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The 12

Costa Mesa


The 12

Costa Mesa



Exclusively at The 12’s Costa Mesa location, the distinctive Club workout area includes iconic fitness products from Nautilus, StairMaster, StarTrac, and Schwinn. Providing an inviting space to complete independent workouts outside of our signature Classes, clients will be able to create their own discerning workouts utilizing a vast array of premium free weights and machines.


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blair hyman

28 May 2018

Every time I go in I feel really welcomed and comfortable. The workouts are so hard, but they give adjustments if needed. I definitely will keep going back for more


Rafaelo Papale

16 May 2018

AWESOME!!! I’ve been doing spin classes for a long time, which is an amazing cardio workout. After losing a ton of weight over the last couple years, I now wanted to start incorporating upper body and core into my workouts. Enter, The12! My wife was going here and suggested that it would be a great compliment to my spin classes and was she ever right!!! (Wait, did I say that out loud?) Just by coming to The12 for the past month, I’ve already lost about 4% body fat! The staff and trainers are top notch and truly care about you and your fitness goals. There are so many perks that you get with The12, but you’ll have to find out for yourself. Give it a try and I promise you won’t regret it! More...


Corrine Gach

1 March 2018

As someone who has done many different workout classes, this is easily my favorite. The coaches are amazing. They are very motivating but also great about making sure you do not injury yourself or providing modifications as needed. The atmosphere and community are big plus as well. Everyone is very friendly, inclusive, and encouraging to one another. Wherever you are in your journey, this is the place to help you accomplish your goals! More...


Andrea Dinh

24 January 2018

I absolutely love The 12! Anyone who hasn't tried it is missing out on a treat. I've been going to all of The 12 locations for a couple of years on and off. Each time I return (see, I keep coming back!), the energy and people are always so warm, caring, positive and amazing! Each workout is different and works out muscles you never even knew you had. Every trainer is amazing in their own way, but is always pushing you to the limit to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

I live in Huntington and am beyond excited that The 12 is now even closer to me. I have to give a shout out to Jess Caruso since I've been going to her classes regularly. She's one of the best trainers I've ever met! Her personality is bright, encouraging and sometimes sassy but in the best way! I literally took one of the hardest classes yesterday with her because she pushes you past what you believe you can do, which is amazing! The energy in her classes is always positive and uplifting, always accompanied by amazing music to work out to.

I appreciate that The 12 challenges you, but doesn't intimidate you so that you never want to come back. Everyone is warm and always so welcoming. You get the best workout in with the best community!


Eric Martinez

20 January 2018

Do I recommend this gym to friends and family? YES!!!

I started off as a weekend warrior going to The 12 in Irvine and Costa Mesa with my wife, Luisa. As a pay per session client, I have always enjoyed the workouts but I could not go during the week because of my job location. When I heard they were opening up another facility in Huntington Beach, I could not wait to join as a full time member and make it a part of my weekly routine. The 12 has really helped balance my life after a long, stressful day at work!

I attend the 6:30pm class most weekdays. Jessica is a positive trainer who is energetic and runs the class like a ball of fire! She will push you to workout hard while challenging you to become better and stronger.

The Huntington Beach location is great! If you are looking for a gym with motivated people to workout with and be met with wonderful trainers and staff to help encourage you throughout your fitness journey, this would be the place for you!


Kimberly Hoang

20 January 2018

If you’re looking for the most intense but awesomely fun workout, come here! Keith is one of the best trainers I’ve had the pleasure of working out with. And as he says it, “embrace the burn!!” It’s the fastest hour of my life so I can keep coming back because I don’t feel like I’m stuck in a gym for 4 hours. You’re getting the same results from a much better environment. People are great, music is upbeat, and the exercises are constantly changing so you know you’re working out every muscle of your body and not being bored with the same routine. Both Jessica’s are amazing too! Jess at the front and jess the trainer are both adorable smiley people and I’m always happy to see them. Highly recommend going here!! More...


Brooke La Pierre

19 January 2018

I have been a trainer for 6 years now, in and out of different gym so I've seen a TON of different trainers in my life! I can honestly say Keith is one of the best trainers I've seen so far! As a trainer I tend to be pretty critical on who I alllow to train me, but Keith absolutely KILLS it! Not only does he know what he's talking about in the gym and gets you PUMPED up to be there, he is so genuine! He loves on EVERYONE that walks through that door, and you can tell he loves his job so much. He eats, sleeps, breaths 12 nation!! It's contagious!

The work outs are incredible! They cater to everyone, from someone trying to get in shape, to body builders! It all about what YOU can do, and going at your own pace!

Everyone is so welcoming in there, and genuinely excited to see you when you Walk through those doors! The 12 truly has become my second home!

12 nation is about the take over the United States, one person at a time


Lynnae Gutierrez-holtey

18 January 2018

If you want an up beat, positive and motivating work out environment, then The 12 HB is where you need to be. The instructors are encouraging, and your fellow team mates quickly feel like family as you push each other to reach personal goals! LOVE LOVE LOVE


Jen Copley

17 January 2018

What to expect every single time you walk into
The 12 Huntington Beach:

-Friendly, professional and knowledgeable management and staff.

-A beautiful, modern, and clean facility with state of the art equipment.

-A very welcoming community of members that support each other.

-Extreamly motivating and passionate trainers that deeply care about every individuals growth and success.

-The best workout you can’t get anywhere else.


Erika Romeo

17 January 2018

This place is fun to work out. I work in Huntington Beach and look forward to going to work out. Keith Crews is amazing. I like the friendliness of everyone who works out there. The staff is amazing and I have lost a lot of weight working out there. It is so challenging and never boring. You always work up a sweat. You know it is a good gym, when you are sad you missed your workout. Keep it up the 12 HB More...


Jessica Schirner

10 January 2018

The 12 Huntington Beach has honestly been a huge blessing in my life. I've always been pretty active but not so much consistent. I got really out of shape this past summer and was looking to get back into shape when my friend invited me to The 12. I was very nervous after seeing some of the post, thinking there is no way I can do these workouts; especially being out of shape. But! I went anyways and guess what? I survived! This gym is for EVERYONE! It doesn't matter where you are at in your fitness journey; you start where you're at and everything can be modified. I went that first day and have fallen in love with this place and have continued going ever since. Never have I craved working out in my life. This gym is a perfect balance of having a lot of fun and busting your ass at the same time. AND! the trainers are amazing; especially KEITH and the front desk chick is a babe and so friendly. This gym will turn into your second home and they will become like family! I highly recommend checking The 12 HB out; your health and fitness is always worth the investment! More...


Hillary Hoffmann

16 November 2017

I love the 12! It's a fun class environment that keeps you motivated and its a killer work out every time!


Samantha Panlasigui

12 October 2017

The friendliness, cleanliness and upkeep of the gym is amazing! I always leave there feeling great, even when I’m not energized to workout in the first place. I cancelled my membership with 24 HF of 15 years for this gym. More...


Roxy Borger

3 October 2017

I liked the fact that my instructor actually came over and helped me improve my form during class. That's all too rare these days in group classes. Great class and studio vibes!


Christopher T

31 August 2017

I am coming here after finishing my contract with Equinox in Irvine. While this does not have the pampering aspects of that gym line, it more than makes up for that with the fitness equipment and staff. It's very clean and has a nice selection of equipment to use. If you can do without the spa and pampering, and want to focus only on fitness, here is the gym for you! Definitely worth checking out! More...


Allison Harter

8 August 2017

The 12 is full of positive energy, encouraging people, and plenty of different workouts with their Group Training Classes. All the trainers are extremely knowledgeable in their profession, and truly want to see you succeed! More...


Denise Smith

29 July 2017

In a county where there is no shortage of fitness gyms The 12 has been one of my favorites for the past few years. It is definitely a place where people are encouraged and supported in their health and fitness journey...and they see results. The trainers, my classmates and the power packed workouts are awesome! More...


Melissa Blynn

25 July 2017

I was visiting from out of town and needed to get a workout in and it was amazing!

Loved it!

Ps. Still sore 3 days later ;) which means they kicked my ass..

Thanks The12


Natalie Lara

6 July 2017

The 12 has a vision for health and fitness and group training like I have never seen before. Every staff member, group trainer, and even gym members and class takers are the most supportive, encouraging, and hard working people! I walk into The 12 every morning knowing that I will be greeted with a big smile by the staff members and pushed harder than ever before in my workouts. The 12 reminds me how to have balance in life with long term goals, and that has changed my view of my own fitness and nutritional journey for the better. More...


Veronica Sumrall

6 July 2017

I would highly recommend this gym whether you are experienced at working out or a beginner because the staff and environment is very welcoming and you really feel a sense of belonging. It's very clean which is a big thing for me. Plus the personal training I have received is amazing! They also give back to the community in really great ways. Definitely should be your number one gym to check out! More...


Silvina Pepe Vallocchia

5 July 2017

The 12 is one of the greatest gyms I have experienced. The staff is always willing and able to help at any given time. The hours work for everybody's busy schedules. All the trainers are amazing. A great charitable organization which is important for our communities.
The equipment is top of the line and and clean.