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Marie M.

28 June 2019

This place was such a shock when we tried it. We thought the food was gonna be bad when we came here before so we skipped it but this time around I was craving a nice full meal and the other Thai place around here already burned me. So out of desperation, we came here to eat.BEST. DECISION. EVER. The food here was made so good, I was confused. It came very fast too and the server was very attentive and always filled our glasses and checked up on us. The place isn't busy on a Friday at 5 pm and it's such a shame because this place is so good. I guess it's lucky for us. I do think they get a lot of take out orders but that's a different experience, I'm guessing. Just a warning, their two chilies is very hot! So refreshing since usually when I see that at other Thai places I don't really feel the spice, but this one gets you in the throat! More...


Obaid Malik

27 May 2019

This place is a home run! Delicious and light Thai food and a perfect pit stop for lunch after the beaches in the summer. The quality of the food is very good and the lunch specials are a very good value proposition (for $10, you get a spring roll, a side and a main!). Everything tasted very fresh and the place was busy but not overly packed. The service is top notch. We came in with our little one and they had seperate kid friendlycuttlery and a sippy cup for her as well as booster chairs/high chairs. Very pleasantly surprised by this small restaurant! More...


Barb Dickie

29 April 2019

Very good food, helpful service, and reasonable prices. We will return.


Fred Layton

29 April 2019

A Really great Place for Thai
Cuisines and very friendly and Helpful staff to assist you if you've not tried it at all


Julia Kindler

29 April 2019

Great spot! Good service, lots of different options to choose from including great vegan variety. Has a high end vibe to it but prices are inexpensive. I enjoyed the extra kid friendly features with a special kid proof cup, bowl and cutlery. Will happily go there again. More...


Gary Lyon

29 April 2019

Best lunch deal in the Beach! We were 2 for lunch midweek. I had green curry and my wife had basil chicken. Both excellent and both around $10 incl tasty hot and sour soup, spring roll and dessert. Superb. Fast and friendly service. Highly recommended. More...


Robin Dickie

29 April 2019

Every dish I've had here has been great. Probably my favourite Thai restaurant in Toronto. I'm always surprised how quiet it is. They need more business!


April fairley

28 February 2019

This place is always great! Food quality is excellent, prices reasonable and staff always so friendly. A great family restaurant. Our favourites are the Thai Iced Tea, Holy Basil chicken and Pad See-Ew. More...


Scott Hosmer

6 February 2019

Great food and friendly service. Highly recommended!


Kate Kozikowski

6 February 2019

Delicious food very nice atmosphere. The service was excellent. If you are at the beaches highly recommended.


Mike J Murphy

6 February 2019

Absolutely Yummy, everything was cooked to perfection and the staff were lovely and attentive.Will be going back lots.


Lauren Hachey Singleton

6 February 2019

Love it... consistently fresh and tasty and very reasonably priced!


Melanie Tara

6 February 2019

Amazing food and fantastic service! Would definitely recommend!


Susanne Day

6 February 2019

Over here fro England, popped in by chance & food was absolutely delicious.


Rana Ranran

6 February 2019

The absolute best place in the city for Thai food!!!! Try everything because it's all great!


Louise Canning

6 February 2019

My daughter and I had lunch here. Such a warm cozy spot on a very damp and wintery day. We both ordered Pad Thai (shrimp and chicken), very flavourful spring rolls were quite large and crispy and mango salad was fresh tasting and delicious. Some fancy virgin drink options for the kids as well. I would highly recommend this spot. One of the better Thai restaurants in the Beach. More...


Spencer Delisle

29 January 2019

This is the best vegan Thai green curry I have ever had. Very kind and sweet staff that modified the dishes to my needs. Relaxed and serene environment. The cuisine was fresh and delicious. A superb restaurant experience for a very affordable price. More...


Sally Castle

29 January 2019

This is my favourite Thai food place in the beaches. My husband and I really enjoy the chicken pad thai and the red curry with chicken. We often get their eggplant dish as well which is extremely tasty and I’m generally not even a big fan of eggplant. But theirs is great! We also always make sure to get the coconut rice with every order. We really should experiment with more of the menu since we really enjoy what we tend to order! The majority of the time we order delivery but occasionally dine in and the atmosphere is calm and the staff are friendly. If you like tasty and reasonably priced Thai food I would recommend this place. More...


Amanda A.

12 November 2018

I got the pad Thai lunch special. The lady over the phone was very nice and answered all my questions as I'd never been there before. Pick up was fast and my meal was delicious !! I was super impressed. The specialCame with a spring roll and a choice of soup or salad. The spring toll was very yummy (I don't usually like spring rolls) the wonton soup was like nothing I've ever had before ! Kinda had a taste of curry but was surprisingly delicious. The pad Thai was also very good. The hole time I was eating it I kept thinking wow 10/10!! More...


Mike Kwal

5 September 2018

Joined some friends here for drinks on a Tuesday night after volleyball. Huge well lit restaurant location & nice patio. Nice & attentive servers. We were a group of 3, and a bit disappointed that the restaurant kitchen was closing 10:00PM, and we couldn't order food at 9:45PM anymore. We laughed out loud. We ordered our drinks and headed outside to the patio, where the music still played softly in the background. More...


Emily D.

11 March 2018

i LOVE thai house cuisine! very accommodating towards vegans!! come here all the time


Samantha G.

1 December 2017

Thai House Cuisine is amazing. Both my boyfriend and I have been going here for close to 2 years now. We love it!!. I love how when you dine in your rice comes in the shape of a heart!! :)  The service is amazing for dine in and take out. Not only is Thai House clean it's very relaxing. You never feel rushed out. They also will make your meal Vegan if need be. One time we were paying and the server advised us they took 50% off of my boyfriends basil beef dish because the meat looked pink to the server. We had no problem with the dish and didn't expect this. (Beef can be served a little pink as we all know). I can't get enough of this place that we have even had couple of our friends try it out and they couldn't believe how great the food and service was.  After wringing thing review I'm going to have to go down and get some dinner.Thank you every one at Thai House Cuisine. Keep up the great work. More...


J H J.

23 March 2017

Love this place! Delicious food every time. Beautiful polite servers and a chef who actually takes the time to come out and see how you like the food. Our young family eats here all the time. More...


Jamillah R.

27 January 2017

I recently had that horrible cold that was going around this winter.  It would NOT END! Even for my birthday. The only saving grace was that I had the Green Chicken Curry and it was amazing and made up for the fact that I was sooooooo sick.


Hanno R.

2 January 2017

I had the vegetarian eggplant dish which was excellent. Service was friendly, location is nice and quiet. They were out of the fried bananas, but restaurants running out of things is usually a good sign.


Shayne M.

19 December 2016

I had take out and ordered the Cashew nut chicken with a bowl of steamed rice and 3 vegy spring rolls with dipping sauce.OHHH MY, this was absolutely the best tasting food.They had quarter slices of fruit, the spice was less then I like but next time I'll ask them to spice it up for me.the whole bowl was just so well done and rice was perfect.These Thai places I go to are incredible or the food is just incredible.Came here to dine in one time with my girlfriend and the service was amazing, the sever was dressed in a Thai gown like you would think your in Thai land.She always made sure our water was topped up and gave us a free desert not knowing we were going to order a dessert. :)But I highly recommend this place, the seating is great and it's VERY clean and just looks so nice in there. More...


Harry J.

8 December 2016

Great food .Real thai flavor !Whatever you order, you can't go wrong.They are doing very good job on food!Their tom yum soup is really deep and flavourful.Also I like their basil squid as well.Good service! More...


Ariette H.

24 August 2016

I liked this place a lot; it's an authentic Thai place (the waiter, chefs and host were all Thai) so the food was quite legitimate! The place had a cozy family feel; it was nice and quiet inside, great for conversation or date night. Prices were agreeable and portions to quality was impressive. It was cheaper than the Thai food I've had in Financial District but just as good. Definitely recommend it if you're in the beaches area! More...


Mario B.

28 May 2016

Nice kid friendly restaurant.  Doesn't look as appealing from the outside, but nice ambiance inside.  Mango salad very good!  Kids enjoyed the spring rolls.  Pad Thai chicken was decent.  Grilled beef was a bit chewy.  Wok cashew beef was very nice.  Bill was decently priced for four. More...


Dana B.

24 September 2015

This is the best Thai food in the neighbourhood, eat in or take away.  If the dishes were a tad spicier, I would give them 5 stars.


Gavin B.

8 September 2015

Sweetest service, genuinely Thai. I always have the basil duck with an extra helping of prik nam pla. They always get it right. The massaman is a lamb lover's treat and the pad thai is a beautiful dish full of existential sweet sour conflict. More...


Lorraine S.

21 July 2014

This is my favourite thai restaurant in the beach.  Everything tastes fresh and authentic (although I haven't actually been to Thailand to test the validity of their authentic-ness) . The green curry had kafir leaves in the sauce, most thai restaurants don't have that. More...


Ciara M.

26 June 2014

Good Thai food, prices are reasonable. Wish they gave free prawn crackers like some of the other restaurants. Really liked their curry pad Thai and they have good sauces. Definitely worth checking out!


Victor C.

2 December 2012

great local thai place.  The seasonal mango sticky rice desert is literally to die for!


Ayesha N.

28 September 2012

Finally!!!! I have been searching and searching for a good Thai restaurant for the past few years! Thai house truly amazed me! The food was very flavorful, and fresh. The service was great as well. 2 thumbs up!!! I will surely return for more. More...


Mary D.

28 October 2011

I honestly think that Thai House Cuisine is among the best Thai food in the city.  Even after moving away from the Beaches and far into the West end, I've often gone out of my way to return to the East for Thai House Cuisine.They do great Cashew Nut Chicken, and their curry chicken and Pad Thai are also great.  Love their vegetable rice, and the vegetarian spring rolls.  I've always felt that the food here is fresh and of great quality, especially compared to other thai restaurants in the city.The restaurant itself is clean, comfortable, and welcoming.  But you can also do take-out and they also deliver! More...


Mark H.

5 December 2010

This was my first visit to Thai House.  Having spent over a month in SE Asia last year I have shifted my expectations up a notch for Thai cuisine.  The flavour here and the ingredients were authentic.  The green curry was great with plenty of lemongrass mixed in.  It had also the right blend of spice - hot but not overpowering the flavours.  $7.50 for lunch incl. soup, roll and main...... umm $7.50!? come on you can't even get bacon and eggs in the Beach for that price!  Opens at 1230 so sleep in, don't worry about line ups and enjoy a great Thai meal. More...


David M.

5 March 2010

Solid, reliable, consistent Thai food.  Presentation is standard.  Lunch specials include spring roll and soup and are under $10 each.


Julianna B.

21 April 2009

Fresh ingredients, a great menu, and skilled preparation - I've never had better Thai.  Particular favourites: spicy basil beef, ginger chicken, spring rolls, sticky rice with peanut sauce, mango salad, and their amazing pad thai!  Thai beers are reasonably priced and cold, and service is pleasant.  In the summer they open early for lunch, and the combos are a great deal. More...

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