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The Center, a Samaritan Center

Saint Joseph, Missouri


The Center, a Samaritan Center

Saint Joseph, Missouri


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sup dude

3 March 2019

Dr. Jura is by far the absolute best psychiatrist I have ever been to. He has helped me so much. And you can tell he really cares about his patients and is glad to see their progress. I have recommended him to others, as I recommended him to you also. I usually don't like to go to someone to treat my mental health but from day one he has proven to be someone I can trust and I am very glad I went to him. He's a good dude. More...


Audrey Andreas

3 December 2018

BEST sychiatrist ever! Helped me work through all my addictions!!!


Brandon Tullock

26 December 2017

Very nice place an people an therapist


Jenny Farr

20 July 2017

I love this place great people who really care and want to help you.


Andy Libg

24 February 2016

wonderful great there best


Melissa T.

6 August 2011

PHD, psychologist, Dr. Kay Partamian was terriffic. She really helped me evaluate the situation and see my choices clearly. I am thinking clearly now. She does not include religeon in her therapy. She is secular in her methodology. She told me that, I should not throw out all my values. Just because I disagree with my parent's way of life, doesn't mean I should throw the baby out with the bathwater.PHD, childrens counselor, Charla Mart was a victim and she knows how to identify and help victims cope with their pain. Although, I feel that she did not help my child move past the abuse incident and my child didn't want to go back. Charla attends a local christian church. She uses barbie dolls and teddy bears. More...