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Dubravka Branislav

13 August 2018

Slovak man's pray


Tom Calton

13 August 2018

SOLID men! They've got a lot to offer. You should give them a shot.


Bo Quickel

13 August 2018

I have seen that Truth is found at the Barn!
-Bo Q


John Sienko

13 August 2018

Been coming on Tuesday night for the last 4+ years and love to be walking in this journey with Real Men.


Gale Muscaro

13 August 2018

Was told i rated this. When in fact i didnt respond because I didnt know enough about it. I have been to a few of there functions and I can say that I loved it. The people are very loving and exceped me on.first sight. They are Christian people., but as for the guy side of it I wouldnt know to what say except what I have been told. It is a great place for Men in that it helps them find there way back to God if they are lost and provides much needed time with other men to help them feel that they are not alone. So if I was misunderstood then Oam sorry. More...


Haines A Maxwell Jr

13 August 2018

Walking with and learning from other men has radically changed the trajectory of my spiritual journey. So grateful that The Barn has been right in the middle of the adventure!


Justin Polburn

13 August 2018

Great ministry. A brotherhood of men. If you don't want to do life in quiet desperation, and need somewhere to share, grow, and be Fathered by God, this is the place for you.


Kevin D. Smith

13 August 2018

Great group of real men all doing their very best to follow steadfast direction from God. You are invited to integrate with your very important participation of discovery. Discover for not only God`s teachings for us all but expect to be surprised by the sincerity of open hearts of other men living for Christ. YOU are the missing component of this great organization if you are not with us. There`s nothing phony here. Don`t miss out... don`t allow us to miss out on you. More...

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