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Gina Stegmann

23 March 2019

Like it


Lisa Saunders

23 March 2019

My little angel loves it at the baby hotel, sometimes doesn't want to come home!


Eugene Carstens

21 August 2018

Unique facility allowing working parents to have their small children properly looked after for those unforseen business meetings


Esme Chesworth

7 June 2018

I have been actively involved in the Baby Hotel since it open it's doors 15 years ago. I have seen many children grow up in the loving care of this family. The Baby Hotel belives in learning through play, where every activity (planned in advance on a weekly basis) no matter how insignificant it seems, adresses a developmental area, that is both fun and age appropriate. I have seen first hand many of these children excel in school be it academically, on the sports field, or in leadership positions in their schools and churches. The Baby Hotel has always been a home away from home and a very valuable support base for many families over the last 15 years. This loving environment where their emotional and physical needs are met 100%, has helped grow well balanced, confident children, that were very ready to move into the next phase of their life.I am confident that the staff would be happy to provide anyone interested in enrolling their child at The Baby Hotel with contact details of families that was, or currently is part of the Baby Hotel family. I strongly recommend that you make a decision as important as you child's daycare based on more experience than the opinion of someone after only two days. More...



19 February 2018

I LOVE the baby hotel. Always interesting how people don't tell the whole truth to get sympathy and discredit people and businesses to get their cash back. When I enquired from Angela as to why this situation happened, it actually had NOTHING to do with the school or their ability to teach children and everything to do with an ugly divorce? Please lets stick to the truth when voicing our opinion... More...


ndivhuwo nthambeleni

3 January 2018

Great service. I will definitely take my daughter for overnight stay or during the day. Was just surprised to see fewer kids, maybe because the daycare was closed. But great service

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