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The Church Fitness and Nutrition

Airdrie Central, North Lanarkshire


The Church Fitness and Nutrition

Airdrie Central, North Lanarkshire



James Clacher, aka 'Jimmy', is a registered dietitian, personal trainer and a Level 4 Life Coach.

He has a lifetime of experience training people and a proven track record for getting results! He has worked in the fitness and nutrition sector for over twenty years and has a vast amount of fitness and nutrition knowledge and experience.


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John Wilson

2 June 2017

I trained with Jimmy for almost 2 years. I was chronically obese and struggling to continue with my employment as a HGV driver. We work on changing my lifestyle including diet, training and thinking. Over the course of 2 years a lost almost 12 stone and got my life back on track. I cant thank Jimmy enough for sticking by me through the good and bad times. More...


Your diet plays a major role in both your physical and mental health. As well as working as personal trainer I also work as a dietitian. I see first hand how diet impacts on Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancers, Obesity, Malnutrition and our Mental health. It impacts on strength, speed and conditioning, It controls your blood sugar, blood nitrogen and blood nutrient profile. I can look at a person and see clearly how well their diet is without even speaking to them. Its evident in their energy levels and physical appearance.

By being honest, upfront and making them apply awareness and knowledge to their daily lives. "they say knowledge is power, well its not. Its the application of knowledge that's power"

The four major ingredients are Faith, Desire, Planning and Persistence . Coupled with a good Attitude and a degree of Discipline.

Giving people more time on Planet Earth. Evidence based practice shows me that a good diet and a structured exercise regime can extent your life expectancy by up 20 years. More time with loved ones is always a gift.

Its also very rewarding to see an individual get to a target weight, become more conditioned, win an event, go on stage, improve there health, improve their self esteem etc as a result of working together.

To help make a difference to a greater number of people with all kind of lifestyle problems and contribute to the local and wider community.

They should research their potential coach, have a chat with them and if it fits engage.