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I am a caterer of real food. All my food is made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients I can get. I shop at the farmer's market since we are fortunate to have farmer's sharing their amazing organic vegetables year round here in Santa Cruz. My food is simple, delicious and nourishing.


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I have many wonderful dishes I make that many folks love and I can make anything you desire preferably using fresh organic vegetables from our local farmer's market.

I want to hear what some of your favorite foods are to begin with and what your needs are and what kind of an event you're trying to create.

I would create a meal that balances the necessary aspects of a diet based on their favorite foods.

I love working with people and inspiring them through nutritious food that tastes good. I also love introducing people to new things they will love. I am inspired by high quality food and it's ability to heal our bodies.

I really love sharing the year round bounty of locally produced organic food from our region of Santa Cruz.

I have always had my compass on food, health and wellbeing through what we put in our mouths. I see a direct relationship between eating, living and how we can feel our best. Finding high quality food prepared with the high standard I strive to put into my body is not what most food business' are selling to the public. My wish is it to help people eat well, with colorful locally sourced food they can feel positive about putting in their bodies.

You can feel positively certain the food I create food for you will be centered on quality and health. Nothing will be from processed food. All my food is made from scratch, made with healthy and real food ingredients, no or low and unprocessed sugar, no cheap oils, no poor quality meats, dairy or grains.