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Holli Cipowski

22 July 2019

Erica is an amazing person with such a wonderful cause The Change Project. If you are a student, a business person or just dealing with everyday life situations, The Change Project will help you to reach your goals and face your fears. Erica has helped me to step out of my comfort zone so I can now reach my business and personal goals. Erica is more than an instructor she is a person that cares and has an absolutely beautiful heart. I highly recommend The Change Project! More...


Laura Kucharski Moats

31 May 2019

Erica is positively impacting the world with The Change Project. She is instilling confidence, self-esteem, and courage in everyone lucky enough to be in her sessions. She has been the catalyst to my own personal and professional transformation. Without her, I wouldn't have the voice I now have. I wish all students and adults alike had the opportunity to connect with Erica. What a wonderful world it would be! More...


Kody Houk

5 April 2019

Erica is absolutely incredible! She in an amazing coach & facilitator. She has a way of bringing out the best in every person that is blessed to come in to contact with her, and her genuine care and compassion for people in incomparable.


Tiffany Nedrow

6 March 2019

Erica is and upbeat, passionate, motivational lady. When your around her all you feel is positive and happy. She brings that out to each one she comes into contact with. She helps so many in the community and with youth all the way to local business. Thank you for being you and for what you bring to our community. More...


Shelli Richardson Boggs

10 February 2019

GAME ON!!! If you need or you KNOW ANYONE in need of some positivity and inspiration in their lives, YOU my friend, have found THE perfect place!!! Erica's love for life is extremely contagious, and you will leave her ready to take on the world with a happy heart and a big ole smile!! Be ready to rock and roll!! ❤❤ More...


Jodi Lynn DePriest

1 February 2019

Erica is a sheer JOY to be around! You can’t help but walk away feeling loved and uplifted! Our community needs Strong women like her to help build our children and support families! Love the values she stands and fights for! More...


Tiffannie Barden Sechrist

31 January 2019

I appreciate the time and energy Erica and The Change Project has invested in CTE staff and student leaders at Queen Creek High School. We have learned more about ourselves, working with others, how to utilize our strengths for greater productivity and how to outwardly show appreciation for others. The positive energy created by our training filled our buckets and gave us motivation and inspiration to move mountains. We are beaming with gratitude! More...


Davonna Willis

29 January 2019

Erica is a positive light that shines. Her passion for people and seeing the positive change in my team individually and as a group is why I hired her to assist my team with Professional Development. She is a beacon of light and brings positivity everywhere she goes that ignites the growth of change and internal wellbeing. More...

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