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Trevor Sheppard

Awesome facility for beginners up to professional athletes. Top notch trainers and friendly, professional staff. Very clean and welcoming atmosphere.


John MacDonald

Love the place and instructors! My son has improved a lot and has so much fun at The Barn. �


Curtis Anderson

My son enjoys all the classes and drills you guys are doing. Thanks for putting on great camps and training for these young players.


Jeff Beck

Excellent Defence camp run by The Barn! Great work by Frank and team as Noah learned a ton and said it was the best camp he had ever been to! Keep up the great work!


Peter Gorny

Love this place. My son has improved so much since training with Carson Bird. The staff is also awesome and very professional.


Dawson's Page

Carson did exactly what he says! My son went from house league to A in 3 months. He Trains regularly with these guys and looks up to everyone. I will recommend everyone here.


Vikki Stanley Morrison

Our team loves their time at the Barn and my son loves the small groups and the one on one. We see huge improvement every time!


Nikolas Shymko

I've been training with Brad for about 6 years now and one word that comes to mind regarding his training is PERFECTION. Not only has Brad been a huge mentor for myself through playing CIS football but he's always helped push me to the next level when I don't think it's possible. Thanks Chalms! More...


Brad Pickering

I took my 10 year old son here for the first time today for a private hockey lesson and he said “that’s the best hockey training I’ve ever done”. Awesome! I would highly recommend.


Glen Davey

I've been training with Brad Chalmers for years. He is the most knowledgable trainer I have dealt with who is truly passionate about what he does. Weather you are training to reach the next level, or are new to fitness, he is not going to let you down. More...


Nina Simpson

Been training at The Barn for 6 months now and have enjoyed every minute. The staff is extremely helpful and a joy to be around. Very positive and motivating atmosphere! Seeing results happen faster than any other gym I've been to. Great job everyone � More...


Blair Munro

The contract clinic was amazing and has really taught the boys how to hit and take a hit all in the way of making plays and not just hitting for the sake of hitting! Looking forward to more clinics!!


Dave Cole

The Carson Bird Goalie School was amazing! Great instructor's passing along their love of the game too kids. AA to first time house league, this staff has you covered. One ice, one staff, and every skill level welcomed. More...


Kraig Maich

Great place to take your aspiring hockey player.

The staff of The Barn know what it takes and willing to take the time to get the player/team there.

The Barn facility is built for athletes.

Nice to have this place for the today's athletes and teams well done Frank Littlejohn.

Keep up the amazing work!!!


Kris Robertson

My time with Brad was great, he was able to get me bigger, stronger, faster every year. In 2013 I tore my ACL in a freak accident and Brad was able to get me stronger than my pre-injury form. During the dark days of my rehab Brad was able to inspire me to reach new heights. His knowledge of strength and conditioning is endless and I owe it to Brad for inspiring me to start a career in strength & conditioning. More...


Matt Loenhart

Before I met Brad and started training with him I was a self-learned Trainer, absorbing most from my training philosophies and methods from Youtube and other bodybuilding resources available online. I was trying to get bigger and stronger for football at the local community center gym. These labours were fruitless, resulting in limited gains and multiple injuries, (Back, shoulder and knees.) These injuries and pain were caused by muscle imbalances and tightness that were easily corrected with the correct training programs prescribed by a professional strength and conditioning coach.
Within 10 months of training with Brad, I gained 20 pounds of muscle, Corrected muscle imbalances, and become a vastly better weightlifter. The strength and structural integrity that I am building under his guidance and supervision is going to put me in the best position to pursue a CIS career.
I would recommend training with him to anyone, Exercise is of paramount importance to obviously physical health, but also mental health, it is a place to safely train without hurting yourself.
Consider the following analogy, hypothetically: you are trying to build a house, but you on your own have no knowledge regarding house construction. Logically, one would hire a contractor who knows how to build a house. Similarly, it would be unwise to try build your body without being informed on the best way to do so.


Sébastien Chassé

I went for the new Ninja Warrior course. Fun, however it gets old real quick. Always a pleasure using the salmon ladder. Not really designed as a course, more like “stations” of a course. Disappointing design. Course clock and a leaderboard would be nice to see as well. More...


Howie Robbie McGregor

My daughter has been going here now for just about a year. Taken about 15-20 classes from Defensive, power skating and skating and shooting. Over the course of the last season it’s been nothing but great. She looks forward to the classes every time we go and usually asks when we are going next. The coaches are amazing and always take the time to show the players what to do and what they are doing wrong. This past tryouts my daughter made the Boys AAA team for the upcoming season which blew our minds. She chose to stay with her girls team but I can honestly say that it’s a result of her hard work with her team and The Barn EPC for this outstanding results. We will be continuing to come over the summer and look forward to more great skates. More...


Shawn MacDonald

Finished a great season of 3 on 3 which my boys absolutely loved. They had so much fun they wanted to continue playing all summer!! Thank you to the staff at the Barn for making it a fun experience! We will be back next summer! More...


RyanKelly Patterson

Tonight was the last game of a disappointing 3-3 hockey season at the Barn! Priding yourselves as an ELITE performance centre is Far from what has been witnessed over the past several weeks and especially this evening. The Ref & 'Coaches' selected from the Barn Staff were at best 'present', simply there as door keepers during the games, not providing feedback to players nor teaching the fundamentals of respect in sport (ie. Sportsmanship, Fair Play, Respect, when a player is injured to go down on one knee vs. skating around & continuing play, etc).
The failure of 'coaches' to respond to a player injury no matter the extent raises concern for the overall safety of the program.
I am writing as a disappointed and frustrated parent, who after 2-years of this does not recommend the 3-3 league at the Barn for those looking for a quality program. And who will be taking their business elsewhere next season.

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