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In-Home Residential Training, Workshops and Seminars, Private Lessons

Does your dog pull on the lead? Not come back when called? Barks or jumps up at visitors or people in the park? Or is just not doing what you are asking him or her to do?
Maybe your dog's behaviour is stopping you going out and going to places where you wish you could take them?

We know how it feels!
We all have been there and experienced situations where we cannot call back our dog from other dogs in the park or we don't have enough confidence and control in public places. Sometimes It's easier to decide not to take our dog with us or just stay at home rather than struggle!

Good news is: We can help!
If you would like to be able to make your dog a more integral part of your life and you dream about enjoying your best friends' company at the beachside, countryside, town centre, pubs and cafeterias, pet shops... to name a few!

Then our Home Boarding and Training Program is perfect for you!
Obedience in All Environments

Temperament Dogs Reviews

Temperament Dogs Reviews

Review of Temperament Dogs by Andre Matos
5 Andre Matos

Greatttt Service!!! Greatttt Team and amazing results, an excellent experience

Review of Temperament Dogs by Agata Wolf
5 Agata Wolf

Fantastic, experienced trainers!

Review of Temperament Dogs by Carolina Aragão
5 Carolina Aragão

Couldn't ask for a better service! Excellent!!! 5***** no doubts!

Review of Temperament Dogs by Gemma Fisher
5 Gemma Fisher

Alex is informative and entertaining - has some great ideas to help people improve playtime with their dogs �

Review of Temperament Dogs by Claire Bacon
5 Claire Bacon

I really enjoyed my lsson with Alex, I learnt lots and I'm looking forward to more training with him.

Review of Temperament Dogs by Ula Trojak
5 Ula Trojak

Temperament is run by fantastic people. Lila, Alex and Emma have got loads of experience and knowlage! Would strongly recommended to anyone who is looking for real results.

Review of Temperament Dogs by Phillippa Gibson
5 Phillippa Gibson

I have a 2 year old Border Collie with behavioral issues whom I have been attending lessons with dog behaviorist Alex.
Alex is a very knowledgeable and informative instructor who takes time to get to know the dog and handler and study their issues effectively to provide a solution to help give confidence to the dog and the handler. Since having lessons with Alex my friends have noticed an improvement in confidence with myself and my young dog as I am now able to take my young dog to places I would not have done before having lessons with Alex. I am confident that with additional lessons and the new handling techniques that myself and my young dog will hopefully be able to get back on to the Agility circuit. I would recommend Alex to anyone who has dog behavioral issues .

Review of Temperament Dogs by Samantha Davies
5 Samantha Davies

Alex has given me some excellent tools and ideas on how to have more control with my girl Fury. I can truly understand how these tips will help us move forwards from a dog who bites me when frustrated to the good girl I know she can be. Started teaching the games tonight and she loves them. Look forward to training with Alex again.

Review of Temperament Dogs by Nikki Turner
5 Nikki Turner

Working with Lila is great! She is calm, reassuring and able to suggest different strategies to meet the needs of the individual dog. All my dogs love working with her and they are the best judges!

Review of Temperament Dogs by Darren Franks
5 Darren Franks

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed training with Alex and the IPO Schutzhund Ninja! The energy Alex puts in makes you see just how passionate he is about what he does; and how much he enjoys sharing his knowledge!
Can’t wait to see you again and neither will Loki my GSD! �

Review of Temperament Dogs by Elena Lappin
5 Elena Lappin

Absolutely brilliant, caring, highly professional training. Our 6 year old Labrador Archie has had serious reactivity and anxiety issues for a long time. After three weeks of amazing residential training with Alex Lato, he is a very calm, cooperative dog who is able to focus on the handler (me!) while there are strange dogs around and stay relaxed.
Throughout the whole time of the training, Alex kept us informed about each stage of the process with reports, photos and videos. This ‘window’ into Archie’s life with Alex was extremely helpful to us, as we could see his progress step by step, with increasing degrees of distractions. I really admire Alex’s detailed individually designed plan of training and how he puts it in practice according to each dog’s ability. That way, I could also learn long distance along with Archie!
We are now implementing the results of the training, and instead of dreading the walks, we are really looking forward to them. Thank you, Alex (and Fufik!) for an excellent experience at Temperament Dogs. Archie came home a very happy, calm and well-behaved dog. His reactivity will always be a part of his nature, but he is now able to choose an alternative behaviour, and with Alex’s help, we are now working on making this change a permanent one. THANK YOU.

Review of Temperament Dogs by Emma Hillary
5 Emma Hillary

Massive thankyou to Alex he's done absolute wonder's for me and nala. She was super reactive to other dogs on walks but now she's more interested in me than what's going on around her. Everyone has noticed a change in her. I would definitely recommend Alex as a trainer you can tell he loves what he does and it shows in his work.

Review of Temperament Dogs by Hana Flynne
5 Hana Flynne

Just amazing. THANK YOU!!!

After 4 weeks of residential training, I have a new dog. My GSD was reactive to 100% of dogs up to 100metres away. It became really stressful and exasperating and I really can't thank Alex enough for turning our dog around and allowing us to do things which we thought we'd be able to do after getting a 'partly trained dog'. She is just amazing now. We enjoy taking her out for walks and playing with other dogs in the park, we can train outdoors and enjoy our time together in town or wherever we go. She is an amazing companion and we will continue to work with Alex with 1-2-1 sessions to keep up these great results.

Other benefits...I have noticed that she is more calm and assured in general, she has stopped wanting to kill the hoover (amazing), has great house and door manners and wants to work for us, pays attention to us.

Having spent a LOT of money on a partly trained dog which turned out to be reactive from day 1, we were really apprehensive. But, we really have no regrets.

I can't say enough for Alex. Available at short notice following our initial query and accommodating our busy lifestyle, always keeping in touch, answering questions, updating us on progress, adapting to our last minute change of plans, comprehensive handover and making sure I was happy and competent before leave us alone to it!... We look forward to working with you soon!

Review of Temperament Dogs by Emma Breen
5 Emma Breen

I can’t say a big enough thank you to Alex. We were really struggling with many issues which got worse when moving our 2 rescue dogs to the uk from Hong Kong, separation anxiety where we had to sneak out of the house, no recall and them generally not listening to us. Walks were stressful and hard to manage, both us and our dogs were not having fun.

They spent 3 weeks with Alex in residential training, they now listen to us, follow our commands, have recall and we are not dealing with separation anxiety anymore so are free to come and go as we please. It’s turned our lives around and walks are no so enjoyable. Many people have commented how well behaved our dogs are and are impressed with their behaviour.

It was stressful leaving them for 3 weeks but Alex kept us updated and shared videos and photos which made us feel much better. They were so well cared for and they loved being with Alex so much we were worried they wouldn’t want to come home. We can’t say a big enough thank you and we will continue to work with Alex as he is very knowledgeable and helpful and always willing to give advice based on the individual dog.

Temperament Dogs

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Temperament Dogs Q&A

Temperament Dogs Q&A

Why should our clients choose you?

''Our mission is to provide the best service possible. We are all certified trainers (Masters degree in Animal Science, BIPDT Certificate) with years of experience in various fields. We used to work for leading dog training companies in the UK and now we want to provide even higher standard of care and training... but most importantly WE ARE PASSIONATE AND LOVE WHAT WE DO!
Thank you for trusting us with your dogs!''

- Alex Lato and Lila Zachwatowicz

Services provided by Temperament Dogs

Temperament Dogs Services

In-Home Residential Training

In-home residential training gives you more assurance (over residential in kennels) when it comes to your dog's wellbeing and the training they receive. Your dog will stay in a trainer's house and will live as a part of his/her family and trained and cared for. Therefore, there is no training that is more effective and reliable! We are creating customised training plans to meet you and yours dog's needs. The situations your dog will encounter are real life scenarios for example, walking past other dogs on narrow pavements, recall from other dogs in the park, walks in the woods, walking around the neighbourhood, behaviour in public places to name a few. The results of the training depend on your dog and their temperament. We usually recommend at least a 2, 3 or 4 weeks stay with a trainer. During the first week we introduce all the commands and behaviours (sit, down, stay, leave it, door manners, recall, loose lead walking, heeling, general behaviour). During the 2nd week we begin to proof all the behaviours and generalise them to different environments. In the 3rd week we add more and more distractions to make the commands as reliable as possible!In 4 weeks, this level is taken to a more advanced and reliable level, especially when around other dogs and in various places and off the lead. more http://www.temperamentdogs.co.uk/bookings-and-prices

Private Lessons

One-to-one sessions are for any dog-human team. Would you like to work on your dog’s recall skills? Work on loose lead walking? Or improve your understanding of canines and the bond with your 4-leggeded friend? Have a 1-2-1 session and enjoy customised exercises, personal goals and very individual approach that fits you and your dog! There are a few things we’d like to make sure you know about so you can get the best out of your training session: Please bring a hungry dog to your session, Temperament Dog’s training is based on positive reinforcement and we use food as a reward during training sessions. Bring the kibble you would feed your dog in the meal before your session. So, if you have a morning 1-2-1 then bring your dog’s breakfast, an evening 1-2-1 bring you dog’s dinner. Your dog can have light exercise ahead of your 1-2-1, so a brief walk. The hour long training session will be a good workout for your dog – physically and mentally As well as your dog’s kibble, please bring a variety of treats (cheese, ham, sausage, chicken) including high value treats such as dried liver or heart – anything that you know your dog absolutely loves – think human food! Bring a toy that your dog loves to play with, you can find some ideas at http://www.temperamentdogs.co.uk/handmade-dog-toys more at http://www.temperamentdogs.co.uk/121-sessions

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