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We believe that every one deserves to live a healthy and happy life- free from pain and disease. We set the company up to provide a very different service to people who were ready to take responsibility for their own health. Within our private health facility we take our clients through a complete health transformation journey- from increased fitness- using the UK's best personal trainers, to genetic food testing and individual diet planning, rehabilitation of any chronic pain, elimination of digestive issues and learning how to limit daily stress.


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Alan Collier

30 March 2019

Started at the Centre for a simple sports massage to ease an achilles problem. I have had back pain for many years, so was interested in learning more about the wider range of treatments available. I booked for an initial consultation and while I waited did a bit of research on the Chek metodology, which just made total sense to me. During my initial assessments I found that mis-diagnosed long standing problems could be treated with an exercise regime to 'straighten me up', which I signed up for. I went for a 3 month package, with a whole range of assessments and two exercise classes per week. John was excellent, taking the time to explain the exercise and to make sure that my form was correct, explaining which muscle groups were being worked and clearly explaining why the exercises were included in my particular workouts. I would definitely recommend the centre, they take the time to properly assess your needs and determine the right exercises for you. More...


Tom Leith

23 July 2018

I feel healthier as soon as I walk in the door! I love visiting the centre and learning from the highly motivated and qualified team.


Tony Diprose

23 July 2018

Great place with great staff doing a brilliant job.


Kevin Smith

23 July 2018

Completed my hlc1 course in the centre , lovely set up. Highly professional and immaculate. The standard is exceptional


Carl Godley

23 July 2018

In this case 5 stars is 5 stars. A centre of excellence. Highly skilled professionals that can guide clients into health and wellbeing �


Joanne Walton

23 July 2018

Brilliant - went in for a one-off sports massage, will be returning semi-regularly :-)


Costin Glavan

23 July 2018

Indeed a center for taking your health to the next level with a highly scientific approach to spinal pathology


Jess James Farmer EC

23 July 2018

Amazing tuition & a warm environment to really feel at ease in. Highly recommended to anyone looking to eat, move & be healthy in the best way possible.


Marilyn Clarke

23 July 2018

I have been regularly attending the Centre for a number of years. During this time I have consistently received fantastic service and experienced high quality facilities and very well trained staff who offer sensible doable lifestyle advice and guidance
The approach is always friendly helpful and supportive and clear explanations are given to questions or queries I raise
It is very clear that staff understand their role and are knowledgeable in their field
Many thanks!
I wish Gavin and the team continued success


Gillian Jamieson

29 May 2018

The Centre for Whole Health at Eccleston, and the Chek philosophy that the trainers work to, cannot be too highly recommended. This is a team of very dedicated and skilled trainers who tailor-make a programme of exercises and diet to suit the individual and who carry out regular assessments to ensure the best possible outcome. I have benefited greatly from the dietary recommendations offered, after many years of problematic symptoms, and various diagnoses. Chek works. More...


Katy Wilson

29 May 2018

Absolutely fantastic centre I’ve been going for over 3 years now and the training is great with a very experienced trainer called Billy, as part of the package you have regular re-assessment with Paula who is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. If you want to change your body and your life or if you suffer with any pain this Centre is the best and only place to come. They have transformed my posture, my life and lifestyle and my body. All the staff are great, friendly and very professional thanks guys for everything you’ve done and are continuing to do! More...


Victoria Rushworth

19 April 2018

I attended one of Anne-lise's detox weekends in London and have left feeling energised, lighter and on an improved path to eating well. The detox was successful with really good support from Anne-lise and her team. Fabulous massages and tasty juices alongside the necessary drinks to enable a successful detox and flush. More...


Brenda Thornley

29 May 2017

I met Gavin 14 years ago after a rotator cuff operation when I was told that I would not fully use my arm again. Six months later, with the exception of lifting heavy weights, I had full use of my arm. I have trained with him ever since and with the help of Paula`s massage, Mike`s acupuncture and Tom`s osteopathy at 85 I lead a full and very active life More...


Carolyn Burnett

29 May 2017

The Centre for Whole Health is a truly unique concept and one I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to improve their health and overall wellbeing.The centre deals with each client as an individual and will tailor a plan specifically around your requirements whilst taking into account your own personal goals.In my case, I wanted to both lose weight and improve my general health and fitness. Since becoming a client of the centre, I have come to appreciate the importance of a multifaceted approach to improving both my physical health and mental wellbeing.The approach used made perfect sense and formed part of an overall lifestyle change. I have gained a real insight into the importance of many aspects of the way we live including the importance of sleep, exercise and nutrition based round the individual.I can honestly say that the knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff is truly infectious and makes each visit to the centre a positive and motivating experience. More...


Lisa Moores Pearce

29 May 2017

I've been attending the centre 2 or 3 times a week since last August, I love it. The whole package is excellent, the staff are so knowledgeable on health and fitness and have guided me through my new diet and health plans. I am now exercising correctly with no injuries thanks to john and Paula and I really enjoy it, I even look forward to my sessions instead of dreading them!! I've started using the Infared saunas and feel so good, I'm sleeping better, have more energy, my skin is clearer and I'm feeling more positive about everything! Couldn't recommended the centre more. More...


Jennifer Colbert

29 May 2017

The ambience of The Centre and the professionalism of the staff create a totally supportive atmosphere. I feel, when I enter the door that, to quote T S Eliot, I have reached 'the still point of the turning wheel' in my daily routine and always leave feeling better mentally and physically. Over a number of years Gavin and the practitioners have helped me to manage chronic illnesses and given me practical ways of dealing with them. Knowing there is a practitioner awaiting me keeps me going on a regular basis; I really do appreciate exercising on a one-to-one basis. More...


Cat Haig

29 May 2017

When I first made contact with the Centre I'd suffered for years with lower back pain. I felt bloated and sluggish and nothing I did seemed to help. A number of years later and I'm still in love with the place, the amazing guys there have helped me enormously. I'm stronger and fitter, my diet (which I thought was fine!) is better and they have taught me so much. If my back hurts now, I know how to relieve it, and while you're there the trainers make sure you don't do anything to jeopardise your progress. Everyone in the team is knowledgeable, kind and enthusiastic. You will never feel patronised, only encouraged, whatever your level of fitness or lack of it. If you're wondering if it's worth it, the answer is most definitely "yes". More...


Brendan Ainscough

29 May 2017

Been a member at The Centre for Whole Health for over two years after it was recommended to me to sort out my chronic back pain problems and diet issues. Without doubt it has made a massive difference to my health and well being! Dread to think what I would be like now had I not made that appointment!! More...



15 May 2017

I had been struggling with a back issue for some years and have tried many approaches. I joined the centre just over 6 months ago and the approach is personal, but also scientific.The exercise routines are regularly updated and are developed for me. The trainers are understanding, patient and have helped me at every stage. My back pain is greatly reduced and I am already more active than when I joined. I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin and the team. Give it a try. More...


suzanne mckinley

8 January 2017

For me, working with the Centre For Whole Health to change my life has been very challenging. I am part way through the gigantic task of changing my diet (which consisted of takeaways and sugar) , my exercise regime (which used to consist of nothing), and my cycle of negative thought and deed, and the help I am receiving has enabled me to become stronger, fitter, and is helping resolve some of the lifelong health issues I have had. I've moaned all the way so far, even though I know that what I'm doing with their help is working, but they continue to be very patient with me!
The holistic approach that the centre uses is invaluable as you not only receive a thorough assessment with regular review but you receive advice on diet, nutrition, hydration, exercise, lifestyle, your emotions , stress, and numerous other things. You also have a personal exercise coach as well as access to Chinese medicine and osteopathy. I would highly recommend it.


Emma Hughes

30 May 2013

Just had a pregnancy massage at the Centre for Whole Health, which was fantastic. They have a sports therapist who is specially trained in pregnancy massage. A lot of places don't have the expertise to massage in pregnancy so it was great to find a business that does, at a time I felt I needed it most. The treatment rooms are very spacious and relaxing and the premises very professional and clean. The massage is just what I needed after finishing for maternity leave! They also have personal trainers, a back pain clinic, an infra-red sauna and an organic produce shop, so I will definitely be back to get into shape once my baby has arrived! More...


We use a number of different system within our centre to evaluate and help structure our clients lives. One such system we use focusing heavily on nutrition and the quality of food. One of the common issues many of our clients have, is fluctuations in mood and energy- this can usually be linked back to a diet not suitable for the individuals specific nutritional requirements.
Every single client undergoes a genetic food assessment- to determine the exact food that will fuel you effectively and normalise blood sugars and weight!
So how important- pretty damn important!

Finding out exactly what the clients goals really are. We have a whole team ready to work with you, from Personal trainers, Osteopaths, Nutritionists and Therapists. We take a team approach to help you find a structured solution to your fitness/ health challenges.

Their is no 'secret', it takes balancing the blood sugars- through correct structured eating plans, it also takes evaluating your specific genetic requirements for food, working on any digestive health issues, limiting or handling excess stress and finding an exercise programme that is specific for you, taking into consideration any pain issues or other health related problems, and then committing to weekly exercise with a trainer.

I love to see the change our clients go through with their time with us- not just the physical changes but the emotional changes that shine through. Its a wonderful job to help people, and see the massive benefits our help and coaching makes upon their entire lives.

Our company has been running for over 15 years- I started in this career after been prone to chronic back pain most of my adult life- with no releif from 'normal' routes- it was only when I found a CHEK trained professional that I realised how to finally get rid of pain completely. This inspired me to help others, and since we first started we have been fortunate to have helped 1000's of people. I also own a education business, in which we train personal trainers, Physio's etc in advanced health.

If you are looking for a quick fix to lose some weight in 6 weeks- we are NOT for you! We only accept clients to work with us, who want to work on their entire wellbeing. We have a 5000sq ft premises which is completely private and built for purpose- we are not a gym, we have individual change rooms, infra-red saunas, client only workshops and a great community of clients!



1-2-1 Personal training was the first service we started to provide when the company first started over 15 years ago. We quickly learned that personal training; although a fantastic way to lose weight and get in great shape- was not the full picture when working with our clients; we then developed our current system of complete health transformation. Each client undergoes weekly 1-2-1 personal training sessions, that are individually designed specifically for the client- we don't have a 1 size fits all programme and our trainers haven't under gone a few weekend courses to attain their qualification- all or coaches are master Personal trainers to start with - then undergo 5 years of advanced training with the worlds leading personal training education company.

Osteopathy is a very natural system to evaluate and treat the body to bring back spinal alignment as well as general health. Each client undergoes an osteopathic assessment initially to determine any areas we need to concentrate on in the exercise sessions.

The gym group change room is an old concept left over from school PE days or sports locker rooms! Here at the centre we have private individual full change rooms, equipped with infra-red sauna, shower, toilet and sink- they are all private and you are free to use at your leisure after your appointment.