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The Amberroom provides high end photography and
Graphic design for the property industry.
Phil Conrad has been a commercial photographer for over 20 years And has covered many projects involving industry property and advertising.
We specialise in aerial drone photography.



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Planning, there is no substitute for accurate planning and thought about lighting location and always to expect the unexpected.

Where is the location what is the budget how long do we have to complete the project do you have a budget for postproduction.

Photography has many challenges but the constant adrenaline that the body produces when working on a photographic project from beginning to end is the driving force in the search for the ultimate image that stays in the mind forever.

I was inspired to start my own business at 17 years old and I saw others around me making their own careers. I wanted the opportunity to say what I had to say and not to be driven by a company with all its own goals

They should choose me above others as I have over 20 years experience I have learnt to deal with people from royalty down to people in the most poverty stricken countries in the world. I have won awards for images in photographing industry and property.