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Allen, Texas, Collins

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Allen, Texas, Collins

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Our members call The Jym the place "where FIT happens," for a reason – the results of this boxing-based workout don’t lie. Our boxing for fitness classes are potent cross-training classes that incorporates real boxing techniques across a wide variety of fighting styles proven to burn 500-1,000 calories in a one hour workout.


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Rachelle Taplin

31 August 2019

Amazing experience! Jerome is so informative and helpful. Great workout, keeps you on your toes, looking forward to attending more!


Kimberly Linzy

27 August 2019

great open space, new machines, great classes and trainers.


Toby Pickens

7 August 2019

No 2 workouts the same! Great people! Great Trainers! I highly recommend the JYM!


David Watt

23 July 2019

My wife and I enrolled our 12 year boy in boxing/exercise classes to try some new cross training for completion tennis. This will definitely help with strength, stamina and explosiveness! My wife and I will likely join to deal with our Mom and Dad bods ! More...


Juanita Gaffney

1 June 2019

The best Boxing Jym in North Dallas. So much love and gratitude for this place and the owner! ♥️


James Miller

29 April 2019

Caters to all levels. Very encouraging. Everyone gets a high level workout. Great unique experience.


Angie Trees

4 March 2019


Roque Mariana Solis

27 November 2018

Great place to workout. Great people all around. I recommend this place 100%


Tiffany W.

30 October 2018

I had a nice experience at this gym! I'm exploring boxing gyms in the area and this one got me pretty sore the next day! You get split into two groups if the group is larger- team 1 on the bags, team 2 on the side turf. Jerome was the instructor (and the owner here), and is very patient with new people and just correcting form in general. People tend to lose their form when they get tired (myself def included), and he was there mainly at the bags helping my friends and I out and making sure we weren't approaching it in a poor fashion. I believe most of the people here are regulars, so its got a pretty "familial" feel. My one note is about the cleanliness- the gloves stink! I'd bring my own and get past that though. You can get a better deal if you buy packages at the Jym directly instead of online, so call ahead! More...


Roque Solis

25 October 2018

The Jym is the place to go for a full, all-around workout, in a friendly environment. The people a so friendly they really make you feel at home. Totally prefer it over the big box gyms. More...


Johan Martinez

16 June 2018



A Redwine

29 May 2018

Great Energy, good vibe! First impression was great! I came in on the tail end of a class Jerome led... It seemed like participants benefited greatly from the session (Energy) I had an individual intake session with my trainer which was customized to help me with my specific needs. It was upbeat, challenging and motivating. A pregnant woman (who was in great shape) was having a regular individual session at the same time and one thing became clearly obvious to me. If I was committed, The Jym would be dedicated to helping me achieve optimal condition... This program will not work for me at present because I need childcare for my two younger kiddos while working out. However, I do recommend these experts... Especially if you are looking for a no nonsense and a good vibe at a place where you can achieve and maintain optimal conditioning! More...


Shamika G.

11 May 2018

I purchased a Groupon and have been hooked ever since! The Trainers (Jerome, Blake and Jeff) are absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. They are the real deal and it's never a boring workout. Variety and Results! Between sets of boxing we do a variety of exercises. I totally recommend The Jym no matter what stage you are in your weight loss or fit journey. You will get all the motivation and encouraging you need from the team. In addition TKO Nutrition is located right inside. Workout and grab a Herbalife protein shake from Blake. The key lime is absolutely amazing. More...


Cameron Hajok

1 March 2018

Great staff and environment! If you are looking to get in shape this is the place to go.


Tanisha Moore

2 February 2018

Recently joined looking for a different experience than the typical workout. That's exactly what I received..... Boxing, circuit training and more. Love it and looking forward to class Saturday ���� More...


Rebekah S.

23 June 2017

This is the best workout I've ever had in my life, hands down! I found out about this place from my mom because she had purchased a Groupon online. I decided to check it out because I was looking for a more intense workout, on top of the swim classes already take.I signed up for a one-day free class, and I was absolutely hooked! This is a full body workout and you will get a really, REALLY, good sweat. If you decide to continue beyond the one day free trial, there is a 30 day intro option which is about $39. If you decide to do it continuously it's about $60 a month. Yes, you heard me right! You get a quality work out AND it's affordable. I've tried doing title boxing and I love kickboxing, but their prices are insanely high for the average spender.Once you're signed up classes are unlimited, and you can pretty much come anytime during the week when they're open. Jerome is the instructor/owner and he's really good about helping you get going. DON'T feel intimidated. There are people of all levels in the classes, the most important thing is to keep moving and to keep hitting the bag. If you can't do a certain exercise you can always alternate it for something else. I like it because it's not all boxing, but  other exercises incorporated into it as well.I definitely recommend you give this a try. If you don't feel the class is for you, then don't worry. There will be no one trying to harass you into buying something you don't want. I plan to continue on a monthly basis. :) More...


Gaurav Bhardwaj

4 June 2017

i want join this but i am student


Sabree Three-ata

3 June 2017

If you're in the Allen, Texas area and you're not training at the JYM then you're missing out on something great. "Train insane or stay the same".


Debie H

29 May 2017

Great staff and great workouts everytime!


Treva Horhn

29 May 2017

If you want a serious workout this is your place!! The entire hour is challenging but fun and you're with a small group of like-minded people who are focused. Love this place and pray I find some place just like it when I move back to MO. More...


Dr. Jeffrey Goodwin

29 May 2017

I have worked with many different trainers over the years and Jerome and his team are the best around! His workouts are tailored to your specific goals and needs and results for myself were spectacular! I have referred many people to him during the past with raving reviews! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to become their best! More...


Tim Ward

5 February 2017

Really great atmosphere!! It makes you want to train all the time. Blake and Jerome are great trainers and go at your pace!!


Billie West

14 January 2017

I've only been to the Jym twice so far, but I've had a great experience. The Jym owner, Jerome, is a really nice guy. So far, I've worked with Blake, Kelady, and Shawna. They are all great trainers!


PastorWillie Collins

20 October 2016

By far owed and ran with total professionalism with outstanding results!!! You will not be disappointed!!!


Debie Harrison

20 October 2016

The best place in Allen to get a great workout! There are boxing gyms everywhere but none compare to the Jym!


Kim Fodran

13 October 2016

First time here and I loved it!! I'm signing up !!! Full body workout for sure . Something different !


Tillis Mona

1 September 2016

Great workout! I must admit that I'm now feeling stronger and running a little more.


Chasen Voltzow

18 July 2016

Here in Texas visiting family, for a 2 week vacation so we decided to sign up for 10 classes. We are now two classes in and love it. Saturday 9am class was intense yet fun, especially after a 17 hour car ride the day before. 5:45am class today was filled with different exercises that kept things moving along as the circuit progressed. Def recommend trying out this location for all your fitness needs! More...


Malak Shaito

29 May 2016

I started the Jym over a year ago, but had to stop because of my work schedule. I've been back for over a month now, the improvements and staff especially are amazing and welcoming. The class is very organized and the exercises are unique. The instructor/coach really pushes you to do your best and works with everyone on individual improvements. More than anything, I joined to stay in shape and improve my health, without overwhelming myself with difficult workouts that would leave me fatigued or demotivated. Not only did I find what I hoped for, but I also received so much positive feedback, met great people, and truly see results after each and every class physically and mentally. Highly recommend! More...


Gunjan Aggarwal

15 April 2016

One of the best personal training workouts I have ever done....!!


Rebecca Southern

22 November 2015

I love this place. Everyone is friendly and u get a great workout and make friends along the way.


Nicole P.

6 October 2015

The Jym is a great place to elevate your boxing technique or just get into great cardio shape. The owner, Jerome, is truly dedicated to making people feel like their best selves. He's super knowledgeable about boxing and fitness training, and he makes the workouts challenging and fun. Whether you have a background in boxing or have never put on gloves, do yourself and favor and go check it out! More...


Rosalind Roddy Douglas

17 August 2015

After a few weeks of tough kick-a$$ workouts I've lost 12lbs!!! The real excitement is, I can see a few muscles and a definition in my arms & legs. The JYM is the TRUTH!!!!


Dirk Hobgood

30 May 2015

I've been working out with Jerome off and on for five years. I got serious about being "in shape" 12 months ago and re-engaged with Jerome at The Jym. Jerome is a fantastic trainer. Best I have ever worked with. He tailors each individual's training sessions to their specific needs and he pushes each of his customers to the limit.The Jym is a very clean and well-maintained facility. Jerome keeps the place looking good and conducive to healthy workouts.I highly recommend The Jym. More...


Cam F Awesome

30 May 2015

As a professional boxer, I frequent Dallas for workouts in the warm weather. I recently came to The Jym for the first time. The trainers actually knew about boxing and fitness unlike most local "boxing fitness" places. It's not the largest gym but it has all of the essentials and they make every square foot count. They also have a boxing ring. The bathroom might have been the cleanest gym bathroom I've ever been in. Jerome, Nate and Tony are great guys and trainers. I will be training at The Jym anytime I am in Dallas. More...


H Jensen

30 May 2015

You need to visit The JYM. After a negative experience at another boxing gym, I was referred to THE JYM by a former trainer that I trusted (who is also a boxer). Unlike other 'boxing gyms,' The JYM blends fitness with real boxing. There are no flashy lights or fancy gym outfits here. Show up ready to work, but you have to show up!!! This place will change you! More...


Alumnus Mugz

26 May 2015

Great place for a tough workout. My son and I love attending the classes.


Mirka Herring

2 December 2014

Best work out and trainer around.


Katherine P.

20 October 2014

LOVE this place! I mix it in with other fitness, and I can count on getting an intense but do-able workout here. Even when I'm dragging and not getting the combinations right, owner Jerome is patiently, gently pushing. He knows when to stop, so don't feel like you can't do it. You can!!! More...


Jimmy Jaubert

19 June 2014

Best work out in years! Gaining muscle...losing inches...Jerome knows his stuff.


Sherrye Wheeler Naser

31 May 2014

I'm having so much fun working out here and the workouts are really good!


Taune L.

11 October 2013

How am I the first person to review this place?! Crazy!I bought a Groupon to try out 10 boxing bootcamp classes. I was really nervous to go by myself and a total newbie to bootcamp, boxing, etc. but decided to bite the bullet and just do it.I'M SO HAPPY I DID! Jerome is the trainer/owner and he very obviously knows his stuff. He switches up the classes daily so you're not working the same body parts in a row and it's always different so it's all about muscle confusion. One of the (really awesome) frequenters mentioned to me yesterday that she's ALWAYS sore in different places from the workouts here which is weird because she's been working out since she was a kid and is ridiculously active... but this is what  really beats her up. In a good way, of course. *I'd say that's a pretty great reason to go, right there.There's a boxing ring, a grip of bags, tons of wraps and gloves, tractor tires and a plethora of other stuff Jerome uses to get you feelin' it. I feel pretty awesome after class. Like Rocky. Hahah. If you're worried about being intimidated or looking like a fool don't be. Everyone is stupid nice and Jerome is not a drill sergeant. He makes you WANT to do everything with very particular form. He doesn't make it easy.. but amazingly, he does it through being a great trainer and teaching you instead of yelling. Imagine that.P.s, they also sell Herbalife shakes, good to know :) More...


Judith Fowler

4 June 2013

Again another Great workout today.


Cindy W.

22 October 2012

I love this place.  for a mom and professional like myself, they have great hours and it is in an ideal place in Allen - central to everything. the workout is great - and Jerome, who has a personal training background, knows how to positively impact your workout performance, even when you are having a low-energy day. I highly recommend working out here if you want results and the type of positive fun atmosphere.  (Melissa, his wife and a trainer herself, is a hoot - and loves to make us workout with laughter!)  Love them! More...

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Without good nutrition, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and poor performance. At The Jym we try to help improve on healthy eating with Herbalife product and teaching proper nutrition.

When you come to The Jym your first session is free! During this session we will gather some baseline information (weight, body fat, goal) etc. Then we will take you through a workout to assess your fitness level. This will help us determine the best path to reach your fitness goal.

In my opinion there are two major factors that help us reach our goal. Discipline and consistency!

I really enjoy watching people change, grow mentally and improve on their life.

I wanted to help people in a way that I couldn't in a corporate environment. I not only wanted to help clients, but trainers as well. I opened my gym going to inspire others.

You should choose The Jym because you will get personal attention from your trainer. We are passionate about our profession and our business. We build a program specific to your needs and will help you every step of the way. If your tired of the same ole same ole come to The Jym for a new look at fitness.



Small group 1-4 people. Workouts are designed to meet you at the current fitness level and push you towards your goal.

Traditional boxing classes for all fitness levels. This is not your boring cardio workout. This is a fun way to get in shape and burn 500-1000 calories.