27 September 2015

One of the best cupcake places in the Bay Area! Totally worth coming here! The store is super small and does not offer places to sit but the quality of the cupcakes, cake pops and macaroons is awesome! I've had the red velvet cupcake and my friend tried the red velvet cheesecake cupcake! Both were awesome :-) we've also had a Oreo macaroon which was tasty as well :-) I've always thought the sprinkles cupcake store in Palo Alto was the best until I found this cute little place in Hayward! More...


doshia w.

20 September 2015

By far one of the best bakeries around!! My favorite is the red velvet cheesecake cupcake! Talk about decadent, moist and just the right amount of sweetness. Every cupcake I have had has been moist and fresh.  Definitely my guilty pleasure on my cheat days! More...


Porsche C.

17 September 2015

I swear they are NOT lying when they say these are the BEST cupcakes in the BAY AREAA! Man, when I die just make sure I'm buried in the back where the entire cupcake making goes downnnn! Big props to: Yolanda Diaz and her daughter Rosie who started this lovely idea in 2011 when they started an online bakery. There cupcakes were becoming so popular that within months they had to invest in a full-sized sweet facility which is where they came up with the idea of Cupcake Shoppe which has totally expanded their menu to include traditional, liquor fused cupcakes and specialty flavor cupcakes. These ladies make it all: from cake pops and mini cupcakes to full-size custom cakes decorated for holidays and any other special occasions you can think of.Let me start by saying: I didn't know Cupcakes can taste this dayum good. Ok...Ok...Yes, I've seen them on the TV show Cupcake Wars but that didn't encourage me enough.What did the trick was early morning on a lovely Saturday when I was doing my Farmers Market shopping and ran right into Hayward's 2nd Year Vintage Car Show and Cupcake Shoppe was a vendor there! There set up was SO cute...I tried my hardest to walk by the shop..I promise I did but after a while my sweet tooth was kicking...and made me turn back around just to see what the hype was about!They have TONS of flavors! Just looking at the cupcakes was making me excited! Talk about SEXY! Whoo! You can tell that the decorators really take their time making this not only for you to enjoy but making them look appealing for foodies such as myself where we can help but to buy 1...or 2..shoot whose counting, right?Well after being amazed at all the flavors that they had to offer, I was having a hard time deciding which one I was actually going to devour! I mean, they all looked good and choosing just one was VERY hard to do! But after a while of going back and forth I decided to choose the Hennessy Red...Just the name says it all! HAHA! My first taste of their cupcakes instantly had me wanting more. All I kept thinking about was, "I need to take smaller bits so this can last longer"! Epic fail! I took that cupcake DOWN!Their cupcakes are made fresh to perfection. Moist and not sugary at all! The prices are decent especially for the quality that you are getting! You really cant complain.I definitely recommend coming here and trying their cupcakes!TIP: They have a great Groupon deal! Make sure you check that out before purchasing. More...


Tammy Y.

9 September 2015

Cupcakse were moist & the frosting wasn't too overwhelming in sweetness.  They have an array of cupcakes to choose from on certain days, sooo I'm excited to give the other flavors a try.


D B.

6 September 2015

Great selection of cupcakes that were all moist and flavorful. If you buy five, you get one free. There isn't a seating area so it's definitely a place to buy cupcakes to go. I thought the person working behind the counter was friendly and helpful. She was able to describe all the cupcakes to me. The other person that was working in back wasn't as friendly as she occasionally chimed in. All in all a good local bakery that is worth checking out. More...


Faith B.

19 August 2015

I had no idea this little gem was nestled in my community close to home and work.  We rely on Yelp to find hidden treasures and the Cupcake Shoppe didn't disappoint.  My 45th birthday today called for the Butter Pecan flavor (my favorite), Lemon (very tasty) and a perennial favorite, Red Velvet (excellent).  Moist and beautifully decorated held firmly in place with the packaging provided by the store. BIG thumbs up and we will patronize this business again to sample even more cupcakes.  Yummy! More...


Aileen L.

9 August 2015

We ordered desserts for my daughter's first year birthday party. I sent some design inspiration and they delivered beyond expectations. We had strawberry shortcake birthday cake,  cupcakes,  mini cupcakes,  cake pops and cookies. All of the guests were raving on how delicious everything were! It was the best decision ever to get these guys for dessert area! Highly recommended! Thank you,  the cupcake shoppe! More...


Debra E.

11 July 2015

Delicious cupcakes with pleasant and nice people. I was sad they moved further away from me but I am glad business is better for them.


Anja D.

8 July 2015

Friendly staff and most of all delicious cupcakes: raspberry chocolate,  chocolate chip, vanilla, triple threat just to name a few yummy goodness that this small pastry shop would offer people like me who is a major fan of sweets and the best part - not over priced...$2 bucks will get you a moist and perfect amount of sweetness...hmmm i can have one or right now... More...


Pooja P.

5 July 2015

After living in Hayward for so long I finally got the chance to drive here and to get some cupcakes. It was hard to choose because they all looked so good. I went with the Banana Creme Pie and the Birthday Cake cupcake. I really wanted something with a filling and one with chocolate so that's mainly why I went with those. I'm giving 4 stars because in my opinion the birthday cake cupcake was good but not really the best "birthday" cupcake. The cake was very moist but the frosting was way too sweet. As for the banana creme pie, it was really delicious. The filing inside was very sensational and wasn't overpowered with too much banana. Overall, I can't wait to go back and try different flavors!!! P.S. the lady working there was very sweet and helped me out since it was my first time there. The area is a bit scary/creepy but what really matters is how those cupcakes tasted! More...


Cherise N.

29 June 2015

I honestly hate this place, how do you make cupcakes this delicious?! I have definitely found my newest cupcake spot. I bought 6 cupcakes ( buy 5 get one free). The flavored I ordered were strawberry, hot fudge sundae, chocolate chip cookie, maple & bacon, vanilla and red velvet. My favorite is between the strawberry and maple & bacon. I will admit these cupcakes are very sweet, but why buy a cupcake if you do not want it to be sweet, right? The guy who helped us out was friendly and laughed at my bad jokes, so I have no complaints. I am coming here again soon. More...


Andrea M.

16 June 2015

We ordered 48 cupcakes for my husband's graduation party, with 8 flavors: LemonChocolate RaspberrySalted CaramelCup of JoeHoney LavendarOrangsicleSnickerdoodleALL of them were FANTASTIC! I have to say that the packaging was really top notch - I didn't worry about transport in and out of the car, multiple refrigerators, or even the angles at which they were handled. People kept commenting on how good they were.Really, REALLY GOOD cupcakes, very professional. We paid $120 and it was worth every penny for all the flavors.I think the group favorite was the Snickerdoodle, with the Cup of Joe coming in at a very close 2nd.Professional shop, professional employees. Love these guys! More...


Anna T.

5 June 2015

This place is the reason I can't stick to my diet LOL. The cupcakes are sooooooooooo good, little cupcakes of yummy deliciousness with the best frosting. You have to go here PLUS they have macarons that are super yum!!! More...


Rosalie T.

4 June 2015

First time here and I don't know if the guy who helped me was the owner but he was very kind and helpful. I would come back for the cupcakes and service.


Feli C.

22 May 2015

Very heavy rich cupcakes. If I could intoxicate myself off the Hennessy cupcakes I would bahaha


Abe N.

13 May 2015

Sister bought a dozen cupcakes.  It was awesome. Had the nutella cupcake.  So rich and filling.  Soft moist cake and the cream was silk and massaged your taste buds with joy.  Wife had the red velvet and she said it was awesome.  Would I try this place myself?  Yes of course! More...


K W.

12 May 2015

Best cupcakes ever. I purchased 4 cupcakes for my children. There was a wide variety to choose from. The cupcakes were moist and delicious. (Yes I tried a little piece of my childrens cupcakes. :)) The owner was very courteous and told me about other cakes she makes. I will definitely go back. More...


Robin K.

8 May 2015

My husband and I came here after we saw the reviews on Yelp. We were curious to see this shop because it was on Cupcake Wars. They had an Happy Hour for cupcakes so it cost $2.00 per cupcake. We got the Hot Fudge Sundae and the snickerdoodle cupcake. It was amazing. They tasted delicious, and we will definitely come back to try more flavors. I really want to try the alcoholic cupcakes next time! More...


Hilda T.

4 May 2015

Ordered cupcakes here for the first time last Saturday for my son's birthday, they did not disappoint! The best cupcakes I've ever had! Very moist & delicious!!! Also, they have lots of flavor to chose from! My family's new favorite spot for sure!!! More...


Justine J.

30 April 2015

Mmmmmm this place is more than something special. Every time I'm in this area i can't help but to stop by and enjoy a treat. I love picking up baking treats to bring and show off to my co workers and enjoy them with everyone at work. So good. More...


Khaldeyah A.

25 April 2015

Some of the best cupcakes I've tasted. Prices are average and FYI buy 5 get one free. I didn't know until after I ordered I heard the lady behind me ordered :( oh well... Next time.


John Carlo E.

7 April 2015

I wanted to try this place because it was in cupcake wars. The store was really small when I got there, but to be honest, I can care less about the size of the store, since Im there for the cupcakes. I heard great reviews about their bacon french toast cupcake and it was one of their top sellers, so of course I had to try it. I have to say it wasn't for me. I didn't like the taste and I felt it was too sugary. I did enjoy the churro cupcake and I believe that was presented in the cupcake wars. The store also sells alcoholic flavored cupcakes and I bought the Hennessy and Margarita, and I really liked both of them.The Service was really good and everyone was friendly, so I had no complaints about that. The website has a list of cupcakes the stores sells, but when I got there, apparently they sell certain cupcakes during certain days of the week. For example, the alcoholic cupcakes are only sold Friday and Saturday. More...


Vicky T.

5 April 2015

Happy hour = 2.00 cuppies. YES!! They used to have a kiosk in Alameda and it closed down.. I was heart broken...I like seriously...Then they opened up shop here and I am super excited. This place is dangerously close to CSU EB and my friends' pad!! AHHHHHHHHH! There are so many things I love about this place. First off-- they employee students who were interning for their HS. I think keeping it local is phenomenal.  Despite not liking their red velvet (sorry!) I still love this place to death. So far I have tried: Lemon (best lemon I have had) French Toast-- BAAAAACON Peanut Butter cup Twix Birthday Cake (chocolate and Vanilla version) Almond Joy Peach Cobbler (love this one too) Apple Pie Chocolate Salted Carmel Cookies and Cream Lavender The cupcakes are super moist, not overly sweet.. super decadent and reasonably priced. Best deal in the bay for sure!! Now that I have re-found the Cupcake Shoppe I will be back!!!!! More...


Jason L.

14 March 2015

Very cool mom and pop. Very inventive and creative flavor schemes. Love it. Five stars if you moved the topping into a small hollowed out hole inside the cupcake and you figured out how to make the cake a little more moist. They guys were on "cupcake wars" on television. I can see why. Good job! More...


Audra M.

7 March 2015

I have to say that this is a great business. Their cupcakes are so pretty and huge and tasty! I was so happy that they agreed to donate some cupcakes for an event I had at the high school I work at, they donated so many mini cupcakes and it really made our event even more special. The kids we were honoring really did enjoy them. I will definitely be supporting this business because they support our students! More...


Philippe D.

6 March 2015

I'm a man.  I don't believe in cupcakes.  I dont believe in traveling to a shop to buy a single cup cake for myself.But then I went here and met cupcake Jesus.I've never had anything to moist and decadent.  Every cupcake I've had here was a home run.  Good job guys. More...


Elizabeth C.

7 February 2015

Literally the BEST cupcakes I have EVER had.  I was completely taken by surprise as the shop is completely unassuming and barely noticeable.  I'm SOLD.  Loyal customer from here on out. More...


Kristine C.

30 January 2015

Supppper moist cupcakes ! Especially the marble ones , yum ! Loooove their happy hour as well & CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON omg, so good ! I love them. Everything I've tried there has been delicious ! More...


Theresa R.

17 January 2015

A fantastic dessert shoppe in the East Bay.  LOVE the French toast and bacon.  Every bite is a sensory delight.  Texture, savory, sweet, and natural ingredients make their cupcakes a sensation.


Gina A.

9 January 2015

Amazing cupcakes!!! The flavor and quality are out of this world!!! I used them for a large corporate event and everyone raved about the cupcakes. After reading about them, I had to try the bacon cupcake and I'll just say it wasn't for me, but the peanut butter banana? OMG. To die for!!! More...


Caroline A.

2 January 2015

I grew up in Hayward and we did not have anything like this in my day. This cute little shop is part of the current gourmet cupcake trend. The shop is tiny with no seating, but that's ok. The display case is right at eye level and everything is labeled. There are many unusual combinations and flavors. I had the Honey Lavender cupcake. It was amazing! The cake was moist, the frosting was light and drizzled with honey: a great combo. My mom had the Black Forest cupcake. She was delighted when there was actual cherry filling inside the chocolate cake. The cupcake was topped with whip cream and a cherry. My son got the Cookies and Cream cupcake and loved it. The two clerks were very friendly and cheerful. This was a really nice experience and I will definately be back. More...


Shutterbug M.

29 December 2014

Really, REALLY delicious cupcakes -- and very pretty to look at, too! Best place to get baked treats in the Hayward/Castro Valley area.


Irma V.

20 December 2014

These cupcakes remind me of great homemade baking... Soft moist and Freakìn DELICIOUS!! My favorite is French toast bacon, amongst  all the other delicious flavors they have to offer I'm Glad it's so close to home.


Veronica P.

13 December 2014

just had the "cup of joe" cupcake!! it's like a coffee cake. best cup cake ever!!!!!!!!  so moist and tasted delicious and i don't even like cake either. oh no!  now i want another!! :) i'm going to get fat! More...


Christina U.

13 December 2014

This is what a cupcake shoppe should be.  The cupcakes are rich and moist and a good serving size.  The presentation is simple and classic, the shop is welcoming and friendly, the workers seem to enjoy their jobs and the cupcakes are nicely displayed. There is a great variety of cupcakes. the chocolate covered bacon is definitely worth a try! If you're going to get a cupcake, come here. More...


Lewis C.

12 December 2014

right there on Main st in Hayward, this place is really good, alot more selection than other shops. good prices, and overall good flavored and fresh Cupcakes, i got the hennessy red velvet and butter pecan!


Susan C.

1 December 2014

BACON FRENCH TOAST! BACON FRENCH TOAST!Also, the frostings have been re-done.Or something...They used to be way too sweet, like little kid birthday cake too-sweet -but they listened & improved!  Who does that any more?I love them.BACON FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!!!! More...


Tam C.

30 October 2014

First visit today   had a craving for A cupcake. Yelped cupcakes and whalaaaVery friendly girls. And delicious cupcakes


Jesse M.

17 October 2014

Went here to get a cupcake for my wife's birthday in September and ended up with 6. Buy 5 get one free. My son likes the chocolate cupcake and my daughter's new flavor is cotton candy, but you really can't go wrong with any of the flavors. My favorite of the moment is the French Toast Bacon. Btw, the people are some cool folks, go support that local business. Y'all earned a repeat customer. More...


Mikey P.

12 October 2014

The cupcakes are great! I spent 100$ on cupcakes at the cupcake shop and don't regret it at all.  The French toast and bacon cupcake is a must-try.  The cake pops are really good too.  If you're a cupcake lover or just have a sweet tooth that needs to be conquered, I absolutely recommend heading over to the Cupcake Shop and choosing a weapon. More...


Shaunte A.

21 September 2014

I absolutely love there cupcakes they are not too sweet and they are very moist. The cookies are delicious also my kids love them. I will always get my cupcakes from there and will recommend all my family and friends do the same. More...


Claire W.

14 July 2014

4.5 stars for their Hennessy Red (Red Velvet cupcake soaked in Hennessy) and S'more cupcakes. Judging from how good these two cupcakes were, my friend and I are definitely going back again to try more of their cupcakes. The Hennessy Red I got last Saturday was the BEST red velvet cupcake I have tasted so far from any cupcakery that I have checked out so far. It has everything I expected from a perfectly executed red velvet cupcake: super moist, velvety texture (tender but not crumbly), perfect flavor (chocolaty and not too sweet) and bright red color, but with more: the cognac infused flavor. It was distinct in the mid to top section of the cupcake. My friend and I each took a bite from the side of the cupcake that contained both the frosting and the cupcake without the cognac. We were both "oohh & aahh"'ing at that point already by how moist and tender and delicious our first bites were. Then as we took more bites we were pleasantly surprised by the kick from the cognac, which really worked to enhance the flavor. My friend's S'more Cupcake was a winner too. It has a thin layer of graham cracker at the bottom and then (moist) and flavorful chocolate cupcake filled with sweet, creamy marshmallow, as well as delicious frosting that contained chocolate fudge, a graham cracker piece, marshmallows and chocolate ganache. By looking at this long list of items in a cupcake you might think there is too much going on. On the contrary, all of these items did "gel" well and the result was one super yummy, orgasmic cupcake. I mean I have never seen a guy who moaned so much over a cupcake at the lunch table. We tasted these cupcakes after lunch at a Chinese restaurant. We were both full and were just going to try a bite at each cupcake. Before we knew it we chewed down all of them. The restaurant staff was gracious enough letting us sit there eating our dessert from outside without charging us for "cupcake corkage". But that was quite eye opening for them and they inquired about this cupcake shop as well. Their standard sized cupcake is at $2.5 each (mini is $1.50 each); compared to other cupcakeries such as Sprinkles or Kara's Cupcakes that charged something like $3.25 each this is a way much better deal, especially considering that so far I have not liked any of the cupcakes from the above two chain cupcakeries as their cakes are too sugary and the texture was more dense and dry. Thanks to the Cupcake War on the Food Network I found this cute little local mother-daughter duo cupcake shop. I still remember I watched that episode last year. Even though they did not win that episode, they are winners in my book and I will definitely go back to try more flavors!Oh and they have different daily special; the Hennessy Red is a special they only make for Saturdays. They do have Red Velvet cupcakes as one of their regular menu item though in case you want to try it without the cognac. More...


Feliz D.

10 July 2014

If you have a sweet tooth and love cupcakes this place Rocks! I had the bacon and french toast cupcake and had to go back for another one. Prices are good. I will return!


David G.

2 July 2014

So glad they came to downtown. They make outstanding cupcakes. Much better than georgetown cupcakes on tv. They are very moist inside. They have lots of great unique flavors some with whip and others with butter cream frosting.  They do make cakes too though I haven't had one yet. If you want a great cupcake do stop by. More...


Chau L.

24 June 2014

Who knew Hayward has a really delicious cupcake place!I really enjoyed the bacon and the banana cream pie cupcakes.  They're moist, and sweetness level was just right.They have a special where you buy 5, and get 1 free.  They also do cakes and other goodies as well with advance order.Go try it! More...


Diana P.

15 June 2014

My new favorite cupcake place is right in my hometown! Dropped in with a girlfriend after lunch and she was really craving dessert. I had book marked cupcake shoppe a while back on my yelp & we saw it was right around the corner. We tried the nutella & almond joy and enjoyed both outside on their patio tables. SO YUMMY! Right before father's day and my dad is a huge chocolate lover.. I brought home half a dozen: s'mores, nutella, snicker doodle, french toast with bacon, birthday cake, & chunky Monkey. The cupcakes we have had a bite of are all so moist and delicious. Great sizes & not overly sweet! I'd definitely recommend to a friend!They also have 21+ cupcakes with alcohol and they do specialty/custom cakes! More...


Sha W.

31 May 2014

Definitely some of the best cupcakes I've had. Their 6 for $16 is great!!! So many different flavors to choose from. Red Velvet, birthday cake, and Neapolitan are amazing! I'm definitely a lifetime customer. More...


Emily O.

27 May 2014

After having tried these cupcakes about a year or so ago (they were awesome) I picked up a bunch for my coworker's birthday today.  They were a huge hit!  The French Toast with bacon cupcakes were snatched up super fast, but everyone raved about all of the flavors.  I highly recommend the Cupcake Shoppe! More...


J M.

20 May 2014

I've had both the cakes and cupcakes here. Cupcakes: I've both the honey lavender and french toast&bacon and they're both amazing!Cakes: I could not have been more pleased with how the cakes turned out. I got two cakes (it was a joint party) - strawberry shortcake and honey lavender. I had a bad experience at another bakery and was a bit skeptical about ordering cakes from a cupcake shop, but I'm so happy I did. They took their time to help me figure out what I wanted and could get with my budget, and accommodated all of my special requests. This is TRUE customer service. And the cakes were phenomenal. Everyone kept talking about how delicious and beautiful they were - one didn't even get cut at the party because the guest of honor didn't want to cut it LOL. Phenom. I will definitely be coming to them soon with another order, and can't wait for the next cake!! Thank you so much for the awesome service and cakes, it's truly greatly appreciated. More...


Katy W.

11 May 2014

The shop is located on main street so you might want to park in the small parking lot next to the shop. Though the parking lot is quite small, you can usually still find parking. Inside the shop is very small but the cupcake display is quite big. The have different flavors ( depending on the day). I went there on a Friday so the flavors were: BANANA CREAM PIEBLACK FORESTSNICKERSALMOND JOYHOT FUDGE SUNDAENEOPOLITANWATERMELONCOTTON CANDYCARAMEL LATTECHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ( I one I got) $3.25STRAWBERRYROOTBEER FLOATEGG NOG There is only one table with two chairs next to it. So basically it's a buy and go kind of place. And, the kitchen takes up most of the shop. When I was there, i was the second one in line, so it can get busy. But, the wait was only a minute or so long since they are pretty quick and grabbing the cupcake for you. Overall, I would highly recommend you going to this cute cupcake shop if you are in town and is craving for some tasty cupcakes! Very nice people and quick service! More...


Maggie X.

11 May 2014

I always have trouble convincing myself to exercise, but the cupcakes at The Cupcake Shoppe are worth the internal struggle. Located in a to-go shop in downtown Hayward, this shop changes its cupcake flavors daily. I came with two friends (but I'll admit I was the enabler this time) and we couldn't resist the buy five, get one free deal. The cupcakes here are a little bigger than the ones at other cupcake shops. We ended up getting a lovely box (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) of cupcakes, and I was able to sample most of the flavors. The lady working behind the counter is also the baker I believe, as well as the owner. She was efficient but busy, as is expected. Triple Threat: red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting and fudge frosting on top:(yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…)This was probably my favorite cupcake out of the bunch. With the combination of three flavors, the cupcake had a depth that the other flavors didn't. The cream cheese frosting on top was also a really good texture, and when eaten with the cupcake, it complemented it very well. I felt that the red velvet had a really good moistness, but the chocolate a tad bit on the dry side. With the cream cheese frosting though, it was still really good. Snickerdoodle:(yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…)I love snickerdoodle cookies on principle, so I had to try this cupcake. The cinnamon flavor was spot-on, but the whole thing was a little too sweet with the frosting. Without the frosting, the cake was a good balance and very moist. This was also the heaviest frosting I've ever had, and I'm not sure why it was so heavy. The texture was somewhere in between cream cheese and buttercream. Butter pecan:(yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…)Such a pretty cupcake! If you like nuts, there are very noticeable pecan pieces distributed throughout the batter. It almost tasted a little bit like banana bread, with that fragrant nutty flavor. I'm not a huge fan of banana bread and nuts in my pastries, but if I were, I'd love this cupcake. The frosting was also really sweet, but the cake itself wasn't that sweet, so the pairing worked. I didn't try the Chocolate Raspberry (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) or Salted Caramel (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…), but my friends said that they were heavenly. It's hard to not love cupcakes, especially when they use fresh, quality ingredients. I can't wait to try their other flavors, especially the red velvet, honey lavender, and french toast. More...


Donna T.

8 May 2014

TL;DR Legit cupcakes! Praises from an amateur baker :) The beautiful cupcakes here are massive, very moist, and insanely sweet. Friendly service but it's only a to-go shop really.Cupcake Quality, Service, Prices: ALocation, Ambiance: BN.B.: Cupcake Prices - Mini - -$1.50; Standard - $2.50; Jumbo - $3.25. Cash or Credit payments accepted.I still can't believe it. After a hefty meal at Korea House, my girl friend pipes that she wants sweets and we Yelped The Cupcake Shoppe. I had not realized earlier that this shop was on Cupcake Wars!! I was so impressed and blown away because I absolutely love Cupcake Wars and it's a difficult competitive show to win. The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the heart of Hayward downtown amidst the one-way tomfooleries. Entering inside, the shop itself is small with a gorgeous, tall glass display of their glistening cupcakes. There were probably a few chairs and tables around but it was cramped inside that even three people standing inside felt uncomfortable. However we were greeted promptly and politely by a female employee (who I am assuming is the baker/owner?). We told her it was our first time and she proceeded to inform us about their different, rotating cupcake flavors. Her descriptions got  me excited and induced mouth-watering imagery. Although simple, the cupcake and sweets display looked great! The cupcake appearance was very elegant and looked enticingly delicious too hehe. We decided to try the flavors Triple Threat, Salted Caramel Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Butter Pecan, and Snickerdoodle. It was buy 5 get the 6 one for free ($2.50x each, total $12.50 for 6). I only tried the Triple Threat and Snickerdoodle, and they were both extremely sweet. I am an amateur baker and have baked cupcakes probably at least 50 times over This is definitely your gourmet cupcakes and not some run-of-the-mill, Safeway quality cupcakes. The consistent texture of the cake itself was very soft and flavor packed. The frosting however was too sweet for me as a double whammy of sweet cake and frosting can kill me. To each his own but I would've preferred less sugary frosting. Overall you can taste the careful craft of The Cupcake Shoppe bakers and their years of experience bundled into this tiny yet fulfilling cupcake. I will definitely be back to try the Mint Choco and French Toast and Bacon! More...


Lauren G.

6 May 2014

The cupcakes here are out of this world! They have several cupcakes that are served daily then many many other flavors that are rotated throughout the week - you literally cannot go wrong with any of them! They also sometimes have deals later in the day (ie, $2 cupcakes). With that said, there could be improvement on the communication side of things. I drove from Walnut Creek to buy cupcakes for visiting family only to find the Shoppe closed at 5pm on a Saturday. I follow them on Instagram and there was no notification they closed early which was a bummer. I also sent an email through their website asking about custom cakes and never heard back. Despite this, I still love their cupcakes and the owners and employees are always friendly! More...


Ron B.

25 April 2014

Great little shop . They offer a wonderful array of Cupcakes with some that  I know you've never indulged in. The Place was very clean and cozy. Very Simple and Sweet  no pun intended. A must visit if your in the area and a must if you live near. More...


Karen B.

21 April 2014

You can't go here and order just one cupcake... After ordering all of the flavors that we wanted to try, they gave us a paper stating which days they made certain flavors.. GOOD MARKETING IDEA BECAUSE NOW I WILL BE BACK. My friend and I decided that we need to try at least half of their cupcakes before summer time. We had:- Triple threat: It was okay.. tasted just like chocolate. - French Toast w/ Bacon: BOMB.COM! I wouldn't usually try something like this but i'm so glad that I did! Wish it had bits of bacon on the inside or more bacon on top, however. - Banana pancake: Good but needed something more.- Chocolate birthday cake: EH, this one was alright.- Mexican hot chocolate: ONE OF MY FAVORITES! How they could mix those flavors so well into one cupcake... I... can't.... even..... - Strawberry Surprise (i think): Tasted exactly like a strawberry shortcake, which is one of my favorite desserts to that's a plus!! Overall, fair prices! Cheaper than most of the chain cupcake places, also. They have a Buy 5, get one free special since their cupcakes are $3.25? per cupcake. We ordered 6 and paid about $16 dollars.  The staff are also very friendly and proud of the items that they sell! We'll be back.... Stay tuned, YELP. Our goal is really to try them all! More...


Mary D.

18 April 2014

I love this place for all of their flavors of cupcakes. When I went in January of this year, they were located off of Jackson St. I guess they have moved? Which is fine by me... it's actually closer to me now. :)Anyway, I tried a bunch of their cupcake flavors and was pleased. The cupcakes were moist and the frosting really added to the overall flavor of the cupcake. I usually scoop off the frosting on most cupcakes, but on these, I kept them on. Yummy!At their former location, they used to sell the previous day's cupcakes for half price (I believe). They were just as good as fresh. I hope the new location sells them too. I'll have to visit and find out. More...


Barb B.

31 March 2014

This place has the BEST quality cupcakes for the area, and reasonably priced for premium cupcakes.  I am a regular here, and I love doing business with small business owners.Their quality is fresh, they come up with many different variation of flavors, and they are definately easy on the eyes.I dont often give 5 star ratings, but the customer service, the taste, quality and price is SO deserving of this yelp. More...


dana h.

29 March 2014

Great friendly staff, and I super love that their new location is within walking distance! On my last walk I did hate that most of the ones I wanted we're sold out, but there you see just how in demand they are! Two thumbs and two big toes up for their churro cupcakes. Out of this world, creamy frosting and moist cake. I just wished the churro on top would have been a little softer. I'm definitely a repeat customer.  :) More...


Amanda T.

17 March 2014

My sister stopped by sapporos for some dinner and noticed the Cupcake Shoppe was still open around 7:30pm so she stopped in and purchased: Strawberry surprise, Mango, Lemon, and French toast and bacon.She brought them home and they where devoured. The cupcakes where a good size, and nicly decorated.Left you wanting to go back and check a few more flavors off your list... More...


t d.

5 March 2014

I came here last week for the first time after finding them on Google. My daughter was going to be celebrating her 21st birthday and I saw that they had 21+ cupcakes. I was excited for this since I've never had them either.   I ordered the Hennessey red, sangria and kahlua cupcakes. They were all awesome. And as far as their new location, it's fine. I've lived in this neighborhood for about 15 years and it's not a problem at all. Thanks for the great cupcakes! I will be back again. More...


Paula R.

5 March 2014

Decided to finally stop by on my way home from work for a sweet pick me up and I'm glad I did. Cupcake: I got the Snickerdoodle and OMG! it's so yummy! It's moist, not too cinnamon-y, and the frosting was perfectly sweet. Great cupcake and reasonable price for the size of the cupcake. I will be back!  Customer Service: The young man that helped me at the front was polite, kind and was able to describe the cupcakes I asked about. He did ask the lady, in the back mixing batter, about an ingredient and she answered him real short. I'm big on customer service so I was a little thrown off by her short response, seemed annoyed, and didn't greet a customer. BUT the guy, actually at the front, saved the day. Ambience: The shop is cute. I believe it's fairly new, so they still got some decorating left to do but the cupcake display is good. More...


Daniella D.

23 February 2014

I love their cupcakes! We probably go there 3 to 4 times a month and we absolutely love their chocolate, Nutella and red velvet cupcakes! They also have some other pretty tastey flavors. They have a rewards program through this app called belly, and you get points every time you go in and you can redeem them for a free cake pop or cupcake! Can't wait to see the new place!! More...


Alyce S.

16 February 2014

I picked up the baby shower cake, cupcakes, and cake pops that I ordered yesterday. They called me to make sure I was coming cause I was a little late then my pick up time.  Thought that was very nice,  everything I ordered was delicious! I'm am so glad that I ordered from them. The cake, cake pops, cupcakes are so fresh,  moist! The mommy - to - be loved it also!! She was very happy!! Every one was talking about them ;-) I will be ordering my daughter's b day cake and son's from them. Can't wait! I love this place! I love the customer service also. Thank you CupCake Shoppe for helping me make my friend baby shower special! Hands down the best Cakes, cupcakes!! Yum!! More...


Emmalouise B.

20 January 2014

Torn between 3 and 4 stars... closer to a 3.5 I think.I've have the Cupcake Shoppe on my Yelp ''Bucket list'' for well over a year now and after seeing that they won Cupcake Wars a few months ago I made a point of making a special trip and their Cupcakes on the show looked even better than the pictures.The current location isn't the best, in a strip mall near Lucky supermarket that doesn't get a great deal of foot traffic (which was apparent on the day I visited as I was the only one there) but I have just been informed by the owners themselves that they are moving location. As of February their new address will be 22521 Main Street, Hayward and they will also be opening another location in Castro Valley. Last day at this location is the 29th January.Anyhow.. there are a large selection of flavors to choose from and also have daily specials. Prices are as follows:Mini - -$1.50 Standard - $2.50    Jumbo - $3.25    Day Old - $2Cake Pops - $4If you buy 5 Jumbo you get one free so half a dozen is $16.25I selected various flavors for Hubby and I to share:*New York Cheesecake (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) - Loved the crumb base and the mild cheesy frosting, a little less of the Jam topping would be preferable. 4/5*Hot Fudge Sundae (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) - The Cake itself was Almond flavor - Win! Could have done with having a Strawberry or Caramel sauce instead of Chocolate. 3.5/5*Red Velvet (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) - Standard Red Velvet cake, nothing really stood out but was still tasty.  3/5*S'mores (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) - The Graham Cracker bottom was a nice surprise. 3/5 (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…)*French Toast & Bacon yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…)  - Sadly wasn't a fan. Something about a sweet and savory Cupcake that just isn't quite right. To quote Hubby' 'That's just wrong''. 2/5*Almond Joy (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…) - Liked that there was a mini Almond Joy bar baked in but the Cake itself had a really funky texture. Grease from the candy perhaps? 2/5 (yelp.com/biz_photos/the-…)According to the flyer in store this was meant to be a special for Friday's yet I visited on a Saturday. The lady serving was nice however seemed very distracted and when I tried to make conversation about wanting to visit for some time and being quite excited that I finally made it there didn't appear to be much interest on her part which then made me feel quite awkward and wanting to get get my goodies and leave as soon as possible. Maybe it was just a bad day?It's a shame they so far from home as I really wouldn't be against trying more flavors maybe they will open a store up in Tracy too seeing as I know they're already considering it. I wouldn't almost certainly become a regular customer.** Current special **Place an order and pay in full  by January 29th and  receive 10% off. More...


Lana P.

16 January 2014

really amazing stuff.So many cupcake flavors to choose from!


Amber S.

15 January 2014

I had this place bookmark and saw them randomly while switching channels on a repeat episode of Cupcake Wars. After dinner I checked my bookmarks and noticed they were literally 50 steps away from Kenkoy's so of course we stopped by. It was close to closing time on a Saturday night nobody but one of the owners was there. She looked up briefly to greet us and went back to what she was doing. There were a few cupcake flavors still available. We purchased the Chunky Monkey and Peach Cobbler ($3.25 each) The lady boxed it up and took our cash. Hubs asked were the tip jar was and she pointed to the ceramic cupcake on the counter, he put the change in it. I was surprised not to hear a "thank you" or a "enjoy" or "come again". Maybe she had a long or bad day, being a business owner I would think one would be a little more friendly and maybe smile. Now for the cupcakes, both were very good. They were moist and had great flavor. I thought the price was a tad bit high for the size (I consider them standard not jumbo compared to other bakeries) but after tasting them I would pay the $3.25. More...


Debbie L.

11 January 2014

HAD to review. I just left this spot like 10 minutes ago too lol BEST cupcakes ever. Sooo delicious. I bought a box of 4 for 13.00French Toast & Bacon, Peach Cobbler, Smores& Choc. strawberry truffle. Im in heaven. The cupcake is moist,frosting is not too sweet and the cake itself is fluffy. Totally recommend this spot. Ill post a pic too. More...


Leila A.

14 November 2013

Yummmmyyyyy! I have driven by this little store daily on the way to work and finally allowed myself to drive in.  Big mistake.  Now I have no idea how I'm going to avoid it.... Hello winter weight lolFlavorful and sweet without being too sweet ( I hate it when the sugar overruns the flavor) and moist... Even the next day!They recommended French toast which was amazing but I have to admit I preferred pumpkin- highly recommend!Love how they change the favors daily so you have different options, ugh,  more time in the gym to ward off this new addiction.To top it off, half a dozen for a friend and two for me, under $20 was a score in my book.Can't wait to go back and try birthday cake :D More...


Hannah M.

10 November 2013

Love your cupcakes! Yelp said you were open 11am-5pm on Sunday & when I came by you were closed :(


Shells M.

23 October 2013

The girls who work here are tremendously sweet as their cupcakes! Jessica was extremely helpful. I came in craving a yummy cupcake and just didn't know what to decide on. There was red velvet, marble, chocolate, etc. She informed me that their bacon cupcake was a huge hit and actually won best of they bay so of course I had to try it! Jessica was super patient and friendly, I liked that because even though there were customers there I did not feel rushed to order.Cupcakes are delish! Yes they are on the sweet side, but helloooo who eats bland and tasteless cakes?! Not this girl! Plus I went here knowing that I would NOT leave without a yummy treat and accepted the sugar rush with joy :) Definately try the bacon waffle cupcake- soo good!I am definately ordering my next birthday cake here, I love to supoort local family businesses and this is a place I recommend. Thanks girls! More...


Marie B.

21 October 2013

if you want desert but don't want a whole cake, they are good. the woman who helped me was supper nice. I got a chocolate and triple threat (red velvet, vanilla & chocolate) I love chocolate and that was my fav out of the 2, I did go about 30 mins to closing so the choices were limited, but for a special occasion I'd go again.


Walt M.

19 September 2013

the cupcakes are good when they have mainstream options, but all to often have i walked in and all the normal stuff is gone, and all i have left to choose from is some bacon syrup cake, or some other flavor i dont need. Still a great place though, hennessey red velvet is amazing! More...


Denise L.

23 August 2013

Great & MOIST flavors for cakes, cupcakes and cake pops! My favorite was the snicker doodle cakepop :)


Tammy K.

19 August 2013

Amazing cupcakes! Great staff, super friendly and courteous Pricing is very reasonable compared to other places Most importantly, the cupcakes and cake pops were not too sweet and delicious! I ordered custom hello kitty cupcakes and cake pops and they made  them with less than 72 hour notice. I also got some honey lavender, caramel latte, banana cream pie, red velvet, and french toast bacon cupcakes for my co workers and we devoured them. nonetheless if you need cupcakes go here seriously you will not be disappointed. More...


Michelle S.

23 July 2013

I recently had my baby shower and ordered 4 dozen cupcakes with a Groupon I had bought months ago. My Groupon expired in May, but the Cupcake Shoppe still accepted it for use 2 months after expiration. Very nice of them! I usually don't have the highest standards when purchasing from Groupon, but the Cupcake Shoppe really delivered. The cupcakes were delicious, fresh and looked adorable... perfect for my baby shower. The flavors I chose were chocolate, marble, snicker doodle and red velvet. Every flavor was amazing! Will definitely be coming here for a future special order or just a simple cupcake fix :) More...


Julie C.

10 July 2013

The fourth time was the charm at this Hayward shop which may(or may not) be featured on an upcoming episode of "Cupcake Wars"(the young man working the counter on my third visit last month said the network asked that they not confirm nor discuss their application to compete on the show.) During previous visits, I had tried their popular and delightful French Toast Bacon cupcake, their Salted Caramel, and their Mocha Supreme. I had liked the moistness of their cakes and the rich fillings but wondered if they weren't too much.  With every visit, the shop became more crowded and the flavors seemed to improve. On my most recent visit, I was charged with picking up a custom order for my niece's second birthday.  I arrived during the suggested window of time and my order was waiting on the counter.The girl at the counter happily carried all the boxes to my car and didn't even bat an eye as she rearranged the clutter in my trunk to make sure they were ready to go.  I decided to indulge once again and now have new favorites: Banana Pancake and Caramel Apple. Real fruit chunks and perfect texture make these two winners. More...


Jennifer S.

3 July 2013

My goodness. I live right across the street from this place, very dangerous in regards to my diet!! So far I've tried 4 types of cupcakes and they were yummy! I really like the fact that they have a cupcake menu that changes daily. I look forward to gradually trying every cupcake in the shop. More...


Sarah S.

11 June 2013

I just wanted to add that every time we come here, which is becoming a weekly visit, we try a different kind of cupcake. It's not hard because they have so many different options. What's hard to making a decision! My favorites so far are the French Toast and Bacon, the Snickerdoodle, and the Churro. And they have Belly now, so you can earn yourself a free cupcake in only a few visits! Dangerous. haha More...


Joshua W.

2 June 2013

I found this place when I moved to Hayward. I have a big sweet tooth. So, I really do enjoy coming here because I don't keep any sweets in my house. I usually come in buying a dozen and bring them to a party. Everyone at the party always says they are delicious and wonder where I get them. They are gone within minutes. You can really tell it's made fresh in the morning  because they are so moist, soft, and the flavor is spot on. You can tell they don't go cheap on ingredients.Last time I came here, they started doing these adult cupcakes and I got the Hennessy cupcake. WOW! We weren't expecting it, but it felt like we took a shot of Hennessy. I really like this place and will continue to buy cupcakes here.I would say my favorites are:French toast & BaconRed Velvet(It's everyone favorite)S'mores More...


d h.

16 May 2013

I'm not like one of them people who flips out over gourmet cupcakes and shit.  I don't think cupcakes are the bees knees or epic or any of the descriptors that youngsters use these days.  That said, I enjoyed what I got here.  I'd go back.Also, they hooked me up with a free large cupcake when I bought the 15x mini pack.  Not sure if that is normal procedure or the person was just flirting with me and wanted me to give up the ass.  I need to try the 21+ cupcakes though. More...


Marsha G.

27 April 2013

Found the shop using my app Around Me.  What a find and we will be back.  Got an assortment of 6 cupcakes and everyone of them very yummy.  My whole family enjoyed sharing all 6 cupcakes. Try it you'll like it........ More...


Rachel h.

27 March 2013

This place is getting better and better eah time I go!  I was there when they opened and have been back at least 10 times.  I've taken cupcakes to parties, gotten them as gifts @ hosted parties and BBQs, and brought them to work for a dept event.  I called a week in advance and they had 7 dozen mini cupcakes ready when I arrived.  You can feel confident that you can place an order for a special event and these ladies will take GREAT care of you and make your event a HIT!!  Everyone LOVES cupcakes and these ladies have amazing flavors and options.  SO glad they are in Hayward and in my local stomping grounds.  Not to mention, they almost always have deals going on, even just walking into the shop. More...


Christina M.

18 March 2013

The cupcakes were perfectly moist and not too sweet.  We tried churro, French toast and bacon, java, chocolate, red velvet, and Hennessy.  I didn't care for the adult cupcake simply because I'm not much of a drinker-it felt as if I took a shot of henny!  Overall, I truly enjoyed my first experience there any the lady behind the counter was very patient with my boys :) I'll definitely be back. More...


Bob W.