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Amanda S.

17 August 2018

*The Beast and Spoon is a true gem among Maui catering companies* In the spring of 2017, my fiancé (now husband) and I flew over to Maui several times to do food tastings for our June 30, 2018 wedding. We tried cuisine at hotels, restaurants, and private catering companies. Being wined and dined was certainly fun and the highlight of our wedding planning, but we found we were not completely satisfied.  There was still something missing from the caterers we interviewed, though we couldn't quite put our finger on what it was. After explaining this to our wedding planner she suggested we check out The Beast and Spoon's website.This website was (and is) informative, easy to navigate, and displays photographs of their work, aka *eye-candy food masterpieces.* We remarked about how much color and life was in each of their dishes and furthermore, how the finesse of the food could only be born from a true love and passion for cooking.  The website reads, "Armed with a Le Cordon Bleu degree, local Hawaiian ingredients, and a fearless attitude, The Beast & Spoon aims to be the highlight of your food experiences on Maui."  Needless to say we contacted The Beast and Spoon right away.During our first correspondence with Marluy and Chef Daniel we went over our dream wedding menu. We didn't know exactly what we wanted but we had some ideas for proteins and specified that we wanted lots of colors on the plate, along with healthy options (that tasted good!) and some vegan dishes. Not a lot to ask right? ha ha ha :-P. Anyway, Chef Daniel was so enthusiastic and helpful.  He was excited about our requests, ready for the challenge, and had tons of great suggestions on how to elevate our dishes.  We collaborated to solidify our wedding menu and set a date for a tasting.The tasting was such a memorable time.  We instantly clicked with Marluy and Daniel who are two of the most interesting/cool people we have ever met.  We dined at their kitchen in Wailuku and spent hours with them talking, laughing, drinking wine, and watching them create our food dishes right in front of us.  Every dish was gorgeous, perfectly prepared, and most importantly, DELICIOUS!!! They absolutely blew us away with the quality and aesthetic appeal of their cuisine, as well as their technique, charisma and customer service.  We realized that what distinguished The Beast and Spoon from all those other catering companies was heart and soul...you could literally taste their passion for cooking in every bite. On our wedding day The Beast and Spoon was prepped and ready to go. They worked tirelessly to execute our menu with the same flair and grace we experienced at the private tasting. My fiancé and I loved every dish Daniel and Marluy created and I saw guests come back for second and third helpings from the buffet.  I even heard some say it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding!  We could not have been more proud to have The Beast and Spoon on our team and we believe they are one of the best catering companies in the Hawaiian islands. More...


Jason E.

15 April 2017

Having read the other Yelp comments regarding the Beast and Spoon I am somewhat flummoxed as to how to add something original to the other glowing reviews.  Overall, I can share with great confidence that my entire family believes that hiring them was the best decision of the trip and that it made for the most spectacular evening/dinner of the vacation.   As with another reviewer we engaged the B&S team to create a dinner to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary.  It is worth noting that I had previously contacted/interviewed three (3) other Maui-based private chefs all provided by our rental agent.  Sadly, none of them had quite the vibe/fit that I was seeking and through some additional searching (and serendipity) I connected with Marluy and the balance of the B&S team.Initial Contact: Marluy is highly knowledgeable about her business and the entire island.  During our first conversation, we covered initial high-level thoughts regarding: food ideas, date selection, process/logistics, et al...and then proceeded to chat for 20-30 min about her recommendations for things to see and do on Maui including a discussion of best restaurants and food experiences...culminating in her convincing me to let her to make a reservation for us at her favorite (high regarded/reviewed and hotly demanded) sushi restaurant which only accepts reservations if you call after 6pm or later local time (midnight for me in NYC)...mind you I hadn't agreed to move forward with B&S yet. Experience: It would be difficult to describe everything B&S got right.  As a New Yorker by definition I have high expectations and the B&S team exceeded them on every level.  From the moment they arrived they were thoughtful about us and our experience as it related to them.  Our house had a centrally located kitchen which they somehow managed to work in without disturbing the goings on around them.  Additionally, they managed to prepare and coordinate drinks while concurrently whipping up culinary masterpieces (unexpected); and Marluy even offered to take photos of us by the pool to memorialize the evening. Food: Daniel is a master.  He creates highly creative and delicious food and will work around individuals that have allergies (gluten free in our case).  We had a multi-course meal (multiple appetizers, salad, pasta, multiple entrees, desert) and each was better than the next.  It would take way too long to properly describe each incredible dish that Daniel created.  I am only regretting after reading other's reviews that we didn't have them back for their brunch (nuts).   The combination of friendly, thoughtful, genuine service with out-of-this-world food is an uncommon find.  I would recommend The Beast & Spoon without any reservation and will without question be hiring them again (please please please be available) when I next return to Maui. More...


Kristen W.

31 January 2017

Our family of 6 adults was in Maui to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  As a surprise to our parents, we hired Daniel and Marluy to surprise our parents with a special dinner at our condo in Ka'anapali.Daniel and Marluy don't overlook a single detail.  From the moment of first contact, you are greeted with the true spirit of aloha.   We settled on a perfect menu before our arrival in Maui, and the dining experience far exceeded my already high expectations.  We enjoyed goat cheese crostini with truffle, two kinds of poke, a gorgeous avocado salad, shrimp linguine with  chorizo, the best braised short ribs ever, a gift of smoked kalua pork, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, asparagus, AND bananas foster.  To say we were stuffed was an understatement.  Usually in a meal of this size there are one or two things that don't really stand out...but literally every single bite was delicious and memorable.  This was my favorite meal I've ever had in my 7 trips to Maui!While Daniel is a master in the kitchen, Marluy provided us with the friendliest 5* service.  My only complaint is that she mentioned that Daniel's brunch was also fantastic, so we ended up booking him for a second gigantic meal at the end of our trip, too.  :)  When Marluy says Daniel's finnish pancakes are the best, she is telling the truth!  He also poaches eggs like a champ and rules over the "floppy bacon" club...just the way I like it.  Our meals with The Beast & Spoon weren't just delicious - they were personable and memorable and truly the highlight of our trip.  I couldn't recommend them more for a special meal. More...


Jennifer A.

29 October 2016

We are from Denver and while visiting Maui wanted to have a chef make us a special meal on our last night here. We read the other Yelp reviews for Beast & The Spoon and were thrilled when they had a last minute cancellation for the next night. This team was beyond professional from start to finish. Even though we had a fully stocked kitchen, they brought their own equipment, set up, cleaned up, had perfect timing in delivery of each course, and did not disappoint in one single area of the evening. The meal was one of the best we have had here in Maui (even compared to Ferraro, Spago, and Mama's Fish House!). Chef started with an amazing charcuterie, followed with a shrimp and grits that was out of this world! We then were served a pasta with lobster dish, fresh salad with three kinds of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, macadamia nuts...and the best ginger dressing! The main dish was a braised short rib that was exquisite. To cap it all off, Chef ended this "abuse" with individual creme brûlée and he taught my boys how to make the crunchy sugar topping. The staff was lovely, explaining each course and what ingredients were used. This experience is well worth every penny and we can't wait to come back and hire the Beast and The Spoon again! Thank you guys for such a memorable experience! More...


hassan balot b.

29 September 2016

Simply the best catering company on Maui .Professional,5 star service, attention to details..Highly recommended, thanks for an unforgettable experience


Brittany M.

17 September 2016

The beast and the spoon were excellent when we came to maui in december. They showed up, saw the view, said this will do, and served us an amazing sit down dinner meal family style in courses for 5. So good, we decided to have them come back and make a brunch for us for 15 people, which was amazing. All we had to do was bring the champagne! Everyone I invited to brunch and had them make dinner for, said they would eat anything they put infront of your face ! The Beast and the spoon will be around for a long time, and wish I could fly them here! Five stars, you will not regret. Standing ovation. More...


Steve P.

22 March 2016

First of all I should say that Daniel and Marluy prepared dinner for us as a result of our having won a 5 course meal for 2 at a fundraising auction. Not only did this indicate to us their attitude to our community, but I suppose it would tend to let them off the hook if anything went wrong. However, nothing went wrong!! Quite to the contrary:All the arrangements were made in a very professional manner. They are in demand, so we couldn't get them for our first option (my birthday), but they were available for St. Patrick's Day and that's when they came. The arrival was punctual, getting acquainted with our kitchen was prompt, and we were even able to start with cocktails and appetizers earlier than anticipated! I won't go thru the menu or repeat the raves you can find throughout their reviews, other than to say the food and service are top notch.What I do want to point out is that a bit of trust is involved when you choose to have perfect strangers come to your home, take control of your kitchen and have access to your house while you are relaxing. We never felt uncomfortable with their presence! Instead, as the night progressed, it was more like having new friends arrive and lo & behold they do the entertaining!!!One other thing really impressed us. Daniel and Marluy developed their skills in L.A., NYC, and San Francisco. We associate levels of urban sophistication with these places that can sometimes result in "attitude" when found on Maui. We learned that their take on finding themselves on a somewhat isolated island in the Pacific is that it offers them a joyous opportunity to embrace the differences, discover the unique local flavors, and to demonstrate their creative passion for cuisine. They made the evening memorable beyond our hopes! Nemaste!!! More...


Jaime S.

31 January 2016

Chef Daniel & Marluy were awesome! We hired them to cook a special meal for the 8 of us as we were celebrating a couple of retirements and traveled to Lahaina for a group vacation. One of our last minute additions to the group has Celiac Disease and Chef Daniel was so kind to accommodate her needs. She was so excited to enjoy a majority of the meal!  Our group was a little rambunctious and they both did a great job handling us :)The food was terrific. We had:WARM GOAT CHEESE CROSTINIBUTTER LETTUCE SALADLAMB RAGU PAPPARDELLEMAHI MAHI | DoradoGARLIC SHRIMPMASHED POTATOESGRILLED ASPARAGUSCHOCOLATE CAKEThere was plenty of food to go around and we had leftovers in which D&M boxed up for us. Their service is superb, attention to detail from the menu to setting the table, and clean-up was great!We'd be delighted to hire them again the next time we travel to Maui and will recommend to our other friends! More...


Kirsten E.

18 July 2015

We had a wonderful experience with The Beast & Spoon during our weeklong family vacation to Maui. They catered to eight of us, accommodating a special diet for my Mother-in-Law and making meals that even our 3 1/2 year old niece enjoyed, which is a tough feat in itself. The original plan was to hire them for 3 dinners and a brunch but we found their services to be so incredibly amazing and delicious, we asked if they could accommodate more meals.We rented a house in Kaanapali where they would arrive an hour to an hour and a half prior to serving to prep and start the entire process. Every meal (yes, even breakfast) began with appetizers or a starter, followed by the main course often accompanied with many sides, finished with a delectable dessert.Each dish was crafted carefully with the freshest ingredients that Maui had to offer during the week we were there. Our dinners were themed and menu items consisted of brazilian BBQ, fresh ahi and branzino, braised short ribs, filets, lamb ragu, carnitas and pollo tacos. They even paired dinners with specialty cocktails or wine, which was unsolicited but a nice touch to the overall experience.We took advantage of having brunch on two occasions. Both times it was incredible, always offering sweet and savory dishes.We celebrated my Mother-in-Laws birthday while on the island and the entire meal consisted of all of her favorite dishes. They made TWO beautifully prepared desserts, a homemade cheesecake with fresh raspberry compote and a rich chocolate cake accompanied with homemade ice cream. She was in heaven!We don't even know where to begin with Chef Daniel and Marluy - one of the best decisions we made on our trip was to hire them. They catered to our every need, taking the stress out of meal planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, setting the table and cleaning. In fact at the end of each meal the kitchen was clean and actually in a better place than when they arrived.  We were grateful they allowed us the opportunity to truly enjoy each others company and make the most of our time in Maui. Plus, we loved hearing about their experiences in New York, what brought them to the lovely island of Maui, and their future plans for Beast & Spoon. They were both very pleasant to be around and our trip was more memorable, thanks to them.We were lucky to have found and had the opportunity to take advantage of their many talents during our family vacation to Hawaii. We will reminisce about sitting outside as a family, enjoying the natural beauty of Maui with the freshest and finest cuisine.By the time we make another trip to the islands they'll probably be in such great demand it will be challenging to hire them...at least we hope not!Mahalo Chef Daniel and Marluy! More...


Joe Y.

12 May 2015

Marluy and Daniel run a great business.  Our experience was exceptional - from their customer service to the food itself.I wanted to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday with an off-the-grid dinner date during our vacation to Maui.  My mother helped find the Beast & Spoon, and it proved to be an exceptional discovery.  I emailed, talked on the phone, and texted with Marluy - working towards an arrangement that was feasible for them and satisfactory for me.  Marluy runs the business side and comes from a corporate background, and it was evident.  She was professional, organized, and a creative problem solver.  Since there were only 2 of us eating (my girlfriend and I), we settled on an arrangement whereby we'd pay a reduced rate and Daniel would set the menu based on the ingredients available from other events.  They had a large event the day prior, so it worked out well.We ended up with a salad, a duck entrée, fire-grilled shrimp, and a berry cobbler.  No exaggeration: each dish was exceptional.  We come from San Francisco, so we're used to good food - and Daniel's dishes were in-line with the best I've tasted.  The salad had cabbage, bok choy, macadamia nuts, poha, berries, citrus miso vinaigrette, ali'i, and mushrooms.  It was fantastic.  The duck dish was duck breast with cherry farro.  Very tender and flavorful, and the farro was the perfect backdrop.  The shrimp were my favorite part.  They were giant - in size and flavor.  And the berry cobbler may be my favorite dessert - ever.Beyond the food, the service was their true competitive advantage.  On the front end, they were exceedingly accommodating given our constraints.  The way they creatively found a workable solution went above and beyond any expectations one could reasonably have.  In terms of the evening of our dinner itself, they invited us into their home to do the pick-up and provided everything we needed (and more).  We left with utensils, water bottles, and a recommendation for where to watch the sunset.  That was invaluable, because it turned out to be the perfect spot.  After the fact, Marluy followed up to check on how things went.  Couldn't ask for a better experience.If you're considering the Beast & Spoon, they would receive my highest recommendation.  The quality of the food and level of service is exceptional, and they turned what would have been a fun night/birthday celebration into a memory that I don't think I'll ever forget. More...


Lisa B.

7 April 2015

What a fabulous experience!  We had the pleasure of having The Beast and Spoon twice during our stay in Maui and both meals were exceptional.  Chef Daniel and Marluy were incredibly professional, and didn't leave a stone un-turned.  Beautiful set up and great clean up.  We were so happy to not have to do a thing.  We even learned a thing or two about kitchen skills! More...