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The hungry Caterpillar

4 April 2019

THE BEST acting classes in LA!! Such a creative environment where you learn skills you can apply to any job, audition etc! And you won’t have a teacher standing their critiquing your work! - because what could you learn from that? More...


Tania M.

12 July 2018

The Acting Center is one of those places that you can walk into without feeling uncomfortable or like you don't belong. Everyone is so welcoming! After a long break, I had to find a school that was going to help me get my confidence back and to also re-ignite my passion for acting. TAC did that for me and more! Their technique is unique, but very simple. As a theatre graduate it took a little time to get used to, but it made sense and as long as you're open-minded to learning new things you really can't go wrong. Tamra is a wonderful teacher. They all are. Lena is like a big sister and Amanda is amazing and full of knowledge when it comes to the craft and the business side of things, which I found extremely helpful (highly recommend her career consults!!!). I recently booked my first role in a short film and the audition process wasn't so bad because I was able to use TAC's scene study technique. I was prepared and calm and a lot of my success in booking the role had everything to do with TAC and the classes I committed to. If you're looking for a school that doesn't put pressure on you and is swarming with very supportive, working actors full of experience and knowledge that you can meet and learn from (and all booking amazing work, too!) then look no further! More...


Jackson Murphy

4 June 2018

The Acting Center LA is a great place to forge your acting craft. They have a dedicated team of professionals who work with you and help you through any difficulties you are having. Their style of teaching really breaks down the "hard" stuff and makes it into something you can easily overcome. Check these guys out! More...


Heather Louisa Herington

8 March 2018

Two classes and I’m already impressed by the curriculum, the integrity and kindness.


Lena G.

7 August 2017

I started at The Acting Center in the Fall of 2014 and I absolutely LOVE it. I studied at varies other schools since I was very young and I was never supported, nurtured and motivated-- until I went to The Acting Center. I have left every class feeling not just good, but proud of myself-- unfortunately, that sense of confidence is rare to find in LA acting schools. After a couple classes, I knew I had found gold. The teachers and staff are professional actors and artists themselves who advise and motivate students to fully commit to each character by trusting their instincts. Its truly a revolutionary way of studying the art of acting-- you use the The Acting Center method and use those tools to create your character, rather than relying on a person to give you their feedback and opinion. Interested? Call them! Or, come by one of the Friday salons (shows) that take place the last Friday of every month. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram too! More...


Jim Ross Meskimen

6 July 2017

The Acting Center is revolutionary. I learn something valuable every time I go. Every drill is a revelation. And there are NO dangerous side effects, like in some of the other places I've trained. I mean ALL of the other places.


Jack M.

20 June 2017

The Acting Center LA has a whole different feel on acting and breaks it all down to make the "hardest" characters into something that is easy to do. They have wonderful staff and an extremely friendly environment. I have spent years working with this team and wouldn't change it for the world. If you are looking for a new acting school to try out, check them out! More...


Jackson Louis Murphy

8 June 2017

Studied here for 6 years. Love the people and their curriculum is something new and lively yet rings true as something I feel I should have known before.


Garrett Thoen

4 June 2017

I've been at the acting center for almost two years now and every class I'm in, whether it be scene study, improv or one of their intensives, makes me feel like I'm becoming the actor I want to be. The focus is always on the student and developing their skills to make the art that they want and I believe thats something that a lot of other schools miss; It's about you, the student, not the class. I also can't say enough good about the instructors. Anytime I encounter an obstacle an instructor helps me figure out what specifically is the issue and gives me techniques to overcome it. The Acting Center has helped me to understand how to make a career of this and every day makes me a better actor! More...


Tomas S.

14 April 2017

The simplest, most powerful acting technique I have ever come across.  I have grown so much and so fast as an actor using The Acting Center's technique.  I have always had the desire to play anything and everything under the sun.  And now I actually CAN.  The Acting Center has allowed me to do that.  I am forever grateful. :-) More...


Jessica Graie

23 March 2017

Great vibes all around. It's a positive, fun, learning environment! I love it!


Dani A.

15 December 2016

I've been stopping by The Acting Center since 2007, to attend shows and performances put on by my friends.I've seen, firsthand, the results that The Acting Center produces. Students start killing it, booking auditions for commercials, shows and yes, feature films.My favorite part is how the staff and students all provide a very warm and friendly environment. I've noticed the encouragement and support without the browbeating from those who "know best".Give them a call, or better yet stop by. I highly recommend it :) More...


Jason Bartyn

29 November 2016

The most AMAZING acting classes available anywhere


Taylor M.

12 October 2016

Ive studied at The Acting Center for quite some time now. It's simply the best class for actors I've ever attended and the improvement that you gain in each and every class is permanent. I feel like going to this class has just in general made me a more out going person and actually comfortable in expressing myself and creating art. Theres a lot in the world that can tell you whats wrong with you but this school completely supports you! You drill and improve and reach higher and higher levels of ability as an actor and artist. So happy this place exists! More...


Gisbert Elicana

4 August 2016

I don't know you but I understand you, I'm from Tanzania, Mafinga, Iringa, I have 18 years old dreaming to be actor but the problem is in our country we don't have acting centers that's why I need your help this is my only dream that I love, with you I'm something, without you I'm nothing, I need your help. Thanks


Jeff Larson

4 June 2016

I know for sure I wouldn't be here without this school. Multiple television and film credits later, I actually have a career that is constantly growing.


Keelan Long

4 June 2016

One of the most supportive group of actors and mentors you could possibly meet in LA! I don't know if I would of kept acting with the kindness of these people! Also....they are brilliant actors! Learned a lot...by the time you read this...I'll be famous! More...


Rajshri Deshpande

4 April 2016

It was so wonderful meeting you Lisa .. Thank you for the inspiration ..


Ernesto R.

17 June 2015

I have a mad love with The Acting Center. This is definitely a place to grow as an artist, they have an amazing and effective techniques which along with their staff and all the students make you feel fantastic. It is a creative environment very well organized. More...


Julie S.

11 March 2015

I took the scene acting class at The Acting Center and posted the following review for the other location but felt it important to move it to the new page AND to say that I haven't been able to take more classes because I am acting constantly. I do live theatre and have moved from show to show thanks to TAC.TAC gave me the tools needed to simply become the characters I was auditioning for and then to take it through to performance. If you are an actor you need to this class!--------------------These classes are amazing and the teachers are fantastic! I've been taking classes here for about six months and I've made more progress in characterization, memorization, scene work, general improv and audition techniques than I've made in any other acting program or class.The teachers and other class members are incredibly supportive. They offer a safe and fun environment for exploring all aspects of the acting process. You also work constantly throughout class, instead of the standard scene study class where you do a lot of watching and critiquing.I HIGHLY recommend The Acting Center to any actor. Every time I leave class I feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the audition process hard. The program is designed to allow you to work at your own speed while the teachers keep you on task and heading forward.I love The Acting Center and I thankful every day that I just stumbled on it purely by accident. More...


Theresa S.

7 March 2015

Are you tired of being subjected to the opinions of an acting "guru" who may or may not have some sort of personality disorder? Are you tired of re-visiting your most painful memories to find "authentic" emotions in your performances? Are you tired of feeling lost on set because you have no internal artistic compass of your own because you only know how to act for other people's approval? As someone with a college degree in Theatre Arts from a "prestigious" school" who trained in Meisner and Method for years, I can honestly say this is better. Your acting "guru" will not be on set or stage with you, your old painful memories will lose their edge after you re-visit them for the 100th time, take your acting to a new and better level. Go check out The Acting Center and get your acting groove back. More...


Danny Loo

13 February 2015

Honestly the time I spent at the acting center is amazing the teachers are great Props to Amanda and Veronica for being cool and awesome teachers I really have learned a lot and great Games too... The best place ever.


Mike A. Rubio

2 January 2015

The Acting Center really draws out your creative talent and gets those creative juices flowing. When taking classes there you just grow and grow and grow and all the barriers just seem to drop away. It's the best!


Kelly Stadum

22 December 2014

I've spent forever trying to figure out how to sum up The Acting Center into words that do it justice, and there really are none. There is no greater gift to give actors than to train us to trust in our own artistic instincts, because quite often that can be what we're most afraid of. That's exactly what The Acting Center does. I didn't think an acting school that radiates positivity and provides a completely safe space to develop skills existed in L.A. I am forever grateful to the instructors, who commit wholeheartedly to every student's success as if it was their own. The Acting Center, simply stated, is an absolutely amazing investment. More...


Crystal C.

14 December 2014

Hands down... THE BEST TRAINING FOR ACTORS I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! For many years I have taken a ton of workshops and classes. All ending in disappointment. Being scolded and critiqued on what I felt was natural, made me want to quit something I was so passionate about. Very sad because acting is all I've ever wanted. I decided to give it one last shot so I packed up and moved to LA from Miami to study. I stayed a year and was lucky to find TAC. They helped me regain my confidence as an actor. They helped mold me into a stronger more believable actor. I have never felt so comfortable in a class before. I can't thank them enough. Im constantly raving to my friends about TAC. I wish we had these classes here in Miami. Next time I'm in LA I plan take more classes when I'm there. More...


Abby R.

10 December 2014

I have been doing ballet since I was a kid, and had danced professionally for 10 years. It was absolutely my life, and getting into a ballet company was pretty exciting to say the least. But after a while in the company, I felt like I was losing confidence and drive. Every day seemed to be the same, and for some reason I felt like I was doing a lot of things wrong, even though I didn't know what they were. I felt like every move I made either my boss/director didn't like, or one of the other dancers didn't like and I started to lose my spirit. Deep down, I still knew I was talented, but I felt like I wasn't getting picked to do parts that I knew I could bring something special to. In a sense, I felt invisible. After a few years of struggling with this, I quit and moved to LA to pursue....something....I came to the Acting Center in January of this year. I had always been interested in acting, and thought if anything, this was the city to try it (obviously). I wanted to study somewhere that I felt there was a bit of freedom to explore, and not a lot of pressure to "do it right." I had no idea whether I was going to like it, or be good at it, or even care. Well there were a lot of tears at the beginning, my ballet perfection kicked in immediately and if I didn't feel good at something instantly, I got frustrated. But the teachers here are extremely supportive. They let me do my thing, yet were very diplomatic and would always suggest/set up some plan of action to solve the problems I was dealing with. They never make you feel like you "did it wrong," and they are very thorough in making sure that you understand what you are doing. If you're running into a problem with anything, they are there to help you through, and with no judgement.I feel like a different person, and not just when I'm in class, but also in my life. I am finding more and more confidence within myself, and I'm not afraid that the decisions I make, be they artistic or otherwise, are going to be "wrong." I've tackled some accents that I never would have thought I could do, and there are moments when I'm performing that I forget who and where I am. I laugh, I cry, sometimes I dance. It's freakin great. More...


Jeff L.

3 December 2014

I have bounced around schools for years in LA, going to prestigious places like PlayHouse West who teach the ever popular "METHOD" acting and I've tried hole in the wall places and one on ones with coaches. I would have good days and bad days. But the main thing is, I wasn't booking much work and neither were the other students or teachers in those classes.. so something was wrong.I started at The Acting Center and it became apparent that they were doing something different, and doing something right.. I found it amazing that teachers had to find subs because they had to go work on a show.. and then students wouldn't show up to class because they were working on movies and shows... And then after being at the school for a while and seeing my acting career pick up.. I had to miss class because I was working on Glee... I soon realized I was involved in an acting school where FINALLY i could see people working and getting better right before my eyes.If that doesn't say enough, i don't know what will. Love this place. More...


Veronica B.

30 November 2014

The Acting Center is an amazing place...one that I actually stumbled upon by a freak google search, but I am SOOO glad I did. I have grown as an actress and a person since being there. I am no longer nervous for an audition, I am extremely comfortable in front of the camera as well as a live audience and my booking stats are pretty damn good! I usually get call backs for most of my auditions at the very least. Also the teachers and founders are amazing!!! Everyone is so nice, professional, and genuinely cares about you and your progress as an artist. I would highly recommend The Acting Center for a new actor or an experienced one looking to revamp their skills. I LOVE TAC!!!! More...


Selia Hansen

9 November 2014

This is the only place I would recommend to anyone! If u want to act, direct, be a part of the entertainment world- this is the place for YOU! It turned everything around for me! I started booking and working, not just sitting in on class after class and going to endless auditions for nothing! I'd actually love to take more classes there for fun! More...


Kevin Logan Malin

6 October 2014

The approach at the Acting Center is positive, and not only allows for creative evolution, but encourages it. Expert instructors provide individual support to actors of all experiences with only constructive, positive, and clear reflection. It's a blessing to have this educational resource; I greatly look forward to each class! More...


Tatiana DeKhtyar

7 August 2014

I had the most amazing experience at the acting center... It has a way of unfolding the hidden talents and the confidence within the students in a short period of time. Magical! I am grateful to the wonderful people i got to work with there who helped me blossom as an artist. More...


Brett Wagner

4 June 2014

This place is awesome! They have classes all the time, which has been awesome when I've needed to change my schedule.Also, I should mention that the teachers are THE BEST. PERIOD. They're completely professional and are there to totally help YOU.Really, there's no reason not to try this place. I guarantee that you'll ENJOY being there, find yourself WANTING to go to class, and discover that you'll be EXPANDING your abilities, skills, comfort, & confidence.A true place for actors of all levels to push themselves. More...


Zujhey Zamudio

4 June 2014

Is this the center for signing up for entering in your favorite disney show.


Elvis Winterbottom

12 May 2014

Hands down the best acting school in the city. Their students book at an unbelievable rate. The improv school is as good as it gets as well. You'll learn from teachers who've done improv for over 20 years. More...


Liu Xiaoliu

2 May 2014

this is the place to be, a great place without criticism which lets you feel the freedom, I've learned to believe in myself and appreciate others work, I felt alive, in many different life! thanks!


Clariza Vicente Filipowski

19 February 2014

Amazing!!! Enough said.


Amber Elem

10 December 2013

The Acting Center is extraordinary. You become so in tune with all you characters. No matter how odd or impossible, you still connect on such a level, in which all you see is their lives through your eyes. You're given the freedom and creative range to just "Be." More...


Luis Garcia

17 November 2013

I love the acting center! It gave me the ability to create characters and be confident at auditions and on set. I am so thankful that I've been able to work with these incredible teachers to develop my talent. Best decision i have ever made, hands down! More...


Joshua Lee Johnson

7 June 2013

This class is making acting fun again! I wish I heard of this class before coming to LA! I feel great by playing any character without anyone else's opinion!


Jim Meskimen

4 June 2012

A great place to study, safely, in a supportive, very fun environment, without weirdness, criticism and oddball "extras". Just good, practical and very active direction, so a student can develop their own judgement and become unshakably confident in auditions and performances. Worth far more than the price; an excellent value. More...