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Minerva O.

8 September 2019

Really like this place. The atmosphere is really nice and the food is very good. The music is very jazzy and rich. One of the places I recommend to friends when visiting the area.


Joseph D.

6 September 2019

Ducking into this dungeonesque establishment isn't easy.  There's a just below street-level door, marked by a bumblebee and missing a doorknob, that stands as your only entree point.  A tiny light above it flicks on at 5:00 PM and miraculously the door suddenly responds to the slightest of pushes.  Inside is dark and mysterious with jazzy/ambient music drifting about.  Oil lamps mark the corners and tables.  Shadows abound.  Live music arrives around 9:00 PM.Bartenders are affable and the cocktails, old world.  Patrons are interesting and easy to get along with.Definitely worth checking out.  If I lived close by I'd be a regular.  My concerns: it appears to be a bit of a firetrap.  Only one discernible exit amidst the darkness (a pull door) and numerous open flame devices abound.  This did make me feel somewhat uncomfortable as the crowd grew.The environs seem to be in transition.  Still, there are a couple cool antique shops in walking distance.  If in Bethlehem stop in - if you can spot it. More...


Joe M.

5 September 2019

Great Gem! A must visit. The bartender Max is a chemist and a great guy. The Drink selection is amazing. Haven't eaten there yet but will soon.


Stephen K.

7 August 2019

Best cocktails in the area.  Knowledgeable staff and always willing to recommend something that works for your palate.


Ed W.

3 August 2019

All things YES. We've been wanting to experience this place every time we come up for Musikfest, but never made it. Tonight we did and it was worth the wait. Hard to locate from the street and even harder for the eyes to adjust to the low light, intimate, underground ambience. Cool bookish decor with tons of candlelight and sly music. Top props to our server Joe who was adorably adept and knew every cocktail as if it were a member of his family. Food was good. Vibe was low and slow (in a GOOD way), and we'd definitely go back! More...


Stephanie M.

19 July 2019

Such a cool bar to go to! The atmosphere is amazing. Sometimes we just go to their bar for the speciality drinks. Their entire menu is a book. Very cool place in Bethlehem. Their fries with aoli are my favorite haha More...


Tricia M.

18 July 2019

Modern, fresh takes on cocktails by trained mixologists. Live jazz. Friendly staff. Fun menus. What more could you want?


Rachel A.

7 July 2019

I LOVE this place!! I grew up near Bethlehem and then moved to NYC years ago, and NEVER thought I would find a NYC caliber restaurant in my hometown, but that I did!I also love the cool ambiance and my favs are the truffle fries and truffle burger (noticing a theme?) and the chocolate covered banana was the best I have ever had in my life!  And of course, ALL of the cocktails!!Will def be back! More...


Jay J.

6 July 2019

It was such an amazing experience. The food! The Staff! The whole atmosphere. Their food menu is absolutely incredible. I had angel pasta with clams and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much!!! Also def try their dessert options. More...


Elizabeth N.

30 June 2019

Another perfect experience for my 40th Birthday. Visiting, Joseph, the GM shared, listened and created an experience I will remember for years to come. From the easily missed door to the creative menus, this isn't just a restaurant but experience. The truffle fries are to die for and though they call the dipping sauce ketchup I'm pretty sure this creation will take you back to childhood and you will not regret the calories wanting to like the ramekin clean. Take your time and take it in, be present and allow the employees to guide you through..and don't forget to tell the water gal she's a bad ass, I'm pretty sure she's the reason I don't have a hangover! Thanks for a great birthday experience. More...


Adam B.

24 June 2019

Awesome hidden gem in town! The atmosphere has to be seen first hand to really experience it. The bartenders are top notch professionals making exquisite cocktails and the chef prepares interestingly delicious specials. Call ahead for reservations on the weekends because it fills up quick without! Dress up for the occasion and make it extra special. More...


Jaz A.

22 June 2019

Tood my husband last night for his birthday dinner, and it was so delicious . My only suggestion would be to enhance the truffle fries a little more . Thank you for the amazing night.


David C.

19 May 2019

Wow! We had the best time here. Very cool environment with amazing music. Do yourself a favor and ask for Joe. He made our night. First of all, he is passionate about what he does and it shows. When he gives you a drink recommendation - trust him. Mine had an egg in it. Sounds awful, right. It was OUTSTANDING! Joe is fun and will make your night out memorable!! More...


Amber L.

14 April 2019

The drinks are amazing and the barware to match! Just ask the server to make you something special. They will take a few notes and match a drink to your personality! (Then you don't have to read the extensive cocktail list in dim lighting.) The atmosphere is fun with the 20's attire staff, decor, and music. We went for a birthday dinner and the only reservation I could get 10 days out was 9:00pm for a Saturday evening. (After filling out a form on the website, being denied the requested time slot and told to call. Called multiple times with no answer, left messages and received a return call 4 days later) I was very disappointed to find out that by 9:00pm the were sold out of not 1, but 5 different entrees. So much for a special dinner... Come for the drink, they are amazing! Many other local restaurant have much better options for food. More...


Lynn G.

12 April 2019

We really enjoy this place! It is a speakeasy and the atmosphere is very intimate and unique. Candlelit, books everywhere, menu in the books, oil lamps, etc. The decor is very detailed and well done. They also have jazz bands every Thursday - Saturday, see their site for the schedule. They normally start at 9:00 pm and go all night! There is a cover on band nights, unless you leave before they start, I think it's $4/pp. The bands we have seen have always been great. You really feel like you stepped back in time! Their cocktails are AMAZING and are very crafty and unlike a cocktail you will get at any restaurant. They also make great mocktails! The food is great! Small and crafty menu and well worth the price! Joe is wonderful and so knowledgeable with cocktails, pairing them with whatever you're eating, or helping craft up something new that you might like. You're lucky if you're there when he is! I recommend making a reservation to be safe, as we have walked in before and couldn't get in, although they do their best to try! It is also fun to dress the part a bit and wear something resembling a 1920's outfit if you go on a jazz night! More...


Beth Z.

4 April 2019

Love the cool vibe in this place!!  Decor, menus, music - all made for a really unique experience.  We were just there for drinks and dessert but both were great and we'd definitely go back!


Shane B.

2 April 2019

My 17 year old daughter had mock tail versions of two of their house specialities.  The one with cocao tasted like a delicious silky cold tootsie roll. I had the "fire marshall" that tasted like a flamed liquid chocolate mousse and was a 3 minute flambe table show to create including cinnamon fireworks.  The crab cake was by far the most delicate, light and flavorful that by I have ever experienced including huge chunks of crab. The duck entree was exceptional also. We finished with the bread pudding (awesome) and peach cobbler (a touch too thickly cut). Both seasoned boldly with light sweetness. More...


Adam F.

1 April 2019

What can I say that hasn't already been said. I love this place. It's a time machine. The cocktails are incredible, the food is pricey but good enough and the live music is an awesome added bonus. I spilled my drink everywhere almost as soon as I took my first sip and they replaced it for free. I got the Marnie which is just a great classic name for a drink. I also had the braised beef tips and the cheese and apples. Just good solid food and drinks with an amazing experience. I highly recommend. More...


Alicia O.

25 March 2019

I give this place a 3 on food and a 5 on cocktails. The best best best drink menu in town and their cocktails are consistent, delicious, and sure to get you where you are going!  Perhaps it is the outstanding drinks that make the food seem a bit of a let down. It's fine, but not great. We frequent this speakeasy regularly for he incredible atmosphere and outstanding cocktails, but usually after dinner somewhere else. More...


Kristin B.

17 March 2019

Perfect date night spot. This is a super dark and cozy atmosphere that you'd expect with a speakeasy title. The drinks are unique twists on old recipes and I've never had a bad one yet! The food is also amazing. I've been there serval times and once ordered tapas style with small plate and appetizers. All of which were above expectations. I've also ordered larger entrees and those were equally as good. Make sure to call ahead for reservations! This place can be very hard to get into without them. More...


Kellyn S.

23 February 2019

The cocktails are very good. I was there in the fall and had an apple cider cocktail that I loved. The staff is friendly, and the decor is playful just like the 20's clothing the staff wears. I'm sure the candles and books are a firefighters nightmare, but I love the way everything looks. More...


Nicole H.

4 February 2019

My husband and I visited The Bookstore Speakeasy this past weekend. Overall we had a great time. Our waiter was Joe, he was phenomenal he spent time explaining anything you wanted him to, he made a cocktail for my husband based off of a few questions, and my husband loved it! My complaint would be Joe was the only waiter there for about 50 people, they need about 3 of him! We waited long in between drinks, appetizers and the entrees. My husband got the pastrami sandwich and loved it, I got the steamed cod and felt it lacked flavor. Overall we will go back, the cocktails were amazing and the ambiance is awesome! More...


Lauren P.

27 January 2019

Everything of this place was above and beyond! The decor, the ambiance, service (Shout out to Joseph!), drinks and food! Classy period appropriate decor and uniforms for the staff, real oil lamps on the tables, candles (very few electric lights). It's small but that's what a speakeasy was! If you didn't know what to look for you'd walk right past the door (again very speakeasy). Was busy but it was also restaurant week we were lucky to get a reservation! The menus are in old books! Their mixologist is on point, I wasn't sure what I wanted so told our waiter, Joe, the kinds of spirits I liked and a flavor profile, he brought back something delightful. 1920s music played in the background, not live they started at 9 and we left right as they started. Good: the duck!!! Amazing. Also the squash and artichoke dip, different but in a really good way! Service is attentive without being hover-y. It www my bday and they brought out their cheesecake creme brulee with a candle! So delish! You have to try this place out! More...


Karly K.

10 January 2019

they know how to make a mean manhattan, and for that, I'm grateful. their drink menu is so lit but honestly those manhattans are just so perfect that i feel like you should just start with one of those. the truffle fries will make u blast off into space in a good way. chickpea poppers are a great vegan option and you will be taking some home to put on your next salad. cant wait to come back and have another taste of their food. bless this place More...


Robert D.

30 December 2018

Once I learned about the Bookstore and what a Speakeasy was, the atmosphere, music, food, and drinks were all amazing. Been here twice and enjoyed my experience each time. I'll be back.


Grace R.

11 December 2018

A visit to the Bookstore Speakeasy is an experience to say the least. Upon walking in, customers are transported into the 1920s, somewhere far away from Bethlehem, PA. Employees are attentive and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the vast drink menu. A great place to come for a dinner date, or a celebration with friends. Menu mainly consists of drinks + small plates. More...


Larry D.

28 November 2018

The atmosphere is awesome! Waitress wear period costumes. Live jazz music on weekends. Food and drinks are amazing. The bartenders will craft you something special, catered to your taste. Can be a little pricey, but worth it. More...


Ms S.

17 November 2018

Really cozy,cute spot.  Theme is really cute and gave us a true speakeasy vibe.  A little pricey for what you get  but worth checking out.


Marianne D.

9 November 2018

Great find in Bethlehem! I loved the ambiance and feel of the place. We made reservations for Thursday night with live jazz. The place is very small and intimate. My husband and I had the black truffle fries for appetizers, which was excellent. the truffles was not too overpowering, fries crispy, and the dipping sauce was savory. I ordered the beef wellington... the beef was cooked to perfection soft and buttery. my husband ordered the crab cake which was seasoned well. We ordered 2 rounds of Upper Manhattan and Marnie. Both drinks were made really well. Service was also excellent... we were well attended to without being interrupted too much. We are definitely coming back. More...


Oliver J.

24 October 2018

I was going to post the whole story of how and why my wife ended up at The Bookstore Speakeasy, but this is a review of a restaurant, so you don't care about that.  (I also explore everyone else to stop the unnecessary storytelling in your reviews.   Having said that...Expertly crafted cocktails, the food is FANTASTIC.  We had beef Wellington and it was on point - perfection.  Both of us are bourbon fans, and we found many options on the drink menu in terms of brand variety and cocktails.  If you find yourself in Bethlehem, make a point of trying this place.  We leave here absolutely satisfied. More...


Angela S.

11 October 2018

Great ambiance, drinks are strong, but tasty and worth the price.  Food menu changes per season and is always delicious and full of variety.  Added benefit to going here is the live band on the weekends and friendly service.  Always 5 stars! More...


Alesia R.

2 October 2018

Visiting the area for the Celtic Classic. We heard about this place from the local bartender at Hijinx Brewery. This is one of the two recommendations she had. Both were great advice! Hb and I walked there after CC on a Saturday night with no reservations. Tables were all reserved but we scored two seats at the bar! The atmosphere was amazing. First you enter this speakeasy from a side entrance; down a step and thru a curtain. Felt like you stepped back in a time. Waitress dressed like flappers and waiter dressed to the era. Place is dark with low ceilings with a full bar. Variety of foods and so many different kind of mixed drinks to choose from! We ordered artichoke dip. It was delicious! Nice hot portion served with pita chips. Mixed drinks start at $12.00+. Great place to relax and enjoy the spirits. More...


Robert W.

18 September 2018

Now this is the spot to go if you have some blemishes or a pimple you're trying to conceal from your dates vision. The food here is decent but very limited. I was a little more satisfied with my appetizers than my actual meal. However, do not, I repeat do NOT come here if you have a drinking problem or possibly just got out of a 12 step program. This place has a menu with more drinks than food and it's best to know your limits. I went somewhat overboard with the drinks but I enjoyed every single damn one. I don't drink often but the menu intimidated my liver and I couldn't help to at least try as much as possible. I blame it on the SOB drink I started off with then possibly another one after a few bites. These two back to back SOB's resulted in me ordering an off the menu drink called Glassworks with a hint of diabetes. Once I was finished dining, I proudly stumbled to the bar and ordered something with egg whites called Pratt or maybe Pitt. The SOB inside of me didn't want to settle for this drink and the candle lights along with the smooth jazz music tempted me to order one last whiskey with egg white. I had enough drinks in me to not question the bill and leave a good tip. If this was prohibition and if I was an alcoholic then I'd be a regular happy patron over here while enjoying the live jazz music. More...


Ken D.

29 August 2018

Let me start off by saying a simple truth...this is a bar that has food,  it is NOT a restaurant with a bar. I think that's important context for a few of the reviews on this site. With that said let me say, the cocktails here are sublime. Whether you want to order from the menu or put your faith in the bartender to choose your libations, you will not be disappointed. The drinks are perfectly crafted. I put the talent of the team behind the bar up there with any of the top cocktail bars I've been to in New York, Chicago or DC. I love the Bookstore and if you love a great cocktail (especially the classics) I'm sure you'll love it too. More...


K V.

22 August 2018

Friendly, talented staff. Such a pleasure and will definitely come back for cocktails and food. Too bad there wasn't live music when we went.


Jackie B.

11 August 2018

Awesome vibes! Went here for my birthday, the drinks were unique and strong, the food was amazing, the music was wonderful, the atmosphere was chill, very neat place! Would recommend for a unique date spot! We really enjoyed ourselves. It's a little pricey, but worth it for the experience. More...


Buttonz P.

29 July 2018

Awesome service, food and drinks. I love the vibe of this place and the decor. Exceptional service, bartender's and wait staff were super attentive always refilling drinks and checking in. Food was amazing and came out quickly. I recommend the cast iron sliders, the truffle fries and house sauce is so good.  "All dolled up" was a perfectly made drink.  I really recommend checking this place out.  Make reservations if you want a table otherwise you can sit at the bar. More...


Skip I.

11 July 2018

A little pricey, but you get creative and unique cocktails for the money. The atmosphere is awesome, especially when they have live jazz. When friends come in from out of town, this is always a must to visit. More...


Shawn A.

10 July 2018

A true gem in the Lehigh Valley. Honestly, it's one of my top cocktail bars in the entire Philadelphia area. Top notch bartenders mixing up inventive and delicious cocktails. A professional, fun and attentive staff. Management who cares about the customer experience. On top of all that, really great food and an ambiance that makes you leave all your worries at the door. The Bookstore is better than ever. More...


Mary H.

8 July 2018

Definitely a fancier restaurant but worth every penny. The drinks are delicious!!!!!!!!! The food is amazing! If you want a unique and different dining experience - highly recommend!!


Lee W.

29 June 2018

The Bookstore is one of those fun places that's a "secret" in an age where nothing is a secret. I've never been disappointed with the food after sampling many of their plates, and the drinks are excellent - made with a flair by bartenders showcasing 20s manners and personas in their formal dress.I took off a star because of their archaic booking system. I had called a week in advance to make reservations for a busy Saturday night, then called again earlier that day to confirm (which they did). When I arrived, my name was magically nowhere to be found on their scrap sheet of paper with names scrawled in pen and pencil. My wife and I were forced to wait in their cramped front room (crowded with many other waiting patrons - with names scrawled on that paper? We may never know) until they were able to meekly offer us seats at the bar.It was a change from our original plans for an evening at a table together, but with great food and great drinks, that was our only complaint.Suggestion: Organize front of house better and you've got a real winner here. More...


James C.

14 June 2018

This place is very unassuming as it should be, it was a speakeasy back in the day.  This place keeps the old charm of that speakeasy with hand crafted drinks served by a very experienced bartender/mixologist.  The waitresses dress in flapper attire and is very fitting for this well hidden place.   When you do find it behind a black metal door that opens into a library/bookstore.  You are transformed back to when the book you are given is the menu.  Yes it's a real book.  The place is small the bar is very fitting for the experience of a speakeasy.  The room is dimly lighted by candles and oil lamps and a few light bulbs.  The food is good. But the conversation and experience is awesome.  Awesome Gem to find an old speakeasy. More...


Caitlin O.

5 June 2018

Fun atmosphere. Darker inside, wouldn't go here if you're looking for a well-lit space. Definitely make a reservation before you go... sometimes it's a little difficult to get ahold of them by phone to make a reservation, So call when they're openFood is delicious, a little expensive, but worth it. Unique cocktails will make you want to come back (though the Shirley temple of doom is hit or miss) More...


Melissa C.

25 May 2018

This place was recommended to us by our Uber driver. So glad we went. What a fun look back in time. The menus were my favorite! The book theme was so well done. You could come back hundreds of times and always have a different drink there are so many choices! They had wonderful live music when we went too. More...


Gabriella S.

13 May 2018

One of my favorite places in Bethlehem. I'm never disappointed from the cocktails to the ambiance. All the servers/bartenders are super friendly and helpful. Alex has been my server a couple times, he's awesome and always gives great suggestions. Have never had dinner there, but all the appetizers I have tried were all very good. More...


Jennifer L.

28 April 2018

I am still thinking about the great time we had for a friend's birthday!  The cheese plate was amazing!! Must order! Loved the Doll Face (drink) and the atmosphere was awesome!


Joe W.

30 March 2018

You can't get better craft cocktails in the area!  These are the types of bartenders that can be challenged and deliver continuously.  Wow!


Linnea C.

28 March 2018

My boyfriend and I tried this place for the first time the other night and were very impressed! We arrived around 9pm on a Friday night and even though it was pretty packed there was a table right in front of the live music. We had already eaten dinner so we did not order any food, though the appetizers looked pretty tasty. We were told that they had recently changed their entire menu and had lots of new cocktails to choose from. And wow, did they ever! The cocktail menu went on and on and on! It was divided into categories, which was nice, but honestly there were so many it was a little overwhelming. I finally ordered a rum and blood orange based cocktail (I can't seem to find the recent menu on the site so I don't know the name) and it was delicious. My boyfriend ordered a gin based cocktail and enjoyed his as well. They were generously sized and strong. Mine also came with a hibiscus flower as garnish which was a lovely touch. We also had a wonderful time listening to the live music of the evening (the musician's name was Evan) and had a nice chat with him afterwards. We learned that he comes back to perform here regularly so we will definitely be back, for both the music and the cocktails. Great little place! More...


Derek H.

24 March 2018

Hidden gem in south Bethlehem. Super cool atmosphere, great cocktails, and friendly service.


Kelly S.

17 March 2018

We love the Bookstore. The cocktails are on the small/pricey side but they're top notch and typically pack a punch. The atmosphere alone is 1000% worth it. One of our favorite spots, an unsung gem in Bethlehem. More...


Payal P.

14 March 2018

The bookstore is a nice speakeasy near downtown Bethlehem. They have a good selection of cocktails for all. The bartenders are always helpful with any various decisions you might want to make when it comes to a drink selection. Definitely a reservation is needed for this place if you want to book on a Friday or Saturday however More...


Jim B.

12 March 2018

Drinks - Great (The New Deal is amazing)Food - Very goodMusic - Can be awesomeAmbiance - Cozy, romantic, bustlingService - Decent to GoodOverall a great place to go after 9pm for bites and cocktails with a small group.


S B.

25 February 2018

Fun atmosphere for a date. I wouldn't come here with a few buddies but it's nice for you and a significant other date. Drinks are really great but who knows what's in them or how to order, pretty complicated for a Miller light ordering guy like me. I just ask the bartender to make whatever he wants to. Service is 5 star. If there is a bartender named Neal working then you're in luck because he's the best. He'll make sure you're taken care of and having a good time. Food seems to be okay but I just came for a few drinks and small plates. So in summary, 5 star atmosphere and service, 4 star drinks, 3 star grub. More...


Shelly M.

22 February 2018

Great atmosphere, would be better if the front desk girls where into the swing of the idea. Bar tenders rock. FOOD, meh. Music wild


Bethany M.

17 February 2018

Went to the Bookstore for our anniversary and it was an amazing night. They knew in advance about our celebration so they found us seats at the bar while we waited for our table. The music was incredible, the food was delectable and the drinks... delightful. Definitely a repeat night More...


Dorothy S.

5 February 2018

This place is awesome.  The menu is written in a book and contains many interesting drinks. The one I liked had absinthe in it. I think it had lavender in the name. Try the roasted chic peas for your app. Sit at the bar to get some fun history from the bartender. Bring a flashlight cause the place is dark. My husband loves to read so I surprised him for our anniversary by telling him I was taking him to a bookstore. When we got in he saw it was a restaurant. Great fun!  Book early. The place is popular!! More...


Sonam S.

1 February 2018

I was visiting my boyfriend's family in nearby Allentown and after a few nights of staying in, someone suggested we try The Bookstore speakeasy. We made reservations ahead of time and were so glad we did, because there was no room for walk-ins at 9:30 on a Saturday night.Definitely low lit and a dark atmosphere, but exactly what you would think of when you think speakeasy. Their menu is very extensive with several cocktails per liquor. We went with 5 people and tried two drinks each and all of them were excellent. We stayed their for a couple of hours and were not rushed in any way, despite them being entirely full.Looking forward to going back the next time we go to Allentown! More...


Check Out My Swords C.

29 January 2018

I love this place and it's vibe! Drinks are super strong but so worth it! Food is good. Perfect for a datenite!


Carolyna C.

28 January 2018

We had a 5pm reservation on Saturday.  The place gets packed so get your reservations in advance. We called the day before and all they had was 5 or after 10pm. Anyway, our experience was really great! The staff was friendly and attentive throughout the evening. I was there one other time a few years ago and this was my BF's first time there. The menus are in books which is really cool. They have a variety of drinks. A list for whiskey, rum, vodka based drinks...these are the only ones I remember. It happened to be South Bethlehem's Restaurant Week so we ordered from that menu. I had the Whiskey Chicken entree. The potato leek soup and the apple cake for dessert. My BF had the salad, pork and sauerkraut with apples entree and the peanut butter cheesecake/creme brûlée! Everything was delicious!!! We left there with very full bellies! Oh we also tried three drinks...also yummy. The drinks were $12/each. The restaurant week menu was $40/each for a soup or salad, entree and dessert!  And we also ordered the chickpea popcorn as the snack! Yum!!! More...


tintin x.

28 January 2018

Great surprise, entering this nondescript basement doorway and finding a lively bistro inside with a bookstore / speakeasy theme.  Menus are in real books. Candles all over, (which is a thing, given one exit).  Been there twice, will be back.   It's a special place with good food and drinks, not cheap but definitely fun for a special evening. More...


Johnny W.

21 January 2018

I had an incredible time here. It's funny, the lower reviews complain of it being dark, low lit, crowded, hard to find, etc., but lo and behold it's exactly what I would hope a Speakeasy would be. The experience of trying to find it was all part of the fun. The staff was awesome, engaging, personal. The drinks were out of this world. It was a mixed and diverse crowd, and of all ages. It wasn't loud like a club, it was personal and charming. As we left, well after midnight mind you, the hostess was Windexing an old mirror that sat by her desk. Even this seemed so great. Surrounded by old books, she smiled and wished us a good night. In the midst of the crazy world we live in these days, it was so nice to take a deep breath and relax. Haven't had this cool of an experience in a long time, can't wait to go back. More...


Steve B.

21 January 2018

Had a great time here meeting some friends. Very cool concept and the staff is amazing. GREAT PLACE!


Jasmine N.

20 January 2018

I've always wanted to go to a speak easy ! I came here with my bf and a couple of friends. The night I came I was able to find free street parking right across the street from the place. At first I wasn't sure if it was the right place, but then I remembered hey I'm going to a speak easy!  The door says "The Bookstore" (look at my pics attached). I don't want to spoil to much of the surprise, but just know when you walk into the entrance it's beautiful! My party was seated at a table because there was no room at the bar. I was pleasantly surprised by the live band and the candlight tables! The menu is a large book with different specialty drinks and food. Drinks are definitely strong so be prepared! I would definitely come back again. Also a little birdy (my awesome waitress was part of making this happen) told me that they will be offering brunch on Feb. 12! I love a good brunch so I'm super excited for this to happen ! More...


Amir F.

16 January 2018

Here's an update on my previous review....I'm happy to say that The Bookstore is under another round of ownership and they've revived the fun, music and energy of the place when it first opened.  The night I was there in October 2017 was fun.  They had a talented band playing 1920s jazz and the place was ablaze with oil lamps everywhere.  Talented bartenders are known for their exotic cocktails ($10 and up) which are really worth sampling.  Menu is limited and the small room gets crowded so don't go without reservations. More...


Jeff S.

12 January 2018

I took my wife here for an anniversary dinner a year ago (yeah little late on the review) and had a great evening. If you're looking for a special place to take someone for dinner this is it. All the food and drinks were great. High quality food that's not just cookie-cutter meals you can find everywhere. The staff was friendly and helpful since we weren't familiar with their menu and helped us select something we enjoyed very much. The only negatives I would say is that they took the romantic atmosphere a little too far. I found the tables a little too tightly spaced and the lights a little too dark. That being said it my preference and others will likely love it. So. Great food and drinks, something out of the ordinary, a little pricey but makes for a great special night. More...


Anisha L.

7 January 2018

This was my first time in the area and so glad to have found this gem! The entrance did in fact look like a bookstore but once you get in, the place is your average bar, packed on a Saturday night. The menus are laid out on various books and while I can't comment on the food, the drinks were on point. I had the adios amigos cocktail as my first (and last) drink and not only was it delicious but not at all watered down either! Had I not drank some wine earlier I would've definitely left room for more drinks from their elaborate menu. We also paired the drinks with some snacks, nuts and fries with I believe truffle sauce? The ambience was super chill and cozy- tables laid out with candles and a band playing in the front. Service was also on point, our server checking up on us in between. The only downside I'd say is because it gets packed, space did feel a little tight but I can't complain. I've been to spots with far less wiggle room but overall, this place is a win for me. Definitely glad we went despite the freezing weather! More...


Emily S.

6 January 2018

The food is delicious- all of it! The spinach dip, served in a butternut squash bowl, is phenomenal. The drinks are strong and very good. The atmosphere can't be beat. Do yourself a favor and check this place out!! But be sure to make a reservation More...


Olde W.

6 January 2018

Why it's quite possibly the finest Speakeasy we've come across by golly! Excellent service, astounding cocktails and the decor invigorates the atmosphere. Truly special. I will say it's a hoppin' joint so be sure to book a table in advance. And of course it goes without saying, keep the noise down, after all, those pesky feds may just raid the joint! Huzzah More...


Joanne K.

4 January 2018

I'm a huge fan of speakeasys. What's a better place to come for an intimate date or a catch up session with a girlfriend than a cozy establishment with amazing drinks and live jazz performances? Upon entering, you're immediately thrown back in time to the Prohibition era. Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming. Their drink menu is organized by the type of alcohol, so it's easy to narrow down your choices. All the cocktails I've had here have been great. Their food, on the other hand, is a different story--very mediocre and overpriced. I even had to send back a cheesecake dessert because of how gritty the texture was, and I rarely ever send back food. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time because they can get filled pretty quickly on Friday and Saturday nights. More...


Jaime T.

7 December 2017

The menu sets the tone for a fabulous experience.  Impeccable Service from everyone! The speakeasy ambience offers a dark cozy space that you'll want to stay at for hours.  Very highly recommended!


Rosanna S.

6 December 2017

We always have such a great time when we visit the Bookstore. It's a perfect place to gather with my husband's coworkers. Parking can be a booger sometimes. I actually recommend taking another source of transportation since you may leave a little tipsy. The drinks are stiff and worth every penny. Also, reservations are definitely a must. Even if you think it might be a slow time of day, make a reservation. Trust me. I promise you'll be disappointed if you get turned away. On our last visit, we made a reservation for 6 people at 6pm on a Tuesday evening in December 2017.If you've never visited, the entrance is very inconspicuous. It's a simple door stenciled "Bookstore" that you would otherwise not notice. You step down into the lobby and back in time to a prohibition era speakeasy. The staff is dressed the part and the decor follows suit. The entire place is lit with candles and oil lamps, a fire hazard that lends to great ambience. The menu and house rules are pasted into old books that have been collected or donated. The lighting does make it difficult to read the menu. Although cell phone use is discouraged, I notice many people using them as a flashlight to view the menu. Flash photography is definitely something you don't want to do... It distracts from the experience. Just sneak in a few pics for Yelp! All of the drinks ($12) are listed in groups by main spirit type. If you have trouble deciding, the wait staff can guide you as long as you know your preferences. I happen to enjoy gin, so I ordered the Arizonian #2 (, which is very ginger forward. I later tried the Death After dusk, which was too heavy on the Absinthe for my preferences. The chick pea popcorn ($4) is a must order item every time we visit. Its delicious. I'm not even a great big fan of chick peas. The salty and spicy flavors go well with the drinks you are sipping. Key word...sip. Do not expect to be able to handle as many drinks as you usually do. My husband and I split the ribeye steak ($28) and an order of Brussels sprouts ($8). Our steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. The Brussels sprouts were delicious and served with a wonderful dipping sauce. The sauce was so good that I dipped the mushrooms from my steak topping and the potatoes in it. We completed our meal with the cinnamon apple cake ($8). It was very good and perfect for this time of year. Our party of six left with a damage of about $225, which was honestly one of our cheaper visits. You can spend close to $1,000 easily for a party of 10 if you are having dinner and celebrating. Don't forget that gratuity is included for parties of 6+, as well as a $3/person cover if there is live music. I recommend the Bookstore to anyone that will listen. It is no secret! More...


Byron R.

29 November 2017

I love speakeasies.  Although, this was a bit ore public than what in used too.  Still, great place


Ian K.

26 November 2017

Very hip and trendy this Speak is. Our group of 6 were seated in a private, or sectioned off area. We felt more powerful than 1920s Philadelphia mobsters. Any who, we were seated right away BUT our it took our waitress roughly 15!minutes to get us menus and our drink order in. We were told menus were heard to come by because patrons are stealing them! I don't blame because the menu is pretty neatly disguised in 20th century novels. However, you gotta have extra! No excuse here. Small plates we housed were dope:-Roasted chickpeas (delish) -Meat and cheese plate (the staple I highly recommend) -Tuna Dumplings (skip these and save your appetite for dinner) Dinner order for the group: -Short Rib w/fries and green beans (straight fire. Highly highly recommend) -Lamb (perfectly cooked; flavorful) -House seafood special (Salmon was eh, but I was told the mashed were better than Grandmom's from Thanksgiving) This is a great spot for a dinner take or special occasion. Prices are up there, but worth the splurge. I can't see myself returning unless someone else is paying! More...


Mark L.

25 November 2017

Had a great time. My friend took me for my birthday. The food was very good with live jazz. Nice ambiance too.


Justin P.

25 November 2017

Get a seat at the bar and just enjoy the show.  Bartenders are great and personable even when they are crazy busy.  Great drinks and they take pride in what they do.  Only had snacks but menu looks great. More...


Alyssa H.

24 November 2017

I LOVE it here! It is kind of pricey, but you really are paying for the experience. It is great for a date night, for bringing friends from out of town, or really just any occasion! The food is great and the drinks are even better. Be adventurous and try a drink with egg whites!! More...


Annalynn K.

20 November 2017

we loved the truffle fries. I personally had the salmon and was pleasantly surprised. I was skeptical of blueberry relish but I decided to give it a whirl and was not disappointed. my mom had her eyes on one of the fishbowl drinks but she was the only one who could drink at the table but the waitress was very accommodating and made a single. More...


Natalie M.

19 November 2017

This hidden gem is truly a diamond in the rough!  The ambiance is very lovey with live jazz music, oil lit lamps, and really an intimate environment to enjoy on a date night or even a celebration night out with the friends.  The cocktails are superb and truly are a handcrafted skill in this lovely resteraunt!  All of the drinks are made with freshly squeezed juices and done so well that even if you typically don't drink a particular liquor or cocktail you will have no problems enjoying one here!  They have several desert drinks that are served with a fire show which is really a nice touch to an impressive evening out with someone special.  The waitresses are all very pleasant and dressed in a flapper style which really helps set the vibe of this sexy yet classy touch.  They are very attentive and service is definitely top notch.  The food is delicious....especially the apps are a wow!  l really enjoyed the clams rockafeller, flatbread app, mussels and shrimp cocktail which is delightfully seasoned as a nice little touch.  For dessert l highly recommend ending with a stout beer float with pumpkin ice cream....wow!  The rack of lamb was delicious and tender.  The cocktails are quite substantial.  Besides the fact that they are delicious, they also are strong enough you shouldn't need more than one or two.  The punch bowls are huge, refreshing and have flora notes....very delightful on the palette.  This is one of my new favorite places in pa.  If you are in the are, you should definitely give this place a chance, you will not regret it.  It's worth the stop and will be memorable for sure!  One of the pretty cool touches of this gem is that the menus are hidden between the pages of different books....this place is very unique and special...definitely a treat! Oh and the crab cakes are amazing!  It's very hard to find a crab cake made well outside of Maryland but this place does an amazing job!!! Definitely you must try the crab cakes if your dropping by! More...


Michelle P.

20 October 2017

A gem of Bethlehem! Delicious food and incredible decor. Our meal + drinks were a bit pricey, but worth it for the ambiance and special occasion. The wait staff even wore flapper dresses. My date and I enjoyed our time. Highly recommend. Btw the entrance is very subtle. More...


G T.

18 October 2017

Had a nice experience at this quaint little speakeasy, excellent cocktails and great service with a smile...Emily our server was informative and very helpful even though they seemed a bit busy and taken back for a Wednesday night... Food was fresh and my steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare... Would be a perfect 5 stars for me but if I'm being honest the potatoes served with my steak needed a minute or two longer to be perfect... and although our server Emily was fantastic they seemed a bit overwhelmed through no fault of her own... She made excellent suggestions and provided us with excellent service...I just wish she had a bit of help so we could of had a minute longer to speak with her and hear a bit more about her recommendations... Food was above average ambiance was above average and service was above average...I will be back... Can't go Wrong for a date night or special event More...


Rita S.

22 September 2017

What a gem. The bar staff is phenomenonal and so are the drinks.  Our party of 7 had probably 12 different drinks and every drink was fantastic.  We had a great time and you will too. More...


Tatiana M.

15 September 2017

Such a great experience. Pricey but worth it! The drinks were unique and amazing. The food was delicious and the ambiance is truly an experience. There was live music the day I went. Recommend making reservations because it gets busy and booked More...


Cherish D.

29 August 2017

The bookstore never fails to deliver! Absolutely phenomenal you won't regret anything you try... reservations are a must!


Kevin K.

6 August 2017

This is one of the best speakeasy bats we have ever visited - and we've been to quite a few. Small intimate and low lighting. The bartenders are super friendly and helpful. The drinks are interesting and well crafted. On a Saturday night, a three piece jazz group played to add even more ambience to the room. Just a cool place. More...


Patrycja W.

30 July 2017

I celebrate my birthday here every year, and every year I leave feeling satisfied with not only the food, but the ambience and the wonderful staff. Thank you!


Cathy V.

29 July 2017

Such a cool place.  Amazing menu of drinks that it is almost overwhelming.  Was able to just explain what I like, whiskey and not sweet, and I was served the perfect cocktail.  It was restaurant week so had the special menu.  Smoked tilapia was delicious as was the stuffed peppers my companion had.  Will definite be back! More...


Mary A.

4 July 2017

Cute little place to go for drinks without large crowds. On the weekends you need a reservation! I would have given 5 stars, but the live music has always been too loud and makes it difficult to talk to the people at your table


Allison M.

3 July 2017

We loved this place! The waitress was incredibly friendly and offered great drink recommendations. I love that they take their identity as a speakeasy to heart, but not so much that they don't serve 'inauthentic' types of liquor-- you can get gin and vodka here even though they may not be completely historically accurate.I loved as well that the menus were served in hardcover books-- different books for each person! Handcrafted with care.The food was delicious too-- we loved the mussels and the poached salmon, which came in a hoisin-maple sauce that truly, truly tasted like maple. So good!The atmosphere was wonderful, and we really enjoyed the live music. It did get a bit hot on a summer evening, despite the air conditioning; my only other complaint is the 2-hour limit on the tables, which causes anxiety when your time is almost up and you want another drink! It makes it feel much less hospitable, which is a shame. But we will definitely be back! More...


Jonathan P.

7 June 2017

I have been here once before about a year ago but didn't post that time. This time I went with a few friends to try again. They really have the ambiance down well. Very dark and lit by candles and oil lamps. So walking around can be a challenge but the staff is nice and mentioned the small ramp on the way to the dining area.  We sat right under an air conditioner blowing arctic air directly on us and had to wait about 5 minutes before a waitress first came over. She offered immediately to turn it off which she did. Everything else was excellent. I love the books that have the menu hidden inside on various pages, though easy to find. Good options for food but it is a bit on the pricey side, however it was worth it in my estimation. Not someplace I'd go once a week, but once a year is well worth it. More...


Joshua J.

4 June 2017

Wow. Great atmosphere. Went on a Thursday for live jazz and something to eat and drink with some friends and it was impressive. I definitely felt like they have the speakeasy thing going for them. Drinks were $12 each, with a huge selection of fancy cocktails, and the food was not cheap ($15 pulled pork sandwich and fries), but well worth it from the quality, taste, and presentation. The real lanterns are a great touch. Go there for a smooth, chill, date night. More...


Amber C.

30 May 2017

Such a neat little place! We almost couldn't find it, because it is well hidden, but that is the excitement of a speakeasy right? The setting is intimate with live music and fun people working. The menus are all in books, and the decor has a jazzy vibe. We sat at the bar and all 3 bartenders were great. I am pregnant and they made me a delicious pineapple mocktail, so bonus points for that! We started with a meat and cheese board (yummmm) then split the crab cakes. The crab cakes were phenomenal! We just moved from MA to PA, but I swear this crab was better than the MA stuff! It's topped with delicious pico de gallo. We definitely will go back, the experience was 5 stars! More...


Lacey L.

28 May 2017

My favorite bar/restaurant.Best live music, especially when piano-man, Larry Hunt, is performing there!Love that they offer gluten-free and vegetarian items on their menu.


Carol S.

1 May 2017

What a great little hidden gem. My husband and I stopped in for a drink after dining at another local restaurant. We planned on having a quick drink then heading home. Two hours later and we were still there. It is so entertaining to sit at the bar and watch the three bartenders. They have friendly banter and dart around the bar like a well greased machine. The restaurant and bar were packed. As busy as they were they seemed to enjoy the pace. They had smiles on their faces and continued to add flare whenever possible. I love that they will pick a drink based on your personal favorite spirits. Keep up the good work ( although it seems too much fun to actually be work)!Thanks for an entertaining evening. More...


Abby J.

4 April 2017

From the moment you step in the door, you are transported to a 1920s speakeasy. The food was fresh and perfectly cooked. The band really set the mood. And their insanely long list of handcrafted cocktails was to die for. Very good experience and will definitely be going back. My girlfriend finally likes me now. More...


Derek K.

22 March 2017

Awesome "big city secret spot" feel, in the middle of Bethlehem. Found it one night after a show at the Sands, thanks to Yelp. Great drinks, snacks, music, ambiance, menus in old books, darker lighting, and feels special. Worth the trip. More...


Heather S.

17 March 2017

Ambiance is so lovely. What a cool place to hang out. Not many places for people in our late 30s to hang out. This feels like we fit here:) food was so amazing- very attentive service!! We will be back for sure!!!


Luke B.

9 March 2017

5stars from start to finish. Great service. Food was amazing. The drinks delicious. Jazz band was fun and lively yet intimate.


Stephen Z.

5 March 2017

We went there Friday night.  Unique experience.  Lack of a sign and spooky doorway from the street add to the ambiance.  Place was busy on Friday night, we didn't have a reservation so were seated at the bar.  The place as low ceilings and is dark with lots of candles.  They have an extensive cocktail menu and charismatic bartenders who are real mixologists.  Cocktails were great and strong.  We got a cheese board and chick pea popcorn to munch on at the bar.  Also had the fried salmon dumplings that way exceeded my expectations.  Well worth a visit, we will be back. More...


Rory F.

4 March 2017

Great atmosphere, live music nightly. The small plates are prefect for sharing. Friendly servers


Sydney P.

18 February 2017

This place is amazing!!! We had the most beautiful anniversary dinner here at the last minute - which I would not recommend because you need a reservation! But the hostess/manager was so accomodating - she gave my fiancé a fifteen minute window to go grab cigars before she grabbed us awesome seats at the bar. Then we had the best bartender we've ever had, Gabriel, who was so genuine and charismatic and even gave us two free (watermelon?) shots because we loved him so much. It was so fun and our food was quick and the service was punctual and polite. We just had the most delightful time and the best food... The atmosphere, decorations, and live music were just the icing on the cake! Would recommend to anyone, and will ABSOLUTELY be coming back some time during the week when it's a little less crowded. More...


Dani B.

18 February 2017

Went out for a low key dinner. I was pleasantly surprised there was live music on a Thursday. Waitress was lovely and had perfect timing, always there when needs to answer questions yet didn't interrupt conversation. Food was good very good, not great we had the truffle fries which came with an amazing dipping sauce, escargot sil said it was good. Would def go back. More...


Phyllis P.

4 February 2017

Such a fun, throw back evening.  Dark as a tomb, books & candles set the mood.  Enthusiastic bartenders & personable staff!  Bar was great!  Homemade ketchup with fries paired with my Champagne's Copeacetic took me on a summer hike through woods and meadows.  My husband's Armageddon: outrageous!Will go back to try dinner.  Soon! More...


Dinesh G.

27 January 2017

Simply awesome. Staff, food drinks are all great. If you are in the neighborhood never never miss it. The staff and the management is very detailed oriented and they have done everything under the sun to make sure that the customers will have the best experience. I wish I lived in Allentown so that I can goto this place quite often. So who live close enjoy this place. More...


Brandon R.

30 December 2016

Love this place, Been here many times, always satisfied with our food, and our Drinks. Last night my wife and I took our friend Liz out for her Birthday. All our food was excellent, and we got a punch bowl full of "Shirley Temple of doom." I got Lamb chops medium rare, they were cooked Perfectly. My wife got Brazed short ribs that just melted in your mouth. Liz got Macantosh Chicken she told us was amazing. Only thing I could b possibly complain about was the extremely drunk table of four next to us who were extremely loud. Usually this isn't a problem at the bookstore, that's why I still have them 5 stars. All in all we had a great time, ate some great food, and had some great drinks. Can't wait to return. More...


Chuck H.

16 December 2016

First time here two nights ago. Wanted something different for a group of 6 after a Mannheim Steamroller concert (excellent, BTW).  Heard the great reviews so why not?  Fantastic.  Great atmosphere - dark, intimate and different.  Staff was great and the drink list is, well, it IS a "speakeasy".Pricey (~$150 per couple after drinks, food and tip) but it's such an fun and interesting place that it's worth the extra cost (IMHO). More...


Kristen H.

13 December 2016

This place was great! We had such a fun experience with the menu and all the funny things to read and it's a great atmosphere. We stopped in for drinks and some small bites. The drinks were fantastic! I also loved the fries and the housemade pickles. I definitely plan on going back next time I'm in town. More...


Heather Y.

8 December 2016

We had an absolutely AMAZING experience here... WAY COOL ambience. Our bartenders, Ryan and Gabriel were the best bartenders we have EVER had, and we eat out a lot. We left there feeling like we've been friends for years.  We sat there for 3 1/2 hours and had an absolute blast.Food was good too. LOL More...


Amanda J.

25 November 2016

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  New fav. Place.  Food, drinks and atmosphere was perfect. Going back soon.


Becky M.

19 November 2016

Last night was our first time visiting the Bookstore. It was fantastic!  Sure, it is pricey, but this is one of those places that is a special treat and for special occasions.  I had the blackened salmon and can't stop raving about it. The seasoning was perfect with just the right amount of spiciness. My husband love the short ribs and was amazed by how much meat he got. The veggies were delicious. We are looking forward to visiting again! More...


Brad D.

15 November 2016

First time visit. Food was very good and very nicely prepared. It is pricey but you are paying for the unique atmosphere. Staff was very friendly. Our waiter was not very attentive and when I complained he did give us free drinks and a $10 voucher on a future visit. I would definitely go back. More...


Catherine S.

8 October 2016

So the restaurant itself is really cool!  Live jazz music dark and Loud but to me that's part of he enjoyment!  Beers were good, we didn't have any cocktails but no tap only bottles which is not a problem. Service was good no problems there. The only issue I had was price with quantity of food. My boyfriend and I ordered chicken and steak meals which we ABSOLUTELY delicious! But they were 29-32 $ and we were both still hungry so we ordered an additional meal to share. So for 2 beers and 2 meals and an appitizer it was over 100$. So def not an all the time place. Maybe once every few months. Also we called same day and they didn't have reservatuons open until 1045 which was totally fine for us, but if you do go call at least a week early to get an earlier time!  All in all really enjoyed this date night, but probably won't be a frequent visitor just due to price! More...


Julie K.

21 September 2016

Fun, unexpected. A must see while here. You won't experience anything else like it. Salmon was outstanding and Neal will craft a drink for you with specific needs.


Sabrina K.

19 September 2016

I was very pleased with my visit to the Speakeasy.  The food was delicious and the service was wonderful.  I went out on a limb and tried one of their specialty drinks.  It wasn't my favorite by far, and I didn't drink much of it, but when I told the waitress, she went back to the bar and got me a different one at no charge!  I thought that was wonderful customer service.I had the filet and my boyfriend had the chicken.  Bother were perfectly cooked.  He, of course, complained that there wasn't enough on sides on the plate, but that's typical of him :)I highly recommend the speakeasy for a relaxing dinner and a wonderful atmosphere.But be prepared to spend a good penny, you pay for the good food and atmosphere. More...


Nicole H.

13 September 2016

Some of the best cocktails and atmosphere on the Southside. From the secret basement entrance to the menus concealed in old books, the Bookstore is definitely a unique evening experience in the Lehigh Valley. They offer a wide variety of new and classic cocktails - each hand crafted by the bar staff so be patient. It's worth it! Even one of the few places to offer a Last Word before the great Gin craze of 2016. If you're with a group, I recommend ordering one of their punch bowls. The flaming Shirley Temple of Doom is a sight to see and delicous.Their food is decent - nothing mind blowing on the menu however. It's mostly your standard causal / upscale dining fair. But the atmosphere and live jazz experience can't be beat. More...


Kelly P.

10 September 2016

Great place for special occasions.  Food was very good but a little pricey for portion sizes.  Not a large selection but it was delicious -- chip peas were fantastic.  I had a pork chop with apricot glaze and husband had filet mignon.  He said it melted in his mouth.  Drink menu is extensive and portion sizes bit small for price but things you won't get anywhere else.  We went for my birthday so it was fun. More...


Daniel C.

3 September 2016

This is one of my favorite places in the Lehigh Valley. You will find it in a back ally with nothing but BOOKSTORE painted on the old door. There is not really any signage to tell you that it is a bar and restraint. Once you walk in the 1920s aesthetic is immediately apparent. It is lit by candles and oil lamps, the menu is pasted into old books, and some of the bar tenders sport what I assume is a fake 1920s accent.The cocktail list is extensive with everything from a basic old fashioned to complicated absinthe based libations. Although I usually only go for drinks they have a good menu of food as well. There is basic snack food like chickpea popcorn and meat and cheese boards or full meals like braised short ribs.The only complaint about this place I have herd is that for some people with eye trouble it may be too dark to read the menu easily. Personally I have always enjoyed myself and would recommend The Bookstore Speakeasy to anyone in the area. More...


Farzad M.

27 August 2016

First and foremost, these guys were so great at accommodating our staff at Human vs Room. We went to the Bookstore for after-dinner drinks and this place just never disappoints. The atmosphere is cozy and great for conversation. There is usually live music on the weekends and it just adds to the cozy atmosphere. If you're a jazz lover, you will thoroughly enjoy this place. Highly, highly recommend! Just make sure you make reservations because they are usually packed! More...


Todd S.

22 August 2016

This is a top-5 destination for me in the US.The Bookstore is always a hit for groups and travelers as the unique atmosphere, vintage menu and staff make this a night to remember.They specialize in prohibition-inspired drinks and classic dishes. The menu rotates so I can't really tell you what you'll get but I can guarantee you'll enjoy it. We've had clams, pickles, chicken, beef--you name it and it's tasty.I strongly recommend planning to spend some time. It's not a fast place as everything is handcrafted. Leave your phone at home--the menu actually tells you to do so as well. It's a place where you're meant to treasure the food, drinks and most importantly the company around the table. It certainly is not fast food. More...


Flavia L.

18 August 2016

I Almost didn't find the place !! Great decor & I love the small details. It's definitely a romantic & sexy place. The food was very good but  the sides could've been better. Awesome drink choices !! FYI !! Make reservations !!!! More...


Michelle H.

16 August 2016

Pictures do not do this place justice. If you want a comfortable place to eat and drink with your loved one this is the place to be. Candlelights and lanterns are the secret to the atmosphere. Cleve ordered filet mignons with veggies, I had two appetizers. The clams (14) which was smothered with tasty tomato, spinach and light garlic. And angel hair pasta with veggies in the sauce. It was great. Cleve had his two Hemingway daiquiri's while I was highly surprised with the excellence of the two Brandy Alexander's made perfectly. It took me five  venues in the northeast to find a good brandy Alexander. 1929 music played. Our grand parents would have loved it. The whole place that we found at a cellar door led us to this hidden surprise. It reminded us of a bistro in Greenwich village. It was kinda cool and romantic. More...


Kyle K.

12 August 2016

Went here last night with my fiancee, the ambience and atmosphere takes you back to the speakeasy era, the tables and lighting were very comfortable. The menu is so unique that it is in a large book with the drinks and food being up front then it continues on to be a book, i didn't get past the food and drink menu so i'm not sure what the book was about but i thought that was unique and interesting. we had a few cocktails throughout the evening and every one was unique and complex and the waitress and bartenders are willing to accomodate your tastes buds but no coors light says the house rules, I like that. The server kelsey was great she was very informative and lead us in the right direction on appetizers and entrees. We had the special chnnochi pasta, we shared that as our appetizer and then I had the filet mignon and my fiancee had the salmon excellent flavor and well cooked, we finished with some coffee and the bread pudding excellent end to the night. Also kudo's to the gentleman who brings the water to the table in the beginning, halfway through my meal i dropped my knife and within seconds he was there with a new set of siverware without even asking, now that is customer service, well done!!!! More...


Melissa W.

11 August 2016

This is a neat little hole in the wall. Go inside and you're amazed at all the old books! Even the menus are in books. Old timey cocktails, delicious food, candlelight. We loved it


Jen W.

4 August 2016

Unique. Fantastic. Amazing. This place will never cease to entertain me. Food changes every few weeks or so. Ingredients are local. Drinks are definitely different front other places and you won't find them elsewhere. Beware: they will get you tipsy. Live music on Friday and Saturdays! They charge $2 per person; which is a great way to support musicians. More...


Natashia M.

1 August 2016

We had an excellent the bookstore speakeasy! I had a scotch cocktail which was perfection , and some chick peas as an app. The chick peas were very dry and we're sticking to my throat, so they definitely re shareable item. I was out for a girl's night and everyone's food looked amazing. I also had gotten a salad and a dessert and they were delicious as well. The shellfish that I got as my entree was excellent. It was a live band and they were so engaging and very good. I can't wait to go back! More...


Leah L.

23 July 2016

This place is perfect for a date if you really want to impress someone.  The lighting and atmosphere are so romantic.  If you sit at the bar, you can watch the bartender make drinks from the large block of ice.  Live music and a very eclectic menu.   Would highly recommend. More...


Bronwyn R.

18 July 2016

This might be my favorite restaurant. I sometimes wish I didn't live an hour away from Bethlehem! The cocktails are awesome, and the look of the place is amazing. Dim lighting, books everywhere, books with menus inside of them, music from the 20s and 30s... it's beautiful. I recommend the Bookstore Burger. It's a kobe beef burger with bacon jam and cheddar on a brioche bun. It is to die for. More...


Elaine A.

14 July 2016

Based on a friend's recent rave review and with a groupon offer, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary here last night. Dinner, cocktails and service were great. The speakeasy theme turned our evening into a dining experience. All in all, we enjoyed our night out. The one negative was the significant price differences between the website menu and last night's menu prices. By significant, I'm talking $7 to $8--as an example, the large plate chicken is $21 website, but $29 restaurant site. This was consistent with the other large plate items. My hope is that the website is in desperate need of an update. And not that we were up charged because, as requested, we advised we had a groupon at the time of our reservation. Either way, bad business practice and leaves me reluctant to make a return visit. More...


Jason Z.

12 July 2016

Fantastic atmosphere. Dark and intimate. The food was phenomenal although the portions were a tad small. The drink creations were creative and the ones we tried were very good.


Brittany N.

11 June 2016

My boyfriend brought me here for Valentine's Day and I already can't wait to go back! A great place to eat, drink and take a date.


Justen S.

6 June 2016

It was our 1st time at this establishment this past weekend.  What a great place.  I was blown away with atmosphere and ambiance.  The food was excellent, entertainment was awesome, and staff what top notch. More...


Nicole M.

1 June 2016

This place is super cool!Expensive, but worth it. Def will be back.Very authentic feeling. No windows, all candle light.Loud but private feel to it. Age ranges from 21-50+The food was great. Of course you need to get a drink if you go! Drinks are also great.Go when it's jazz night More...


Jennifer A.

10 May 2016

I dined here for the first time recently & I absolutely loved the feel of the restaurant-very cool & unique!!!  Definitely nothing like I have ever experienced in a restaurant.Pros: awesome decor, romantic ambiance, fantastic band, delicious food & drinks, friendly staff (although the hostess seemed a bit on the cranky side), the manager was a delight to interact with, the food was beautifully presentedCons: the underside of our table was sticky,  unisex bathrooms that smelled like urine (thanks fellas-ugh)The menu needs a little work:  We assumed that when we ordered the cheese & meat plate (for 2) that we would get a little of each cheese & meat listed on the menu but that is not the case.  The waitress said that we could pick 1 meat & 1 cheese; which was a bit disappointing.  That should be noted on the menu.  Nonetheless, the plate was tasty!!There aren't any prices listed on the drink menu. I had 2 mixed drinks, both of which were 4-6oz- & when we got the bill I saw that they were $12 ea.  If I had known that I would have gotten 1 mixed drink & then switched to beer.I noticed that our waitress was "new".  She was fumbling a little & received some help from other servers.  Having been a waitress myself, I totally understood how she was feeling & we didn't make mention of this at all.  Well to our surprise, at the end of the night she presented us with a $10 off coupon for being patient with here as she worked through her first Friday night (again, we never said anything).   So that was a pleasant surprise but was not necessary.  She did a good job.Visually my cons list looks longer but the pros totally outweighed the cons!  We had a fabulous time & are looking forward to going back soon!!  A definitely MUST visit if you haven't already been!! More...


David C.

17 April 2016

Very cool experience. Hole in the wall but once you walk in - blown away with the atmosphere. Drinks were bartender surprise and they did not disappoint. Food was on par. Nothing special but good. Service was good for how busy they are. Music was awesome. Give it a try. More...


Tim O.

14 April 2016

The whole speakeasy theme is masterfully executed. But, let's be honest, the only choices for this windowless space were a speakeasy, a fire hazard dance club, or an opium den. The adherence to the 1920s theme is annoying in that they don't allow online reservations and instead mandate phone reservations. I found this rather contrived, since voicemail wasn't invented until decades after this time period. Why not just use OpenTable?I don't share details about why I visited a restaurant, what I did before, what I did after, what shoes I was wearing that day, etc, because Yelp is just a place to review businesses, not a personal diary. However, I think you will find this information relevant in understanding my first trip to The Bookstore.Last Friday, I was tasked with entertaining a representative from my fraternity's national organization. He requested this place specifically and I've always wanted to go so we were off to a great start. I read all about the cocktails but then paused as I remembered the golden rule- that if he didn't order a drink first, it would be frowned upon for me to order a drink.Long story short, he didn't order a drink and I didn't want to make things awkward. I fully regret this. The atmosphere is romantic over all else. It was a terrible mismatch of purpose and venue, but we made it work.As far as the food goes, it was not extraordinary. The prices put it in an elite class among restaurants in the valley but I wasn't impressed. More...


Rachel S.

12 April 2016

You must go at LEAST once. I went a few weeks ago with my husband on a date night. We didn't have reservations (highly recommended), and waited for a good 45 minutes to finally get a seat at the bar. The hostess was so accommodating and served us drinks while we sat in the tiny waiting area. I ordered a watermelon type cocktail, and my husband ordered an upper Manhattan. Oh man, so strong. Smokey notes with a very cool square ice cube. The atmosphere of the place was like something I never seen. Prohibition era, bar posed as a bookstore. The place is literally in the basement of an older home and stacked with books and lit with candles. The bartenders were so knowledgable and friendly. We ordered a small plate with cheese and meat. Fresh and satisfying to snack. Also ordered clams, the sauce was out of this world! Creamy with notes of bacon. The Jazz band unfortunately didn't show up the night we were there, but the house compensated us with a free drink. We are looking forward to another visit and hope we get the same friendly, fast service! More...


Anthony R.

10 April 2016

We went for dinner to celebrate my gf's birthday. Very cool, awesome, & different atmosphere complete with a wonderful jazz band. The chickpea popcorn was surprising & unbelievably good!!!!  Our clams & other large plate entrees were delicious. Yes, they were pricey, but worth it!!!!  Fantastic place for special occasions!!!!  We really enjoyed the place, & look forward to returning sometime in the future. More...


Dan K.

9 April 2016

Really fun place, but it comes at a price. You're paying for the environment. I would highly recommend this place for a special date, but I can't afford to frequent here. They get great bands and the food is pretty great. It is often busy, so I suggest getting a reservation if you are coming on the weekend. Also note that they don't usually allow anyone under 21 there on the weekends. More...


Matt K.

6 April 2016

The food here is amazing. The drinks are great. I've never had a bad meal and overtime I have been there the people I am with have loved it. I would highly recommend it.


Christina C.

1 April 2016

Great drinks and small plate meals.  Mood lighting, cool music, and drink menu inside an old book makes the atmosphere unique. Large plate meals, not worth the price. I actually sent my chicken dish back. Will take visitors for drinks, but that's it. More...


Ken A.

19 March 2016

Our reservations here got mixed up, but they still found a table for us in minutes. The drinks, although somewhat pricy, were excellent. The service was pretty good... Great in the beginning and end, but a long lag between our meat and cheese plate and actually ordering our meals. The food was excellent. 3 in our party had the lamb, which was pretty tasty, and I had the short ribs. Short ribs, by nature, aren't usually very exciting, but these were absolutely superb! And this is coming from a guy who knows and has made short ribs 10 different ways. Portion wise, the meals were pretty much spot on. The atmosphere is exactly what I would picture a speakeasy from the roaring 20's to be, minus the smoke of course. The music a little on the loud side, so your conversations will be at a higher volume level. Overall, 4 stars easy! The servers, waitresses, and hostess were all friendly and professional. Our bill for 4 people was over $200, but that included 2 drinks each, a 4 pick meat and cheese tray, the entree's, and coffee and one dessert. A nice night out for us and the in-laws. Take away the mixed-up reservations and the lag in-between the appetizer and ordering our entrees, and I would give them 5 stars. Try it, you will like it! More...


Blue Skies A.

11 February 2016

I love this place! Delicious drinks! A fun staff! It's special enough for a romantic date. Perfect for couples or a small get together! Ladies, try the Queen Victoria's Secret! More...


Rachael A.

9 February 2016

I remember walking past the door to the Bookstore my freshmen year in college on the way to Riteaid. I saw it and thought, "What the hell is this hole in the wall bookstore?" Little did my underaged self know, that was EXACTLY the point. It is a speakeasy themed bar and restaurant, with a "bookstore" as a front. Their menus are even pasted into vintage books. It has some of the best craft cocktails I have ever experienced. I didn't think I would ever associate Bethlehem, PA with a memory of classy anything, but The Bookstore vehemently proved me wrong with their high class cocktails. I MISS this place and will definitely be back when I come for reunions! More...


Sarah M.

7 February 2016

The bookstore is a fantastic spot to go for parents weekend or to celebrate a special event.  The cocktails are strong and the atmosphere is unbeatable. It feels like a place that belongs in Manhattan!  Besides the drinks the chickpea popcorn is also great. More...


Tim W.

30 January 2016

Absolutely amazing! The specialty drink combinations are incredible. The variety unmatched.The cheese plates is expensive, but provides generous portions!We only had the scallops small plate and it was tasty.Great atmosphere and live band is a plus! Make sure you have reservations... More...


Tara T.

18 January 2016

Great vibes at this place, awesome live music. I've never eaten here but the drinks are the best around...the bar tenders know their stuff and mix some amazing cocktails


Mike R.

25 December 2015

Been here a few times...food is very good but this is not a cheap outing. The menu ranges from gourmet burgers and sandwiches to The handmade cocktails are REALLY good but at $12 each, you might want to pace yourself. True to its name, finding it the first time was an adventure. Street parking (meters) nearby. I've not heard live music here, but would like to. You can get away with casual, but I'd aim for business casual.One more thing: it is very dark inside, so bring a flashlight or smart phone to read the menu. More...


Brian S.

12 December 2015

This couldn't have been a better restaurant for us to "stumble in" to. I say stumble in because my fiancée and I saw the pictures on Yelp. This places takes reservations so make sure you have them or arrive early for the first come first serve bar seating! We were the first ones to land a seat at the bar and Ryan, our barkeep, took such good care of us. The drinks are made to order based on what spirits you like and for your taste. I had a few whisky drinks, made uniquely from all 3 bartenders! The food is outstanding! Had Cajun crab dip (to die for), chickpea popcorn (not on menu, just ask, you won't be disappointed) and my fiancée had the pulled pork sandwich, and I, the bookstore burger! Pulled pork was expertly cooked and simmered in BBQ and the burger was Kobe beef and had bacon jam! All In all, this place was amazing! It was an excellent way to end such an amazing evening in Bethlehem! A huge thanks to Ryan for an outstanding night! We will be back! More...


Broke M.

4 December 2015

We almost walked past the nondescript gray door. So glad we did the double take!Was in Bethlehem for a show and yelped for dinner. This place was such a lucky find! It was Friday and they were nice enough to squeeze us in without a reservation. So nice!! The ambience is super cool. Menus are books. Very much a speakeasy vibe. Cocktails were delicious! I had the billionaire and my lady had "the grapefruit one." Her memory alas is not what it once was: but the drinks were fire!The mussels were second only to our favorite spot in Brooklyn: Moto. The Cajun crab dip was snappy and cheeseasaurus Rex. And the burger was pretty much perfect.Great date spot. Delicious food. Bangin cocktails.The unceremonious entranceway was indeed part of the charm. More...


Carol T.

2 December 2015

Overall:  Gem in Bethlehem, but sometimes felt like an imitation of the higher end cocktail bars that have paved the way for places like this. They need to work out some kinks to reach 5 stars in my book.  Drinks: Drinks were well crafted and delicious (the William Henry Pratt was my favorite next to whatever the bartender concocted based on my request for "absinthe, something strong, and on fire" which included gin and green chartreuse which I love).  But, the liquor selection was a bit questionable at times.  The best option for white rum was Bacardi (really?).  However, everything ultimately tasted good, and isn't that the point?Service:  All of the bartenders were knowledgeable and friendly.  However, I am not a fan of the system of rotating bartenders.  I strongly feel that when you sit at the bar, only one bartender should be helping and serving you all night in order to build a relationship; I'd rather not be served by 3 different bartenders.  Additionally, another big reason patrons sit at the bar is to watch their drinks being made; unfortunately, most of the drinks were made at the middle of the bar where the ingredients were located instead of in front of us (except for the one time I specifically requested it).Atmosphere:  Great underground, speakeasy feel with low ceilings, books, lanterns, candles, and music.  My only complaint was that the music was a tad too loud so that I couldn't exactly "speakeasy." More...


Anton Z.

28 November 2015

I came here one night with my parents. I've never had an experience as close to a speakeasy as this since Europe 2011. The quality of the bartenders, waiters, and musicians are undeniable and deserve a Michelan star. I cant stress enough, Bethlehem is worth visiting solely to go to this speakeasy. One of my favorite experiences was a bartender making me a drink that we dubbed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with some friends. Sure enough that drink caught enough popularity that it's a staple to their secret menu. Anything you've ever concocted yourself, they can improve on. Anything you have wanted to experience, they will find a way to make. If you don't like a drink, you send it back and they without hesitation remake it for you because thy genuinely care about their clients.The music is so genuine. It is smooth, swift, and very ample. I love every musician they have brought there. It is slightly erotic, even. The beauty of the acoustics in the tight space throw you right into the experience of the atmosphere that is the Bookstore speakeasy.Explore it and I promise you'll come out with a new favorite destination. More...


Stephanie F.

27 November 2015

I was just recently here on Thanksgiving Eve(11/25/15) and it was my first time. The place ultimately was hard to find but consider the name of the restaurant it makes sense. Walking through the door it was immediate that the prohibition-era theme was every where and I loved it! They had quite the list of drinks which at first was over whelming- but I finally decided in the "violet tendencies" and it was very good! Ordered two! The ambience is great, lighting is full so if you have trouble with eyes that is the only downfall! The menu wasn't large, but enough of a selection to suit everyone needs. And the menus were in books- which was so clever. We got a meat/cheese platter to start which was great. The homemade pierogis...were to die for that we actually ordered a second! By the time we ordered I was already filling up so I ordered a small plate- mussels- which were fantastic. My fiancé got the salmon (which was a large platter) and that also was great. I have no complaints about these place, the staff was great as were the food and drinks plus....I got engaged here as well! Wouldn't hesitate to go back! More...


Drew S.

23 November 2015

From the ambience, dining menu, and the drinks, the Bookstore Speakeasy is the best around. The staff are all very friendly and attentive. The bartender that I had ( Max ) was well informed with the cocktail menu, and also added his own unique twist. The drinks are expensive but well worth the cost. Management is top notch. I would highly recommend to everyone! More...


Vanessa L.

17 November 2015

Here's the details that overly romantic hipsters and college students aren't telling you: While the Bookstore Speakeasy does have books in the lobby, it isn't like you will be able to read them with the lighting being so dark in there. Upon my anticipated visits here, I'd always envisioned myself ordering a mint julep and collecting myself at the bar or curling up on a lone barrel chair with a hardbound book and I can enjoy at my leisure. Perhaps I can on a future visit but my last visit was a little different than how I envisioned it.The menu arrives taped into an actual book which is pretty darn cool. The wit especially the criticism of a long island iced tea made me cackle with amusement. I cannot testify based on the food yet but the drinks are darn good. I went here on a date on the night a live band was playing. Live acts are typically jazz or blues. We had to wait for a table as staff rushed around feverishly to find a table for us. Should we have made reservations? It is hard to tell in a place that is part restaurant but mostly received its claim to fame for the speakeasy part. They sat us in the same room of the live band which made for a loud, so loud that it made it impossible to enjoy the music experience. Tables are very close to one another so this doesn't gain the intimacy I quite hoped for and on the night of a live band, my date and I had to resort to breaking a cardinal rule when we're dining out by using our smartphones to text just to have a conversation with one another. We had no issue getting drinks, or seconds, or thirds and probably more but the tab racks up quickly (four cocktails were $60) here which is not too terrible but just cannot be a regular thing. Staff is very pleasant and attentive throughout. We are not regular drinkers but it's a nice, unique experience to have something this cool nearby instead of going to the city whether that's Philly or NYC. I would possibly return but would highly recommend reservations! More...


Rob H.

7 November 2015

I love this place. Expect to overpay for drinks and food, but its well worth it. It's the only place of its kind in the Lehigh Valley. Food is good and the staff is very friendly. I recommend The Bookstore to everyone. More...


Cristen S.

2 November 2015

The Bookstore Speakeasy embodies everything that I love in life - unique and hand-crafted cocktails, bar food done right, live music, great service, cool location. It really does not get any better than this.It has been a year since I last came here, and my expectations were very high, so I knew that there was potential to be let down. Fortunately, the opposite happened and my experience was better than my last.Our party of 2 made reservations a month ago for Halloween night at 9:00 pm. Upon arrival, we were seated in a great spot right by but not too close to the live band. Immediately I realized that some work had been done to the interior- it didn't seem as crowded and there were some other elements that appeared updated - whatever they did, it's a job well done! Speakeasy vibes are hard to emit, but I was definitely picking up what Bookstore was putting down - they are doing it right for sure.The drink and food menu was more extensive than I remembered it being. Last time I was here I had the William Henry Pratt cocktail and it blew me away, so I had to order it again. It was just as good as I remembered- the cracked black pepper was the star ingredient that brought everything together. Food: We went with the calamari, house pickles, pork ribs, periogies, and the Kobe burger. The calamari was probably my least favorite thing I had - it was very good, but in comparison to everything else lacked a little something. The pickles were tangy, crispy and earthy. I couldn't have just one. The ribs were fall off the bone perfection, and the periogies came with chorizo sausage that added a nice depth and spice to each bite. Out of all of the food, the burger was the best. It was nothing short of spectacular - the meat melted in my mouth, and the onion jam added a great sweetness and acid balance.The Hemmingway Daiquiri cocktail that I ordered next was delicious - I really enjoyed the flavor combinations. I finished the night with a New Deal cocktail- probably the best one I had that night. If you have not been here, you MUST give it a try. More...


Dori H.

26 October 2015

After basically being a guest of the new manager, Hillary, I felt that an updated review was necessary.As I said, the restaurant is under new management, and they've made so many changes that have improved a wonderful space. Esthetically, those awful curtains to the rooms are gone, the walls seem a lighter color, and the room has been expanded for more seating. The menu has been overhauled, too. TONS - and I mean, TONS - of new cocktails have been added. The Bookstore added more snacks and small plates, and the entrees are awesome, too. And by "more snacks and small plates," I mean my friend and I couldn't stop eating. The bruschetta, the shrimp tacos, the cheese and meat plate. And the cocktails, oh the cocktails. I started with the sneaky bubbles and never wanted to leave. All of this great food and drink was topped off with wonderful service from Hillary, and I could tell the rest of the staff had really stepped it up too -- bartenders delivering drinks, attentive servers, etc.This review deserved an upgrade and the Bookstore deserves another visit, too. I can't wait to go back. More...


Dds2b85 ..

25 October 2015

Drinks...5.  You need to have a certain taste to enjoy their menu.  As anyone can tell you....the only downside is the noise present during full capacity.


Ellen E.

23 October 2015

The place was very homey and romantic. Especially for a birthday dinner with the boyfriend. Only complaint I have is our waitress. Not very good. My boyfriend didn't like his drink and they corrected it with a new one very quickly and he loved the one they fixed up for him. The food... Oh my god... It was amazing!!!! I had the salmon and honestly the center wasn't cooked (but I like my meats like that) so beware if you get that and have issues with raw meat. My boyfriend had the ribs and he said they were amazing. Good food but honestly I left kinda hungry with spending $150.00. Good experience probably wouldn't return though. More...


Brandon C.

21 October 2015

I've been hearing about this place for ages and hadn't had the chance to check it out... I walked in on a busy Saturday night, hoping to score a table for my girlfriend and me. They didn't have any tables available (pro tip: make a reservation at least a week in advance for weekends!!) but after a short wait in their parlor we were able to be seated at the bar. The bartenders were very personable and their knowledge of craft cocktails was vast and impressive! I first ended up going with a Barfight Hemingway, which is a play on a classic Hemingway Daiquiri, and the old lady went with a fruity, sweet custom cocktail made with strawberry and mango purée. We ended up having a few more drinks (try the William Henry Pratt, you won't regret it!) and a couple small plates- the house made pierogi and a charcuterie plate with chorizo and a goat cheese. Both were awesome. All in all, we had a great time and the staff was very accommodating, I look forward to making a reservation and coming back again. More...


Sydney O.

19 October 2015



Tamara K.

1 October 2015

This place was awesome.  Quaint and unforgettable.  Food was delicious but service was even better.  Loved our bartender and the band was magical.


Rob G.

29 September 2015

This place might be known for the custom cocktails created for you and the whole "experience" but holy shite, the food is amazing.  Tuesday night was a great time for a sampling and getting to chat with Hillary, Max and Ryan. I'm thinking of getting an apartment on the Southside just to be close by. More...


Mariana L.

24 September 2015

I must say, as a New Yorker, I did not expect to find a place like this in Bethlehem, PA. Cocktails were very well crafted. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of food. I had the peach ribs, shrimp nachos and scallops. All three were excellent. The live trio was a very nice touch on a sexy night out. More...


Kristian J.

21 September 2015

The Bookstore is one of my favorite places in Bethlehem, if not my favorite. I've been there a few times and it's such a fun experience!  The speakeasy aspect is fun, it's a dark, quiet, somewhat romantic place to go on a date or with a small group, no more than 4 really unless you make reservations far in advance in which case you can have a larger group party (we had around 10 people one time I went). They have an amazing drink menu that needs to be explored, but fear not, If you don't know what type of drink you want, just tell the bartender a few things you like and he'll make you your own special drink. We did that for our first round and were not disappointed. While I definitely go to the speakeasy for the ambiance and the drinks, the food is actually really good too. I really love the scallops! You definitely need to make reservations unless it's a slower weeknight. More...


Robert T.

13 September 2015

The is one of the best experiences my wife and I have ever had at any restaurant. The food is  AMAZING!Very romantic and very quaint. You MUST give the Bookstore Speakeasy a try, you owe it to yourself and you romantic other the great experience.The service is outstanding and the food is like I said earlier amazing. The prices are very fair. More...


Doug H.

9 September 2015

Really cool place. The building looks abandoned, but go around the side to the barely marked door, and down the steps into the basement. Almost all lighting is candles, and it's a nice, lively crowd. The menu pages are glued into books, and they get in jazz and blues bands. While it's all in keeping with the speakeasy theme, they do it well enough that it feels natural, not forced. But of course their claim to fame is cocktails, and we recommend sitting at the bar (full menu available there) where the bar tenders will mix you something custom - tell them the liquors and mixers you like and they'll suggest some variations and do it up unique. The menu is good, fairly imaginative, but not huge, and some very good small plates that work well at the bar. More...


Lisa Y.

5 September 2015

Five stars for drinks! Their cocktails are exclusive. No joke! The boyfriend and I each had two and I wanted more! Highly recommend to order the Mata Hati, Tuesday Brunch, and Bartender's Choice. Beautiful crystal glasses served with the drinks. Food is decent- of all the things I ate the meat and cheese plate is the best. We sat at the bar so had the wonderful experience of watching two cheeky/semi sarcastic bartenders - excellent service coming from them two nonetheless - make cocktails and some light conversation here and there. I wish I kept drinking their cocktails all night. More...


Christopher F.

30 August 2015

Awesome cocktails. Very unusual. Opted for small plates shared among 3 of us. Meat & cheese boards are excellent value. If you order escargot ask for extra bread immediately   Took our waitress over 30 minutes to remember to get us some even after 2 reminders. By the time it came the broth in the bowl was cold. Overall I would come back again. Fun funky place. Younger crowd  enjoyed very much More...


Bri B.

25 August 2015

Great place!  Fun atmosphere and good food. Very interesting drinks! Definitely a good choice for casual drinks and a bite or even a date!


Dos T.

18 August 2015

This was a surprise find that really put the cherry on the top of our local visit.  We sat at the bar and were privileged to watch the choreography of the staff. Many yummy cocktails and pickled eggs! Good ones!Live music too! More...


Madison B.

15 August 2015

A great place with a great atmosphere. Food was excellent. We let our server know we had time restraints and they made sure everything came out quickly. Very accommodating and attentive staff. More...


Heather S.

15 August 2015

This was a great little place! Look carefully for the entrance, it could be easily overlooked. The lighting was dim, the music was great and the drinks were delicious. Sitting at the bar added to the ambiance. Yes, they did add a ' cover charge' to the bill for the live music, but it was $2 per person. Not a big deal when the drinks were around $12 each (my only semi-complaint) The food was great too... Meat and cheese plate was fun, gnocchi was amazing and even the burger with sweet potato chips was very good. Definitely make a reservation. We were just lucky to grab two seats at the bar because everyone else was at Musikfest! Highly recommend for a special night out! More...


Brianna H.

12 August 2015

A very cool place to checkout in the Bethlehem area. I've been by for cocktails and small plates and I really enjoyed my time there! There can be a bit of a wait some nights so make a reservation if you can. Definitely spend some time to try a few of their handcrafted cocktails! The place also has a fun atmosphere! More...


Joe F.

4 August 2015

One of the few hidden gems in the Lehigh Valley. Execution portraying the 1920's is exemplary, service staff is top notch and highly educated in their craft and lastly food is fresh and delectable. A must stop for anyone traveling to the Lehigh Valley Area! More...


Vanessa W.

3 August 2015

We finally made it here after hearing about it for years. We loved it. Ambiance stays true to the speakeasy theme. It's in basement of a building and poorly marked. Once inside there are candles and books everywhere. It is very very dim inside so be forewarned. I got the mussels which were tasty but I wouldn't recommend as I just couldn't see well enough to eat them! :P We came for dinner, but I think it would be best as a late night gathering place. There is plenty of variety and price points on the menu that you could get something inexpensive if you wanted to. As it was we ordered two cocktails, appetizer, and a main course and with tip it was around $90 for the two of us. Everything we ordered from the grilled Cesar salad, to my husband's gnocci was delicious. Server was nice. Really, no complaints. It was a great night out and worth the price in my opinion. We'll be back.PS it is very small inside so I highly recommend reservations. More...


Benjamin R.

30 July 2015

My girlfriend and I had a great time here. It's a perfect date spot, has very good food, and very well made drinks. We both had custom made cocktails, where you choose two words off of a page (savory and egg; sweet and sexy; etc) and they mix you a drink. My first one was fantastic, the next two not as good but still very tasty. I recommend making a reservation as this place seemed to get relatively busy. More...


Cathy F.

18 July 2015

Wow! The establishment really holds true to the speakeasy vibe beginning with a obscure side door marked "bookstore"; there is no other sign for restaurant. As you enter- it is very dark, lit only by small candles on books, not a good idea for a first time date this is definitely a "rendezvous" type of place; soaking up the vibe with a friend, lover or someone you know really well. It is really loud in there and a jazz band started playing during our meal. Food/Drinks- wow! The menus are in old books, the had a good selection of Beers and Cocktails but I chose their groovy challenge of giving 2 adjectives to the bartender and receiving a customized drink. Sexy and Citrus got me a martini type yummy and potent drink- I loved it but it was 12.00 so you are warned. Small plates are a great sharing idea, and theirs are reasonably priced especially for the quality. We had the spring salad and it was good, perfect amount for 2. The crab dip, just GET IT. I am not a seafood fan but my friend is a vegetarian so we ordered it, served in a small soup cup the crab dip is rich, spicy and thick. It is served with small toasts, which we could of used one or two more of. Seriously just get it!!!Large Plate was specially prepared gnocchi with out the pork and it was amazing. For $24.00 we had a creamy and decadent meal served with onions and green beans. I highly recommend the gnocchi , typically I would not order 2 creamy dishes but vegetarian dishes were limited.Dessert- 3 desserts were listed we chose the homemade butter cookies served with a small ramekin of blood orange paste and a ramekin of blackberry compote, AMAZING! My only complaint is maybe serve a pastry straw or chocolate straw because there was not enough things to dip. If my rendezvous partner is reading this- "I left the gnocchi doggie bag in your fridge for your husband." More...


See D.

13 July 2015

Top-notch.  The bartenders Neil and Max were extremely cool and made some fantastic concoctions!  We had the bruschetta and escargot for appetizers.  The bruschetta was fantastic, as was the escargot, says my wife.  I'm not a huge fan of escargot so can't speak for it, but she's an escargot snob and said it was the best she had ever had!  We split a rib eye steak cooked to a perfect medium rare and the seasoning was spot on. The atmosphere was outstanding.  It really did feel as though you took a step back in time to the prohibition era.  It was dark, lit with candles / oil lamps, and had a fantastic jazz band playing.  Good place all around.  You won't be disappointed.  I would suggest sitting at the bar.  It's pretty cool to watch the bartenders make drinks!  We'll certainly be back next time we're in the area. More...


Sean O.

29 June 2015

Been here quite a few times. Easily the my favorite place to go. The atmosphere is amazing, the bartenders are highly skilled, the food is delicious, and the drinks are amazing. Their cocktail menu is huge and they are all well crafted and amazing. More...


John V.

27 June 2015

Had such a great time, service, food, cocktails all wonderful.   Make a reservation for live music on a Thursday-Saturday. Will be back for a 50th birthday real soon More...


Helena M.

21 June 2015

Fun and incredibly extensive drink menu. Cool shtick (not supposed to use your phones while at the table) and decor, but it is very dark inside the restaurant. Hard to read the cool menus they have. The short ribs are a must have. Great place to take a date or an out-of-towner (unless you're on a tight budget). More...


Shawn D.

6 June 2015

Drinks are outstanding, food is excellent, and the service and atmosphere are spot-on. For what you get, it definitely isn't over-priced either (though I haven't been there on a night where there is a cover charge). I honestly have zero complaints after going here more than a handful of times. More...


Yaya L.

28 May 2015

Shelby our waitress was so awesome!!!!! Super knowledgeable and my wife's new life coach lolWe started our evening with the tomato bruschetta and it was the BEST bruschetta we have ever had!For dinner I had the salmon with the string beans and the touch of the blueberry jam was PERFECT! Simply better than I have ever had before.Cathy had the pulled pork sandwich and that was DELICIOUS! Smokey flavored and all!!!Now drinks here we go:Pandora's box ~ DELICIOUS William h. Pratt ~ DELICIOUS  & THE BESTNew deal~ really good (like an orange cream) Give this place a try, the live music is definitely a plus!We will be back! More...


Vefali V.

16 May 2015

Absolutely fantastic experience. Went there with my brother to celebrate his graduation. We sat at the bar because the place was packed on a Tuesday. Max was our bartender and he mixed us a couple of stiff cocktails and actually let us taste a few other interesting cocktails he was making. We ordered the burger and were amazed with the tenderness of the Kobe beef. Going back next week. Would recommend to anyone. More...


Amelia B.

16 May 2015

Love this place!  Even with the refinements due to the Fire Marshall. The drinks are perfect!  Try the "Fire Marshall" drink...super cool presentation.  Had the pork, short rib and gnocchi...amazing!  Don't pass this place by :) More...


Kyle D.

9 May 2015

Wow...what a place. You might hesitate to give it a try based on the location and entrance, but this place is great. Pretty cool drinks, definitely able to try something new and different every time. Food is a little pricey, but great place to go with friends and share a few plates. A little cramped inside, but that just adds to the ambiance. More...


Geoffrey K.

27 April 2015

One of the coolest places in the Lehigh Valley is this speakeasy that, if you're a normal passer-by, you might just miss. With only a black door featuring "The Bookstore" in block lettering announcing it's presence, you'd be forgiven if you made reservations and then couldn't find the place. Step inside and the confusion might still present itself; a small, low lit room with books stacked up to the ceiling and a hostess that greets you with a smile. Pull back the curtain though, and step into the roaring '20's. With nothing but candles lighting the entire restaurant, live jazz music, drinks that are impeccably crafted and a menu that never disappoints, this is one restaurant that will have you placing a bookmark on it's page and flipping back frequently. More...


Aaron D.

21 April 2015

Amazing cocktails and beer selection. Max is a perfect bartender. The epitome of what I look for. Meat and cheese are exquisite. I would live here if I could.


Serena N.

17 April 2015

I learned about The Bookstore Speakeasy through a Groupon. After which I read more Yelp reviews!Be sure to make a reservation as this place books up fast! It was empty at 5pm on a Friday but really got busy after 6:30pm.The restaurant is a little hard to find as it literally is a door in a wall. You definitely do get the feel of a Prohibition Era restaurant. The menu is even placed in the inside of an old book!Definitely get out of your comfort zone and try a different cocktail, you will not be disappointed! We ordered violet tendencies (amazing!), a vodka dirty martini, Cameron's kick, Armageddon, and The New Deal. They were all really tasty and well crafted. All of our cocktails were $12 and well worth the price.For appetizer I definitely recommend the chickpea popcorn (light, crispy and seasoned to perfection). The fig toast wasn't as good as I hoped as the fig part had an odd chewy texture. The cheese and meat board is also really nicely presented, they could have given a little more toast as we didn't really have enough for 5 items. Board came with candied almonds and cooked cherries, which was delicious, and mustard grains.Make sure you double check the bill when it arrives as they did charge us for 2 extra drinks that we didn't order (they were for the table next to us.)All in all this place really knows how craft an amazing cocktail! More...


Ken T.

12 April 2015

A little pricy; only had appetizers and drinks but the drinks were fantastic and the music was amazing.  Unless you have reservations you will sit at the bar but if you are there for the cocktails this is better because you can interact with the bartenders and they can create a drink to your liking.  We will be back.Note there is no way to reserve on line and when we called we got a busy signal so the reservation system may be a bit dicey.Not easy to find, literally a hole in the stone wall on Adams Street.  Find a place to park and walk up.  Otherwise you will drive around the block a few times looking for it.  LOL More...



9 April 2015

The Bookstore is a must for a quiet, unique and romantic night out.


Victoria B.

8 April 2015

I've had dinner here on several occasions and every time it has been a delightful experience.  Beginning with the unique and relaxing candle-lit ambiance, transporting the guest to a bygone era of secretive camaraderie. Guests order from within a library book, which disguises the drink and food menu, After all, during prohibition, speakeasies were illegal. I've ordered mostly from the menu page with gnocchi, crab cakes, salmon, mussels etc. All have been a wonderfully tasty combination of flavors.  House-made perogies with Gouda cheese and the crab stuffed mushrooms for appetizers were great, too.  There has been a long-time running Groupon for this restaurant, which I typically used for $40 for 2 diners or $80 for 4 diners.  It you choose carefully it's possible to stay within that range with entree only, but the extra few dollars are worth it.  I would definitely return without a Groupon. More...


Jim S.

7 April 2015

First, to get the negative out of the way: an upscale busy restaurant like this ought to invest in a decent reservation system!That said, The Bookstore Speakeasy is a must stop in Bethlehem! The Speakeasy, true to its name, captures the spirit, character, and setting of the 1920s. Beware, like any good speakeasy, the door is a bit hidden. But once inside you enter into the 1920s and find a marvelous staff. Very friendly and attentive.The cocktail offerings from the bar are classic works of bar tending art. I personally would like to see an improvement/expansion in the craft beer offerings.The food is very fresh, well prepared, and delicious. A great fun selection of small plates for nibbling. Nice burger and sandwiches. Very nice selection of delicious main courses.So...great atmosphere, great people, great drinks, good food. Highly recommended! More...


Dan S.

4 April 2015

great vibe/ambiance, parking is a pain in the ass, dark as hell when you walk in, gets better though as your eyes adjust, waitresses and hostesses were lookers, they need more wait staff, wasn't all that late or crowded yet- though yes it was busy, but the attention could be better.  Food was really damn good- braised short ribs and Belgian mussels,  drinks were fantastic but $12 a pop.  Atmosphere was authentic to the period and fun, we really dug it. Yes it is dark, loud, and tables were a little tipsy but it does make you feel like you're in the real deal.   Yes we would go back and I cant wait-  I would certainly recommend, just know what to expect and have a great time! More...


Abby I.

28 March 2015

I absolutely love the Bookstore Speakeasy. It's so charming inside! I came here on a Friday night hoping to get a seat at the bar to get drinks prior to dinner since their only available reservation for the evening was at 11PM that day. Low and behold, 2 spots at the bar upon entering! Perfect!The bartenders were very attentive and sitting at the bar was actually like having the best seats in the house. The special drink that night was some drink that they lit on fire and had sparks coming out so that was entertaining throughout the evening! I had the Aviator, Berry Burlesque and another recommended champagne/mango drink the bartender made that was not on the menu. ALL WERE GREAT! The art of a finely crafted cocktail still exists.I had the cheese and meat plate (prosciutto, chorizo and manchego) which was delicious and beautifully presented. I ended up staying 4 hours here and enjoyed the live jazz music that began later that evening there. Can't wait to come back! More...


Hannah M.

24 March 2015

Great drinks and ambiance, a good choice for a fancy (read: also pricey) night out. Just get some more GF and vegan food choices please!


Rebecca H.

22 March 2015

AMAZING! Been my go to place for years. Always happy with the entire experience. Five stars for the food, drinks, and ambiance. Looking forward to my next visit!!! More...


Katlyn B.

16 March 2015

We found this restaurant thanks to Groupon, and loving the 1920's, prohibition era, my fiance and I decided to give it a try. I am so beyond happy that we did. In true, speakeasy fashion, we had to circle the block a few times in search of the door, which initially had me confused, but then only added to the charm. We walk in and are greeted by the hostess, who was very sweet and sat us at the copper topped bar, due to not having a reservation, again completely fine.  We were greeted by the bartender, Max, who was very knowledgeable about everything, from the drinks to the music, to the menu.The atmosphere of the main dining area takes you back in time, with the room being lit in majority my only candles, an old piano sitting in the corner, jazz floating through the air, an books beautifully placed around the room.After reading over the menu, that was tucked very creatively inside old books; I ordered, a dill pickle and the bookstore burger with a Doc's Draft. While my fiance ordered the tomato bruschetta and feta and the roasted pork loin, and a Mead, hand created by Max. It isn't very often I go to a restaurant and am speechless about how good my food is, but The Speakeasy Bookstore is the exception.  The bacon jam on the burger was incredible and the side of sweet potato chips are a creative mix on an old favorite. If I had to envision a perfect burger, The Bookstore Speakeasy has created it. My fiance found his pork to  be equally as delicious, with very generous portion sizes. We ended our meal with the orange and vanilla creme brulle. Which like everything else was packed with great fresh flavors.Needless to say, this is our new favorite restaurant and will be returning again soon. If you are in the area, or visiting from out of town, this is a place you must stop and try. It will not disappoint. More...


Kristen O.

12 March 2015

Oh my goodness, I love The Bookstore! Ever wish you could go back in time? Well, here's your chance to experience a different era!If you were to pass The Bookstore without knowing what it is, you probably wouldn't wander inside. The door is completely nondescript, and the lone window boasts little more than a neon "open" sign. However, walk through that door and you'll be walking into a scene straight from the Prohibition era.This place really knows how to turn on the atmosphere, from the intimate candlelit dinner tables, to the menus placed in the pages of old books, to cocktails that sound like they're straight out of a classic 1920's Hollywood film. At times there is live music playing, and the decor seems very authentic to the period.The food, though pricey, is delicious (I especially recommend the homemade pierogies!).All in all, this place is definitely worth a visit. It's quite different from a lot of the other bars/restaurants in the area, and is a great place to go on a date or for a fun night out with friends. Just don't forget to make a reservation! More...


Tiffany N.

25 February 2015

The Bookstore Speakeasy is hidden away, adding to its seclusive nature. We went in a party of two, and it was totally worth it! It is a very intimate setting, candlelit, light music. And the tables are really limited for like 2-4 people, small space. So you know it's not for crazy college kids like the other bars around. Dress code is dressy casual, nothing too casual. We ordered the stuffed mushrooms, soup of the day, I had the Sirloin and my date had the short ribs, and we shared the berry turnover. Also ordered the Hemingway Daiquiri. The bill came out to about $100 for both of us but it was totally worth it. Everything we ordered was delicious!! Appetizers were moist and fresh, I like my steak medium rare and it was perfect, I couldn't believe it. They draped it over roasted veggies and potatoes and each piece was delicious. Not to mention the steak was quite a good portion, as expected for the most expensive entrée. Dessert was amazing as well, warm fresh baked from the oven. And my drink was strong but well made, living up to the restaurants speakeasy name. Our waitress and hostess were incredibly friendly and quick! I will be returning for more classy nights at the Speakeasy. More...


Tiffany B.

18 February 2015

First time coming to the Bookstore Speakeasy and my boyfriend and I were coming in to celebrate Valentine's Day belatedly. At first we kept driving past the place cause it's very inconspicuously located (like a real speakeasy) so I can't dock points for the location (For future reference for all who go so you don't miss it, it's located on the side of a building and the door just says "The Bookstore" and it kinda looks like an employee entrance). Upon stepping inside I was super impressed; atmosphere was super cozy and romantic. The only lighting is candelight. The menus are glued to actual books. Vintage music played the whole time. Very excellent service. The food was amazing. I had salmon and it was cooked perfectly. My boyfriend had the pulled pork sandwich and everytime he took a bite said how good it was. When we stepped back outside after our meal we felt like we had gone back in time for a little bit while inside.I suggest going on a weeknight because when they have live jazz I imagine it could get really loud because it is a rather intimate, quiet space. Would recommend this to anyone! Love the experience there and my food! More...


Teresa H.

17 February 2015

We had some early dinner reservations here last night. We arrived at exactly 5pm to find the nondescript door with "The Bookstore" printed across. The door was locked, so we gave a knock. After a minute we were shuffled into a small bookstore room lit with candles by the hostess. After we gave our name we were informed that our table would be ready in a few minutes. After that several other groups entered the room and we were all squished in there waiting, which was unpleasant.After about 5-10 mins we were brought through a curtain and over to our table. The place is small, but well decorated and lit with mini oil lamps thoroughly. We read from old books that were made into menus, with only 1 per table. We wished we could have each had one to thoroughly read through the drinks. We also wished that we could see a draft list. The menu was a tad hard to read in the lighting, but for me it added to the atmosphere.After a short time our drink orders were taken. My husband picked a beer flight, which consisted on all 5 beers that were on tap and a double of one. I picked the Aviator #1 to start. I enjoyed the fresh squeezed juices and layers of flavor. I do wish that It was a tad larger though. Afterwards I had another drink with a name I cannot recall. I didn't love it as much. We started with the chickpea popcorn which was pretty good.For dinner I ate the gnocchi in cream sauce and it was delightful! The only thing that could have made it better was more veggies. My husband enjoyed his burger as well. Then for dessert we had the turnover. The turnover was just okay in my opinion, but hubby loved it.We loved the atmosphere here, but there were a few things we didn't love. The bathrooms we tiny and on a busy night one for each gender is not enough. Also I think the lock on the door was not working. The service was spotty and drinks were the size of shots. We'd return, but will not be in our regular rotation. More...


Josue M.

12 February 2015

My first time at the Bookstore. Must say I was in the 1920's. The service was amazing as well as the quality and taste of food. The only thing I didn't like was the space but over all it was GREAT! More...


D S.

7 February 2015

Loved this place !! Our first trip there and it won't be our last.  We had to sit at the bar for dinner, which we love to do anyhow, and the bartenders ( Hillary) were kind, pleasant, helpful & courteous.  That alone gives it 5 stars . The food was excellent, menu is somewhat limited but I believe that is a great way to provide quality, fresh meals. More...


Polska Dzivka P.

1 February 2015

I really enjoyed the prohibition era ambience of this place. It felt like an old nyc bar without going over the top. Drinks were interesting. The tapas were good. A great find for me since moving farther out from nyc!! Enjoy! More...


Gail A.

9 January 2015

Have heard alot of talk about this establishment so thought we would give it a try. WE WERE NOT DISSAPPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST!!!  Had a 5:00 PM reservation and the four of us were promptly guided thru the dimly lit room to our table. While taking in all the ambience of the room our server came over and introduced herself. Her name was Shelby. Great personality and made us feel welcomed. This was our first time here so we asked Shelby what some of her favorites on the menu were. Without hesitation fired off a few. We ordered a few dishes from the snack menu tomato bruschetta, and chickpea popcorn (chickpeas in spicy flour then fried). A MUST ORDER WITH YOUR COCKTAILS!! Our small plate choices were the pierogi's smothered in sauteed onions and the most tender scallops Ive'd ever had. Though the portions were QUITE SMALL, ALL DELICIOUS!!   Next, something off the large plate menu. Soft pillow like  ricotta gnocchi in a yummy cream sauce with pearl onions, chicken dish with lots of portabella mushrooms, polenta in I believe a brandy sauce and a most TENDER pulled pork sandwich. Too full for dessert but I hear the vanilla and orange cre'me brulee is the best!!!   DEFINITELY WILL BE COMING BACK SOON!!!!! More...


Esha G.

4 January 2015

Very nice time with friends, excellent food and drinks. Will be back again. Also had very nice & clean bathrooms!


Grace R.

27 December 2014

The Bookstore Speakeasy is just that. If you yearn to get a glimpse of what it was like during Prohibition, and go back in time, this is the place for you. Arriving at the address, "The Bookstore" is stenciled on a plain door.  Go on in, you'll first see some bookshelves, a hostess, will take you behind " the black curtain" ! Awesome. Lit  only by candlelight on bookshelves that section off areas. The menu is  affixed inside the pages of antique books. The food is good but pricey, so if you want the Great Depression experience of jazz music in a dimly lit room, I suggest Appetizers and drinks. The waitresses and bartenders are in period dress, makes for an elegant evening on a Saturday night. More...


Phuong H.

26 December 2014

Super warm, cozy, and comfortable. A very Intimate setting that's great for a date with significant other or catching up with friends. Live jazz band really enhanced the overall 1920s theme and provided great entertainment. My boyfriend and I ordered some mixed drinks: the Arizonan and Manhattan cocktails along with glass of wine (Cabernet). Drinks were mixed perfectly with just the right amount of liquor. Cheese plate was not too shabby! The bartenders were legit! They embraced their role, environment, and were incredibly accommodating and customer service oriented. More...


Chris A.

21 December 2014

Drinks: 5Decor: 4.5Ambiance: 5Service: 3.5Value: 3Very difficult to get in, and the entrance seems to be a bit of a hazard, but well worth the wait for the experience and drinks inside.


John G.

20 November 2014

Amazing, Devine, enjoyed the atmosphere and menu, jazz band worthy, yes you can get wings at a bar and a beer or you come to the bookstore speakeasy and actually have an intimate conversation.


Jon C.

16 November 2014

Great food and service. They did put us by the band as they set up. A bit of an annoyance, but the band was nice, and attentive that we were eating as they jockeyed around us. Pretty cool walking into someone's basement for dinner. I did wonder where another exit was...but I'm an insurance guy. Fun spot, but put us by a wall and not with the band! More...


Patrick F.

16 November 2014

From start to finish, this is one of the coolest spots you can visit. There's no such thing as a bad read at this bookstore. They do a great job creating that speakeasy atmosphere, from the barely marked exterior door, to the bookshelves, dim light, and costumed wait staff. There's usually some really cool, period-inspired music playing. Cocktails are out of this world - get a cab! Food is near-gourmet. Prices are higher than your typical LV bar, but worth it for this experience. More...


Kimberly O.

14 November 2014

Great food and price! We had the herb crusted chicken and the salmon. Both were excellent! We used a Groupon to check it out and will definitely be back! The service was great and everyone was very friendly. They really try and take you back in time to make the inside feel like a real speakeasy.... Great ambiance! Highly recommend! More...


Brad S.

31 October 2014

This is a very unique establishment...at least to the Lehigh Valley. It is themed as a Prohibition era speakeasy, complete with a secret entrance behind the "Bookstore's" bookshelf and menus hidden in the books. The food selection is minimal, but what you do get is diverse and hard to choose from. I had the braised short ribs which were very tender and flavorful. The drink selection is the best in the Valley and true to the Prohibition era. Very unique! Kudos to the bartender. I forget the name of one of the drinks I got, but it consisted of a raw egg yolk, whisky (I think), pepper, Tobasco sauce, and Ketchup. I sort of ordered it on a dare and out of curiosity, but I'm glad I did. It was awesome! The atmosphere is very dark and very quiet (You had to be quiet during the Prohibition, so as not to alert the authorities that an illegal speakeasy was there). The low light may make it difficult to read the menu, but it does add to the atmosphere.Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Bookstore and look forward to returning. More...


Mike D.

27 October 2014

Loved the atmosphere -a very cool vibe. The live music added to the ambience. They pour water out of vodka bottles.  Food was fantastic - fried calamari and bruschetta appetizers were very good. The entrees we ordered were brook trout (special), grilled swordfish and salmon and beet salad (special).  Every one of them was outstanding. Probably would have rated 5 stars if it wasn't for a little confusion with the reservation- arrived at 7:20 for a 7:30 reservation and were seated immediately. But hostess told us we were seated at the wrong table.  20 minutes later that table was still vacant and there were other tables that opened up. I asked the status and we were then seated back at the same table we vacated 20 minutes earlier. Then we ordered a special that was sold out. Thankfully, lots of other choices. Great beer selection too. Amy, our server was outstanding.  After an auspicious start they rebounded nicely and I highly recommend this place. Oh and don't let the exterior scare you off. It's part of the speakeasy theme. More...


Tom E.

19 October 2014

What an incredible dining experience! My buddy and I were in town for a high school all-star wrestling match at Lehigh University and wanted to get something to eat and drink. Thanks to my Yelp app, I saw that this wonderful well-reviewed restaurant was minutes away from us and just about to open.It was also our good fortune that we were there as soon as we were at the rather non-descript door with speakeasy stenciled on it right before it opened at 5. If we had come upon it an hour later we would have been turned away. Reservations, I was told by my  friends waiting in line with us for it to open, are a must. What a cool place! I literally felt like I had come upon a speakeasy from the 20's. Dimly lit, decorated as if you had gone back in time - it was unlike any restaurant I have been in before.We took two seats at the bar where we were introduced to the menu of food and drinks. Theses are glued on pages in the front of old books placed by each stool (at first I thought that was odd - are they encouraging us to read with our meals?).Our crack team of mixologists - pharmacists with a limited inventory - Max, Neil and Courtney - took amazing care of us as well as were so much fun to interact with.No personality by-passes here.Sharp, witty,skilled- there were folks serious about their trade and keeping their customers happy. They helped direct us through several pages of unique drinks, helping us each narrow down a choice that was perfect. I don't remember what mine was called but the bartender made adjustments so it was not so sweet and it ROCKED! My buddy got the Pandora's Box. I can't forget that because the lovely Courtney and I ended up discussing the thought of how a drink could cause you to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching consequences. That applies to a number of different drinks as well as how many you have! Sadly, I speak from experience.For dinner, I had the new york strip steak which was perfect, seasoned just right and cooked exactly as ordered. Fingerling potatoes and fresh, mixed vegetables were awesome accompaniments. My buddy got the burger which he raved about. When he asked for ketchup he was told they don't have any. Once finished he admitted it didn't need any. The desert list was limited and we really didn't have much time anyway to try it. The food is made to order so dont go there if you dont have time to take in the atmosphere and enjoy your meal.Its an amazing and unique experience - the vibe of the place, the people who work there, the food and of course, the drinks. Highly recommended - two thumbs up. More...


Ashley M.

10 October 2014

I'm from out of town and was charmed by this wonderful establishment! Creative menus, great drinks and the best atmosphere. Next time I'm in the area I'm making my way back here. Don't bring the kids. It's adults only. Don't be cheap. You get what you pay for. Relax and enjoy the scene with someone that makes good conversation & it will soon be your favorite Bookstore. More...


Kat J.

2 October 2014

A fun place to go. Too loud on the weekends with the jazz music.  Was too dark and cluttered my first time there over a year ago but they seem to have cleaned it up. Very friendly service. Only problem is it was over priced. More...


Haley G.

22 September 2014

Went just for drinks after dinner. While the drinks are very good, they are pricey, so this is a splurge place. Worth going to on a date night. Very worth the money.


Rob nicole G.

13 September 2014

My wife and I had an awesome time, this place is great! The atmosphere is great, the food and drinks are excellent! This place not only takes you back to the 1920's and 30's but it also delivers it with delicious food. I easily dropped $120.00 on food and drinks and would gladly do it again. I Highly recommend trying it out! More...


Tim M.

8 September 2014

This place is amazing. Be prepared to be blown away. I had heard some talk about this place so I had an idea in my head, but nothing like what we experienced.  Food was was very good but not so much as to stand above the ambiance. Drinks were fantastic and made you feel like the 1920's. Waiter recommended going on the free wishes of the bartender to make a drink and it was outstanding.  Would highly recommend it to impress your date. More...


Charlie X.

6 September 2014

I absolutely love this place.  Myself and three friends went here on a Thursday night for dinner and drinks.  We waited in the waiting area for our table which was nice because we were able to take in the fabulous atmosphere.  We also had the chance to look over drinks in the menus (which are in the books by the way).  The music was amazing as well.  I had the simple burger but it was really good!  Perfect place for a ladies night or a hot date! More...


Joe O.

13 August 2014

Came here several times and have been amazed every time... Last time i had escargot and loved it and this time had the strip steak and it was mind blowing. I was upset it ended. And the drinks were well made. I don't typically drink mixed drinks(I'm a craft beer guy)but when I'm here I always make an exception. More...


Charlie M.

8 August 2014

We went to the bookstore after we played musikfest and it was soooooo perfect and fun. Best cocktails I have ever had. Awesome beers too. The Martinez is a zingy cocktail! Get it! There was a trio playing early jazz and Dixie swing music sooooo fun. go!! I rarely give out five stars especially for a "bar." This one is one of a kind and I hope it never changes. More...


Julie N.

7 August 2014

New favorite place outside of New Orleans.Holy shit.  This place deserves Best of the Best on Yelp.So we were going to go to the casino but I pulled up my Yelp app feeling that we should hit a few bars before and found The Bookstore.  We got there at 7:00pm and grabbed two seats at the bar.  We didn't leave until after midnight.*Unbelievable live music*We tried every drink on the menu and every one was even better than the last*Sadly, we didn't eat*It's loud, but the acoustics actually work great in there*Please tip the band!  *Bartenders were super attentiveIf it wasn't 5 hours away from Boston I'd live here.  This is literally my favorite Yelp find in years. More...


Cassie M.

25 July 2014

Wowza. Drinks were amazing, food was so good we pretty much licked our plates, and the portions were perfect. We even had room for dessert. Not to mention the ambiance was too cool. And the people that worked there were great! Service was really fast too, and taking advantage of the $2 off happy hour saved us a good chunk on the bill.  We had the scallops to start, the salmon special and the smoked pork, and finished with the Bailey Ice Cream andPassion Fruit Rum Cake. (I'd skip on the rum cake next time, wasn't very rummy.)  Final note is this is now one of my favorite restaurants in Bethlehem; I can't wait to go back. More...


Stefan S.

20 July 2014

Ever watch Boardwalk Empire and wonder what it would be like to be alive during the roaring 20's? Well here's your chance to take a step back in time and find out. If you manage to find the place, you find yourself outside the plain door with 'The Bookstore' printed on it saying, "Is... Is this it? Do you think this is it? Should we just walk in? OK, but you walk in first." As you walk in it just looks like your everyday used book store but after you talk to the person behind the counter and let them know why you're there, they open up the door to the backroom and boom... You're in an old school prohibition speakeasy. The entire place is lit by candles and live jazz is the only music they know.The food is good and he drinks are cold, but the atmosphere is a once in a lifetime experience... Totally worth it.I wish Wish WISH I could give this place 5 stars, but the prices of the food for the quality you get just don't match up. It's not that the food isn't good, it's just not equal to what they charge. 1920's food at 2020 prices, lol. More...


Theresa V.

19 July 2014

So much fun! Great atmosphere.  Intriguing cocktails. I love vintage cocktails that are well crafted. You cannot find that just anywhere. The whole feel of the place takes you back in time. It is out of the ordinary, and worth the visit. More...


Caitlin W.

15 July 2014

Where do I even start!? Was in town for work and stumbled upon this gem on Yelp...what a GREAT find!The drinks are superb...I sipped on cocktails while my co-workers combed their extensive beer list.  Dinner was spot-on.  I had scallops (twice), while others sampled various dinner entrees.  Can't say anyone complained about anything!Will definitely be back if I happen to make my way through Bethlehem again :) More...


Robert P.

15 June 2014

Excellent food and great live music.  The music is unique.  You've got to try this place.


Muchael G.

6 June 2014

First time there for the wife and I.  Great ambiance.  The cocktails are outstanding.  The meat & cheese platter was also extremely good.  Ate at the bar, the bar stools are a little uncomfortable but make no mistake this is a rare bar with old hurricane lamps and a ton of great atmosphere.  there was one other couple at the bar and maybe two other tables - it was very early - and had to ask for silverware and napkins.  When we ordered a "large plate" meal we  stated it was to share however we had to ask for another plate later.  Small things but makes a difference if you don't have to do that.  The crab cakes were good - heavy - with two very good shrimp and scallops in a very nice sauce.  We had to run to the movie after dinner but I think we could have stayed and had an after dinner drink.  When we left it was like leavings. Friends place, everyone very friendly.  Overall a very good experience, I will be back especially to sample more of their unique cocktails.  Oh, and the menus are in old books, with good descriptions of the drinks and a list of house rules which are funny and made me put my cell away and sit down and drink! More...


Kelsey B.

3 June 2014

The cocktails here are always out of this world, and the ambiance is just perfect. The food is good, but I prefer going there for just a cocktail and then dinner somewhere else.. But that's just me. Most of the time the service is great, sometimes not so much. Most of the bands they have play there are awesome, but one time my boyfriend and I were there and the band that was playing was so loud my ears were ringing when we left. Overall this place is great and I definitely recommend it. More...


Mark C.

29 May 2014

Wow, the atmosphere was awesome, I wish I had a date to take. The drinks were nice n stiff, the brunette bartender was a cutie. I was very impressed by the grilled swordfish, lots of flava in that broth!  I'll be back! More...


Kim W.

20 May 2014

I was recently here for a special event through Lehigh, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem hidden in Southside Bethlehem.  Even though this was a special event with drink tickets, the bartenders' attention to detail did not suffer - each cocktail was carefully crafted with hand-chipped ice, measured liquor, and even a flamed orange peel!  I can always appreciate some unexpected showmanship.I'm not sure if the bites that were available are on their regular menu, but the roasted chickpeas were warm, crunchy, and seriously addicting.  The fig & blue cheese "bruschetta" was also tasty.Can't wait to return on my next visit to Bethlehem to check out more of their cocktail offerings! More...


Jill S.

2 May 2014

HANDS DOWN ONE OF THE BEST Restaurants in the Lehigh Valley area. great service great food and great drinks. you can even dress up in the 20s style and go back in time if you like to!!! if you haven't checked it out yet make sure you do !!!! just remember to make a reservation first its tiny and fills up fast. More...


Amanda D.

22 April 2014

Please step inside and welcome yourself back to the prohibition.  Excellent libations, amazing atmosphere and out of this world bartenders.  Truly a gem in Bethlehem. Cocktails run around $12 a piece - each with their own personal touch and uniqueness.  Nothing on the menu catches your eye? No worries - the mixologist will whip you up something that will make you want to lean over that bar and plant one right on his lips it's that good. This place is perfect & I'll be back for the charcuterie and my drink fix. More...


Erin O.

21 April 2014

My husband and I were headed to the casino for dinner (big regret) and some table games and saw The Bookstore Speakeasy labeled on our map.  I gave it a quick look and we decided we'd head there later if there was time.  There was and we loved the experience- you had down the stairs to a warehouse/thick door labeled THE BOOKSTORE and enter a little store front where a sign requests you wait for the clerk.  The clerk then takes you back into a dimly lit prohibition style saloon- candles on the tables, live jazz music, and amazing cocktails.  The best part is, they aren't a "strict" speakeasy- there's a craft beer and wine list to boot.  We enjoyed the Blood Orange Fizz and The Hemingway Daiquiri.  Both were the perfect combination of liquors and add-ins- just the right punch with a smack of flavor.We regretably didn't eat dinner but did snack on the chickpea pop corn, which was great- crunchy and salty. Our server impressed us - serving the entire room, but never leaving us feeling ignored.  He was knowledgable and well-spoken.  Given we were in a college town, I had apprehensions on the atmosphere and the service, but both were above average. More...


Jessica D.

20 April 2014

Wouldn't go back, but glad we went.  I'd prefer to give 3.5 stars, but can only give wholes and 3 is too harsh. Good: cool environment, good calamari, tasty beverage, live musicBad: salty food (especially steak - gross), expensive, poor serviceBe prepared for $2 per person "cover" when love band is performing. You're paying for atmosphere, not food, in my opinion. Expected better. More...


David C.

14 April 2014

We were there last night for my Daughter's Birthday, the atmosphere was so awesome the food was spectacular the drinks superb and our experience was the best. The three piece Jazz band even sang Happy Birthday to my daughter. A night that will be remembered for a long long time, Go check this place out for yourself you will fall in love!!!! More...


Lola L.

8 April 2014

I had the their chicken entree was awesome.I had a bite of their burger and i must say it was one of the best burgers i have ever had!Place is very cool,  very private and dim, but fun. More...


Jess E.

7 April 2014

Favorite bar in the Lehigh Valley.Very tasteful drinks and style. dont forget about the food as well -- is one of the best in the lehigh valley. Very accommodating and delicious. Expensive when it comes to larger groups but worth it! More...


Tamara E.

6 April 2014

Really loved this place! It was very unique... like warping back to the 20s. The servers were excellent. The drinks were great and so was the food. Some of the entrees seemed somewhat small for the price, but were very tasty. The only thing that was a little frustrating is their 2-hour seating limit. I understand its purpose, but it is an inconvenience. More...


Dai T.

25 March 2014

1st time experience as a californian and i must say the food was excellent. the service was fantasic provided by Michelle, Mike, and Luke. would love to return.


Adam M.

17 March 2014

I've gone a couple times now and have been completely impressed! This is not a place for loud college kids or those trying to get hammered. I love sitting and listening to the live jazz groups they bring in and having a few drinks with friends. The drinks are incredible and they have a ton of them. I have tried many of them and I can't say which is my favorite.They also serve some amazing food. The have these house pickles which are great and chickpea popcorn which you have to try to understand. I also like the meat/cheese plate that they have. You can order it how you want it with several different choices of meats and cheeses. I get one every time I'm in.The menu (food and drink) is kind of pricey but the way I see it is I'm paying a bit for the atmosphere. If you're looking for a cheap bar, this is definitely not your place. Our check has been from about $75 to $350 in a night depending on how we are feeling. The staff is great. They have never made a mistake with my orders and they always bring everything very promptly. I am always impressed with them. More...


Jennifer O.

16 March 2014

Delicious cocktails! I haven't been here for food yet, but definitely will in the future. It is expensive, but you can tell how much care goes into every drink, and they're pretty potent. Customer service is great and the atmosphere is very cool - great for a date or I also saw some larger groups there. Can't wait to try their food! More...


Awani D.

5 March 2014

Creative place, but expensive. I can imagine Hemingway here...maybe because this where I first tried absinthe (thujone free of course).This place is refreshing since there are so many other jam-packed, college bars/dive bars in this area. Come here for a classy drink. More...


Brian D.

2 March 2014

Where to begin on what we liked? To start if you are daring ask for Luke or Mike to make you a crazy concoction.  They are superior mixologists. Then move on to the amazing bites. We had two days in a row the escargot.  "Amazing and not traditionally prepared". The chickpeas popcorn is nice to snack on while drinking and listening the prohibition style music. I could go on and on but as the place is the best kept "secret" so shall the rest of our evening there. You'll just have to go and "experience it for yourself.  Ask for Amy as a server. She is honest and a brilliant server. Thank you to Luke and staff for helping us celebrate 10 years. More...


Ryan M.

23 January 2014

My wife and I stop by with no reservations, and they went out of there way to get us a table. The service was great and the food was excellent. Would definitely recommend this place to our friends. More...


Melanie L.

12 January 2014

From the moment we walked in to the minute we left I feel like we time warped into the 20s. The customer service was out of this world. The host was pleasant, our server was fantastic. Drinks a bit pricey for what you get but, worth trying. The Chicken a la Romana was divine. There was a live jazz band playing music to accompany your stay and it was perfect volume to have a conversation in and enjoy the incredible music. Will I be going again and again and again? Yes. Somewhat pricey but, worth every buck. More...


J L.

8 January 2014

An incredible dinner and drink type of place.  Make sure you come on a night when Luke is working--he is a master bartender!!  Tell Luke what you normally like, and he will make magic in your glass.  The atmosphere--with the prohibition music and kerosene table lanterns--is a unique touch.  This has quickly become one of my favorite stops in Bethlehem, PA! More...


John K.

21 December 2013

What a treasure in South-side Bethlehem!  Very un-assuming from the outside (it is located in the basement) but so welcoming on the inside.  The interior is dark with curtains off to the side of sections and, outside of a handful of electric lights, is largely candlelit.  This is modeled off a 1920s speakeasy and as such the focus is on cocktails.  You MUST forego a table and sit at the bar.  The bartenders are extremely attentive and treat mix mastery as the art which it is.  Tell them what you like in a cocktail and they will surprise you.  I started off with the egg nog special - very flavorful and festive.  I then had them make their special coffee drink which was topped with a layer of whipped cream, confectioners sugar and nutmeg.  Delicious.The food was equally appetizing.  The calamari was lightly battered and fired and very tender.  We both had the chicken noodle soup which was the best chicken noodle soup we had in quite a while.  For entrees, I had the braised short ribs which were rich and savory and a nice treat on a cold winter's night.  My husband had the crab cake fancy which featured crab cakes, shrimp, scallops, sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers in a vodka sauce - very flavorful.We were there for 4 hours enjoying the company of the bartenders and other bar patrons, everyone was talking with each other.  It got a in such a holiday spirit that we bought a round of drinks for everyone at the bar, a good deed that was returned to us by another patron.  It was one of the most memorable evenings we have ever had. More...


Amy C.

20 December 2013

Everything I hoped. Clean. Cozy. Impeccable service ... they did bring us a cheese plate and insisted we had ordered it but otherwise attentive for such a busy eatery.Broad drink menu for the beer drinker to the cocktail maverick. Had the BatManHatten. Gnocchi was so pillowy soft. Dan enjoyed the burger.Live jazz. Real character in these for walls tucked downstairs.Must, must return(A bit loud... not the band but that we were in close quarters) More...


Melissa R.

29 October 2013

On my first visit to the Bookstore I sat at the bar. As I do at every bar, I asked the bartender, Terence, to look into my soul and tell me what kind of drink I wanted.  Perhaps it is something about being a woman or something about my soul, but I typically get something saccharine sweet and fruity--two things that I loathe in my cocktails.  Terence took a moment to size me up, about 5 minutes to craft a cocktail and then presented me with a magical blend of gin and cucumbers.  He took my favorite cocktail, a gin and tonic, and made it even better, and he did it without any help from me.  Luke, who was on bar with him that night, did the same for my friend, producing for her something smokey and dark; perfect for a woman who drinks like she is "going to see a man about a horse."  We sat at the bar long enough for me to have four more drinks every one of which was as different from the first as it was remarkable in its own right. Though my brain did become a little addled, I do distinctly recall my new bartender friend making me a coffee drink (touted as the best coffee drink in the world) which required him to make the whipped cream right before my dazzled eyes, not, as one might imagine, with a KitchenAid, but with a tumbler and approximately 15 minutes of sustained shaking.  It was, in fact, the best coffee cocktail I have ever had, certainly because it was sublimely delicious but also because there is a true artistry in what these bartenders do.  There is nothing wrong with wanting a gin and tonic in under a minute, and I know where to go to get it, but when I want to experience the artistry of food, I sit in the kitchen at Talulah's Garden and when I want to enjoy the artistry of craft cocktails, I sit at this bar.  If all that this place had were soul-searching bartenders and perfect cocktails, it would be enough for me, but it also has the most intoxicating ambience I have experienced at a bar.  Perhaps it is my provincial upbringing, but I am far too accustomed to bars with neon lights, music so prohibitively loud that conversation is rendered impossible and at least one person stumbling around spilling other people's drinks.   The Bookstore is absolutely bereft of neon, opting instead for the warm amber of gas lamps magnified by the large mirror that backs the bar and candles scattered throughout the room.  It is dark, certainly not the sort of place where one might actually read a book, but not the sort of dark that is stifling, rather the sort of dark where one might steal a kiss from a beau undetected.  And steal a kiss from a beau I certainly have, for it is that sort of place--a place of undeniable romance with lighting that makes us all look a little sexier and drinks poured strong enough to make us all feel a little sexier. Finally, the music.  I do not know how frequently they hire bands, but there has been live music every time I have been in.  There is a $2 charge added to the bill for the music, but this is clearly stated on a plaque at the front door, and even it weren't, I have yet to find another place where I can hear live jazz for $2.  And the music, except for one weekend I was there when a man played a trumpet with a little too much gusto, has always been well executed and performed at a decibel that allows for the sort of intimate conversation the place itself invites. Altogether, the Bookstore is one enchanting cocktail for me of skill, artistry, ambiance and magic, so much so that I drive up once a month from Princeton just to experience it. More...


Courtney H.

26 October 2013

Fun atmosphere! It's like a 1920s speakeasy and it feels like the real deal! Low lighting, very romantic, live music on select nights, and good food. The only downside is the price. It's definitely way over priced. I paid $14 for one small cocktail.... They do have a nice selection of interesting creations though! More...