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Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

Rapetti (historical), California

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Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

Rapetti (historical), California


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Terry S.

4 August 2017

I finally found the master organic gardeners I have been searching for (for many years) .... Terra Nova.  Jillian Steinberger, designed and planted the organic edible flower garden of our dreams.  She is incredibly skilled at soil enhancement and our soil is now a thing of beauty, as is our entire garden.  We are harvesting oodles of fresh organic produce from a garden full of flowers and color.  But what I really love best is that Jillian is truly a master gardener.  She gardens as if this were her own garden, caring for plants and watching for and quickly correcting anything that needs improvement.  (Terra Nova is no mow, blow, and go operation!). And Jillian is an absolute delight to work with.  You don't find gardeners like this every day.  I enthusiastically recommend Terra Nova and Jillian, if you want the most skilled, knowledgeable, and high quality gardeners! More...


Susan B.

30 September 2016

We are truly grateful to Ken, Ryan, and Steve for transforming my Mom's front yard into a gorgeous  drought tolerant landscape. The entire process was seamless and an enriching learning opportunity at every turn. Ken Foster, the owner, patiently met with me at the beginning of the process and discussed various possibilities for the yard. His wealth of knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, enthusiasm, and positive attitude were greatly appreciated. It was quickly evident that Terra Nova Landscaping would far surpass our original expectations. Ken met with my husband and I at local nursery to select a lovely variety of sun and shade drought tolerant flowers and ground covers. His professional crew planted, sheet mulched, and covered yard with redwood mulch with the finest of care. In addition, they installed a drip system, Olla pots and removed two dead trees. Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping is truly a gem and we can highly recommend for all of your landscaping needs! More...


Laurie M.

18 July 2016

Last fall Terra Nova designed and installed two beautiful sustainable landscapes in our central courtyards. They sheet mulched the dead lawn, mulched with bark on top of that, and planted a rich, diverse, colorful and drought tolerant array of flowers, shrubs and ground cover.In addition, Jillian, Ken and crew were SO easy to work with and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our new landscape thrived. They installed a smart water system, using the rebate from the Santa Cruz Water Department which we received for phasing out the lawn. They also educate and work with our senior residents who want to help maintain the landscape. Laurie McCann, Casa La Familia More...


Jeff R.

19 March 2016

Terra Nova is an excellent business, especially whenever Ken the owner gets involved on a job. He's super knowledgeable, has very reasonable prices, and is one of the only landscapers I know who avoids using a leaf blower out of respect for his client's living environment. Very knowledgeable about plant species and their needs, about water conserving landscaping techniques, very reliable -- just about as good as it gets and worth taking the time to write a five star review. I love it when business people take pride in their work and this is one such business. More...


Jim G.

12 May 2015

Ken and his team at Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping do great work and truly respect the environment; their commitment to ecologically sound landscaping is inspiring!  I highly recommend them for both the quality of their work, and the heart that they put into it! More...


Anna M.

1 March 2015

Had a great chat with the owner, very encouraging - looking forward to seeing results and feel very good about investing with Terra Nova to beautify my home and create a long term sustainable environment.


Ann C.

21 February 2014

I hired them to replace an old, broken automatic timer and to add to my existing drip system.  They did a great job, with one tiny glitch which they promptly came back  and fixed.  I now need to install an overhead pipe to divert roof rainwater runoff away from the street and into my garden, and Terra Nova will be the first landscaper I call for an estimate. More...

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