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The Corporate Massage Company specialise in massage and wellbeing packages for employees. We cover the Lake District and Midlands and some of our current clients include Microsoft and AXA Insurance. Marie-Claire is the Lead Therapist at CMC and together with her team, provides bespoke wellbeing packages for businesses.

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David MacLeod

19 September 2018

I recently had a massage from Marie Claire of The Corporate Massage Company and found it a very positive experience. I had no idea how tense and knotted the muscles of my body had become until they were released by this massage. (Never had a massage before) I felt so much more relaxed and energised afterwards. I wish I had known about this years ago. I would thoroughly recommend getting a massage from The Corporate Massage Company as I am sure you too will feel the benefits directly at a reasonable cost and want to spread the word. More...


Derek Roberts

1 August 2018

Excellent way to get a good atmosphere going with your workforce. Less stressed employees also means greater productivity in my experience and loyalty because if you care about your team, they will care about you and the business. I would highly recommend you give CMC a try and at least invite them in for a demo and a chat. More...

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